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Heavy breathing
my son 5yrs old 4days back got red mosquito bites like spots on his cheeks and upperlip (n
Puja Malaotar 2013-04-09
3   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

Diagnose required
I am a male and my age is 22.I have been feeling pain from last couple of months in my bel

telep 2013-03-15
18   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

Loss of appetite after Typhoid
Hi, I am 27 years old male and I am sick for the last ten years. I was in Africa and there
talk2tahir 2013-04-02
7   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

One year old baby with eczema, reflux, and poor sleep
I am seeking some guidance on how to address some of my one year old son's health iss
Jadeorchid77 2013-04-09
1   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

want to gain weight
no one replied my question.whats the remedy for a girl of 24 yrs (weight 40 kg) to gain a
lubna khan 65 2013-04-08
4   lubna khan 65 5 years ago

sexual problems
dr i am 24 year old boy and i have same problems like other boys hand pratic now i am goin
jashow 2013-04-09
no replies yet

Genral Treatments
First of all i appreciate all doctors who gives us their precious advise free of cost, i s
Sajidullah 2013-04-08
1   simone717 5 years ago

for Dr showrav
1. ID or Your Name: M.khan 2. Age 34 3. Sex Male 4. Single 5. weight 75 kg 6. Height 5

thundercracker 2012-11-07
92   simone717 5 years ago

acid reflux issue and tummy reduction issue
Patient ID: kamalbando Sex: Male Age: 32 1. Describe your main suffering? > I have a
kamalbando 2013-03-22
10   kamalbando 5 years ago

hello.i have dark complexion.i want to improve .does homeopathy has any medicine to impro
arnoldrocks 2013-04-08
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phenol-sulphotransferase issue and migraines
I have chronic migraines (since puberty, I am 40 now). I take zomig for them (since 2003).
tellrobin 2013-02-25
3   tellrobin 5 years ago

Rhuematoid Arthritis & Polymyositis
My brother 30 years old is suffering from RA since last 5 years and recently diagnosed wit
jamalsn 2013-04-06
3   simone717 5 years ago

Repetition compulsion
I have a big problem. I tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. It's
Ogechi 2013-03-28
3   Ogechi 5 years ago

rheumatic heart disease
a 25 yrs female, she is suffering rhumatic heart disease with mitral and aortic valve dise
jilesh tank 2013-03-23
4   jilesh tank 5 years ago

Scar from Cryosurgery under lip
I have a scar from Cryosurgery for a wart removed under lip area. Its kind of brown and ra
manirr 2013-04-07
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

How to reduce the Cholesterol.
mma899 2013-04-07
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

drops problem
hi how r u dr. sb.mujay drops ke uhat problem hay.sara din mera underwear wet rehta hay.ch
SUJAL_GREWALL 2012-07-02
2   libra981 5 years ago

after taking injection muscle tight & pain
i am 27 year male after taking injection area of waist get tight & it pain.
Nitesh Kamal 2013-01-13
6   Nitesh Kamal 5 years ago

Rheumatic fever , arthritis ,spinal issues
Hiy name is mohsin ali i have soo many different problems first off ive had rheumatic feve
Mohsinaliasdf 2013-04-07
1   rishimba 5 years ago

How to increase appetite
My 17 son is a competitive runner he runs approx 15 miles every day with a race once a wee
Frances50 2013-04-08
4   Frances50 5 years ago

overdosage of kali phos
can overdosage of kali phos cause sleeplessness?i took kali phos 12x yesterday probably a
sunilb 2013-04-08
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Hair Loss Help with Female Pattern
Hi, I'm 32 years old. I have been experiencing hair loss for last one year. Here is

harleenkaur 2012-12-19
28   kadwa 5 years ago

Canine Psora?
My dog is an intact male Newfoundland, 5 1/2 years old. I picked him up in Michigan when
svikes84 2013-04-08
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Alfalfa - headaches?
Dear Homeopathic Doctor, I started taking Alfalfa 6c in the beginning and my mood changed
Riaz1 2013-04-05
3   kadwa 5 years ago

walk problem ,Hidradenitis Supprativa , Indigestion
Dear Doctors, I would be grateful if someone could advise me. Patient ID: Sex: Age: Ma

fayyazg 2013-03-17
16   kadwa 5 years ago

Dose Quantity
Dear Dr. Mahfooz, Damiaplant is a general tonic, which can be used under the particular a
funenjoy6 2013-04-08
1   Mahfoozurrehman 5 years ago

"F" Potency?
What is 'F' potency? I noticed that a certain homeopathic practitioner uses it so
tina35 2013-04-08
1   simone717 5 years ago

Mother having long term INSOMNIA
Hi, My Mother aged around 53 yrs is suffering from long term Insomnia. She is having this
gouravjain56 2013-03-30
9   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

friends55 2013-04-07
no replies yet

Dear Doctors, I would be grateful if someone could advise me. Patient ID: Sex: Age: Fe
fayyazg 2013-03-29
9   fayyazg 5 years ago

[message deleted by friends55 on Wed, 29 May 2013 17:28:01 BST]
friends55 2013-04-06
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Daughter with tics - need help
My 15yr old daughter started having repetitive motions approx. 6yrs ago. At that time she
mykidsmom 2013-04-05
5   kadwa 5 years ago

skin complexion
i am 15yrs old.i hav a dark complexion n want to grow fair! my father has a similar comple
akshata 2010-04-03
5   arnoldrocks 5 years ago

please i need a remedy
age 31 height 5 feet 11 inches weight 50 kg married symptoms: tiredness,fatigue,general
frozen 2013-04-07
1   libra981 5 years ago

Increase Breast Milk
Is there any homeopathy remedy to increase breast milk. Reduction in breast milk after 3
Pereira 2013-04-04
4   libra981 5 years ago

sex problem- hpv?
Sir I'm 31 years old unmarried and never did intercourse with anyone. I'm habitu

jatinsharma 2012-04-07
62   rajshangar 5 years ago

no on is helping,Doctors plz help , Sexual problem plus Depresion from 4 yers
if any doctor could help plz plz help me i have two serious problems 1. I have been a pati

Mohan Ghatkar 2009-07-27
66   rajshangar 5 years ago

sadgirl has no sex in married life
dear dr mahfooz. i have been married for many years now. my husband has zero sexual desire

sadgirl 2008-07-30
87   rajshangar 5 years ago

Thin penis
Hi, i am 30 yr old and married from last 4 months, i have a problem that my penis is litt
jay906 2009-06-21
2   rajshangar 5 years ago

Depression and Erectile Dysfunction
Dear Dr Nawaz, Adab, Please find my details and help me out to come out of my problems.I h

ibadat369 2012-05-26
247   rajshangar 5 years ago

impotent at 19
I have very low DHT from previous medications I have been on, and I need to increase my DH
louidoui 2011-02-20
1   rajshangar 5 years ago

Am I impotent,whats making me
I am 35 years old male, I got married and could not have sex with my wife except once(her
sumit7 2011-07-11
6   rajshangar 5 years ago

Doctors, pls help me in my complex case (Hepatitis C, Sexual weakness, Knees problem, skin tags etc.)
Hi I am male and my age is 32, I am married since last 7 year. My complexion is wheatish

Fahad_ici 2007-09-07
57   rajshangar 5 years ago

Skin problem
In the last years I've had tiny veins (spider veins) multiplying on my cheeks and in
GDean 2013-04-06
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Nothing Natural Is Lowering My Blood Sugar
Greetings Everyone, For many months now I suspected I had Diabetes, as I had all the class
Nightbird 2010-09-08
11   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

4 months of Monolucleosis
I have been suffering from mono for 4 months, but I just found out that I have it because
utahjeanne 2013-04-05
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Ovarian cyst
I'm 32 years married. I've been diagnosed with endometriosis in 2007 and underwe
Endopain 2013-03-18
10   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

heartburn and intestinal infection
I am feeling heartburn and lower abdomin pain below belly button abdomin bloated all time
malik_grw 2013-04-05
1   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

abdominal infection and heartburn
I am 39 male 1 I am feeling pain after pressing in whole my abdomin mostly below belly b
ill_patient 2013-04-05
2   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

tremor and paralysis
I am so grateful for the help you have given me in the past. I am learning more about how
niebuhrfamily 2013-04-06
no replies yet

Left frozen shoulder
My friend has left frozen shoulder. She has hypothroidism, diabetes mellitus, and hyperten
noshiahmad 2013-04-06
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Pain in right knee
I sustained a blunt trauma to my right knee some years time ago. Now I am experiencing pa
noshiahmad 2013-04-06
1   kadwa 5 years ago

low blood pressure
hello!I suffer from low blood pressure (100/65) Weather changes make me dizzy and I get he
yusem 2005-08-09
10   ceeabraham 5 years ago

Homeopathic software
First I hope Iím on the right forum. If not, please redirect me. I am relatively new to
jim hebert 2008-04-14
2   socialhompath 5 years ago

thyroidinum 4CH side effects
I was diagnosed with mild hypothyroidism. Started taking Thyroidinum 4Ch five days ago. No
stevendcape 2013-04-06
4   stevendcape 5 years ago

Homeopathic Remedy Advice
Hello I have Fibromyalgia. I saw a Homeopath in March 2012 in England. I was given Natrum
coreyc 2013-04-05
9   simone717 5 years ago

Bartholin Cyst Info Needed
I have been taking Vegetal Silica-(Horsetail) am I going to get the same results as if it
macs5 2013-04-05
1   simone717 5 years ago

height gain
I m 25 year old girl n my height s 4 10 , plz help me and tell me about the medicines whic
2009simran 2013-04-05
no replies yet

Please help, feel as if I am controlled by some higher power
Hello everyone, I need some help big time right now as I don't have anyone else with
BlueOcean 2013-04-05
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[message deleted by tupacshaw on sat, 25 may 2013 07:51:09 bst][message edited by tupacsha
tupacshaw 2013-04-05
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Colon Polyp
Hi, my son has a problem of Colon Polyp and the doctor has advised to go through Colonosco
zoeb3273 2013-04-05
no replies yet

My cat has got a sternum ricket
Hi! I would appreciate your responses and advises very much. My cat after giving birth has
Ieva_T 2013-04-04
1   kadwa 5 years ago

low cholesterol and adrenal fatigue with hashimoto thyroid and copper toxicity!!
anyone know what remedies would work for this daughter age 21? plus she has weight concern
dawnv5 2013-01-31
9   kadwa 5 years ago

is there a homeopathic remedy for adenomyosis?
sh1980 2013-04-04
1   kadwa 5 years ago

What constitutions might these quirks cover?
Hello all. New to this forum. I know this may not be a complete profile of someone but I
Dany_Bill 2013-04-05
1   kadwa 5 years ago

help for stammering problem
hi, i having stammering problem.in school days i lived in my relation's house.they ar
sath_ravi 2013-04-05
1   Mahfoozurrehman 5 years ago

Homeopathic soaps with SLS
hello im looking for any soaps or natural substances producing creamy lather which dont ha
rrgreat123 2013-04-05
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Food poisioning
Hi. I have been preyed to food poisoning for 3 days. I have been using alopathy medicine
rizyou 2013-04-04
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

26 year old son health please help
Hidden fear/phobia(unknown)Feel isolated trapped,very disturbed mind,but study wise good.
Dahya 2013-04-05
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

C-section planned in 5 days
Hello, I have discovered this website a week ago and found some very interesting threads o
beatricen 2013-03-20
12   beatricen 5 years ago

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