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Using pendulum to detect the illness?
In Malaysia many homeopathic doctors are using pendulum(made of crystal) to detect what is

servantforever 2006-04-18
15   last decade

gey hair, falling hair and pain in right side of head
Dear all,I am a 25 yr old guy. I have some problems with my hair and head.1: My hair are g
muravian80 2006-04-19
4   last decade

my son has some symptoms of autism
hi, I have 41/2 year old son .He has speech but he is not talking much. If I force only
rvukant 2006-04-20
2   last decade

Silica and breast implants
I looked for the answer to this question on previous posts but didn't find it.Since i
ruth45 2006-04-20
2   last decade

Looking for remedy
Age: 60 yearsBP:Normal without medicineBlood Sugar level: normal without medicineAbov
nomyqat 2006-04-20
2   last decade

New to the job - unsupervised
Trainee nurse killed two patients for thrills · Defendant had access to A&E departm
walkin 2006-04-19
2   last decade

Preventing thrombosis
Dear doctors how do we prevent thrombosis from occuring.
hisam 2006-04-20
1   last decade

my wife has been diagnosed with sarcoidosis which has affected her lungs, spleen and liver
nareshsudha1 2006-04-15
3   last decade

Asthma, frequent conjunctivitis,
I live in India. My son now 7 yrs old has history of bronchitis and now asthma which has r
Gkhol 2006-04-18
11   last decade

insomnia after waking
Hi, I'm a 30 yr. old female with recurring sleep problems, and am having a "set" of s
zameisje 2006-04-20
3   last decade

anal gland problems in dogs
My 4 year old mixed breed dog was recently diagnosed with impacted anal glands which were
acappelli913 2006-04-19
2   last decade

white spots...all over the body.....
by the way,it is a fungal infection,it's itchy especially when expose to the sun or w
meisha 2006-04-20
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prostrate enlargement - please help
my grandfather has a prostrate problem. he also has urine retention and enuresis. has had
anandi 2006-04-10
10   last decade

losing hair, losing mind
I am a 25 year old male that has recently been noticing some hair loss. My hair line has r

fragglecannibal 2006-04-17
22   last decade

Malaria & Homeopathy
Can you help?Hahnemann's first homeopathic discoveries were in the field of malaria.H

Paul19 2005-02-22
16   last decade

drops vs. tablets / potency issues
Dr. D. Sharma advised me to take the following medications to increase height:baryta carb
Breathmints 2006-04-19
1   last decade

Article on Art of Homeopthic Prescribing -Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Art of homoeopathic PrescribingHomoeopathic method of prescription is done by different pr
deoshlok 2006-03-18
6   last decade

You know your body BETTER
With little exposure to human physiology and the technique like Dowsing (which answers all
asknikhil 2006-02-28
4   last decade

to joe de
joe today i received my nat phos 6x, from whp is it the same pills you reccd. also i wrot
kahlil007 2006-04-19
2   last decade

Dear Doctors I am a Homoeopathic Dr. I have a patient with azoopermia having all tests nor
dr_raz 2006-03-23
3   last decade

Abdominal cramps + dry scaly skin peeling off
HiI am 30yrs Male and I am suffering from following problems.I would appreciate any advice
RanaP 2006-03-13
6   last decade

acute pancreaitis
could you suggest something that I could take or be doing to help with this... thankyou
pussycat 2006-04-18
1   last decade

Greetings. I have another interesting horse problem. Here goes...8 year old Irish Cob mare
horsetrainer 2006-04-19
1   last decade

any one
can someone tell me where can i get some nat phos 6x biochemic brand. this site said that
kahlil007 2006-04-19
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Eye Sty for more than a year!
Ive had a sty on the inside of my top left eyelid for more than a year now. Ive tried the
Lorena_0420 2006-04-11
5   last decade

Joe Doubt - Your Asthma treatment
You wrote "I have been able to help many who are Asthmatics to overcome their ailment with
new2town 2005-11-22
6   last decade

a big thank you to john stanton
Thank you so much for suggesting medication for labor/delivery/episiotomy. i had a baby bo
nineclouds 2006-04-18
1   last decade

Skin Allergy - Any Help Will Be appreciated
HiI have developed a typical skin allergy which ..No matter what i eat i will develp a str
dekajp 2006-04-17
2   last decade

Can a practitioner please respond
I am ready to submit the case history of my son provided you ask for. ThanksBest regardsGK
Gkhol 2006-04-18
1   last decade

Fungal infection
i have fungal infection in between left leg 2 fingers since 2 years. please give some home
karina2006 2006-04-18
1   last decade

I am 29 years of age and suffering from myopia since 1987 and now the power of my glasses
REZABURA 2006-04-18
1   last decade

to joe de livera
joe could you explain to me how taking nat phos 6x works. i read some where that it help
kahlil007 2006-04-18
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eczema in 4 month old baby
started with rash on both cheeks at two weeks old. spread down his body to stomach tops of

adele b 2006-04-09
15   last decade

Homeopathic Contraception
Hi,My wife age 33 gave birth to a healthy baby boy March '05. After a week of the del

RemedySearcher 2006-04-15
14   last decade

8 Mo. Baby - Ear Infection and Teething Remed(ies) Needed
My son is 8 months old, nearly exclusively breastfed; he was delivered at home with midwif
meemama2005 2006-04-17
3   last decade

Sleep problem for 2 month old
1. Age - 10 weeks2. Sex - female3. weight just over 12 pounds (fairly chubby)4. country

Monique 2006-04-11
22   last decade

Arnica Mont. for cholesterol
What about Arnica Mont.1m for lowering cholesterol??
Parvathi 2006-04-17
no replies yet

sepia dosage
hii am suffering from pms. which include depression, acne,bloating, breast tenderness wate
sepia 2006-04-17
3   last decade

Need alternative doctor for brain tumor.
I need immediate help for a woman with a brain tumor. Im seeking a professional alternati
eliberg 2006-04-17
1   last decade

Happy Easter!!!
I felt a Happy Easter was in order, so I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter!!!Sal
Sally Lue 2006-04-16
1   last decade

please guide how to see views. my post shows 2 posts and 13 views. how can i see views.
sepia 2006-04-17
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dreadful eczema with my 5 month old
hi, found this forum accidently so im not sure if anyone can help.I have a 5 month old dau

marie w 2006-04-05
14   last decade

Is this psoriasis or eczema?
Hi,I posted my daughter's ear problem long back, and it is still there. When i read o
anon99 2006-04-14
5   last decade

hi iam pearl. I sent my history today and i thougt it was not comlete story. Before i had
pearl 2006-04-17
1   last decade

Echinacea Q Ticture
I know this is sort of an odd question, but does anybody know how to make homemade Echinac
Sally Lue 2006-04-15
2   last decade

Nasal polyp I think.....don't want surgery
I think I have a nasal polyp because only the left side of my nose drips watery liquid ALL
zcat20 2006-04-16
2   last decade

Nose Wide Open - Looking for any Remedy
I am having great discomfort in Breathing through the Nose. I have undergone 2 surgeries o
geetarohira 2006-04-16
3   last decade

Heat Rash
i get red blotch type things over my chest and sometimes on my back about the size of a co
spowell 2006-04-16
1   last decade

Psoiasis question
Hi,I want to know whether the psoriasis can only be in the ear?What are the symptoms of ps
anon99 2006-04-13
3   last decade

Flu epidemic
A bonus for rubber glove manufacturers ! U.S. Plan For Flu Pandemic RevealedMulti-Agency P
walkin 2006-04-16
no replies yet

Running Nose
Hi,Yesterday was in the sun for sometime, on coming home had a glass of cold fresh lime ju
pimathew 2006-04-15
4   last decade

2 year old diagnosed with asthma
Mt 28 mo old son has had bronchiolitis 3 times and at his two year check up his doctor tol

lmhoopes 2004-11-22
57   last decade

A safe home and good health
Homeopaty has been an area of great interest for me for a great many years now. i have spe
Michelleg 2006-04-15
4   last decade

Nat Mur for depression
I am 52, male, and have been taking Nat Mur for depression. It works sometimes very well b

barney52 2006-03-18
23   last decade

Your dusease monger suggests--?
Pharmaceutical companies are systematically creating diseases in order to sell more of the
walkin 2006-04-14
4   last decade

Joe De Livera; re leg pain
You recommended hypericum 200; does that mean 200 C? Also, how should it be mixed -- in ho
Chuck D. 2006-04-15
1   last decade

Hello Fellow Homeopathic Enthusiasts.
I just wanted to say hello to all the active users on this forum from AaronsonsPharmacyAs
AaronsonsPharmacy 2006-04-11
4   last decade

What exactly is Calc Carb?
Just want to know what Calc Carb is. Thanks.
Natural1 2006-04-13
2   last decade

Very dry skin in legs and arms
Hi. Homeopathy was the only thing that cured my eczema (with Graphites, Petroleum and Natr
anavic 2006-04-14
1   last decade

Mumps outbreak swels across Midwest (USA)
From ABC NewsApril 7, 2006 An outbreak of mumps continues to spread through the Midwest,
WNCGirl 2006-04-14
3   last decade

I read about the book diabetic break through on the internet,does it really works if yes h
drmohib 2006-04-09
4   last decade

fullness in throat
I have had a feeling as if my throat is full/tight for about two months....it almost feels
guest user 2005-05-31
5   last decade

Bronchitits..I think
Well here is my story...I woke up the other day with a slight stiff neck and as the day p
Brandupark 2006-04-05
5   last decade

DR Kuldeep pls is frequent emothional breakdown --a sign of poor thyroid
Dr Kuldeep, what is the sign of thyroid malfunctioning in female? I am not obese at all bu
rdutt 2006-04-11
9   last decade

i have a dry,damaged rough skin.sensitive for about 5 years ,due to many factors sun dama
kalamefazy 2006-04-13
4   last decade

should concern everyone
remedy for dissolving plaque in the arteries?
Chuck D. 2006-04-12
4   last decade

Blood in Stool
For the last 3 days (Tues, Wed and today, Thurs), I have what looks to me a significant am
teenee65 2006-04-13
4   last decade

Herb Forum
Would any of you know of a trustable herb forum that one can go to for advice with using h
teenee65 2006-04-14
1   last decade

Body Odour
Is there any head remedy for Body Odour??
shaikh47 2006-04-11
3   last decade

Dr. Deshlok , Pls help
This is for Dr. Deshlok problem. Pls give remedy. My digestion system is very very down no
rdutt 2006-04-07
6   last decade

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