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acute depression - help!!!
1.Describe your main suffering? - strong feeling that i should not live , because I am n
german 2006-10-11
12   last decade

anal fistula
I am a woman 38 yrs. old with an anal fistula. It has been ongoing for 2 yrs. and I starte
royroyroy 2006-10-06
5   last decade

use of osteoarthiritis nosode and vermiculite
i solicite your oppinion and experience with osteoarthiritis nosode ...in what potency and
desi_harrgun 2006-10-16
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Treatment for Subdural Homerroghe and hypoxia injury
Dear Practitioners, It's a father plea for saving life of his 2 and half month old so
shail 2006-10-16
1   last decade

old injury on both knees...Ruta Grav?
Hi, I´m a female 35 years old, normally healthy, but on january 2003 I had an accide
elviriux 2005-07-06
10   last decade

i was diagnosed with gerd over 5 years ago and have tried all the remedies i am now on pro
glenda 2006-10-15
1   last decade

asthma allergy, sneezing
i have problem of allergic asthma, sneezing coryza in morning, after sleeping,in morning l
ashok_w2k6 2006-10-15
1   last decade

Lips get white when wet
For a few months now i have noticed a bit of a growth on my upper lip. it doesnt hurt, doe
zman22 2006-10-16
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Again,What remedy should I take?
On October 10th I created a post entitled what remedy should I take. I got one response wi
PatteeRan 2006-10-16
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6 yr old son, ADD, food allergies, asthma etc. need help
My son has mostly classic add, but fits some of the description for the overfocused type.
j. Sidney 2006-10-14
5   last decade

I have suffered from acne for a longtime. Luckily taking Homeopathic Medicine helped. Does
kalibrom 2004-04-21
12   last decade

Did a cleanse and found out I am pregnant
Hello, I did a World Organics Mega Cleanse for 10 days...started 5 days after I conceived
lululovesu 2006-10-15
5   last decade

sever itching on penis
I am a 26 year old unmarried male. I have a problem of severe itching on penis and testies
us_phy 2006-10-13
1   last decade

no treatment at all
pls why not u homeopaths tell openly and frankly that there is NO treat ment for this bloo
purdaysee 2006-10-15
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Red spots on the breasts
Dear Joe de Livera, After taking Sulfur 30c and Phosphorus 30c the red spots on my breast
Stefka 2006-10-09
1   last decade

Nat. carb. personality description fit me very closely, what does this mean?
I was looking up homeopathies for my son and came across a description of the personality
j. Sidney 2006-10-15
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Under eye Dark circles and puffiness
Dear sir, I have dark circles under my eyes and slight puffiness from three years back. I
helpmeout 2006-10-15
3   last decade

nail discolouration
My fingernails have a dark band across the nail at the tip, the rest of the nail usually l
annka 2006-10-15
2   last decade

Pain In Jaw
Dear all, I have this pain the jaw when i open my mouth wide.I had Mumps for two days and
pilgrim3 2006-10-15
4   last decade

A Profitable MYTH
r. Stefan Lanka Exposes The 'Viral Fraud' Pictures of 'Isolated Viruses'
walkin 2006-09-27
12   last decade

hit in my right ear
Hi, I am in water polo and I got elbowed on my right ear during practice. After I got hit
THESwimmer112 2006-10-15
1   last decade

severe head to toe itching
Does anyone have any idea about what I could be experiencing with my itching? I have been
married woman 2006-10-15
1   last decade

pregnant and took arnica montana??!!
I wasen't aware that I was pregnant and took GNC's arnica relief. I called my dr
nasdag 2006-10-13
8   last decade

Adenoid Problem
Hi I have been suffering from breathlesness ,tightness of chest , heart aches , ear aches
Nishant 2006-10-15
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att:jeo de livera
Re: GERD: Please help me to get off Protonix From Joe De Livera on 2006-10-02 To Khawaja

khawaja1 2006-10-04
31   last decade

Nux Vomica = Colubrina ?
hi, I'd like to ask, today I was asking in health store for Nux vomica, and Colubrina
sany-t 2006-10-15
2   last decade

Low Versus High Potency and Duration
Is it equivalent to take a dose of 6c potency everyday or take a 1M potency once every mon
RB123 2006-10-14
2   last decade

Arnica wet dose
I have a question for Joe Livera. If I have used up my bottle of Arnica and want to start
elifaw 2006-10-13
2   last decade

Baryta Sulphurica
Can anyone provide information regarding this remedy (ie. Baryta Sulphurica)? Specificall
RB123 2006-10-12
2   last decade

Now a days male nd femaler r suffering frm galstone nd oftenly they avoid surgery.Pls sugg
Dr.Haran ch malaker 2006-10-14
3   last decade

prolapsed piles
I was hainv pain in the anus and i applied alopathi ointment for a few days. Sudddenly on
sundbal 2006-10-13
2   last decade

Now a days maximum male and females are suffering from gall stone disease.Maximum sufferer
Dr.Haran ch malaker 2006-10-14
2   last decade

i am very unwell. looking for a very good doctor who practices with LM potency in Delhi. u
divyaz 2006-10-14
no replies yet

Bleeding durin pregnancy
Hi every one My wife is pregnant.its her 14th week,but since she got pregnant she has bro
cjitsahota 2006-10-14
4   last decade

non-mercury metal detox
Hello. My post on this topic ended up under a different topic--safe detox during pregnancy
MomAndAHalf 2006-10-14
2   last decade

Hypothyroid with Hashimoto's Disease
Please help! I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism six years ago. I am 41 years old. I fi
ginab 2006-10-07
6   last decade

safe detox during pregnancy?
I have been mildly exposed to oil based paint fumes and am 25 weeks pregnant. I would like
3carolyn 2005-02-03
4   last decade

Looking for a kuldeep post. color red?
Hi, if anyone can help me, I would appreciate it. Kuldeep left a post on losing weight thr
lily white 2006-10-12
2   last decade

sclerosing panencephalitis -any ideas on a remedy
Hi all, A friend of my husbands has this disease, a complication of contacting measles at
elainesmyth68 2006-10-12
1   last decade

remedy for fever
Which remedy is suggested for fever which comes after sore throat (larynx) and later settl
sinu123 2006-10-13
no replies yet

chocolate constitutional remedy
Does anyone know where I can find an in depth description of chocolate. I was given it as
molly lewis 2006-10-11
4   last decade

Intense Hair Fall.. Help me Please
Hi, I belong to Delhi.I am having hair fall since 2001 when I was studing in other city. I
santosh_it4u 2006-09-28
3   last decade

anyone ever heard of angelica? can someone point me to a site detailing its characteristi
SeekTheHealer 2006-10-12
1   last decade

I just recently started homeopathic treatment and was unaware before I started of how 
saguy75 2006-10-13
3   last decade

5 month old suffering with cold-urgent help
my 5 mnths old baby has got cold. 1st she has running nose and tears flowing from eyes wit
vpmanisha 2006-10-13
2   last decade

Adenoid Problem
Hi I have been suffering from breathlesness ,tightness of chest , heart aches , ear aches
Nishant 2006-10-13
no replies yet

Severe aggravation on Zinc Met 10M
I am a homoepath in New Zealand, and have a patient who was unfortunately prescribed Zincu
NZ Hom 2006-10-12
8   last decade

Homeopathic remedies - Any helpful for my case?
I had an accident and now my nose is a bit deformed. The bone of my nose is now been enlar
kickboxer23 2006-09-30
8   last decade

ignatia and toothache
Hello, I recently had some minor emotional ups and downs. I looked thru my supplies and c
davexnet 2006-10-12
5   last decade

To Joe,20 months old suffuring from Eczema,Asthma,multiple food allergies.3 in 1
I Need help from u. My son is suffuring with eczema since he was 2 month old,He had his f

nr786 2006-09-17
45   last decade

Extremely severe Itching.Help
My wife has T2 Diabetes. This is controlled by an insulin pump.BG is well controlled. Also
alusi 2006-10-12
4   last decade

Horse with Uveitis
I would REALLY appreciate help for a 20yo horse with recurrent Uveitis. It's VERY pai
leesinoz 2006-09-28
2   last decade

bad breath
Symptoms: Halitosis, acid reflux (burning in esophogus at night, lactose intolerant and f

lissas 2006-01-17
18   last decade

swollen lymph node
My friend has been prescribed two homeopathic remedies at the same time to boos her immune
concorde 2006-10-12
5   last decade

for deshlok sir only
sir i asked for a remedy for weak pennis as i told u i m 23 years old and hav athin pennis
indianboyby 2006-10-12
1   last decade

swedish bitters and nursing
Hi-Does anyone know if swedish bitters could be taken when nursing. My friend suggested th
dahliatop 2006-10-12
1   last decade

Sleeping Pills
Hello I was wondering if sleeping pills effect height growth in any way. -Thansk
Bobby213 2006-10-11
5   last decade

painful intercourse
I am menopausal... intercourse is now painful...there is constant burning sensation in vag
edaja 2006-09-16
3   last decade

? on Nat Phos, weight loss please
I am told no caffeine or cola drinks with Nat Phos and that it should be taken after lunch
freenmaddie 2006-08-13
3   last decade

Excessive dandruff.....Pls Help!!
Hi! Im 32, male suffering from excessive dandruff and it's getting worse and worse. I
vaz686 2006-09-25
2   last decade

depression, lack of vitality, lethargy
Dr. Sharma pls look into the matter.
aqueel 2006-10-12
no replies yet

Anacardium Dosage Help
Hello, I'm looking for some help with an Aacardium Orientale dosage. I was taking LM1
shenry84 2006-10-07
8   last decade

Confusion With Cell salts
Dear Friends, Could any of you please tell me if I could prepare my own mag phos 200 c fr

Sujattha 2006-10-11
19   last decade

allergy to chlorine
Hi joe and everyone, I have been allergic to chlorine since i was a child and i cant go
elainesmyth68 2006-10-12
1   last decade

HEAY !!I get a lot of e-mails where people are asking me about dosage and repeatition.Lets

PANKAJ VARMA 2003-12-06
36   last decade

Side effects of homeopathy
Are there any known side effects of taking homeopathic medicine? I have heard from many ab

straylight121 2006-10-11
51   last decade

7 yr old with nocturnal asthma
Hi My 7 yr old son has asthma.He is presently on preventive inhaler(budecort).Whenever i t

shiny 2006-03-26
198   last decade

A question of confidence.
It seems very odd to me, how those who do not apply the principles of classical Homoeopath
Hahnemania 2006-10-12
no replies yet

Fissure in the Anus
sir iam 26 yr old. iam having fissure in the anus since 1 yr.i had been operated recently
mallika 2006-10-12
3   last decade

dr. pankaj varma. please h e l p!!!
I am 45 years old. I have been suffering from severe depression and anxiety for the last 1
babul27 2006-10-12
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