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Arsenic Poisoning
I have found out i have high levels of Arsenic and want to reduce this and remove it as qu
hightide 2008-03-29
2   hightide last decade

Rattling in the chest - Toddle 3 years
My son is experiencing from a chronic stuffy nose for little more than a year now. The p
krisdas 2007-09-23
5   faisal qureshi last decade

Women's Hair Loss
I have a fit body, strong nails, and very healthy skin, yet my hair is weak, thinning (you
msnemp 2008-03-11
4   faisal qureshi last decade

ross river fever
Several years ago my son aged 25 contracted Ross River Fever. I used a homeopathic remedy
aussiejudi 2008-03-30
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sensitive to cold
dear sir my wife is sensitive to cold. during winter,her body is very chill and she wants
gopal18 2008-03-30
1   Dr Tahira last decade

Hello, I'm suffering from anxiety since I'm 12. I'm 36 now, and from all th
dahlia36 2008-03-29
3   rishimba last decade

vasectomy reversal
Im wondering if there is anyway of imroving sperm quality/quantity? My husband had his vas
imtitch 2008-03-29
1   deoshlok last decade

Bacterial Infections
suffering for 8 months - anything that really stops the cycle?
TingMJM 2008-03-29
1   deoshlok last decade

abdomal pain,flatulence,every singe day,I am tired of life
Hi,I am 52 and I suffer from flatulence,abdomal pain,diaria,last 10 years and feel so tire
sara52 2008-03-29
1   deoshlok last decade

Extreme tiredness, poor circulation, tingling any suggestions
I would be extremely grateful if any forum members could suggest any remedies that would h
fev1954 2008-03-29
1   deoshlok last decade

Empty homeopathy tubes
Hello, is there any place on the internet I can buy empty homeopathy tubes? Here is why -
aske123 2008-03-29
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cydonia vulgaris 30 c and damiana q
Dear Dr. Does these two medicine have any role for increasing sexual power? Cydonia vulgar
roughedge 2008-03-28
1   rishimba last decade

Shortness of breath
I am 33, and over the last 5 years have developed very slowly a shortness of breath during
thimbleprincess 2008-03-28
1   rishimba last decade

Liver Cirrhosis
Please help my brother-in-law was just admitted to the hospital with cirrhosis of the live
metee60 2008-03-29
3   deoshlok last decade

Writing problems due to Shaking Fingers
For the last 4/5 years I have noticed it, but yet to take any action on it. Whenever I try
XMarshall 2008-03-28
1   deoshlok last decade

Male age 24 years. Initially he had Chorea at the age of 11 yrs. then his memory & physica
SZDANDOTI 2008-03-28
4   rishimba last decade

4 y.o. with bad cough
3 weeks ago, son had strep A. Prescribed antibiotics but on 8th day, he developed hives. A
dragonsaur 2008-03-16
4   dragonsaur last decade

6 year old cold/allergy induced asthma
My six year old has been diagnosed with cold/allergy induced asthma. This started when he
cogliandro 2008-03-10
3   dragonsaur last decade

Sweat in fear
I feel sweating while i have to give presentation or i am in meeting. Body temperature inc
rakesk 2008-03-28
4   hisam last decade

sensations like these
Burning water flowing through arms..after washing clothes.... needles and pins sensations
hisam 2008-03-28
3   hisam last decade

same for all. i got panic about hair loss please give some tips about same
bab12 2008-03-26
5   Rajendra last decade

refer the following link: http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/113968/1
Rajendra 2008-03-29
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Repeated Nux Attacks
I must sound like a broken record. Periodically, I get Nux provings. Primarily, ineffectua

thekind78 2008-03-09
40   thekind78 last decade

Help for my cold
Hi, Thanks for any help anyone can offer me. I have a rather nasty cold, in the past many
gbuz67 2008-03-13
3   gbuz67 last decade

Increase my height
Hello, I am a 23 year old girl. I am about 5.0' I would like to gain at least 2-3inch
amaia 2008-03-27
5   drrksingh last decade

Case of jnseagull
cold and cough,constipatin,reddinshness From jnseagull on 2008-03-26 hello sir, I am 22
PANKAJ VARMA 2008-03-26
4   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

help needed from doctors -- Need to verify the medicine
Hello everyone, My son has developed weezing issue from last year. He is 4 now. This bec

dallasMom 2008-03-26
33   drrksingh last decade

Heel Spur - Similar Aggravation from Pulsatilla
Hello, My wife(age 33) has a heel spur since last 16 months. The mistake(probably) we did
Mannish 2008-03-28
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no offence plz. to dr. tahira
four yrs back i was diagonised for ankylosing spondolosis and the results were positive.af
sanvar 2008-03-01
6   sanvar last decade

Bad habit
I am 27 year old man(Unmarried).I have a habit of masterbation for last 15 years.Now it is
subhashis 2008-03-27
2   akshaymohl last decade

Hi Rishi, Will it have any side effects nd will i get my periods??? someone advised me p
meghakapoor 2008-03-27
6   rishimba last decade

Be careful
Before going to take medicine pls check the authentic In most cases, advice posted at ab
deoshlok 2008-03-27
3   moderator last decade

Lung TB and Kidney Failure
My mother has lung TB as well as her right kidney has shrunken and the left is showing sig
Far_Fab 2008-03-23
9   Far_Fab last decade

about fever
body pain with fever what the homeopathy remedy
thilagha 2008-03-28
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

female hormone imbalance - help!
I'm 32 years old, and have had irregular menses since i was 17. initially i was diagn
tubby 2008-03-25
8   tubby last decade

History of my wife
Doctors I have submitted details of my wife. Plz Replay http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.p
s.jamal20 2008-03-27
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Retinitis Pigmentosa
My Nephew whose age is 15 years is suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa which is a conditio
S.A.M 2008-03-27
4   S.A.M last decade

morphinum experience?
Just took 200c last night and had to go to bed within 10 mins! Still feeling like junk -
ncyim 2008-03-05
1   ncyim last decade

Physcological ED
What can i use for physcological Ed?? I heard some people recomend kava kava, because of
mossburn 2008-03-28
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I really need a second opinion and some clarity on the homeopathic regime that I have been
gladstonepark 2008-03-27
3   gladstonepark last decade

Some help and advice
My cousin is 28 years old and has had kidney problem for 6 years. he has been on dialysis
Midwhori 2008-03-26
3   Midwhori last decade

genital warts inside vagina
hi 2 years ago found a few tiny genital warts around the anal area. treated them with thuj
naturally 2008-03-27
2   naturally last decade

allergic rhintis
as u know already im suffering from allergic rhinitis.i want give somemore details about m
AnanthVJ 2008-03-27
1   deoshlok last decade

Dr Mahfoozurrehman, I m waiting 4 ur reply do i suffer from pcod From meghakapoor on 2008
meghakapoor 2008-03-27
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can you help my daughter?
Hi I'm Yasmeen, and I am new on this forum. i need help for my daughter, she is 15 ye
Yasmeen 2008-03-26
8   Yasmeen last decade

do i suffer from pcod
I m 24yrs unmarried.I m having Irregular Period.I have period only whwn i take medecine.My
meghakapoor 2008-03-27
3   meghakapoor last decade

wart on elbow
i have a small wart on my left elbow. it is soft in nature. is there any remedy in homeopa
ravi2 2008-03-27
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Hi Rishi, Here are the ans nd pls tell wat i suffer from?nd is there ne treatment to it
meghakapoor 2008-03-27
1   rishimba last decade

Late Periods
Hi, Well, my problem is that i skip periods usually two or three months at a time. Sometim
SEM2315 2008-03-27
1   rishimba last decade

regd : rrms
hello everybody, Could you please suggest me any good homeopathy doctor who is
badal 2008-03-27
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stress lack of energy and emotional rollercoaster
I am working and going to school, tired and fallling behind, my stress affects people who
Brigi 2008-03-27
2   Brigi last decade

weight loss
Hello Sir/ Ma'am, i am 29yrs, married & mother of two boys aged 4yrs and 16months re
kausha 2008-03-26
1   deoshlok last decade

my wife is having depression/panic attack some days. i researched on the web and found th
brad38 2008-03-25
7   sameervermani last decade

Exposure to Hepatitis B need help
Hello to everybody, I am a surgeon and a week ago during an operation 20-30 ml blood from
Martin79 2008-03-25
2   Martin79 last decade

Toe Cramps
I have been getting cramps in my toes (3,4,5) right foot, sometimes left for about a year
LaloBean 2008-03-26
2   LaloBean last decade

5 months old/Chest Congested/Coughing
My 5 months old has Chest Congested & Coughing for last 6 days. When he coughs, we can hea
omar08 2008-03-25
3   omar08 last decade

Constipation & Eczema - Attn. Pankaj Varma
My son has been suffering from constipation nearly for a month. This is happening perhaps

manzul 2006-12-26
25   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Obstruction jaundice
I have been diagnosed obstructin jaundice ... few days now in the 2nd part of the duct. En
ashuvns73 2008-03-22
12   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

can a patient of hypothyroidism loses weight
dear sir i m amna afzal final yr std of mbbs frm lahre pakistan. sir my sister had a pro
sayeda_amna 2008-03-18
7   sayeda_amna last decade

plzzz help me
dear sir i m amna afzal frm lahre pakistan. sir my sister had a problem of hypothyroidis
sayeda_amna 2008-03-18
2   sayeda_amna last decade

Overintellectualize, not in touch with body person
Hi there. I have a friend who often complains that he needs time to 'get back into hi

neelimag 2008-03-23
14   sameervermani last decade

Hair Loss
I am 41 years of age. Had started using mezereum at 21 years on advise of Homeopath to ad

Hair Loss 2008-02-06
26   Hair Loss last decade

Pain in Legs
My wife is fine all the day but when she lay down on bed for sleep pain starts in her legs
s.jamal20 2008-03-24
8   s.jamal20 last decade

Hellish Sick Headaches
Hi, From time to time I get really hellish sick headaches which can easily involve nausea
HamishC 2008-03-21
7   HamishC last decade

I had a stone (1cm)removed two weeks ago and the doctors still want to remove my gallbladd
Livia 2008-03-26
1   akshaymohl last decade

Irregular Periods
I m waiting for ur reponse Mr Mahfooz Rehman
meghakapoor 2008-03-26
no replies yet

Irregular Period
Dear Mehfooz Ur Rehman Describe your main suffering and from how long? Irregular periods
meghakapoor 2008-03-26
1   akshaymohl last decade

weight gainer
my child is 10 years old, he is under weight 24 kg, he eat food badly/ non timely, doctor
mguptapdil 2008-03-26
2   mguptapdil last decade

swelling in feet and hands fingers
age 32 female weight 45 kg my wife is suffering from swelling in feet from two months , no
mguptapdil 2008-03-26
5   mguptapdil last decade

Painful Endometriosis...Can Anyone Help Please!
Hi I have suffered with Endometriosis for the last six years and have tried every alternat

readmoon 2008-03-20
15   readmoon last decade

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