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increase height
doctor plz help me im 27.3 years, my height is 5'. i want to increase my height 2 to
deepaksmn 2010-08-29
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Cat Ascites from Possible Liver Tumor or Portal Vein Obstruction
My poor cat had a huge benign tumor removed in March. Now his abdomen is full from ascite
clarkclarkclark 2010-08-19
6   clarkclarkclark 8 years ago

Shoulder blade
A couple week sage, I developed tingling off and on along back inner right shoulder blade.

new2town 2010-06-22
34   new2town 8 years ago

depo provera
I took Depo Provera and thankfully am now off the drug (it has been 6 months since my last
artemis1 2010-08-29
1   artemis1 8 years ago

Memory lapses, hard to remember things
Dear Dr. My 9 years old cannot remember things very well. If we talk to him and ask to re
zoom12 2010-08-29
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Please help in weightloss
hi, im a 24 year old male. my height is 6 feet and weight is 95kg.i believe im mildly obes
anshu4029 2010-08-28
4   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Horrible reaction from an MRI - any antidote?
Hello 5 days ago I took an MRI of my feet (without any dye). Since then I have been in ho
BartonFink 2010-08-29
5   Dr.Saravanan 8 years ago

Hello... Doctors.. I have a query
Hi, I read about medicines but below them there are 3 categories which kind of confuse me,
samur420 2010-08-28
8   Dr.Saravanan 8 years ago

Chronic hip pain in 21 yr old
My brother has chronic hip pain. He is only 21 years old, approx. 165 lbs. and is an activ
mj0521 2010-08-27
2   Rajendra 8 years ago

Dear Dr. Rajendra Gupta - another case
Dear Dr. Rajendra Gupta i am impressed by the analysis that you did for Sriram on the bas
kadwa 2010-06-07
1   Rajendra 8 years ago

Always Bloated
Hello, I am 5'3', petite woman of 39 y.o.weighing 115 lbs. Practically every day
ladybug44 2010-08-25
7   ladybug44 8 years ago

Medicine for Retina Pigmentosa
I have a son Master Utkarsh.Age 9yrs.Suffering from R.P. Problem.Ineed a medicine for him.
navinc 2010-08-28
1   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Hairloss after Mirena someone please help!
I am 27 and a mother of 3. Last July of 09 my son was born and my hair was thick and very
IslandMommy0f3 2010-08-27
8   dragonfly1976 8 years ago

re-use amber bottles?
if i rinse an amber bottle with distilled water well............can i use it for my homeop
girl2010 2010-08-28
3   John Stanton 8 years ago

Hyperpigmentation on Face
Hello, I am 26 yrs married male. I have been suffering from pimple problems and for the s
microunited 2010-08-28
2   microunited 8 years ago

head pain/head ache problem for my wife
Hi! Dear sir My wife feel head pain all time that's time she cry.not sleep.age 24 yrs
nurnabi 2010-08-27
1   dr.akmal11 8 years ago

regarding miscarriage....plz help
dear doctor my wife experienced the very first miscarriage due to unknown reasons. the foe
onegoodman 2010-07-31
6   Info.rahiq 8 years ago

My condition - digestive problems, mainly
I apologise for writing so much, but I think that any partial description of my condition
Louki 2010-08-20
3   sameervermani 8 years ago

Solutions/treatments for dark patches
Hello, Please let me know if anything in homeopathy can cure slightly darker skin patche
Escada 2010-08-26
4   Escada 8 years ago

dr kadwa please answer
Dear dr Kadwa the situation i am writitng on behalfo of my friend dontonino, the catholic
albapapa 2010-08-28
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Ear Infection (17 month old toddler)
Hi, my boy had a fever and recovered from it, but is still having runny nose from a cold.
cheekymama 2010-08-27
1   maheeru 8 years ago

Please urgent doctor opinion
I have addressed this post for the last few days to dr Kadwa who prescribed conium 200 to
albapapa 2010-08-28
1   Dr.Saravanan 8 years ago

mrcp ii made easy
I am an MD ( ARYUVEDA ) who completed my training in Homeopathy in Australia and the Hal
kay halloway 2010-08-28
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Premature grey hair - any solution?
Hi all,I am 24 yr old lady, I have problem of lots of grey hair, in frontal lobe of head.D

ooshmi 2006-03-08
19   jaismeen 8 years ago

Excessive masturbation
I am married and still indulge in masturbation. upto once or twice a day.please advise som
nsjus 2006-08-14
6   Sadhak 8 years ago

dr kadwa
Is dr Kadwa still on the forum? I have posted a question from my friend dontonino who is b
albapapa 2010-08-28
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Sunken eyes with dark circles
I am suffering from chornic weaknesses(bad effects of excessive masturbation). age is 26
saurabh_ill 2010-08-26
1   saurabh_ill 8 years ago

New to this sight
I took the homeopathy test twice and came out with the same results. my question is what a
trpltrubl 2010-08-26
2   trpltrubl 8 years ago

problem with gum
i have gum problem my gum swells and cuse pain i went gum speacialist and he said i need d
robina655 2010-08-27
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Question About Arnica 30x
My physical therapist suggested that I take Hyland's Arnica 30x for tendonitis. Withi
surprise_island 2010-08-27
1   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

stiff painful all joints, any doctors please help
i have cracking sounds in all my joints, it started about 4/5 years ago, since then it has
fawad49 2010-08-26
3   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Depression - hate the drugs
Please doctor I would appreciate greatly your help. I am a catholic priest, 66 years old.
dontonino 2010-08-07
6   albapapa 8 years ago

Abnormal estrogen levels in men
Hi, I am male 26 years old. I have excessive estrogen levels in my body.I have this probl
navinbala 2010-08-27
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rahman_hope 2010-08-22
15   Info.rahiq 8 years ago

Lachesis 30 for Pigmentation Disorder
What are the effects of Lachesis 30 for the treatement of Pigmentation disorder ( dark arm
wishes5 2010-08-27
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i m 19 years old(female),4.5inch height want to increase height upto 5.5inch.
muke000 2010-08-27
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Please help! My mom 87 suffers from tracheitis which comes on from just being in a draft o

albapapa 2010-08-18
15   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

lack of sense of reality! grounding needed!
Hi and good morning everyone, I'm new in the forum and I would love to have some sugg
comet3 2010-08-27
1   Dr.Saravanan 8 years ago

Edema caused by retinal vein thrombosis.. plz help
My age is 36. On Aug 1, I was diagnosed with retinal vein thrombosis in both eyes resulti
inder_jeet 2010-08-26
2   inder_jeet 8 years ago

3 weeks old kid with chronic kidney failure
Dear all, Need help from this forum. My son who is just 3 weeks old is suffering from chro
4   yogeshrajurkar 8 years ago

Codeine and Nikotin addiction
I am 30 Years old and taking codeine drugs such as cough syrups and cigarettes i try to ge
saraspvq 2010-03-01
2   teresa54 8 years ago

Hydrocephalus in Adults
A reader posted a query and was advised to administer Hedera Helix Q, 1 drop, to a patient
Ulu0220 2010-08-26
2   Ulu0220 8 years ago

Close to Mental Breakdown.Please help with Scabies
I'm at the end of my tether with this debilitating condition, I really think I'm

Fallen 2009-07-14
17   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Urgent:Uncontrolled Seizures in Young
A 19 year old boy admitted in ICU 20 days ago for uncontrolled recurrent seizures. He had

male_pk 2010-08-24
19   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

Excessive heat
My acupuncturist said that I have excessive heat/fire in my body which is causing my odor
SPbumps 2010-08-24
2   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

Piles - Stress/Tensions - Weaknes
28-M 1-I am suffering from chronic constipationconstipation with nervous tension over a p

arazas 2010-06-18
13   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Rhus Tox for Leg Pain?
Hello everyone: Earlier today I took two Rhus Tox for leg and lower back pain and almost i
Mike-S 2010-08-25
2   Mike-S 8 years ago

Thuja 30c for Abnormal Papsmear?
Last Nov.my pap test came back abnormal.I've had 1other pap since,and a colposcopy.th
calimom 2010-08-26
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Cerebral Atrophy
Expansion (Dilatatation)of cerebral brain is taking place I am using Arnica Montana past 3

zapak69 2008-04-05
32   zapak69 8 years ago

Need relief from odd migraines
Hi. I started migraine headaches when I was about 30. Then I had twins and was o.k. for a

yellowjonquils 2010-07-11
18   yellowjonquils 8 years ago

troubles conceiving
Is there anything that can aid in the procces of conceiving?
Bubbles0o 2010-08-25
2   dragonfly1976 8 years ago

Male pattern baldness, Hair fall dandruff
Dear Doctor, I am 33 year old MALE and I have been loosing my hairs a lot like Male patter
aopl1977 2010-08-26
1   dragonfly1976 8 years ago

Homeopathy to increase height
I m 20 years old male and I m still 5'3'. Please suggest proper medicine to incre
gauravtooaby 2010-08-25
2   dragonfly1976 8 years ago

RKH syndrome of uterus, want to go for child through surrogacy, improve ovulation
Dear doctor, I am 37 years old female who suffers from RKH syndrome of uterus where doctor
chumkichakravorty 2010-08-26
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Problem After Masturbation
Hi to all members. Plz advice me a good medicine. i am telling my problem in urdu & englis

Coolboy 2007-11-25
13   dragonfly1976 8 years ago

knee pain left side
i am woman aged 47 years i feel on the stairs when climbing, 20 days back under allopathic
maxim_nunes 2010-08-26
1   dragonfly1976 8 years ago

Range of problems
Hello, I'm 28 years old woman, having a range of issues. I have big mood swings tha

achu 2010-07-24
18   kadwa 8 years ago

25F Shiftworker & Student - Acne/Sleep/Lack of Motivation
Please help! I have been dealing with severe cystic acne since I was 15. It is definately
Frystad 2010-08-25
2   maheeru 8 years ago

remedy for children
is there a remedy for children who have witnessed domestic abuse please
sunnyj 2010-08-23
5   sunnyj 8 years ago

is this normal
is it normal to get feelings of jealousy and taking offence easily when taking staphysagri
sunnyj 2010-08-26
2   sunnyj 8 years ago

Dr Sameer, Dr Yogesh,Pankaj Varma-can someone please help me to find a remedy
I posted about my case of suppressed gonorrhea from may years ago. I have no homeopath he
gardenerd 2010-08-19
9   yogeshrajurkar 8 years ago

Pus in semen and Low motility
Dear Doctor Following is snapshot of my semen report: Total Cell Count = 60 million Volum
zeeshanahmed 2009-05-04
10   aman_khan303 8 years ago

abnormal cells in pap test!
Hello,I ama 25 yr old female.last nov.I had my yearly pap,and it came back abnormal.I was
calimom 2010-08-25
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Sepia causing abdominal Bloating and discomfort.
Hello I am 34 years old and have taken 5 doses of Sepia 200c within the last 4 months, the
sun27342 2010-03-20
10   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

is there any date rape drug in homeopathy??
Dear members, some days ago when I went with one of my friends to his house I was offered
Sayani 2010-08-23
7   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

circumcision of my 3 and half year old son is about to be performed .......please suggest
lifecycle31 2010-05-26
6   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

advice please
I have been taking staphysagria cm for couple of months,all going well but today feelings
sunnyj 2010-08-25
2   sunnyj 8 years ago

Jaw Joint
Hi, I have a displaced left jaw joint. When I chew hard food then the pain starts from in
science 2010-08-25
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Attention Joe De Livera
Dear Joe, I am a healthy 19 year old female. I am interested in taking arnica to treat sl
Escada 2010-08-25
3   Escada 8 years ago

Uncomfotable feeling in right lower abdomin.
First of all thank you all for taking the time to read this post. For the past 3 years I
BammBamm02 2010-08-24
2   BammBamm02 8 years ago

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