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Allopathic medicine with Homeopathy
Dear all, I am suffering from anxiety and Insomnia since years. I am on allopathic
merohin27 2020-10-30
2   thakurhimanshi 4 weeks ago

Anxiety and agitation
Dear Doctors, i am male 29 years old, started having few symptoms as given bellow a few
Soliter 2020-10-30
3   simone717 4 weeks ago

methods of taking homeopathy
Is it true that for chronic conditions liquid dilution is more effective than tablet form 2020-10-29
4   simone717 4 weeks ago

Dr Anuj please help with Dandruff issue
Hello Dr Anuj, My wife is 37 years old in good general health. She maintains a healthy
gupta_saurabh 2020-10-19
7   anuj srivastava 4 weeks ago

Menopausal weight gain...
Hi there... I'm 46 years old and 5'5". I used to weigh around 130-135
Maddie371 2020-10-25
14   anuj srivastava 4 weeks ago

Stomach Rash
Hi - I have developed a rash on my stomach and between my breasts. The rash is red and
treezal 2020-09-14
16   treezal 4 weeks ago

Enlarged prostate
I am a 61 year old male in good condition, I am 5' 9" in height and 155 lbs in
Merisel81 2020-10-27
7   thakurhimanshi last month

Lack of self confidence
My age is 25. I have a lack of self confidence. Whenever I go outside or be around
Pablo1 2020-10-28
8   simone717 last month

Please Help! Paraurethral Skene's Duct Cyst (Need Remedy)
Hi All, I was diagnosed with a 21 MM Paraurethral Skene's Duct cyst (apparently

Brittany88 2020-08-06
36   Brittany88 last month

Tissue Salts (Cell Salts) vs Homeopathic Preps
Hello, Is it possible to substitute a homeopathic prep for a tissue salt? For example.
gochmari 2020-10-29
1   simone717 last month

Burning Toes and Pain in legs
Dears, I have too much burning and sometimes pain in toes. Skin colour of toe joints
naresh846 2020-10-17
4   naresh846 last month

Humble Request to prescribe Homeopathy Medicine as per the post
Respected Doctor, I am came from India and staying with my daughter's home. I was
sanjeev2020 2020-10-26
2   thakurhimanshi last month

Why does 6C potency work better than other higher potencies
Hi there: I have a condition (chronic body pain) where I find that 6C of various
ngtoronto 2020-10-28
1   simone717 last month

Persistent Throat itching silent reflux since 3 months and skin fungal infection
Hello, I am 43 yrs old male. Since May end this year have constant itching in throat

User_1276 2020-09-02
36   simone717 last month

falling ill
Hi if someone undergoes ongoing homeopathy treatment and suddenly has a stomach bug or 2020-10-27
2   thakurhimanshi last month

Premature Ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction and very sensitive penis and taking staphysagria
I shared my problem here and a
Ronthedavil 2020-10-23
2   Ronthedavil last month

Artist with environmental illness and longterm traumas unable to focus or have interest in life
Could use clarity and guidance here. Very long experience with homeopathy but it has
Beca 2020-10-28
3   drjitesh last month

Sneezing with fatigue
Sneezing with little chill. Feeling fatigue in evening. Having pain in calves. Pre
anuragfed 2020-10-27
1   homeo_helper last month

Help for old stretch marks
Old stretch marks on shoulders and behind knees from
Cat33 2020-06-19
19   anuj srivastava last month

An alternative for Vitamin B12 injection
Hi, I need an alternative for vitamin B12 injection. Can you specify me any fruit or
Moorty 2020 2020-10-16
5   mayankgates last month

Gas in abdomen
Is china officinalis used as a back up if carbo veg and lycopodium does not remove gas 2020-10-26
3   simone717 last month

advice please
hello, advice needed, i was advised to take merc corr 10m, for 4 weeks, although i only
paula1 2020-10-25
6   paula1 last month

metastatic adenocar cin oma lung met. sigmoid colon
My father is suffering from adeno car cin oma of the sigmoid colon with bilateral

netwiz87 2020-03-08
30   anuj srivastava last month

Ganglion on right wrist with pain
Age 38, Male, waight 62, height 5 ft 6" TSH : 5.18 Serum CR : 1.4 mg/dl Hb% :
Wuerzowsh 2020-10-04
7   Wuerzowsh last month

Small purple veins on left leg post partum
Hello I am looking for a remedy for small, delicate looking purple/blue veins on my left
Cat33 2020-10-20
3   A.Singh last month