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nightfall problem
I am suffering from nightfall for the last 5 years .It occurs 3 to 4 times in fortnight
singhricky 2009-09-14
4   Oampi last month

i m suffering from nightfall past 7 years due to that i think my penis has gone small and
stealth2012 2009-10-19
3   Oampi last month

nightfall and night discharge...plzzz help me by some effective remedies
hello sir i m 22 years old i did a lot of hand practice in the beginning of my
cute_casper83 2006-09-07
4   Oampi last month

regarding nightfall and premature ejaculation
sir my friend named dibya a strong stout and healthy man having good phisique and height
vedvyas 2018-05-08
24   Oampi last month

Anuj sir - lingering chest cough post viral
Sir, Had a viral infection in our family some 3 weeks back. Started with high fever that
falcon74 2022-07-01
1   anuj srivastava last month

Log in/ posting issues
Hello, I'm sorry some of you are having issues logging in. Please log in using an
moderator 2022-06-29
2   moderator last month

Seeking Remedies for Chilblains/Raynaud's
I have been suffering from chilblains (mostly on my fingers) for the third winter in a
Ouxue 2022-06-29
5   anuj srivastava last month

Liver hemangioma
Looking for homeopathic treatment for liver hemangioma.i have suffered upper right
Umm Adel 2022-06-08
3   anuj srivastava last month

Excessive urine
Hello doctors My mother age 57 she has excessive frequent urination issue that keep her
Marie22 2022-06-28
3   telescope last month

Need urgent medicine for my son related to an allergic issue.
Hello and good morning. My son is 11 years old. Staying in Bangalore He suffers from 2022-06-28
3   anuj srivastava last month

Need urgent medicine
Hi all, Good day, 53-year-old male Having BPH issues since the age of 42.I've been 2022-05-30
6 last month

Pain under right rib cage close abdomen
Hi there - I am a 49 year old, physically active. for the past two weeks, I have pain
gauravkj 2022-06-27
1   anuj srivastava last month

Weight gain because of increased appetite during lactation
starving all the time. Weak and moody if not eat all the time. Most moms seem to lose
DarynHubbard 2022-06-27
1   anuj srivastava last month

Hypericum for depression
Hello all: In general, what potency for hypericum is used for
ngtoronto 2022-06-27
1   mnaari last month

Reoccurring ulcer on tonge.
Hi my boy I 8 years old. He gets such itchy painful mouth sores and has one on his
Cheeko1 2022-06-26
3   Kaps last month

Diagnosed with Osteoarthritis
Hello I have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in the knees. The doctor has prescribed
zmanzoor 2022-06-27
1   anuj srivastava last month

Hip pain
Hello, I used the Remedy Finder and it suggested Ledum Palustre. I am willing to try
Blossom3 2022-06-12
19   Blossom3 last month

Request medicine for
subrahmanyam 2022-06-25
2   subrahmanyam last month

Gall stones
Sir, My wife have some pieces of stones with largest stone measuring 9. 1mm. Symptoms
Ishwari Prasad 2022-06-26
2   Kaps last month

Suicidal ideation persistant for 8 years
I have suffered from Suicidal ideation for some 8 years. I have seen sone 6 homeopaths in
similia similibus 2022-06-24
17   similia similibus last month

antidote to sulphur
Hi .I hd taken sulphur 30 on 23.09.17. for itching after bathing It works on 29 .09.17 I
pranshu 2017-10-07
20   Wiezoox last month

Mind symptoms alternated with chest infections and fever
respected members, I have a patient (13 years male ) with ADHD symptoms (Concentration
Sivacharana 2022-06-25
6   Sivacharana last month

Excessive nightfall/nocturnal emissions
Hii Doctor I am Pankaj,Age-21 yrs.,Weight-52kg,Height-5.8 ft.I am stuffering badly from
Jeachioj 2021-07-29
2   Oampi last month

Nightfall, neuralgia and anxiety
1. Nightfall water like (from 7 days every second day) 2. Chest pressure, pain and also
Vourkoaph 2020-11-05
3   Oampi last month

Spermatorrhea / frequent nocturnal emissions / wet dreams / nightfall / night pollutions
I am a 19 years old male from India. I am well built and I look healthy. But I'm

raj18 2017-10-03
91   Oampi last month