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skin issue
I am 35 year old male and have several skin issue like itching too much, sleepless night
Raj1980 2014-09-19
1   rishimba 4 years ago

Persistent white coating on tongue
Sir I am a 28 year Male and working as a Assistant professor in a Engineering College. I
Anand123 2008-07-25
12   simone717 4 years ago

question regarding folliculinum 15ch
What is the best potency of follicullinum to stop heavy bleeding? My menstrual flow is too
abcjoana 2014-09-19
no replies yet

Vaccine side effects for toddler
My 18 month old son had an MMR vaccination about 5 wks ago. He immediately developed a ras

ellyn 2014-06-13
50   ellyn 4 years ago

Determining correct constitutional
I had worked with a local homeopath for well over a year on both myself and my oldest chil

homeopathy23 2014-03-28
40   Evocationer 4 years ago

Advice needed
Hello I was wondering if I can get some guidance. My wife has been suffering from depres
Ravirr 2014-09-17
10   simone717 4 years ago

Dr. Kadwa Please advice
Hello Doctor, I have been taking your advice on many of the diseases, and i appreciate th
chetan84 2014-09-18
1   simone717 4 years ago

reproductive organs
I have 2 healthy children born via c-sections (the last one 2 years ago)and since then I s
evina 2014-09-18
1   kadwa 4 years ago

suffering from too many probles and taken too many medicines, please help me.
Here are some of my symptoms. 1. Without any reason, in warm and normal condition, I have
ramnath 2014-09-18
3   kadwa 4 years ago

I need obesity treatment
my wife is 42 years old . her height is 5 feet only . her weight is 66 KGs . now she wants
mminte 2014-09-10
11   mminte 4 years ago

suffering from too many probles and taken too many medicines, please help me.
Here are some of my symptoms. 1. Without any reason, in warm and normal condition, I have
ramnath 2014-09-18
1   kadwa 4 years ago

Need Help From Dr, Kadwa...
Hello Sir, I am 30 yrs old Guy height 6.1 weight= 90, I am suffering from cervical Sponda
chetan84 2014-09-17
2   chetan84 4 years ago

High bad odor in sweat from Armpits, pungent, foul, acid
Hello Doctor, I am 25 years old male, height 5 feet 11 inches, weight 78 kg built normal.
saahil220 2014-09-02
4   kadwa 4 years ago

11 year old daughter with whooping cough
Hello, My daughter caught the whooping cough from my 11 month old son. He is doing much b
Mkrenzin 2014-09-17
11   Mkrenzin 4 years ago

difficulty while sleeping
Dear sir My friend 29 years old, male having difficulty while he tries to sleep in night.
shahidkzm 2014-09-17
2   shahidkzm 4 years ago

Hypersensitivity . What do you think?
Hi I have had a dreadful year in which an old neuropathic pain resurfaced after 30 yrs in
Johnsonsyard 2014-09-17
1   Mahfoozurrehman 4 years ago

Evocationer/ Hair falling out since age of 20.
[message edited by biumbum on wed, 17 sep 2014 17:05:02 bst] [message edited by biumbum on
Biumbum 2014-09-17
4   simone717 4 years ago

I am a 54 year old female. I think I am starting menopause and I am suffering from incont

cag54 2014-08-20
49   cag54 4 years ago

ovarian cyst
my mother is suffering from ovarian cyst .the USG shows well defined rounded cystic fluid
javed89mulla 2014-09-17
1   nawazkhan 4 years ago

Pain in Testicle due to injury
Hello, I am a 28 years old male. I am having a persisting discomfort on my left testicle.
kolkata16 2014-09-16
7   fitness 4 years ago

Bipolar disorder
Hey i had this feeling i am suffering from bipolar disorder.I have some symptoms listed (a

prince2433 2014-08-29
15   akshaymohl 4 years ago

Enlargement of pennies
Salam Dr. Im 26-y old & from pakistan, when i was 14 i was starting masturbation, now my p
Ali_cc 2014-01-26
10   Ali_cc 4 years ago

Eye problem Orbital Pseudotumor
This is not a very common problem, but I wanted to see if there was anyone who has had it
ddcuriosity 2006-08-24
7   jhvh77 4 years ago

Protein come in Urine + Puss cell
Dear Doctor , I have 3 year daughter , she is suffering in following disease Protein in
tariqsb 2014-09-17
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chronic brichitis
I am suffering from chroncic bronchits, used ars alb 6x, 12x , 30x,30x now its aggravating
RAMA KUMAR 2014-09-17
1   shouse_nsk 4 years ago

Suffering from Cicatricial Alopecia-Psuedoplade of Broq
I am 28 Years old. Female. I am having hypothyroid but it is in control from last 4 years.
Dipti Jain 2014-09-17
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Swelling on hand causes pain when hand is at 45 degree angle..
Patient ID: Sex: male Age: 52 Nature of work: office work with computers /accounting:
Danial98 2014-09-16
2   Danial98 4 years ago

How to stop a scary aggravation/new symptom
I have a 9 year old child on the autistic spectrum who is fairly high functioning pdd-nos.
bflow 2014-09-14
9   Evocationer 4 years ago

D68 virus causing coughing, fever and flu like symptoms
It started out with sore throat and running nose which in night time cause fever 100-102 d
Danial98 2014-09-17
1   simone717 4 years ago

How safe are homeopathy?
I and my family has used homeopathy with great success for many years. Recently, I read an
troja 2014-09-16
4   Evocationer 4 years ago

Oral Surgery (Alveoplasty)
Hello, I had 28 teeth removed and Alveoplasty on all four quadrants in July of this year.
flower_lust 2014-09-11
4   flower_lust 4 years ago

Classical OCD Symptoms
A 35 year old married female is suffering from classical OCD symptoms which are given belo
hpadda 2014-09-16
3   simone717 4 years ago

Abscess on leg
My husband has an abscess since two days, it started with the size of a pin head. Then it
simple 2014-08-04
7   simone717 4 years ago

Tuberculosis knots in neck during pregnancy
hello sir/mam, My wife has TB knots on both side of neck since last 10 months. She was 2
ankit111 2014-09-16
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Regarding Body odour
I am 23 yrs old male, seeking problem of smell in sweat since I was 18 yrs old, I took Thu

akki23690 2013-08-19
27   akki23690 4 years ago

I am 23 yrs old male suffering from stammering when I was 14 yrs old till today. When I me
akki23690 2013-09-01
8   akki23690 4 years ago

Acidity / Skin Allergy / Fungal infection
I am writing this thread for my mother. She faces the below issues. 1. Acidity. She suffe

dp1984 2014-08-04
33   rishimba 4 years ago

Kidney Desease, Protein in the Urine
Dear Doctor , I have 3 year daughter , she is suffering in following disease Protein in
tariqsb 2014-09-16
1   shouse_nsk 4 years ago

neuralgy problems
As per MBBS Dr. It can't recover there is damage in brain which was instructing heart

ambala 2014-03-02
25   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

Abscess on leg
Good evening, can any skilled homeopath here advice me on how to proceed with an abscess o
simple 2014-09-15
4   mahmoodjnu 4 years ago

my wife is suffering from ear infection. (cholosteatoma). i have been said to go for surg
pavan jain85 2014-09-15
1   rishimba 4 years ago

Dry pills - Will it still work
I have a homeopathy pills, Rhod 200c . My doctor gave it to me 1 month ago. I did not use
Pmold 2014-09-15
4   simone717 4 years ago

a kid's eczema gone real bad with homoeopthis treatment
My daughter(7 yrs old) developed a couple of dark dry patches on her skin last year post a
Suneha 2014-09-15
9   Evocationer 4 years ago

Kidney Problem Starting
I have pain in my kidney side from last 3 month, now urine is very little qty. & Yellow Ih
Ahmad Bhai 2014-09-15
1   daktersaab 4 years ago

Sexual Problem
Dear Sir/Madam, Sir, i am 24 years old. My penis size is 4'. I want i
subirdey 2014-09-11
8   daktersaab 4 years ago

sore throat help
Dear Kadwa, I have cut and pasted the reference from our prior exchange (see below). The r
Lark80 2014-09-14
2   Lark80 4 years ago

Pilonidal Sinus with Abcess
Dear doctors am suffering from Pilonidal Sinus with Abcess am extremely down as doctors ar
naveedr26 2014-09-15
1   gaintrox 4 years ago

Arsenic, aconite and bryonia
Dear Sir, I m 35 years old and i usually have sinus problem, most of the time when i take
shahidkzm 2014-09-11
5   shahidkzm 4 years ago

Chronic Anal Fissure
I am suffering from anal fissure for almost one year now . Have tried allopathy but no res
muralip 2014-09-15
1   shouse_nsk 4 years ago

gum bleeding and swollen gums
hi i am 31 years old male, i have swollen gums and frequently bleeding gums and bad breath
prabhsidhu 2014-09-15
1   gaintrox 4 years ago

hard bump in upper jaw..from last 7 yrs
hi, i am 34 yrs male. i have a small bony (very hard)bump on my upper jaw right side from

raviranjan 2014-05-23
20   raviranjan 4 years ago

married life
Sir I am married for 13 years ago. Due to the problems in married life my wife has lost in
Johnsonluv 2014-09-15
3   Johnsonluv 4 years ago

tmj locking of jaw
i have tmj because of tooth braces.i can't open my mouth to wide and can't handl
samint20 2014-09-09
2   samint20 4 years ago

Constant Belching
Hello sir, I have been suffering from severe GERD since a year. I have been to a gastroent

risha 2011-10-27
15   Kuruvada 4 years ago

Low Thyroid TSH Level after delievery
Hi, After deleivery, i am suffering from lower TSH level. Earlier i have higher level of
nisharai 2014-09-12
1   kadwa 4 years ago

Dr. Kadwa. Regarding HGH
Respected Sir, kindly suggest HGH ( HUMAN GROTH HARMONE ) easily available in india and an
sheryl19 2014-09-12
1   kadwa 4 years ago

Pyrogenium 200c dosage help
Hello there, My dog continues to have constant vaginal discharge for over two weeks. I wa
jennynny 2014-09-15
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lost sex desire
I am a 32 yrs old lady. I m sufferring from diabetes and thyroidism. I am a mother of two
anniejane 2014-09-14
5   anniejane 4 years ago

Chronic constipation in 3 yr old
My child is been having constipation for more than5 months now.Initially it all started wi
Tanaya 2014-09-13
5   telescope 4 years ago

Help with Acne
I've had acne for about three years. I have tried so many things in an atempt to get

Sally Lue 2006-04-14
293   Evocationer 4 years ago

Does Homeopathy really help in Psoriasis
I am suffering from Psoriasis from last 1 year. I used allopathy medicines for a while but
ashimavtar 2014-09-15
1   simone717 4 years ago

To: Joe De Livera (Acid Reflux)
Hi Joe: My son is now 8 years old in Sept. He was diagnosed of acid reflux a few months ag

bluewenzy 2014-08-27
47   simone717 4 years ago

My age is 32 Sex : Male Weight : 76 Height : 5-10 I got married before 7 months, after I

meezan 2014-06-22
17   meezan 4 years ago

My mother aged 70 plus having weight of less than 50 kg has been suffering from leg cramps
meezan 2014-09-14
2   meezan 4 years ago

Hair loss after menopause
Can you Dr.s suggest a remedy?
don-bosco 2014-09-14
1   rishimba 4 years ago

Any success from 6c? ,mental health
[message deleted by emdunster on Mon, 27 Oct 2014 17:17:14 GMT]
emdunster 2014-09-12
11   emdunster 4 years ago

Evocationer can you help? Brain Fag and Hair Loss-Remedy?
This is for my husband. Whenever he reads or studies, within 10 mins he starts yawning, ru

wwnaturo 2014-07-13
40   wwnaturo 4 years ago

allergic rhinitis
Hii, i am 24 years old.From last 5 years i have been suffering from this chronic problem.

rohit46 2014-09-10
13   rishimba 4 years ago

i growth has stopped
I just turned 19 but my height is only 1.65m..can i gain 15cm more.?? I loose confidence w
rahul121 2014-09-14
no replies yet

Irregular menstruation (two times in a month)
Hello. I am indu, unmarried.I have very irregular periods since 3 months, 1st i got it on
animesh9985 2014-05-09
10   animesh9985 4 years ago

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