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hi, I was wondering is JCS2006 the same as walkin because i got an email to tell me to con

elainesmyth68 2007-02-17
13   JCS2006 last decade

remedios para adicciones
allox2005 2007-02-17
3   andres last decade

i left a post for you under confused could you read it and let me know thanks elaine
elainesmyth68 2007-02-17
5   elainesmyth68 last decade

Kind Attn : Dr Deoshlok Sharma
Dr Sharma, I have reported my progress after taking Kali Bich in that thread at : htt
chiru71 2007-02-17
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Pinched nerve in back causing leg pain
My husband has been suffering from pain in his legs, sharp pain at times, from a pinched n
KITCHY 2007-02-15
7   andres last decade

Friendship and Depression
I can't decide what comes first, low-self-esteem that makes me think people don'

2blu4U 2006-06-24
15   2blu4U last decade

pcos problem
my wife has been diagnosed with pcos and she has cyst too. she had irregular periods i.e.
PARITY 2007-02-16
5   rishimba last decade

baker's cyst
I would appreciate hearing about a home remedy for Baker's Cyst from anyone. Thanks.
jnisson 2007-02-15
3   andres last decade

siddiq 2007-02-17
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Nasty cold
Hi everyone, could someone suggest me a remedy? I'm 31 years old female, and I have a
martita 2007-02-16
2   martita last decade

GERD with constipation
I have had GERD for several years and have been taking over the counter prilosec. However,
Dorie 2007-02-17
1   rishimba last decade

Photosensitivity Genodermatoses
Hi I am Swati Joshi. My son is Tanay who is 4 yrs. old. He has been dignosised with phot
swati25 2006-11-17
3   Billy.Boy last decade

Beating in ear
I have had a beating in my right ear for 14 months. It woke me up one morning & has not go
papilio 2007-02-15
3   rishimba last decade

Chronic constipation and scalp itch
Hi, This is for my wife. She has a chronic constipation and a bad scalp itch. She took Gr
sameervermani 2007-02-12
6   rishimba last decade

CAN HOMEOPATHY HELP WITH FIBROIDS? I have ben battling fibroids for about 20 years now. h
isa4110 2007-02-17
1   deoshlok last decade

everytime i cough my side hurts is there anything i can take to get rid of this cough
ncarter26 2007-02-16
1   deoshlok last decade

single remedy to all ?
hi ppl can we ppl use a prescription like 'arnica ' which was given 2 a patien
livex 2007-02-14
8   livex last decade

falling down / vertigo
Hi as the holiday season is approaching fast I want to ask for advice. I do not actually
pangolin 2007-02-15
3   pangolin last decade

To sajjadakram
Dear Dr. Sajjad Are you a practicing homeopath? if yes, are you located in Islamabad? if
ssss- 2007-02-13
7   maheeru last decade

3yr old with painful sore throat
Hi Everyone could someone suggest a good remedy for pain relief for my wee boy, he has nev
elainesmyth68 2007-02-14
5   elainesmyth68 last decade

Looking for SLE Systemic Lupus Erythematosus treatment
Ladies and gentlemen, I am looking for a permanent treatment for my wife. She is 25 ye
Mujtaba 2007-02-14
2   Flugmeister last decade

nux vomica - 1m
Hello all, Needed some guidance. I took a dose of Nux 1M about a month ago for irregular
thekind78 2007-02-14
9   thekind78 last decade

free homeopathic cds gift pack
This I received today. I am pasting here for the welfare of all members of this board.****
I am not a doctor 2005-11-04
8   drubaig last decade

Help Plz its Urgent - Matter of my life
Dear Dr's Nice 2 know this forum n i m sure dat many many peoples are geting benefit

Imran_Imran 2007-02-06
15   JCS2006 last decade

under developed optic nerve
my grandaughter was born with no vision due to an underdevelped otic nerve. she is now 16
isa4110 2007-02-15
3   john34 last decade

dementia and restlessness
My aunt is 83 years old. Because of age she seems to be forgetting things and cannot remem
mohini 2007-02-12
6   JCS2006 last decade

muscular dystrophy
i have Limb girdle md and on the Md community site a homeopathic doctor put that calcarea
Denise1111 2007-02-14
6   maheeru last decade

Camphora antidotes Nat. Carb?
Hi All, I am taking Nat Carb as a constitutional.-I would like your opinion about b
Albert 2007-02-16
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Not able ejaculate
i have a peculiar problem,when ever i have sex with my partner many a times i will not be
deeri 2007-02-15
4   JCS2006 last decade

To Dr Rishimba
Dear Rishimba My three years old son is suffering from skin acne/lump. I went to the medi
grchakraborty 2007-02-07
7   grchakraborty last decade

Ascending potencies
Hello could someone help me to understand why ascending potency procedure seems to be the
saltOftheEarth 2007-02-15
1   JCS2006 last decade

Tuber Bovinum
Dear AllCan anyone tell me about the above medicine. What is it ? What does it do ? Where
sazim1 2005-03-25
7   JCS2006 last decade

Chronic acne with raised glands
Hi, I'd really appreciate some help with my skin problems. Its really getting me down
megtough 2007-02-15
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skin issue for my wife- eczema
Its sad, but my whole family has skin issues. I have posted about myself and my son, we a

john34 2006-11-04
80   john34 last decade

From Arun
Hello Doctor, I am getting marry in next 3 months but my fiancee is having height problem.
aruninsing 2007-02-14
2   aruninsing last decade

Flu like symptoms during period
Hi,I have had fibroids since I was 19, I am now 37. During the last 3 years I have been ex
earhbaby 2005-04-16
10   LittleJ last decade

Phosphorus - Did I use correct remedy?
Somehow I was convinced that it was the right remedy for my dog now I'm not so sure.
No0bX 2007-02-14
1   andres last decade

Who are the actual homeopaths here?
As opposed to the armchair homeopaths? I would like to have a list.

11:11 2007-02-11
43   sajjadakram635 last decade

I suffer from chronic tinitus which started from childhood. But now lately, Im also suffe
Shawnlette 2007-02-14
1   deoshlok last decade

Mononucleosis and Ear Ringing
I have had Mononucleosis for a month, recently my ears have started ringing. Is there any
lorilynn 2007-02-14
1   deoshlok last decade

i have patches of excema, one on my right bicep, one on my right calf that has now develop
dlagrand 2007-02-15
1   deoshlok last decade

rashing hand
dear sir, my 14 year brother is ill from about two year in above mention subject. furhter
khurramkausar 2007-02-15
1   deoshlok last decade

Edema(swelling) remains after fracture
My Uncle who is around 60 years old had suffered a fracture of his foot. Now, the fractur
khanf 2006-08-05
8   Tina R last decade

Recently I started getting headaches suspected to be migraine
I used to get a headaches a few years back, they were daily headaches. I went to a Neuro a
jaylon9n9n 2007-02-14
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Bad Cough
My son 8.5 years is asthamatic(WHeezing problem).Since last 3-4 days coughing.I showed to
naushadakhtar 2007-02-15
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Dear Sir, Any one can suggest some homeo medicines for get rid of above. regards rajin
RajuK 2007-02-14
1   rishimba last decade

My kids...
Got a new one for you. The remedy given for my own issues was so wonderful, I thought I w
tired1 2007-02-12
7   rishimba last decade

Itchy Rashes and Eruptions on Skin
I am a 35 year old male. Weight 72 KgHeight 5'8" MarriedI have for the past fou

Pomda 2006-03-12
16   dougt last decade

Hi, My brother is alcoholic.He is 39 years old. My father was an alcoholic , my gradfathe

amalia 2006-05-28
57   amalia last decade

Arnica Q & Coconut Oil
When massaged into the hair do I then wait a few moments and wash it out? Or do I leave th
Tomie 2007-02-14
4   Ryelink last decade

Homeopathics v. minerals
I cannot find info about this - can someone please help...Let's say that one is diagn

jarek 2004-05-18
16   JCS2006 last decade

Antidoting remedies with pharmaceuticals
I have been treated by a homeopathic physician for over 25 years. I have in the last few y
artgirl 2007-02-14
1   JCS2006 last decade

cure schizoaffective risperdal
Hi I wonder what I shall do I am on risperdal consta the lowest 25mg every two weeks an in
millan 2007-02-14
1   JCS2006 last decade

Homeopath in/near Dallas, TX
Can you, please, rescomend a homeopath! I live north of Dallas, TX 75019. I was able
babamy 2007-02-14
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I am a 32 year old male suffering from Piles for the last 4 years. I have been diagnosed w

jungleboy 2006-12-18
13   rishimba last decade

dr rishimba , I described my situation better to help you finding what is best for me
1. Describe your main suffering? I have black circles around my eyes , especially around
shaima 2007-02-13
2   shaima last decade

fao: joe de livera
Hello Joe, I have read with interest at what you have recorded in your studies in relatio
Tomie 2007-02-13
1   Tomie last decade

lichen planus
i have a rash on the sole and top of my foot as well as the ankles and insides of wrists.
ksfarmgirl84 2007-02-10
6   rishimba last decade

ganglian cyst on left wrist
I Have Ganglian cyst since last one month. I am using calc.fluo. 6x for last 2 weeks but n
rk yadav 2007-02-13
2   rk yadav last decade

To Joe
Hi Joe, Ive been using arnica and arnica tincture w/ oil for 4 months now. I have had new
malik75 2007-02-14
1   jennyhrh last decade

kidney pain
My name is Najmee, dob: 1/15/1949. I have recently been having problems around the kidney
najmee 2007-02-13
2   najmee last decade

Liquid dilution Vs. Tincture
Hi. I was just wondering what the main difference between a liquid dilution was and a tinc
Jdele 2007-02-13
3   JCS2006 last decade

A friend of my recently tried to buy Tub through this website in Canada and none of the no
Tina R 2007-02-13
3   JCS2006 last decade

Post Nasal Drip/Halitosis
im 16 male..this has been going on for weeks and my classmates can be brutal. there is a
supremeleader 2006-10-13
1   pndsufferer last decade

suspected ear infection in a 2-year old
My son has had 4 recurrent ear infections in the last 3 months all 'treated' with
christiana29 2007-02-11
6   christiana29 last decade

anal fissure and laxative abuse
Hi all, I read some posts regarding the above two problems, but looks like the solutions
amol79 2007-02-13
1   amol79 last decade

For Joe De Livera
i Joe, just started using nap p 6x for gerd , and seems like cooled me down for 2 days. H
aarapsod 2007-02-12
2   aarapsod last decade

hard lumps in body of various sizes which do not pain. Treatment required.
hard lumps in body of various sizes which do not pain.Probably they may be calcium deposit
sanjil 2007-02-10
5   sanjil last decade

Rhodiola Rosea with Cipramil?
Hi there, I'm currently taking half a tablet of 20g cipramil every day for my anxiet
FloggingDolphin 2007-02-04
2   FloggingDolphin last decade

Penis problem,need help ="<
Hi everyone,i have been mastrubating since last 9 years.now my nuts are hanging down & the
Irtza 2007-02-11
2   Irtza last decade

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