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Problems are stated below... 1) I have masterbated since 15 years 2)My pennis is thin
emmateepri 2012-04-21
1   akshaymohl 6 years ago

What's that means?
In a previous post: http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/329856/ So I'm taking Lycop
brain 2012-04-21
1   kadwa 6 years ago

How to recover meningitis after effects
Dear Doctor, I'm a male 26,height 180cm and weight 59 kg.I suffered mening
vmtvs 2012-04-19
3   Dr. Showrav 6 years ago

Please help, pus, tooth extraction and Silicae
Hello, Please will you give me some help? My dog had a tooth extracted and developed an i
Sarah and Millie 2012-04-13
6   dr.alex 6 years ago

Long Time Catarrh
Hi, I am from Nigeria, my daughter of 13 years have catarrh when she was 5 years and till
Iyajumoke 2012-04-20
2   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

is it Ulcerative Colitis
Hi, If someone could please help me with this. I have had problems with constipation a

barora 2010-07-25
36   shouse_nsk 6 years ago

Dermoid Cyst in Left Ovary
Hello All - I am a female(25 years old) from India and am suffering from Gall Stones and a
DevyB 2012-04-21
1   dr.alex 6 years ago

why individualization is necessary?
Dear Friends, Please watch a video on why individualization is necessary in ayurveda (the
kadwa 2012-04-20
1   simone717 6 years ago

Hello sir
carebd 2012-04-21
no replies yet

Dear Sir, My sleep pattern is as follow.I go to bed at 10.30.pm. I sleep in 15 min time. W
arumugham 2012-04-20
2   dr.alex 6 years ago

About Lycopodium
6 days ago i went to an homeopath for a psychiatric problem that i have for 5-6 years. Fe
brain 2012-04-01
10   brain 6 years ago

fear of dentist and pain/drilling
I need to go to the dentist I assume. but I have fear of the dentist and fear of drilling/

johnmill 2012-04-19
14   akshaymohl 6 years ago

lyme disease
Hi, I am a 43 yr old women. I just pulled a deer tick out of my arm. I took ledum 30c twic
1969sarah 2012-04-20
1   simone717 6 years ago

sciatica & right leg weakness
i had sciatica pain with right leg weakness for last 4 years. physiotherapy, natural-ther
sheikh irfan 2012-04-19
4   sheikh irfan 6 years ago

Spinal Muscular Atrophy
My condition results in weakness and wasting of the main sceletal muscules and I use a whe
starfighter-n 2003-02-01
11   amitha 6 years ago

Digestive problem: Docs please help
Dear Docs, I had posted on this post a week ago, and then reallized for some reason no do
raj14 2012-04-18
5   raj14 6 years ago

constipation in child
My cousin's dughter 5 yrs.old -hard stool and passes stool weekly 2 or 3 days.Has pai
swansong 2012-03-14
4   shouse_nsk 6 years ago

disc slip , bulging, cough , shortness of breath (asthama)
hello My father's age is 60 . he had disc slip and disc bulging problem about 2
wasi14 2012-04-19
3   kadwa 6 years ago

Dear Doctors, My brother is suffering from snoring since 3 to 4 yrs and these are very di
riya_10 2012-04-19
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Hives,urgent help please
I am 18 years old, male, have had hives since last fall off and on. It comes on in the col
1969sarah 2012-04-19
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Swelling of white portion of eye
Hello, My friend has serious allergy for dust / mosquitoes. With this allergy, sometimes,
nabhi 2012-03-09
5   nabhi 6 years ago

Frequent cold and constant dullness/pressure in forehead
Please suggest medicine with my below symptom 1. Current complain: Sensitive to cold Fr
abhicrm 2012-04-20
1   kadwa 6 years ago

ELISA Panel test
Hi Docs, Recently my wife gone through the ELISA Panel test and some more tests like ESR
arvindharitus 2012-04-20
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Mr. meheru
Referred by Kadwa i write this. My wife now aged 36 I would like to note the following for
sdharmm1972 2012-04-18
5   sdharmm1972 6 years ago

Face warts
I have small clustered warts on my face. Warts are on cheekbones, below and sides of both
nehapatel 2012-04-19
1   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Molar Pain
Dear Sir, I am suffring from my right side upper molar pain, during take hot or cold subt
ap1962 2012-04-18
2   simone717 6 years ago

Eye Stroke
My brother is suffering from right eye stroke(CARO) for which he is loss his partial vissi
pranab4om 2012-04-17
6   simone717 6 years ago

child conflict
I am writing to find help for my son. He has had a hard life already going through debt, e
forestsummer 2012-04-17
12   forestsummer 6 years ago

Strep Belld. & hep sulph. NOT wkg
7th day still have three small ulcers on right tonsil and a few yellow bumps on back of th
Nevaeh 2012-04-18
4   maheeru 6 years ago

Sudden stop in menstruation
I'm 17 years old who is a virgin. However my menstruation stopped suddenly on the 3rd
orangesky 2012-04-19
1   simone717 6 years ago

Pregnant with fatigue
Smad01, age 22, female, married, 140 pounds, 5'7, non-diabetic, lives in typical cont
smad01 2012-04-17
2   smad01 6 years ago

Social Anxiety Ruining my life,Pls help!!..Kind attn:Dr.Pankaj Varma
I am a 35 year old Male from india working in the IT industry. Since Childhood i have had
sunnybravo 2012-04-19
5   akshaymohl 6 years ago

hidradenitis suppurativa
Hi, Does anybody have any experience of using homeopathy to treat this? Any information or
Lilac 2012-04-17
2   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Kidney stone
I have a kidney stone in the left ureter.....about 3mm.what remedy can I take to pass the
nishpatel 2012-04-18
3   akshaymohl 6 years ago

Please i need advise on dosing for Cough for 5 weeks and sinus pain. please can anyone help my husband
My husband has had a cough for 5 weeks now and sinus pain behind his eyes and nose. my ki
pixie wood 2012-04-15
4   pixie wood 6 years ago

sex problem
dear sir i got habit of mustarbation plz tell me the treatment of to get rid of this
sully 2012-04-19
1   kadwa 6 years ago

buying nyctanthes a
Anyone know where I can but this medication? I can't seem to find it anywhere? Than
jose07 2006-09-24
4   simone717 6 years ago

kidneys & bladder infection, puss cells in urine
hi, i am married woman of 35 age, having 3 kids, youngest kid is just 10 months old. i h
Fiza35 2012-04-18
1   shouse_nsk 6 years ago

Severe ADD
Greets to all, I'm curious about the use of homepathy to help with my problem of A

ccg711 2005-03-25
42   johnmill 6 years ago

6 years old and tonsilitis
hi , please i need an advice : my daughter has a tonsil problem for a very long period -
codru 2012-04-02
12   codru 6 years ago

uncontrollable sugar cravings
I just entered my symptoms in the Remedy Finder, and it says I should try Argent Met. Doe

daneo52 2005-06-27
57   Pattata 6 years ago

Attn: Nawaz or Kadwa, for help with Apprehension when opening emails
My fear/apprehension overcomes me when I go to answer an email. Generally from specific pe
kate222 2012-04-17
6   nawazkhan 6 years ago

warts and hpv
My son was battling warts for a couple of years. They were the hard crusty ones. I took
kmiyam1 2012-04-18
2   nawazkhan 6 years ago

homeopathy in lice
IS HOM'PATHY EFFECTIVE IN HEAD LICE OR CRAB LICE? homeopathy works through internal
rajesh123.u 2012-04-06
8   ariessanaa 6 years ago

Wants to improve my bust size
Hey doc, I m 34 year old, height 5.2', weight around 60kg, bust size 34 and cup size
Fbm7119 2012-04-18
2   simone717 6 years ago

plzz..sggst rmdy fr my prblms..i m a hosewife.
my age is 57/f..i m having following problems: - general weakness - general tendency of di
coolsahil_08 2012-02-17
10   coolsahil_08 6 years ago

boils on body, imence pain and slight fever
Hello freinds , I m having boils since last May. And its about one year that I m having th
akhi8111 2012-04-18
1   dr.alex 6 years ago

Re-occuring ear infection in 20 month old
I've posted in the past about a raptured eardrum and now my little girl is having ear

rania1403 2012-03-08
26   pixie wood 6 years ago

Negative thinking, fear and tension
I am a 32 year old software professional. I am very contented with my professional life. I

testloa99 2012-04-04
24   testloa99 6 years ago

Bleeding gums, Many Lipomas, Painful periods etc. etc.
This post is regarding my wife. Plz. take this post seriously & reply ASAP. Age 21. 1) Sh
sadking 2012-04-13
5   sadking 6 years ago

For my wife ailments
Dr Kadwa Thanks for your remedies prescribed to me. My wife now aged 36 I would like to no
sdharmm1972 2012-04-17
1   kadwa 6 years ago

GERD with irritation in throat
I have been diagnosed with GERD. After endoscopy a Bactria H pylori was found which was me
vishaldung 2012-04-18
2   vishaldung 6 years ago

burning soles at night
Hello Doctor, 1. ID - highlender (Sachin Kumar) 2. Age - 32 years 3. sex - Male 4. Si

highlender 2012-03-08
13   highlender 6 years ago

brisbane homeopath
Hi David, referred multiple id problem on the nat mur to moderator to handle confusion. fy
simone717 2012-04-17
no replies yet

Homeopathy and Down Syndrome
I have a son with Down syndrome who will be turning 4 at the end of June. He has been trea
janecita 2012-04-15
11   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

Psoriasis and Homeopathy
MY COUSIN IS SUFFERING WITH Psoriasis from last 5 years. now he have got it almost all ove

hasn45 2006-05-24
16   Kearl 6 years ago

constipation prb with mother
my mother aged 65 had surgery due to pilesabt 3 years bt afterwards she is having constipa
arslankhan123 2012-04-17
1   100%height 6 years ago

Need remedies for Diabetes 2
Need some remedy information. I am a middle age year old young woman, diagnosed with diabe

veggiemama 2012-03-12
20   Nikkie 6 years ago

remdies for adenomyosis
Suffering from adenomyosis for morevthan 10 years. Taken hormone injections to reduce my e
anagim 2012-04-17
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Pilonidal Cyst/Sinus New to Homeopathy
Hi there! My name is Shane I'm 18 yrs old and have had a Pilonidal Cyst and sinus for
Shane17 2012-04-17
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Blood in my semen (sperm)
Salam to all, I'm 26 years old. It has been almost 3 months that I'm noticing t
wallace84 2010-04-02
10   raheel777 6 years ago

Excessive sweating and hairfall
Hi I'm a 22 year old female.I have been having hair loss for for 4 years now.Hairloss
srikala 2012-04-15
6   Nikkie 6 years ago

bleeding piles
i am having bleeding with stool and also leakage of blood and sticky liquid from anus. I a
babusona 2012-04-09
5   akshaymohl 6 years ago

cat-nasal discharge eye discharge wheezing
hello there kind people-my kitten has nasal discharge, eye discharge and has wheezy breath
awenyon 2012-04-10
2   awenyon 6 years ago

sex advice
dear sir I am 28 year old man .i like to think about sex my sex timing durin sex is very l
lalik11 2012-03-26
3   Dr. Showrav 6 years ago

plz help for stomach upset
hello. I hv a daughter who is 2 yrs and 4 mnths old. Since yesterday she hs been having fr
ariessanaa 2012-03-23
9   Dr. Showrav 6 years ago

Homeopathic cure for synovitis
Hello, Im 24 male suffering from synovitis. Currently i am undergoing conventional treatme

fwa1981 2005-04-09
30   simone717 6 years ago

10 year of depression
please can anyone help with homeopathic medicine for deep depression. Male 39 years old. D
mach4 2012-04-16
4   nawazkhan 6 years ago

i am suffering from backpain from last 1.5 months ,some checks done uric acid 7.43,crp 60,
kake123 2012-04-14
8   nawazkhan 6 years ago

5 month old coughing, teething..
My baby Andrea is teething, she is fussing at night, wakes up very often more than usual a
janecita 2012-04-16
1   100%height 6 years ago

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