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heaviness in chest
My husband is 40 yrs having heaviness in chest after slight walking which get relived afte
tapal 2011-12-25
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Aunt experiences pain after knee replacement surgery
[message deleted by litework13 on Sun, 08 Jul 2012 22:57:12 BST]
litework13 2011-12-25
2   litework13 6 years ago

i m takinf treatment for chest tb since oct 2011. i have problem of doing masturabation al
shehbaz_n 2011-12-25
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Two months ago I was confirmed as bilateral hydrosalphinx, I started homeopathy treatment,
asper 2011-12-22
5   asper 6 years ago

Stubborn Chalazion in 11 year-old girl
I need help for my daughter - she is 11 & is having a recurrence of a chalazion. Previosly

ciaobellaa 2009-03-09
31   drhomeo2003 6 years ago

Please Help! Severe hemorrhoid pain
Please suggest remedy for me. I have had grade 3 hemorrhoid for past three years with unbe
himalayanpup 2011-11-15
12   Dr. Showrav 6 years ago

My Mom is very Ill
My mom is 65 years old. She can not speek/write english. I am helping her.She has followin

bkushwaha 2011-11-28
14   Dr. Showrav 6 years ago

urithral stricture/stricture of urithra
dear sir!i would like to know if there is a treatment for stricture of urithra in homeopat

sam56 2004-06-17
16   mohitarora 6 years ago

gilbert syndrome
Dr.Is there any homeopathy remedy for gilbert syndrome?
bapan 2011-12-25
1   tahbi 6 years ago

Neuroses, anxiety and a sore throat
Hello, my name is Victor, age 21, height 180, brown, even yellow skin, weight 72 kg, brown

Ipohondric 2011-12-10
14   Ipohondric 6 years ago

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to everyone on this forum! A special thanks to all the homeopaths taking
badshah19 2011-12-25
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migraine remedy and acidity
i got migraine after every week and with that we gets vomiting so please suggest you the r
mina22 2011-12-25
1   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Urinary Track Infection
Eight to nine months before I had UTI, I have taken several types for four/five months ant

saki.rahmatullah 2011-12-04
14   sadeqahmed 6 years ago

Male sexual disorders
Dear Doctor Mahfooz, Kadwa, any other senior and experienced doctors Senior doctors kindl

Nayabkhan 2011-12-17
26   sadeqahmed 6 years ago

Brown spots on back like tits come on overnight, Bleed when scratched off
I have a lot of Brown moles on my back that grow on me overnight. There are new ones every
MauveTiger 2011-12-24
2   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Merry Christmas!
Hi All, I would like to wish Merry Christmas, especially The Christians on this forum! I
nawazkhan 2011-12-25
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Acne, Anger, Anxiety, Obsessional Thoughts & Resentment
Hi my name is Jamison and I am a 22-year-old male. For the past 4 years, I have dealt with
forevercharmed1028 2011-12-24
2   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

I used to take inter venous drugs. and all of my veins have have collapsed and most of the
adnan741 2011-12-24
1   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Abdominal Cramps and Severe Spasms
Hi, as title says i have severe abdominal spasms and cramps coming atleast twice or thrice
ravimanthena 2011-12-24
1   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Hello I am planning to have a surgery in March to remove my fibroids but i would like to t
Angel2011 2011-12-23
6   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Wisdom Tooth Removal, Post Care Remedy
Dear Doctors I have just got one wisdom tooth removed because it was creating alot of pro
sshussain 2011-12-24
1   maheeru 6 years ago

Help fr increasin height!
Hey docs n ppl out der! I am 18 yrs of age n mah prob is that i am too short!i wanna incre
Piscean 2011-12-24
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vivek pandey
Name: V Pandey Age: 25 Occupation : Defence City: Hyderbad India Education: gradua
vpandey25 2011-10-06
4   vpandey25 6 years ago

testing positive on TB tests?
What does it mean when a person tests positive on tuberc tests but there's no active
starnet 2007-02-13
9   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

Chalazion Help?
My 3 yr old had one chalazion removed sept 2011, and now she has two more on the same eye,
kalynne01 2011-12-03
4   Teddy123 6 years ago

Two year old with chalazion
My two and a half year old has persistent chalazions on her eyes. They recently have drai
schiv24 2011-06-29
4   Teddy123 6 years ago

Chalazion HELP Please!
Hi There, I am a 34 yr old female from Australia. I have recently developed a Chalazion/C
Tr15hi 2011-02-17
4   Teddy123 6 years ago

Chalazion - please some help
hello everyone! I am a 25 yo male and I have a chalazion in my right lower eye lid for alm
luwai 2011-01-17
4   Teddy123 6 years ago

chalazion cyst
Please help, I have cyst on my eye lid. I have tried Homoeopathic medicine also, but no di
Sayed Saeed 2010-11-20
4   Teddy123 6 years ago

Dr..please help. 5 y/o with Chalazion on L lower eye lid
Hello, I have a 5 year old son who has a chalazion on the left lower eye lid. He has had
lchuang110 2010-11-01
4   Teddy123 6 years ago

Vaginal discharge, chalazion, Low BP
Could someone please help me with the cure for these ailments. I am probably dealing with
anjaliarora 2010-07-29
4   Teddy123 6 years ago

33 mo.old girl with chalazion
1. 33 mo. old little girl with stubborn chalazion on lower left eye 2. she's had it f
felicidad 2010-05-09
4   Teddy123 6 years ago

stye, chalazion and cold help
I have two chalazions that appeared right after the birth of my daughter 4 months ago and
tillixxi 2009-11-16
4   Teddy123 6 years ago

chalazion for about 6 months, taking staphysagria 30
I've had a chalazion for about 6 months now and started taking staphysagria 30 in Apr
gokugirl826 2008-07-05
4   Teddy123 6 years ago

My 3 Yrs old daughter has a chalazion problem since last 3 and half months in her lower le
in_nitin 2008-06-22
4   Teddy123 6 years ago

Chalazion medicine dosage
I don't exactly recall where it was but somewhere on this forum, some doctor suggeste
ehlim412 2008-04-16
4   Teddy123 6 years ago

please help to get rid of chalazion
Hi all I really need help . I had this chalazion in last october and i had a surgery to
deshi123 2006-12-24
4   Teddy123 6 years ago

Scar tissue of chalazion
i want ask you if , after having chalazion disappear , it still remains an inflammation un
jackfr 2004-12-08
4   Teddy123 6 years ago

2 year old boy with stubborn chalazion for over 5 months
My two year old son has had a chalazion for over 5 months now. It began as a stye and bec
LotusStar 2011-03-05
5   Teddy123 6 years ago

Stye/Chalazion for 2months
I have bumps on both my upper and lower eyelids on my right eye, for more than two months.
marabandi 2010-09-20
5   Teddy123 6 years ago

chalazion on left eye lid
I developed a chalazion on my left eye lid more than a month ago. Is there a homeopathic m
conniep 2006-03-12
5   Teddy123 6 years ago

how to take these medicines for chalazion
I have been under treatment for a persistent chalazion-one year now-3 homeopathy doctors.I
princessdi 2010-11-13
6   Teddy123 6 years ago

Chalazion for last 10 months,Help
Hi I have chalazion for last 10 months on my left eye(upper lid).i had tried all conventi
catch_huma 2008-11-22
6   Teddy123 6 years ago

Hard mass chalazion that is not getting any better with staphysagria and others
I have a chalazion bigger than the size of a pea on my left eye, exactly located underneat
ehlim412 2008-05-13
6   Teddy123 6 years ago

Hi! I have read a few times that some people use Arnica to cure Chalazion. What are your
carorules 2007-04-27
6   Teddy123 6 years ago

Chalazion nusance
I have two small chalazion on left eye upper and lower lid. I had one 12 years ago remove
Amaya 2007-01-11
6   Teddy123 6 years ago

Chronic chalazions are out of control
I had never had a stye or chalazion before last year. In early October of last year I deve
Klaus 2006-09-12
6   Teddy123 6 years ago

Doses of pills for chalazions
I am so confused witht the amounts of pellets to consume on a daily basis. I took Silicea
clariteyes 2005-12-15
6   Teddy123 6 years ago

Stubborn 7 yr Chalazion & Scaring
I have had the same persistent chalazion on my right upper eyelid for the last seven years
slpearson 2011-01-12
7   Teddy123 6 years ago

3 year old with Chalazion
I'd like to know how much of Arnica I should give my 27 pd child? We are doing hot co
hipmama 2010-04-29
7   Teddy123 6 years ago

I have a hard chalazion about the size of a pea. It formed in late July after some anger a
jm93066 2009-11-11
7   Teddy123 6 years ago

CHALAZION-please advise-
Someone, PLEASE HELP! So, I've had a chalazion for the past month in my right upper e
mochan 2005-12-12
7   Teddy123 6 years ago

i am 15 yrs old and i have got a chalazion about 6-8months ago ihave gone through surgery
ridhimakushal 2011-10-05
8   Teddy123 6 years ago

Hello, My 5 year daughter has Chalazion on her left lower eyelid. It's been there fo
monika-jethi 2006-06-12
8   Teddy123 6 years ago

Chalazion, acne rosacea
I'm from Poland, i'm 23 girl. Since one year i have acne rosacea and also chalaz
Victoria_Antares 2006-05-03
8   Teddy123 6 years ago

Daughter's Chalazion
Hi. My youngest daughter has been suffering with chalazia her whole life. It is starting
HollyJuniper 2010-06-27
9   Teddy123 6 years ago

Hard Chalazion:(
Hi, I have had a chalazion for over a month.It occured one day when I was crying a lot an
misszon 2009-10-28
10   Teddy123 6 years ago

Chalazion for 2 months now
Hi there,Ive had a Chalazion for 2 months now and it does not seem to getting smaller, big
SpencerK 2005-08-17
11   Teddy123 6 years ago

Rosacea & Chalazions
I have been suffering from mild rosacea for about two years. I recently moved to a very w
asr7t 2005-01-04
11   Teddy123 6 years ago

Recurring Chalazion in 12 year old girl
My daughter has had a problem with recurring chalazia. She is very healthy, and has no oth
ciaobellaa 2010-07-27
12   Teddy123 6 years ago

chalazion help: silicea 30, hepar 30c
I've had some crazy chalazions on my eyes for over a year now. I have gone aggro wit
clariteyes 2005-12-01
12   Teddy123 6 years ago

Want To Avoid Chalazion Surgery.
Hi, In September 2007, I got three styes in my left eye (I never got a stye prior to this)

apm81 2008-08-04
13   Teddy123 6 years ago

Chalazion Cosmetic Damage
Hello, I just have a question. I have read many of the threads on Chalazions and would ju

Disciple X 2007-04-25
16   Teddy123 6 years ago

Chalazion for 4 months, confusion
I have gone through all the related topics on chalazion, but now it seems that I have mess

itsmenirav 2006-01-10
16   Teddy123 6 years ago

Recurrent Chalazions
I suffer from recurrent chalazions in both eyes due to blepharitis and meiobimitis for the

ManuR 2007-02-07
34   Teddy123 6 years ago

stubborn chalazion
Dear All, I have a 3.5 years old daughter, that suffers from stubborn chalazions. In Marc

calistra 2009-12-28
38   Teddy123 6 years ago

Need to get rid of Chalazion fast!
PLease help soon! :( I have had a Chalazion for about 4 months or so. I have tried antibi

misscanada 2010-02-21
53   Teddy123 6 years ago

sabal serulata and sabal ser
kindly enlighten me is sabal serulata and sabal ser same medicine.
hcdhawan 2011-12-24
1   Parakletos 6 years ago

Not able to breathe from one side of nose.
Dear Doctor , I am 27 years old and working as an Engineer. I am not able to breathe fro
amanjain59 2011-12-23
1   kadwa 6 years ago

nasal allergy
I am 30 years old male. I am suffering from nasal blockage from last 4 years and some time
mail1906 2011-11-08
8   kadwa 6 years ago

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