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11 month old baby boy -difficulty while stool
My 11 month baby is taking/showing much pressure to stool. That too 3-4 times for the last
Alexgrg 2016-12-04
2   Alexgrg last year

E-coli infection at Semen
Arghya here. AGE -48 Last 2 months getting problem at e-coli infection at semen.Taking a

araghyagmail.com 2016-11-11
42   Bon last year

Breast lift and augmentation
I will be having breast lift and augmentation in about a week and a half. I am 69 years ol
LuLu 2016-12-05
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night fall
i am 23 yr old I have been suffering from night fall since last 5 years . I never rememb
king ko 2016-11-19
6   shyam11 last year

I have been suffering from uneven skin tone...currently i have been taking homeopathic med
arshd1534 2016-12-05
1   Teupne last year

Social anxiety sweating & hyperhydrosis sweating
I am a male 38 years suffering from excessive sweating. I sweat more in social situation
kevinp 2016-12-05
1   Teupne last year

26mm Stone in Right Kidney
Hello Doctor, My age is 37years and still not married yet. I came to know that i am havin
sashtheboy 2016-12-04
1   HealthyWorld last year

enlargement of size of breast
em 20yrs old but my breast size is 28...plz provide me solution regarding enlargement of b
Mishra1 2016-12-04
1   simone717 last year

Hi all doctors in this forum, steroid injection
I have got this question for all doctors in this forum. Could homeopathy medicine can cut
sanjib31 2016-10-18
3   SAJID141 last year

Help requested from Dr.Kadwa or any available expert. Wife Suffering from severe allergic sneezing
Dear Sir, My wife is suffering from severe allergic sneezing when doing routine domestic w
krishnasinh7229 2016-12-03
2   simone717 last year

Attn: dr. Kulkarni
Hi Doctor This is Mike Khan whom you had prescribed apis milifica for patchy hair loss. I
mikekhan 2016-12-02
2   DrKulkarni last year

penis hardness
Sir I am 29 year old. My penis very soft. I want to marry but penis is very lose. Please s
M Hashim 2016-12-03
1   akshaymohl last year

Severe Masturbation effects since 16yrs challange case for doctors. specially dr akshay mohl
My name is Ajay..I am 36 years old male,I am severely suffering from after effects of Mast
ajayxp99 2016-06-18
12   Teupne last year

masturbation side effects
I have been masturbated for 4 years alot from age 15 to 19 and very adversly effected me
Saqib jalal 10 2016-12-02
2   Teupne last year

im suffering from gynecomastia since 5 year i doing gym from past 1 year to reduce this pr
Maizo 2016-11-28
3   simone717 last year

Dr kadwa plz help..headheaviness for 5 yrs want to die
Respected sir 32 yrs.suffrng frm headhvness, nape stiffness,eyes throbbing..eyes wud burs
ravindra kumar 2016-09-01
3   ravindra kumar last year

typhoid treAtment in homeopathy
I have widal test done today and my allopathy doctor says widal test is positive .i wants
Mandeep4u 2016-12-02
3   akshaymohl last year

Help Required
OK I am not working and cannot afford to see a homeopath so hope someone on here can help.
kohler 2016-12-02
8   0antivirus0 last year

Treating Cholinergic urticaria (heat hives)
I want to share the treatment protocol in ayurveda for heat hives. As per modern medicine
Teupne 2016-12-03
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Scabies 8 months baby please help
dear doctor please at this case http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/528037/ thanks in A
Nitesh Kamal 2016-12-01
1   shyam11 last year

fistula / fissure notes for all
Fistula/ Fissure/ Abscess is one topic posts on which have been going for long periods. Th
shyam11 2016-12-03
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Depression, anxiety & anger
Dr Sameer, I was wondering if you could possibly help me as well. I have struggled with

annlivi2000 2008-09-15
132   filza last year

Ankylosing spondylitis
Dr. Gavini Murthy, I am K. Soni, 42 year male suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis since
sonikiranm 2016-11-29
3   sonikiranm last year

Can you take homeopathy in a little pear juice? My daughter refuses water and all the tabl
flowet 2016-12-02
1   simone717 last year

Different response to high potencies
Dear all, I would like any input regarding the use of higher potencies for mental
seroquel 2016-11-30
12   simone717 last year

Beard issue
Dear Sir, My age is 29 Years old but i am having very few hair on my face that coming als
nandudamani 2016-05-05
2   shyam11 last year

Seeking Dr. Murthy for Continued Treatment please - Intolerance to cold, weight gain/retention
Hello group I am seeking the help of Dr. Murthy OR any other to assist with my case. I be
Brunstuckie 2016-12-01
1   gavinimurthy last year

repeated uti
I am 73 male,diabetic on oral allopathic medicines . Average build ,no fat,no obesity. I w

oldgold 2016-10-19
27   oldgold last year

Depression - Need help
I've been battling with depression on and off since I was a teenager. Especially when

dwx88 2016-11-02
34   0antivirus0 last year

hair fall
Sir Name arjun Age 21 And unmarried Sir mera hair fall hota ha and 20-30 hair daily hota
arjun3 2016-12-02
1   HealthyWorld last year

What are these remedies and are they right?
I am new here but have been reading this forum since the past one month. I consulted a hom
aroya 2016-12-01
1   simone717 last year

Intolerance to COLD (approx 5 yrs), over & compulsive eating
Hello I was hoping that I could get advice on what remedy might be right for me. I have h

Brunstuckie 2016-11-01
34   Brunstuckie last year

I reached out to a homeopathf and was prescribed aurum met 200c for 20 days thrice daily.I

ddesai1 2016-11-14
81   ddesai1 last year

A confirmed diagnosis and Spironolactone works great, but I cannot take it due to a previo
NCopeland7 2016-12-01
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Resp. Sir i am suffering from pilaria from 16 years. But i am lucky i dont have any fever
Rama krishna1 2016-11-17
5   shyam11 last year

To DrKulkarni
Hello Sir, I am suffering from Premature Ejaculation. I have tried many medicines. But i

agriz 2016-09-19
27   shyam11 last year

calcareous spur at heels
Doctor.I am suffering from pain at heel.X ray detected calcareous spur.please suggest me h

bithi 2016-08-06
25   bithi last year

Expertise advise needed Skin Problem
dear sir my daughter 8 months old she has a problem of itching. little blister filled wit

Nitesh Kamal 2016-11-01
40   Nitesh Kamal last year

Aggressive and swearing
Dear Doctor, My wife cant take contradictions and becomes very aggressive and has a incre
Abish 2016-11-23
11   Abish last year

age 22, hight 5.10, waight 70, suffering from premature ejaculation, i want to take Kal
as1 2016-12-01
8   as1 last year

Similar to autopathy
Autopathy sounds great. But it didn't work for me sadly. maybe i did it wrong... anyo
bocaburgler 2016-12-01
1   kadwa last year

swelling and extreme pain in tubules in scrotum
Problems 1: Swelling in all ducts in scrotum and it pains very badly. 2: Prostatic fl
Phev 2016-12-01
1   kadwa last year

My uncle age 70 has been suffering from allergic reaction even when he takes homeopathic m
mkh2000 2016-11-30
1   kadwa last year

severe speech delay/disorder
My four year old is non verbal. She had epilepsy as a baby, we believe this is the cause.
flowet 2016-11-30
3   akshaymohl last year

Combining carbonicum and Mauriaticum...?
Dear Doctors, Is it correct and possible to combine magnesium carbonicum and magnesium ma
ramheight6 2016-11-28
3   simone717 last year

my dog has been diagnosed with kidney failure
my name is mari. my dog xena has been diagnosed with kidney disease. please help. my vet
mccain646 2008-10-16
5   andie505 last year

Premature Ejaculation/not having child
let me explain me and my problem in short..... Name : Neel Age : 31 Height : 5'10""
Neel1 2016-11-26
4   simone717 last year

Obat Penghilang Beaks Luka
OBAT PENGHILANG BEKAS LUKA Liquid Rx Skin Aid Cara menghilangkan bekas luka paling ampuh
rxliquid 2016-11-30
no replies yet

premature graying of hair
Hi i am 28 with a lot of grey hair and also thinning of hair in front part of head. I am p
uday1 2016-11-28
5   HealthyWorld last year

high sgot and sgpt level in blood
i have high sgot and sgpt level in blood , for this i have acidity and gerd and constipat
Babai21 2016-11-28
1   deoshlok last year

Panis skin destroyed
I am 24 years old. My panis skin is destroying day by day for last 5 months. There are som
rodro 2016-11-22
1   Inkoors last year

Hi At early age(14yrs)My semen was thick But now(28yrs) My semen is thin,watery,smell les
abchomeo4 2016-11-29
1   Inkoors last year

Can Arsenicum Album and Ignatia be taken together?
Hello, I have taken Arsenicum Album at 200C with awesome results. One of my symptoms was g
mannyvanz 2016-11-30
1   Inkoors last year

Seeking help on gradually progressing pains in the body starting from soles to head.
I would like to seek a second opinion on this forum as somehow I get a feeling that my cur

novicehomeo 2016-11-02
20   0antivirus0 last year

prickly heat kind of itchy surface on elbow skin
my wife has this problem since few months, she has undergone c-section for delivering a ba
dpnctl 2013-10-13
2   dpnctl last year

Old shoulder injury not healing
I am 53. My 6 year old daughter rested her head on my shoulder for a long time watching TV

advantis 2016-10-16
18   gavinimurthy last year

Antidoting by MRI scan?
I have been taking hemopathic meds for severe OCD for last 8 months.There is marked improv
phoenix751 2016-11-29
1   simone717 last year

Umbilical hernia - protrusion - colic - URGENT
What are the homoeopathic mother tincture and Biochemic used for umbilical hernia? Apart
Medicostudent 2016-11-29
1   simone717 last year

Neck Pain
Hello- I am under the care of a homeopath and she has given me several remedies now. My
emeraldbridges 2016-11-29
5   emeraldbridges last year

4week old fights sleep
Hi there I have a 4 week old that fights his sleep. I have to rock him and when I try to p
Mariarico 2016-11-27
7   simone717 last year

extreme diabetic weakness
My father, 66, was diagnosed diabetes in 1999. Since then he has been taking different tab
uday1 2016-11-28
5   Teupne last year

Chronic stomach pain plz help
I have always had trouble with my stomach .... Ibs constipation reflux for which I would a
hema79 2016-11-29
1   0antivirus0 last year

Lycopodium proving
I have always had trouble with my stomach .... Ibs constipation reflux for which I would a

hema79 2016-04-10
39   hema79 last year

please help me out from sex weakness!!!
Dear dr. I am 27 years old & having mustarbation from last 10-12 years and problem beg
sandipeu90 2016-10-28
5   sandipeu90 last year

Anxiety!!! Sleep disorders. Dr. Kulkarni / Dr. Kadwa / Homeo Dr.. Please help!!
I am 28 year old Boy unmarried, 5ft 7 inch with 90Kg weight, working as a manager in IT in

Ausuiph 2016-09-27
42   Ausuiph last year

vomiting while sitting in the car
I am female 38y,I can't travel in the car.whenever I sit in the car I do feel vomit.
umar 2016-11-28
4   gavinimurthy last year

dear sir my brother is taking allopathic medicine for TB, now he is feeling very good but
as1 2016-11-23
11   simone717 last year

Offlate I have been observing a lot of hairfall. I want the hair again to regrow. Would
insv1971 2016-11-28
5   simone717 last year

Paranoid Fears / Any doctor experienced in mental health?
Dear All, I seek help online because up to day the consultations and treatments i
seroquel 2016-11-28
5   Teupne last year

Help for my 3 year old daughter
I need some help please for my daughter. SHe's 3 and a half year old. Two problems:
dwx88 2016-11-28
4   simone717 last year

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