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Dr Sameer pls give your advice regarding Nux Vomica
I developed gastritis as a result of taking strong antibiotics for about a month. I had h
aasman 2009-11-01
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Teeth grinding in the day
HI, My 4.5 yr old grinds his teeth everyday. This usually happen in the day (not during sl
homeo12242 2009-10-31
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

repeating Nux Vomica
I developed gastritis as a result of taking strong antibiotics for about a month. I had h
aasman 2009-10-31
1   aasman 8 years ago

dr mahfooz ,dr sameer plz help!!!!
hello docs, iam new to this forum and want to discuss my chronic constipitation problem ov
forgotten 2009-10-30
1   forgotten 8 years ago

somone plz help abcess-fistula,,,,,,
anal abcess started few days ago, i took myristica 30 and now it burst with thick yellow d
sar792 2009-10-29
5   sar792 8 years ago

Wrist portion feeling weak
Hello Doctor, Can you pl help me.I'm 34 years old Guy having diabetis since 1 year ta
satyakam 2009-10-31
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

salam sir sir i m 17 year old and i have nightfall since one year i take madicine
sagataries 2009-10-27
3   akshaymohl 8 years ago

overactive children
My 2 daughters 6 and seven are on the go constantly ,if i didnt put them to bed i think th
sunnyj 2009-10-31
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14 years of asthma
Hi i am Kelly,having asthma for 14 yrs from the age of 12.Now the severity of wheezing red
kellychristal 2009-10-30
4   rishimba 8 years ago

how to improve complexion
By birth i was fair, since i am an asthmatic patient took medicines and ofcourse tanning d
kellychristal 2009-10-31
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Body feeling weak and sweating
Dear doctor, Pl help me .My mother is 53 year old has diabetics since more than 3 years.
satyakam 2009-10-30
4   srisri 8 years ago

Cold and fever
Hi respected doctors, I am suffering from running nose and slight fever from the past two
ggeeta 2009-06-27
7   kadwa 8 years ago

3 Days Horse Unable to Produce Stool
Hello, I was wondering if I could have some assistance for a geriatric horse that has been
penzancepony 2009-10-30
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Cold, cough, stuffy nose at night
My son, aged about 5 years, is having a cold for the past few days. Main issue is the stu
krisdas 2009-10-31
1   kadwa 8 years ago

about auto immun dieses plz help
Dear Dr. my mother whose age is 50 is suffering from auto immune diasese called scleroder
Hassan_05 2009-10-31
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Semen liquification problem (pls advice)
Assalamualaikum I am 31 year married since 2 years no kids yet when checked Semen Repor
goodheart786 2009-10-31
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Dr, Mehfooz Pre-ejaculation
Sir i am 27 Weight 66 Height 5.10 Sir i never did masterbution regularly. I did once in 2
bangash82 2009-10-29
2   bangash82 8 years ago

3x after 6x
dear experts, kindly give me an answer to one of my recent doubts. if i give biochemic 3X
pcthahir 2009-10-27
4   pcthahir 8 years ago

Scalp psoriasis
Hello doctor, I am suffering with scalp psoriasis for past 4 years. I have used English m
mrtulasi 2009-10-30
5   Reva V 8 years ago

ejaculates too quickly after 2 or 3 thrust
I got married in the age of 27 years in September 1997 before this I am habitual of Mastur
umar929 2009-10-30
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

my mom has hernia-very painful
she has hernia from 10 years.she has already been operated for it twice.but hey still grow
girl 123 2009-10-29
1   srisri 8 years ago

Does Ruta, Arnica, Rhus Tox Antidote Silicea ?
Does Ruta, Arnica, Rhus Tox Antidote Silicea & Hepar Sulph ? I was taking RUTA, ARNICA, RH
Sweet_Lemon 2009-10-30
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Need Really help
Hi, i am 25 yrs old and after 10 month i will be marry. i have used to masturbate in past
Abdul Basit 2009-10-21
5   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sir, My wife aged 40 years suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis since 2000. Using homeopath
basant369 2009-10-30
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Kudwa advice pls
sir, My uncle got fever with some chill.He is having 101 degrees.some headache,some joint
homeopatient001 2009-10-30
3   homeopatient001 8 years ago

problem symtoms : Leg pain in calf and thighs. No change in weight. Diet intake o.k offic
johny30 2009-10-30
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plant extracts
Dear everyone, we are Shaanxi Supplier Biological Technology Co., Ltd.which is located in
plantextract88 2009-10-30
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My wife was recently prescribed a remedy of Arnica 50M for a life long history accidents a
mnstrm 2009-10-22
5   maheeru 8 years ago

3 yr old pneumonia required surgery
My fair skinned daughter had a runny nose and cough for a week -- nothing I was concerned
TheFourofUs 2009-10-29
4   kadwa 8 years ago

Need Help Please - Son's Case, Concentration & Allergies
My 15years old son needs your help please: I want to give him some remedy to improve his
RajanTX 2009-10-07
5   kadwa 8 years ago

running nose
grid]39 3335 4288 4485 4638 5576 8304 8582 10946 25304 26196 26201 26218 32895 33980 33998
chanmahi 2009-10-30
2   kadwa 8 years ago

Any Docs pls advice
Dear all, My colleague who is pregnant has chicken guniya on saturday.Can she take homeo
homeopatient001 2009-10-29
3   homeopatient001 8 years ago

Deep and Chronic Depression & Anxity , Headache and Impotance
Dear Doctors, I am Kamesh, 31 yrs old,married. I have the problem of depression and Anx
kamesh9k 2009-10-29
2   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Height problem
Hi, I am 21 years old female and I am 4'9, which is really short. Is there any homeo

Angel_d 2007-10-11
13   movinsaini 8 years ago

sneezing during pregnancy
Hi, I am 31 year old and I am 2 months pregnant now. I have been having sneezing problem f
anup12 2009-10-26
3   Reva V 8 years ago

Testosterone - Hormone
Dear Doctors, Can any one suggest good and noticable efective homeo medicine to get incre
kamesh9k 2009-10-29
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Attn Dr.Akshay
Doctor Akshay, My wife aged 28 have the following problems… 1) Oily scalp and dandruff wit
pradeepx28 2009-10-29
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Erectile dysfunction
Sir, I am suffering from Erectile Dysfunction for the last 2-3 years and feeling very depr
vanshraja 2009-10-29
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Croup and Aconite 200c
Hello, My 20 month old son has croup and the barking cough started yesterday. Up till that
amazedaisy 2009-10-29
1   maheeru 8 years ago

When falling asleep: heating up and sweating
My daughter has been like that since she was a baby, now she is 7. When she BEGINS to fall
Vanilla 2009-10-28
1   rishimba 8 years ago

Hyper Eosinophillic Syndrome
Please can any homeopathic expert tell me, if there is cure in homeopathy for hyper eosino
akp45 2009-09-18
1   dr pervaz 8 years ago

erictions problem
Dear Sir iam jagadeeshwar age: 29 yrs iam from hyderabad.. from last ten years iam very h
eshwar 2009-10-29
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genital herpes infection forl
Hi, I am 48 yrs male, and been sufring from genital herpes infection for last 18 years. I
swpanil000 2009-10-29
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Female Infertility
Dear Dr. It's RG again. Back with my own health problem. My husband and I have been
RGirl 2009-10-20
7   rishimba 8 years ago

Corn in Heel
My daughter is 9yrs old and have a corn in her heel which is very pain ful. Please if some
Nadim55 2009-10-26
7   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Please Help Any Doctor Have
Dear Sir, I am Mahadi Hassan. 25 years old, My height is 5`11’’. Weight is 65 KG, My sex
choudhury22 2009-10-28
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

I feel pain in chest
When I eat food after some time, when I walking I feel some pain in my chest, but when sto
sinhaomprakash 2009-10-28
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

depressed me heamorrhoide
hievery one i have heamorrhiode since 10 years i went to one dr he give some remedy i used
SHAHIDKHAN 2009-09-29
3   akshaymohl 8 years ago

akshaymohl please help again
i m 47 .i have mastrubation habit when i was 15 .i married this year now i went to another
SHAHIDKHAN 2009-10-28
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

panic attacks and anxiety
I would like some advice of what I can take to help my anxiety and panic attacks. I first
pinkbunny 2009-10-28
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Anaplastic Astrocytoma
Any expereinces on treating Anaplastic Astrocytoma Grade 3 with homeopathy? I have seen s
psirur 2009-10-29
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Hair Loss....Dr Sameer Pls help
Please help / I have posted a question for hair loss
gulluhomeo 2009-10-28
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Hair loss
Hi, My hair has been falling to the extent that i feel i will be bald in the next few wee
gulluhomeo 2009-10-28
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can not find remedy for "nose runs when eating solid food"
Does not matter whether the food is hot (like soup) or cold (like salad) or spicy or sweet
julie.m. 2009-10-21
3   srisri 8 years ago

At Dr. Sameer
Doctor Sameer, My wife aged 28 have the following problems… 1) Oily scalp and dandruff wit
pradeepx28 2009-10-28
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Foggy Brain
Hi, I am 38 years old male and I am sufferring from foggy mind. I read but i cannot under
homme2ca 2009-10-08
9   homme2ca 8 years ago

anal abcess-fistula
i am suffering from anal abcess i am very much in pain and it is swollwn i am taking tuber
sar792 2009-10-28
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please say to me
Dear Sir, Thanks for send me mail answer. sir already caked my kidney. kidney is fine, sir
choudhury22 2009-10-28
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Hello sir, Since some time I am suffering from occational bleeding during stooling(fresh b
jaydeep 2009-10-27
4   jaydeep 8 years ago

pilonidal synus
iam 40 yrs old,and suffering from pilonidal synus at below back bone tail end,that is righ
ramesh.k 2009-10-28
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dr .mafooz
read this and answer me.
alsyedimran 2009-10-27
2   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

dear docters
dear docters plz share ur knowledge about freckles.dr.isha
isha_dr 2009-10-28
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Seeking help for Pyrosis
I am suffering from Pyrosis since Nov. 2001. Can Homeopathy cure this skin condition? Plea
TCheong42 2009-10-27
3   rishimba 8 years ago

Need advice/assistance with issues with left and right eyes, please.
Left Eye: I would like to know if you can help me with reversing the damage that was caus
julia2009 2009-10-28
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My daughter who is 22 has always had this problem. Underarms profusely, hands and feet to
humna 2009-10-27
2   kadwa 8 years ago

Mal du Barquement (land sickness)
I got back from a cruise two days ago and still feel like I'm on the boat! It's
saguy75 2009-10-28
1   kadwa 8 years ago

burning feet
Hello everyone! Can anyone advise me as to whether sulphur or Kali-C would be the thing
BURNINGFEET 2009-10-22
4   rishimba 8 years ago

writers' cramp
I was affected with writers' cramp for the past 15 years. Any one I managed to comple
devanthar 2009-10-27
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

25 yrs old man with chronic sinus & depression problem.plz help.
1)I am highly depressed with episodes of anger & irritation. 2)Irritated on any topic eve
dptkpr 2009-10-27
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grief related depression
my husband is suffering from grief related depression.(he wanted to marry a girl ,but coul
sadwife 2009-10-24
4   sadwife 8 years ago

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