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6X / 6C what's the difference?
I have a boiron kit for allergies that works very well for my wife. Its the first thing th
kyelzbub 2005-05-14
11   last decade

ASD child close to recovery
I have an 8 yr old son diagnosed ASD at 4 - we have come a long way and he is 'near
nikkir 2006-09-07
3   last decade

Stye on small child
Hello my three year old is on his second stye (right eye both times)in a few months. I und
Jay 15 2006-08-31
6   last decade

agains psoriasis of palms and soles
i forgot to tell taht my daughter is allergic to nickel in earrings and jelwery. she has h
lilac1 2006-09-08
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Excessive Sweating in Palms, Feet and Armpit
I am 21 years old male living in India...and I am suffering from excessive sweating in my
jack_br 2006-04-07
2   last decade

ed, pe, low desire, back pain
Suffering from ED for about two years. 1. Cannot keep erection more than 30 sec. Desires r
Prince73 2006-09-02
3   last decade

Silly question? Pet Homeopathy?
Does anyone know if homeopathy works for dogs? I am a convert after giving my baby chamomi
momto2 2006-09-07
9   last decade

Eel Serum
My kidney leak protein in the urine.I have been on and off steroids for 4 years.However th
suemuchie 2006-09-07
1   last decade

To Joe De Livera
Need you help/advise. My mother has knee pain in both her knees. She is 79 years old. She
pritpal 2006-09-06
3   last decade

joe advice needed for cinnamon prob?
Hi joe, I was speaking to you earlier about my father in law and his diabetes, i made him
elainesmyth68 2006-09-06
3   last decade

diabetes insipidus
Hi, I got my pituritry gland tumor surgery done in July, and now as per my doctor My gland
gemini_tahir 2006-09-05
5   last decade

Are there any homeopathic treatments without the use of meds?
Im a design student reasearching and learning about homeopathic and alternative medicine f
gsrisjdm 2006-09-07
1   last decade

Fibroymalgia and Phosphate Buildup
I've read theory that FMS is caused by a genetic kidney dysfunction that leads to bui

joyce martino 2006-08-11
41   last decade

Fistula in Ano
Dear Sir,I am having fistula in ano for the last 3 months. It is knotty lump near the anus
fistula_patient 2005-03-17
6   last decade

Beard Hair problem
Son of my friend,got connected to bad society,being a Sikh Boy of 19 yrs,got trimming of b
amarjitsinghanand 2006-09-05
2   last decade

Constitutional Remedy
I am very much interested in learning Homeopathy. I hope someone will answer this. What
deepak80 2006-09-07
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Hair Loss
My husband has very thin hair & now there is hair loss over past few months. He is 36yrs,
Aashima29 2006-09-07
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My 43 yr old Daughter Has Osteoporosis
For the last couple of years she has been taking allopathic medication to help slow down t
joyce martino 2006-09-01
5   last decade

Tobacco chewing
I got the habit of chewing tobacco ( known as GUTKA : a mix of bettle nut, calcium carbona
nallodu 2006-09-07
1   last decade

I have been posting regularly on this forum to get help for my 8 year old son who is havin
naushadakhtar 2006-09-07
2   last decade

pernicious anemia
Hello Everyone, my father has a very serious pernicious anemia. I am not new to homeopathy
cherrylilly 2006-09-06
1   last decade

small penis
i m a dr. one of my pt has complain about penis and he is so upset because he always thin
Sparleh 2006-09-07
1   last decade

how 2 grow beard hair fast.
son of my friend trimmed his beard on the hands of bad element,now he repents,can u sugges
amarjitsinghanand 2006-09-06
4   last decade

Ouch ouch ouch, my feet burn!
Hi I am hoping someone can post some remedy suggestions. I do not have any medical insuran
sueadams 2006-09-06
2   last decade

Kidney Failure-on hemodailysis since 1 year
Sir my wife (55 years) is patient and is on dialysis since last one year. She is taking
RKS567 2006-09-06
2   last decade

for joe on antidotes
Hi joe, I made the wet dose arnica for my father in law for his diabetis and told him abou
elainesmyth68 2006-09-06
1   last decade

herniated bowel maybe
hi joe and everyone, i just wanted to know what you think, as i was telling joe a wee whil
elainesmyth68 2006-09-06
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I have callosities in my left sole.I tried ant.crud 30c 3doses daily for 3 to 4 days but m
Reiki 2006-09-05
4   last decade

Hair Loss
Hi Joe, I just wanted to update you about my condition. I've been on Arnica 30c (wet
raj mulhotra 2006-09-06
2   last decade

Pankaj: Please Explain Dose Recommended
You advised me to take Sepia 30C, 3 doses in one day and then stop and see how it works.

joyce martino 2006-08-25
30   last decade

Ankylosing Spodylitis
My name is Tanveer I live in Pakistan; I have been suffering from Ankylosing Spodylitis fo
tanveerhussain70 2006-03-21
2   last decade

Acne and Depression - Help!
24-year-old have had acne since 10 years old, if not earlier. My first pimples were around
oliya23 2006-09-01
7   last decade

Chronic Renal Failure
My wife (32 yrs) has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and undergoing dialysis. (
drramanchn 2006-09-05
1   last decade

to joe de livera
I just just checked this web site. They have arnica montana and arnica montana radix. Are
raj mulhotra 2006-08-27
3   last decade

twisted left testis and now swelling and pain
My age is 25 years. About 9 years ago i twisted my left testis. From that day its shape ha

joshji81 2006-06-18
29   last decade

For Mr. Pankaj Varma - Callosities
Please see my mail under the thread callosities and reply to me ASAP under the thread call
Reiki 2006-09-06
no replies yet

My grand-daughter aged 15 is sufferring from 'sinus' disorder. She gets 4 or 5 tim
esgovindan 2006-09-04
2   last decade

post nasal drip wih unpleasant taste dripping to throat and stomach
Hi, since about 2 years ago whenever I wash my hair OR after workout my head gets wet, I s
maryam 2006-09-06
1   last decade

Depression+ OCD
Hi! I started taking lycopodium a week today after my Physician prescribed Zoloft for me 3
ago123 2005-10-26
11   last decade

I was wondering if there was anything I could take to make my menstruation cycle come earl
Palebluis 2006-09-05
1   last decade

allergic rhinitis
my daughter aged 8.6 years old is usually suffering from throat ache and is often given a
prttal 2006-09-06
1   last decade

Requesting Joe: Nat Phos etc.
I have read right through the GERD threads, and you stress that the Nat Phos 6x should in
Simonc 2006-09-06
2   last decade

Att: all patients and doctors
When doctors are doing painstaking job on this forum, I believe it is the duty of every pa
khawaja1 2006-09-06
no replies yet

Throat problem with Thryroid-like Symptoms
Hi, I'm requesting your assitance urgently. I have a sore throat that feels swoll
Simonc 2006-09-03
7   last decade

help... kidney failure
I'm having diabetes and high blood pressure for the last 20 years.. my kidneys also s

an_ver 2005-09-19
38   last decade

Ingrown toenails
Anyone have any suggestions for ingrown toe nails? A toenail that is already ingrown? Th
Pat2006 2006-09-06
1   last decade

Joe De Livera
My sister, who is 68 years old, has been suffering with back pain since 1992. During these
Chuck D. 2006-09-05
1   last decade

Sleep problem from last 1 year pl help
I am 36 yrs old male. I do not sleep problem unitl last year. Last year i was woring nigh
raosurya 2006-09-03
3   last decade

were your Adenoids cured?
I've read all posts on how to treat enlarged adenoids and toncils in kids. Can any bo
TanyaS 2006-08-18
7   last decade

Mercurius sublimatus
hi is there any risk take this if you have dental mercury ..can this release mercury in th
greensparrow 2006-09-05
1   last decade

dr. rasish re: as
You recommend that I take Picric Acid 1M for AS of the L5 lower back. You say to take 1
joyce martino 2006-08-28
1   last decade

need some advice about fluoric acid
I posted before on this forum asking how i should use fluoric acid 6X for acne scars.. I g
Muhammad Taimur 2006-09-05
no replies yet

hi i am sufering from dle for last ten yrs and from last 4 yrs on homeo treatment. i hav

gaganb 2006-08-21
14   last decade

Arnica Montana or Arnica Q/hair loss?
My husband has a very thin hair line on top of his head, sides and back are full. I bought
freenmaddie 2006-09-05
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hpv treatment?
ive had common warts for a while and have tried everything. my best friend just got the tr
swimgal232 2006-09-04
3   last decade

problem in having strong and lasting erection
I am 35 yr old male, married for past 3 years. My problems now are: a)less libido,say once
biswatosh 2006-08-18
3   last decade

Want to grow taller.
Dear Doctor(s) I saw Dr. Sharma's post on a forum suggesting to take Baryta Carb 30 t
rkwinner 2006-09-05
no replies yet

Throat Tightness, Trouble Swallowing
For the past couple of weeks I have had food get stuck in the back of my throat and I have
hlmeadows 2006-09-04
5   last decade

Swollen neck glands
My 16 yr. old son has a swollen gland on the rt. side of his neck along with a cold, cough
patricia 2006-09-03
2   last decade

i wanna increase my hight
my age 17 years.i am only 4'9'.i wanna increase my hight.is it possible.if possib
moin2shanta 2006-08-03
3   last decade

Eustachiantube dysfunction
Hi, I'm 39 yrs (male) and my problem is bit different from others. Usually, people ha
ssarju 2006-09-05
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To Moderator
When we use the Remedy Finder, it only suggests the name of a medicine and not the potency
maya_hari 2006-09-04
2   last decade

Ear cracking when swallowing
I had an inner ear infection for about three weeks in my left ear, which was cured by anti
Anton 2006-09-04
1   last decade

can homeopathy cures genetic hairfall.
i m 21 yr old for past 3 yrs i m continuosly losing my hair from top of my head. i had tr
vinodparate 2006-09-02
2   last decade

Influenzinum, Joe De Livera
I have been taking influenzium the first of each month Sept- March for flu prevention in t
Chuck D. 2006-09-04
5   last decade

hand warts, and lots of em
hello eversince i was young i had hand warts. I've tryed freezing vitamins and topica
swimgal232 2006-09-04
2   last decade

Chronic Cough
Hi, My wife has had a persistent chronic cough for five years. This occurs especially

Simonc 2006-09-03
20   last decade

SICK 5 week old kitten! pls help!
My girlfriend just got a kitten a week ago who hadnt been nursed by his mother. Now he is
ontarioguy 2006-08-28
11   last decade

Problems with excessive dandruff and itchy scalp
Please help with remedy and suggestions: excessive dandruff usually remains on scalp until
jmkramer 2006-09-04
1   last decade

healthy weight?
what is the healthy weight for a teren under 16 thats 5.6. i excercise regulary(*swimming
swimgal232 2006-09-04
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