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Is this anxiety?!
Lately I think I've started having anxiety or panic attacks, but I'm not sure. T
hesperia 2006-01-30
2   last decade

How digestion works
Intestinal Toxemiaby David N RoderickIntestinal Toxemia Is it a fact or fancy? The stude
WNCGirl 2006-03-02
9   last decade

Depressed or Not In Love?
How do you know when you just don't love someone anymore? Or how do you know that yo
boobdr 2006-02-14
4   last decade

Vitex while on birth control pill
I use a progesterone cream while on the pill. This seems to help with my oily skin proble
Rangoon 2006-03-03
1   last decade

I'm 53 y/o, and have recently checked that my biodisposable testhosterone is way down
argie 2006-03-02
2   last decade

Was your autistic child vaccinated
New Study Shows Declining Autism Cases Tied to Removal of Mercury From VaccinesNew Study:
walkin 2006-03-01
3   last decade

Plant or animal?
Does anyone know if the Venus Fly Trap is really a plant? It is labeled a representative
WNCGirl 2006-03-03
2   last decade

Chronic & Acute Remdies
Can somebody kindly provide a list of remedies showing which remedy is the chronic of an a
homeolearner 2006-03-02
2   last decade

sleepless joint pain and timidity
siri am 49 year old male. body weight is 53 kilograms. hight is 162 cm.since long i am hav

kplavunkal 2006-01-19
19   last decade

excess hair, eczema
HiI am 23, female and from Pakistan. About 4 years a go, I was diagnosed with a cyst on my
remedyseeker 2006-03-02
3   last decade

Thanks for your help
Can anyone reccomend a brilliant Homeopath or Homeopathic Doctor in Los Angeles? On the we
mikefive 2006-03-03
no replies yet

Mammary Tumors in Dog
My saluki has developed six tiny bb sized mammary nodules following a heat season. I have
bahia salukis 2006-03-02
12   last decade

dr sajjad
You have recommended me to take salix nigra a few mounths ago as a prescription remedy for
eliran 2006-03-01
2   last decade

calling all doctors for a list of medications
I wanted to make a list of homeopathy medicines and keep them at home and use it when requ
nineclouds 2006-03-02
3   last decade

Adrenal Fatigue
What is the recommended dosage and extended treatment. I just started with a single dose o
djdor1 2006-03-02
1   last decade

platinum constitution
Can anyone tell me the characterstics of a platinum person?Thanks
himabindu 2006-02-28
6   last decade

not sure if it a pilonidal cyst??
hello. I have a few questions for the experts. I'm not sure if it is a pilonidal cyst
joeshmo 2006-03-02
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How to arrest myopia progression??
Hello, is there a way to stop myopia progression?Is there any medecine for this?Please adv
sardan 2002-12-02
5   last decade

problem with eyes
i can see normally when iam looking towards my right and when iam looking straight.But whe
doubts 2006-03-02
1   last decade

Dr Sajid,Walkin, Dr sajidakram,john stanton plz help
Hello,Please help me with my problem. I have very very dry skin on hands, feet but especi
gita_a 2006-03-01
3   last decade

To go off Effexor or not?
Back in 2003, I was prescribed Effexor. I have always been a very anxious person, worrying
alyssad 2006-02-09
1   last decade

taking homepathic pellets with my jaws wired shut. Please Help!!
I have heard that the best way to take homeopathic pellets is putting them under your toun
brokenjaw 2006-03-01
9   last decade

Does anybody know........
Does anybody know where Sabra has gone and when she will be coming back? I have tried emai
on_a_mission 2006-03-01
4   last decade

Heat Stroke
Hello!Me & my family would be travelling to Rajasthan for the Holiday in April. I would li
shaikh47 2006-03-02
1   last decade

bird flu - historic homeopathic solutions by symptoms???
Hello,I would like to open up this thread to any homeopath who can explain in simple terms

Jane525 2005-10-08
13   last decade

Acidity, throat burning, sleepless ness, constipation, burping, flatulance, weakness etc. : PLEASE HELP
Dear All;I am 40 male. About 3 year I started having symptoms of hyper acidity and reflux
Ashis 2006-03-01
3   last decade

dr doeshlok please reply me
YOU ASKED ME SERIES OF QUESTIONS AND I ALSO EMAILED U IMages of affected skin are, but sti
needofhelp 2006-03-02
2   last decade

black spots on skin
Hi,The shaved regions on my face has turned dark with black spots. My doctor told me that
Papali 2006-03-01
3   last decade

Know About SnoringLoud and frequent snoring, on your part or on your partner's, may s
deoshlok 2006-03-02
no replies yet

Husband ejaculates very quickly
For the last few years my husband has ejaculated very quickly and he is only 22 is there a
mrs_revczar 2006-02-25
10   last decade

Busted in 2003
At least the courts are still working:TITLE:For (Duck)busters NCAHF - It's All Over B
WNCGirl 2006-03-01
no replies yet

How to conquer anxiety
Hi eveyone, I'm new in this group and I need your help. I had been suffering from sev
artiscin 2006-02-28
4   last decade

HBP - Two remedies left out - Any reason?
I am woundering, there are two remedies the Materia Medica recommends for High Blood Press
sthillaiyah 2006-02-28
5   last decade

question for Namaste
Hi Namaste, I had posted a few months back about my dog being fear aggressive. I followed
jatan 2006-02-28
5   last decade

Obsessive compulsive disorder
Best remedie for OCD
ALI KHAN 2006-03-01
2   last decade

Doctors above the Law
Sir Roy Meadow, cleared by the high court last month of professional misconduct Finlay Sco
walkin 2006-03-01
no replies yet

Knee sprain
Doctors:I am a male in early/mid 30s. I do not know how it happened but yesterday morning
amitra123 2006-02-27
6   last decade

Blackheads on nose
I've many blackheads on nose,what remedy can i take now ??.
athaluris 2006-01-30
2   last decade

Joe and others on hairloss
ok i just bought some arnica 30 and am curious as to what is more proven or effective base
bocor25 2006-02-26
2   last decade

Need A rubric For this symptom & Remedy
Any one seen the following Rubric in any of the repertory?1. " Urge for stool immedia
manuhomoeo 2006-02-28
1   last decade

Dr deoshlok taste of saliva
Hello Doctor well Doctor i m here to give u the information i have respect for the doctors
dlock 2006-02-24
2   last decade

Dust allergy
My sisters suffers from a dust allergy. She is also allergic to bee/wasp stings and is all
Simone 2004-01-04
5   last decade

I am an insulin dependant diabetic /no meds
Thank you for responding I am an insulin dependant diabetic and I have no meds. I would li

deadmanwalking 2006-02-28
15   last decade

hai everybodyis there any medicine for hemophilia in homeopathy?any suggestions appreciate
kamalroc 2006-02-28
1   last decade

is witchhazel the same as hawfawn
pretty straightforward, are they the same thing and which is better for varicocele if they
masterp 2006-02-28
6   last decade

decreased kidney function
My brother is 36 yr old, he has asperbers, functions more like a 18 yr old. 6 years ago he
sherryb 2006-02-27
3   last decade

Frequent urination
Hi all. I have been having a problem with frequent urination for about a year now. I am
LouisianaLady 2006-03-01
1   last decade

Severe Abdominal Cramps
Hello!My sister is aged 23yrs, unmarried gets severe lower abdominal pain (cramps) moving
mallikaroy 2006-02-22
10   last decade

Asprin anybody
Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular Medicine (2006) 3, 119doi:10.1038/ncpcardio0467 A
walkin 2006-02-28
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What potency and when?
I've just started studying Homeopathy and am wondering when certain potencies are use
puttster 2006-02-28
2   last decade

How is your viral health
The entire medical setup of today is based upon the virus theory. It was the propagation o
walkin 2006-02-27
2   last decade

to Joehair loss question on arnica
i posted be4 but did not show up..Im wandering if there is better result with the weaker w
bocor25 2006-02-28
1   last decade

Are you there J Stanton?
?????? I posted my symptons in the original forum. Please take a look?
deadmanwalking 2006-02-28
1   last decade

My symptons...
I am currently experiencing my eyes being a little irritated. A kind of weird feeling goin
deadmanwalking 2006-02-28
1   last decade

how long should i use remedy for hemmrhoids if symptoms not improving?
i have had internal hemorrhoids since the 8th month of pregnancy. they came out and then
hawaiimama 2006-02-23
8   last decade

Ever since Diwali this year i have been plagued by dysentry. At first I was having loose m

maya_hari 2005-12-17
22   last decade

Chamomile Tea - "Official Approval"
There are two plants known as chamomile: the more popular German chamomile (Matricaria rec
WNCGirl 2006-02-28
2   last decade

anal fistula
does any body know the cure for anal fistula in homeopathy.please inform me if any body k
mehrtex 2006-02-27
1   last decade

Blood Pressure
I am using the wet dose of 400ml spring water and 1 drop of Arnica Montana ,twice a day as
Chuck D. 2006-02-26
4   last decade

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique
Has anyone tried this for anxiety, panic disorder? I have recently learned about it and a
april1173 2006-02-25
1   last decade

hairs changing color to white all over the body
hi, my problem is that from last 10 years my hairs are changing color and turning white (h
hasn45 2006-02-27
no replies yet

Sugar cravings, carb cravings
I am a sixty year old woman suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I seem to have uncontrol
chinalady 2006-02-26
4   last decade

Unwanted hair on men's face
Hi, a friend of mine has two sort of problems with unwanted hairs.1) He has dark hair on h
homeo_learner 2006-02-27
2   last decade

Soya beans - Why they are not absorbed by the human body
The chief culprit, as with all beans, is the oligosaccharides in the carbohydrate portion.
WNCGirl 2006-02-27
no replies yet

suffering terrible from sever fibromyalgia & lower back pain due to disc problems & not being able to starighten up
I'm trying to find something that will help a severe case of fibromyalgia & lower pro
petimager 2006-02-27
2   last decade

Will YOU donate YOUR body
BSE developed after cattle had been treated with many vaccines and antibiotics.This was ju
walkin 2006-02-27
no replies yet

skin problems
I have had a problem with acne or some type of skin disease since I was 14 (I am 26 now).
joshuace69 2006-02-26
1   last decade

i need tp know the efficacy of homotoxicology remidies?ashfaq
ashfaq 2006-02-26
1   last decade

101-102 temprature after 6PM
I am suffering from this problem for a week After 6pm-10pm) i have temprature (101/102) th
kashifjan 2006-02-26
4   last decade

Lost Vigour
Since about 3-4 months I am feeling that I had lost the sexual vigour. There is problem in
indiana1000 2006-02-27
1   last decade

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