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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Even when under the influence of liquor ?

I noticed that you had added 13 years to my age and made it 90 years.
Joe De Livera last decade
Re: High Blood Pressure.

From Dotty on 2006-12-03

I also have high blood pressure, and claudication of legs with approaching 90 yrs. of age soon. I take cratagegus oxy 30c twice a day and wondered what else I can add for the arteris now that are causing the new problem. Only regular RX is Thyrola 1, once a day. Would appreciate help on this.thanks. Dotty.

Re: High Blood Pressure. From Joe De Livera on 2006-12-03
To Sajjad

I am glad to note that you too have experience in using Arnica for Hypertension. I do wish that you can inform Murthy of your results as he, as you know, has some phobia against me and always butts in on every one of my posts and creates so much unpleasantness on this forum.

I have used Arnica 30c for both Diabetes and Hypertension and I believe that I am the best test case for its daily use as my BP is <120/80 and Pulse <65 at age 77. All I use is just one teaspoonful nightly and I have used in in this manner since 1996. You may like to know that my skin is like a person 30 years younger and many do not believe that I am really 77 years old thanks to Arnica.

I have also used Arnica for other ailments which I have collected in one post which you can access on:


Re: High Blood Pressure. From gavinimurthy on 2006-12-03
Arnica is ONE OF THE MEDICINES for hypertension.

The suitability of it depends on the susceptability of the patient.

What works for Joe may not work for Dotty.

If he is using blood thinners already, Arnica will make his blood still thinner, and may become fatal, for the 90 years old man.



The 90 years reference was to Dotty.

In your eagerness to pounce on me you are not reading the threads properly.

Failing eyesight too perhaps.!!

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Joe

I told you to go and take rest.

The more you stay on, the more you will get bruised.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Murthy

Do you know that I am really enjoying baiting you in response to your idemented posts as you tend to spill all your beans in your replies when you are drunk which makes you far more interesting to members to know the real Murthy, when you do not know what your are typing. which you do when your 'brain is boiling over' as you have often stated on this forum. Members are sick and tired of your constant attacks on me and you had two members today who told you to shut up.

I have only tried to help members and hundreds, perhaps even thousands will vouch for the fact that they owe their good health to my assisting them in the only way I can, with my Joepathy which has seldom if ever failed them.

In contrast all you have with your 4 years of study of Homeopathy without the hands on experience that I have, is the loneliness of your empty life ahead of you has made you envious of the high regard and love that the majority of patients on this forum have shown me. None of them has ever ordered me to shut up as they have to you today.

All this has made you frustrated with your life and all your posts ring out with this message of hate to evey one. You must realize even late in your life after you have reached the half century mark at 27 years my junior that your attitude is not the hallmark of a healer. It is no small wonder that you have an able soul mate in Nisha, a self confessed WITCH to aid and abet you in your vilification of me and others on the ABC, who I note are strangely absent today, leaving me to respond to you alone.

You only make matters worse for yourself by persisting into the late hours of the night by vilifying me even at this late hour and I know that you will never understand that Love Conquers All.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

I repeat..

Please accept that you are not the first one who talked about the split dose on this forum, and take back your words that I learnt it from you.

Don't try to cover up the real issue with personal comments.

I told you many times, you are no match to me, and you will return wounded mentally, after a fight with me, which is not good for your health at this age.


You are living in a fool's paradise, and the world has taken note of it.

gavinimurthy last decade
You force me to quote Cyrus Ching which equally applies to you in your present state right now as it has applied to your soulmate Nisha who for some reason has not come to your aid tonight.

I learned long ago never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.
Cyrus Ching
Joe De Livera last decade
To pay you back in the same coin with interest.

'I learned long ago never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.'

Cyrus Ching


gavinimurthy last decade
and where are your 'baying' friends?

gavinimurthy last decade
To Murthy

You compliment me by repeating my quotation.

This only goes to show the true depth of your mind which seems one track and very shallow with a 'brain that boils over' after a long session of drinking alone to put you to sleep soon.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

You are keeping on commenting on my 'long session of drinking' which is nothing but your figment of imagination.

Impotents like you stoop down to such low levels, when they can't discuss on issues.

Go and take rest. I know you can't do anything else, with your present stage of impotency.

gavinimurthy last decade
C'mon guys stop now!

You are like two pantomime dames!

Alcoholicm? Obesity? Dementia? Impotency?

And there was me thinking this was an acne threat..
carlotta last decade
..sorry thread .. this spirit of aggression is making my words violent : )
carlotta last decade
You know what Murthy, shame on you! You blatantly tell me above:

'Dear Lilywhite

You said this.

'One thing that I surely think you are wrong about is your statement that wet doses do not work.'

When did I make that statement?

Perhaps ,you misunderstood my statement when I said that the wet dose is nothing but taking water,IN CASE YOU ARE NOT SUSCEPTIBLE TO THE MEDICINE.'


Mr. Murthy, go back to the 7th post on this thread and read what you wrote:

'Any way,most of Joe's prescriptions are empirical, they are very likely to be far far off from the similimum, and the wet dose is nothing but taking water, as I told many times.

O.K. Joe

As long as you keep prescribing water, I will leave you alone.'

So, there you go. let me tell you, Joe may make mistakes and he may not always be right, but you outright contradict yourself. And you have ruined samritas thread in which she was seeking help. I don't blame Joe for staying with this and defending himself against all of you insinuations.

Why don't you just stay off of the threads in which Joe comments on and go find your own. You are only here looking for a fight and I think that you should be studying hard to find the remedy that might help you with your problem. Because isn't it true that you can't help others until you've helped yourself.

Go back and read the huge difference between Carlotta and her constructive, kind advice, then compare it to yours.

Get some help Murthy, I do believe you need it.

I'm sorry for you, but I do wish you well.
lily white last decade
Yes Carlotta, this thread has been ruined and it is not fair to Samrita. I guess you and I were posting at the same time and obviously have the same disgust.

I do hope you come back Samrita and fill out that questionaire and at this point you most certainly should start a new thread with the info, I'll be looking, so that I may follow your progress.
I'm sorry,

Murthy, stay off of her new thread or I will report you. I've had it with this childish behavior. You are unruly. Take it elsewhere.
lily white last decade
Hi Lily White

Please read carefully.

'Any way,most of Joe's prescriptions are empirical, they are very likely to be far far off from the similimum, and the wet dose is nothing but taking water, as I told many times.

The important point is 'they are very likely to be far far off from the similimum,' and in such cases the wet dose is nothing but water.

For anybody, who knows a little bit about homeopathic philosophy, there would be no misunderstanding.

I still say, Joe's wet doses are nothing but water, as they are far from similimum, and will not touch the patient.

If you cared to read the thread

'How Dr.Luc made Joe's medicines harmless'

this point would have become more clear.

I elaborated on why I say Joe's medicine is just water, in great detail there.

This is the problem, if people who don't know anything about homeopathic philosophy, start posing as if they are the greatest homeopaths in the world.

and since you never tried to listen to my point of view, and is already biased, I won't address you hereafter.

However, I am not abdicating my right to advice the patients about wrong/useless prescriptions.

Please see my profile, to understand my mission better.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dearest Joe, I take arnica every day. Feel euphoric and connected to the universe. When I was young, my mother called me her 'arnica baby' because she took it to help conceive me. I grew up a happy child. I tried to stop once, but did not feel very well. Got headache and nausea. So I take it again. Keep up the good work! Much love. :)
P.Verma last decade
Dear Lily, Carlotta, Murthy and Joe..

I will certainly fill up the questionaire and probably start a new thread but that will take time.. i hv my exams coming and i need to prepare for that rather than to fill up the lengthy questionaire rite now..

For the time being.. I am glad to let you all know that the arnica wet doses and the silicea tablets are working for me..

i do see my face clearing up sooner than before and certainly the pus in my acnes is visibly minimsed or vanised.

Thanks to joe.. Though i am not sure if this is suppression or a real cure..

I have my one doubt about continuing arnica for long.. Is it kind of addictive in nature?? coz a gentleman named P.Verma's post does mention somethng about the effects of discontinuing and also lily white mentioned the same in her first post to this thread..

I had mentioned about my hesitation on continuing perpetual medication..

Please advice.. i do not want to be a slave to wet doses forever.. and would certainly want to know if it has any addictive nature or so..

as for now.. Thank you all..

And Mr. Murthy and Joe,

Please cease fire.. Joe, you are really senior and shouldnt really get into these pig fights.. y dont you vouch to step back.. again i emphasize LETS FOCUS ON CONSTRUCTIVE DISCUSSIONS.. ALL OF US

samrita last decade
To Amrita

I am glad to note that your acne has cleared up already in, I believe, just 4 days.

I am especially glad that you did so on your thread which as you noticed was a virtual battle field only last evening when I could not resist baiting Murthy who is perhaps an alcoholic and needs therapy which I for one will not extend to him.

I hope that he will see the response that you have reported and I am confident that you will be permanently free of your acne within a week as I predicted in my first post.

Murthy must know that it is not the book knowledge that is pertinent to prescribing a homeopathic remedy. It is more the experience in using any one of the 6000 remedies that are now available.

As you may have read Murthy's contention is that only a single 'classical' remedy can help but it is the identification of the classical remedy that is relevant which I believe is only possible with the use of Homeopathic software which I too use when necessary.

I prefer however to use my own 'Joepathy' method of prescribing and this has invariably helped as you have already experienced for your acne. I only use Radar if I find that my remedy does not work.

You do not have to keep on taking the 2 remedies that you are using and you can stop them as soon as you are completely clear of your acne. Keep the 2 bottles in a dark cupboard for future use if and when necessary.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank You Joe again for your prompt words..

on a second thought to my previous post.. i decided to post my profile under a separate thread. (i guess i need to get rid of these now any how and m not waiting for anythng to do so :) )

its under cystic acne - patient profile

please check and see if there is any advice you can give me.

Thanks lily for having given me that questionaire, carlotta, and others too have a look and advice

And joe.. i cant really part ways with my colgate toothpaste.. wud it majorly hamper the cure of the medication?? thats the only mint content i have in the entire day.. and not tht i swallow it.. can i continue wiht it?? plz..

samrita last decade
Dear Joe

You call me alcoholic; I call you impotent.

I vouch for classical homeopathy. You believe in your pseudo homeopathy.

You are headstrong. I also match you in every aspect.

So, there can't be any truce.

The war will continue.

gavinimurthy last decade
Joe, Murthy,

Why don't you both email each other your abuse, and save this thread (and others) for the benefit of the person posting a complaint.

moderator last decade

I hope that you have read the many posts that Murthy has made that has resulted in this state of war. I have complained to you and others too have independently done so and you did take action to ban Murthy from the ABC as you did Nisha and Jacob for obvious reasons a few weeks ago. The fact that you permitted them to return has give them confidence to wage war on my and the other long standing prescribers on the ABC with a view perhaps to take over after we are forced out. It is only as a last resort that I too pulled out all the stops and gave Murthy hell last night, as he was just asking for it.

You would nave noticed that the patients who post asking for help are all in awe of the level of the exchanges of posts between Murthy and me. Murthy with just 4 years of book learning of this science always butts into my posts warning patients about the danger of using my therapy which in this very thread has worked as confirmed by the poster. Many patients have ordered him to shut up but he does not take no for an answer as his attitude today is that only his prescriptions which he only very rarely indicates are according to him 'classical'. He still insists that my therapy is dangerous but does not state on what grounds they are.

I have noticed that even if I used Radar and came up with the 'classical' remedy he still continues to attack me on the basis that my therapy is not 'classical'. This thread about Acne is a good example of what I mean. I prescribed Arnica to the patient Amrita as I have done for many hundreds of cases of Acne which as you know is very common among teenagers and Murthy as usual proceeded to attack me and continued to do so late into last night when he was inebriated and did not realize what he was writing.

This is where I believe, your function as a Moderator of the ABC must be used as you have used it in the past. You are free to delete all posts including mine, that do not pertain to the case being treated by me and I hope that this will ensure that peace and friendship returns back to the ABC.

As I stated last night to Murthy, I do not enjoy attacking him although I confirmed that I did enjoy baiting him which I did to get his tacit admission that the real reason for his 'brain boiling over' which I had long suspected, was due to alcohol. I was compelled to do so last night when he persisted in continuing to attack me and when he descended to depths that were not witnessed up to now on the ABC. What I resent most is that he dares to criticize me with his meager knowledge of Homeopathy which he has only garnered from his text books during the past 4 years, on his own admission, without any hands on experience in the use of his knowledge in helping anyone who posts on this forum asking for help.

The fact is that the therapy that I have prescribed, classical or Joepathy has been proved to help patients.
In direct contrast Murthy's standard prescription which is to order the patient to consult a classical homeopath in his city. The point he forgets is that the patient may lack the finances to do so or may he have already had experience of the tender mercies of a 'classical' homeopath who had fleeced him and who may not have succeeded to cure or at least help him which prompted him to visit the ABC. If you go through past posts I have made you will discover many where this same scenario has been re-enacted and where with just a few remedies, I have been successful to help the patient and in most cases to cure his ailment.

I have often stated that Homeopathy is my hobby and I derive some satisfaction from helping desperate cases, especially those that have been mishandled by classical homeopaths and the proof of the pudding is all there for the inspection of anyone interested on your forum among the over 5000 posts that I have made on it up to today.

I resent upstarts like Murthy and Jacob and Nisha who like to pretend that they are the cat's whiskers in homeopathy. They forget that although I do not possess any qualification in this science in common with them, the fact that Homeopathy without Borders counted on me to help their members who came here to Sri Lanka for about 4 consecutive months is an indication of their esteem of my ability to help whenever my assistance is called for.

I do hope that you will take notice of the danger that my detractors pose on the ABC to patients as the situation has gone out of hand today and it is up to you to perform what I consider is your duty to bring peace back to the ABC and restore it to the situation that it enjoyed up to the time that Murthy decided to abandon his Hpathy forum and infest the ABC.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe

I am the ardent supporter of Murthy.

He has sent me an email saying that hereafter he will ignore your personal comments on him.

However, I asked his permission to continue to expose your pseudo homeopathy, for which he gladly agreed.

I too will not take any notice of your outbursts, but will do my job in a cool, cool way.
grk2006 last decade
Hi grk alias murthy

I have no option but to accept your continuing your vendetta against me and the other resident prescribers on the ABC.

However I shall expect of you not to descend to the depths that you did in your posts last night where you tried hard to rattle me with no success and came off second best.

I am glad that I finally cornered you and got to the bottom of your statement that your 'brain boils over in the evening'

I can assure you that I am a perfect gentleman in real life and never have attacked anyone except when I feel that anyone has gone too far and this compels me to resort to the old saying that 'attack is the best form of defense'.

As long as you are rational and polite in the attitude that you display on this forum on which I now have posted over 5000 posts of which at least a good half were to prescribe therapies to my patients and which at least half have worked admirably well, I shall not have any quarrel with you.

If however you continue with your usual vilification especially in the evening hours, you will have a tiger on your tail.

You may also have to contend with Simon who will watch your rantings like a shark.
Joe De Livera last decade

I am not Murthy. You seem to be obsessed with him.

there is no pseudo homeopathy in your above post, and hence nothing to reply.

Have a nice day.
grk2006 last decade
Murthy, grk2006,
I see obsession alright, but not as much from Joe, than as from you. Stop being jack asses and find something more constructive to do with your time. You come across as immature and more than ridiculous. Have you ever heard the statement, 'get a life!'

Stop sporting all of your personal issues on this site, people are here for help, not wanting to read through all of your vendetta behavior. What a huge waste of time. Honestly, why would you bother? There must be something wrong upstairs.
lily white last decade

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