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Cystic Acnes! Please help


I have been suffering from acnes sin ce last 3 years.. they aggravate during my monthly cycles and take 15 days to reside.. by the time its time for them again to aggravate.. :( the marks dont go easily and i develop a lot of cysts in my skin.. my skin was initially oily but now its become a lil normal..

the cysts are really disgusting and my acnes in full bloom are pussy and groce.. can someone please help me i am tired of of them now.. i am 24 yrs old and not married.. i am told that this may be due to my hormonal imbalance..
  samrita on 2006-11-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Have you tried Joe DeLiveras'a Arnica method?
I have cystic acne and have gotten allot of relief from it.

The remedy is best used in the Split Dose made up as follows:

Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from your nearest supermarket.
Pour out 100ml
Drop in 3 pellets or 1 drop of liquid Arnica 6c into the 400ml water
Cap the bottle tightly and succuss it 4-6 times by banging on your palm and look out for the air bubbles to fizzle up from the bottom.
Sip 1 teaspoonful 3 times daily for the first week and reduce dosage to twice daily for as long as it is helping your ailment.

One thing I noticed with this remedy, is that if you use it topically on your skin as well, it really works great.

I take my dose regularly.
I wash my face with baby shampoo, then I pour a little into a cup, after successing (shaking,) then I use a cotton ball and apply it all over my face. Never use the cotton ball directly from your dosing bottle as it can contaminate your wet dose.
If this is going to work for you (which i think it will) then you will notice your acne, drying up and flaking off. Arnica is safe and good for many things. I intend on taking it for the rest of my life as Joe D does also.

I have noticed that if I slack off, then my acne tries to start up again, but I get right back with the program and it is OK again. After taking the Arnica for about 2 weeks, I also noticed a feeling of well being that pleased me as well. I think that each individual may notice something different, but either way, it has honestly made my skin improve - you've just got to stick with it. You may notice the drying an flaking within the 1st week alone. Good luck and let us know how you do with it please, so that it may help others.

Best of luck,
Lily white
lily white last decade
Dear Lily white,

Thanks for your detailed mail I had bought a bottle of Arnica pillets ?(30 potency) sometime back.. i guess i cant use it.. i will buy fresh ones now.. what is this spring water?? do you mean any packed water bottle?? or so?

I will try it and surely let you know.. can you tell me if homeopathic pillets have any expiry date or so? so do they loose their effect after a while or so?

and did you also suffer from acnes due to hormonal imbalance.. i mean i get more acnes before my month cycle starts..

i will await your reply..

samrita last decade
Hi samrita, yes they do have an expiration, but it's usually quite long, like maybe 5 years. There should be a date, somewhere along the side of the bottle. Even if outdated, I don' t see a problem with using. If anyting, yes they would lose their potency/effect.

Clean, pure water is what you want. Go ahead, get started, and if you have to buy another bottle, then do so, but at least get your self started on the arnica, old or not. I will get back to you with more later. I must run to an appointment.
Lily white
lily white last decade
To Lily

Thank you for copying my Arnica 30c formula to Samrita. This is the spirit that I have tried to foster on the ABC but you may have noticed that I have been subjected to a lot of vilification from some trolls who strangely seem to have disappeared from the ABC for the last 2 days, thus leaving me the opportunity of helping patients who post their problem.

To Samrita

Please also use Silicea 6x dose 2 tablets twice daily to help with the acne. Silicea will help to push out the pus and will also help with the healing process.

Please report response in a week.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
Yes, I do know that you have been scrutinized many times, but you were quite correct about the arnica and my acne. My skin looks better than it has in years and I've used nothing but arnica. I have also put a friend on your remedies for asthma (Nat sulph 6x and the Ars Alb 200.) He's chronic and keeps going back to the prednesone against my wishes. I'm working on him, trying to make him understand.

May I add that I have also heard that the silica helps with scars as well, which I am going to try myself.

Joe, don't worry about the others, you are a safe prescriber and I am aware that you have your certain remedies that you prefer to suggest. I feel that you seem to stick with helping the people which you know you can help and there are other prescribers here that can help the ones that you cannot.

I would like to see everyone get along here as most of us are here for the same reasons-
To help one another get and stay healthy without dangerous pharmaceuticals.

I wish everyone and their families health and happiness for our coming Christmas season. Amen
Best wishes to all,
Lily white
lily white last decade
Calling everybody who doesn't agree with you a troll shows your impatience and egoism.

We have not disappeared. We were just observing how things go on, in case we keep quiet.

May be,I can have more time for important things, if I don't bother about useless prescriptions, and concentrate more on dangerous prescriptions.

Any way,most of Joe's prescriptions are empirical, they are very likely to be far far off from the similimum, and the wet dose is nothing but taking water, as I told many times.

O.K. Joe

As long as you keep prescribing water, I will leave you alone.

But, be assured that all posts will be watched, and appropriate advices will be given to the patients.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Lily,

It is nice to get some positive feedback from a member as against the unpleasantness that I have been forced to suffer from 3 members who for some reason best known to themselves have suddenly decided not to pester me any more and have not visited the ABC for the last 3 days.

You will note how very peaceful the forum is today with members trying to help others in a spirit of love which these 3 members were determined to replace with hatred of everyone especially of me.

As you are aware all I wished to do is to help anyone to the best of my ability and the fact is that in spite of the vilification that I have been subjected to in the recent past, the remedies that I prescribed which have now been classified as 'Joepathy' seem to have made some impact in the lives of so many who have benefited from my assistance.

I do hope that the ABC will remain at the same level of peach that it is today as I feel that it is so unpleasant to be compelled to defend myself with every post I made on it.

Kind regards

Joe De Livera last decade
To Lily

I can see that I spoke too soon !

Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
Arnica is 30c or 6c?? the one that i have is 30c potency and i had got it sometimes last year.. shld i buy fresh one? and 6X is the potency for silicea?

how are the doses to be taken? after lunch or whenever convenient..

plz advice..

samrita last decade
The Arnica 30c you have with you is OK and you can take it twice daily an hour before or after meals in the wet dose.

The Silicea 6x is to drain the pus from the acne and may also be taken in the same manner.
Joe De Livera last decade
thank you so much Joe for such a quick reply

I will update here on my progress I will get the silicea today itself

Take care
samrita last decade

The Silicea 6x cannot be taken in the wet dose. 2 tablets are swallowed whole for a dose.

I was able to reply so quickly as I am on my computer right now and when an email arrives, I get the alert sound.
Joe De Livera last decade
But Joe, don't you agree for a permanent cure for the patient a remedy which addresses the hormonal imbalance will be more appropriate than arnica? It is quite clear that the acne is hormonally related - especially if around chin and jawline.

Arnica may well help in a palliative way, as perhaps would topical antibiotics or benzoyl peroxide, but for the girl to be reliant on arnica for her acne is not a cure in the same way as taking her case, understanding her medical history, her personality and the root of the acne.

She may well find an improvement , like Lily White, but this is not a success, this is a distract; ion . It is not permanent. It is temporary.

As lily white says: 'I have noticed that if I slack of , then my acne tries to start up again' . Surely you can see that this is the system TRYING to expell an imbalance at a deeper level; a level which is not being accessed by the arnica and which may well be SUPPRESSED by the arnica.

What I love about homeopathy is that it is the only system of medicine that truly considers the individual in his/her entirity, rather than being the sum total of his/her disease. Why is it that you look at the disease and not the individual, when there are so many remedies at your disposal if you should choose to look deeper, go further, understand more about each patient than their relevance to arnica.

This is what i am seeing here. It is the patient's relevance to arnica, not even how relevant the arnica is to the patient - which, in some cases of acne it might be, as it IS LISTED in Boericke's MM as indicated for acne indurata where there is symmetry in distribution.

Lily White/Samrita - I urge you to look deeper into your cases and find out what's really going on with your acne. You will find at its root is an imbalance - endocrine / digestive / liver / metabolisation of fats / emotional / .. It's there for you to discover . And therein does your cure lie. Not with arnica for the rest of your life.
carlotta last decade
Well said Carlotta

Please chip in atleast once in a while, in correcting the misconceptions people have about homeopathy.

gavinimurthy last decade
I have readsomewhere on this forum that Arnica 30 potency can help remove spiderly capillery marks.

I have acne and scars, and red capillery marks.

What dose should i take?

I nkow someone recommended 4 times per a day for the arnica30 for the capillery marks, but i also want to use this mineral water+arnica30 drops bottle technique
SCORPIAN_KING80 last decade
Arnica 30c is best used to clear Acne in the wet dose with a teaspoonful taken twice daily after succussing the bottle every time.

You mentioned 'spiderly capillery marks' but did not indicate where these marks were.

Arnica helps to increase the blood flow in the body and it is very likely that your problem can also be helped by it.

You can make the remedy in the manner that I have indicated many times over on this forum.
Joe De Livera last decade
Don't believe everything you read.

Consult a competent homeopath nearer to you, rather than trying 'this for that' therapy.

gavinimurthy last decade
I'd like to comment here.

Carlotta, you are absolutely right, that we should be in search of the underlying problem, if you will. I do suggest the arnica in the state of desperation, that I also found myself in. But don't get me wrong, I have been researching constitutional remedies for myself and my children. Thus far I have found myself to possibly be a lycopodium person as one of my sons seems to be as well. Then my other son, seems to fit the Tarentula child. Whereas, my sons father truly fits the willow person (bach flower.) I'm giving this as an example to how different people really are from one another.

This is good for you to know samrita. For you to realize that you do have some sort of a hormonal imbalance that will not be fixed by using arnica alone. My suggestion to you is to fill out one of the questionaires here and post it, to see what suggestions you get, then it is up to you to do your homework and read about the remedies suggested and see which ones might suit your personality type. Once you've made you choice, then you can come back and ask for help on dosing with that particular remedy. I know it can be allot for some, but you know you best and if you want to get healthy then you must learn. The information here is free, but not always right. So it's up to you to research and make the right choices.

It is good to keep people informed of how homeopathy is a constant learning. There is so much to conquer and so much against those of us who believe in this form of medicine.

Homeopathy takes one who has stick-to-itiveness. I spend much time reading and learning and trying to find what will truly benefit me and my children. When I ask for advice, I love when more than one person responds. This helps me look at their suggestions and makes me more able to make better choices. I'm constantly reading about remedies and their benefits, as I'm trying to find the one that suits.

This arnica is a safe remedy and I don't see harm in using it for a quick fix, but you are right that one should continue to search for the root of their problem and find the remedy most suitable for that individual and their personality type.

One thing I might add, if I may: I'm concerned about the tension between some people here and I feel awkward and uncomfortable with some of the comments that are made. To have a viewpoint and make a comment is one thing, but to do it in such a way that it makes some of us stand back, is unfair.
I've been coming to this sight for more than a few months now and have certainly become aware of those who really do their homework. You carlotta are certainly one of those people, and I have read many of your posts. I find you to be very polite and informative and I am most likely to listen to your advice and those like you, rather than some that....well, aren't so pleasant.

I'm here to learn and that is just what I intend to do. I just hope that the bickering doesn't scare too many away, as this is not how we all share our wealth of information and help one another to overcome the terrible, untruthful scar that pharmaceuticals have left on homeopathy.

Best regards to all,
Lily white
lily white last decade
Thanks for your kind words Lily White, I'm so glad you have found my words to be helpful or informative in some way. I find us humans to be the most fascinating organisms, and I believe that we heal ourselves through our understanding of illness and dis-ease - it is not a battle against the 'enemy' but a call to listen to what the body and mind (for they are one!) is trying to tell us; and whatever the approach you have (herbs, TCM, acupuncture, homoeopathy..), the more we understand the more we can help each other, and of course ourselves.
There is unpleasantness on this site at the moment, mainly because no one is listening to one another and there is a wounded ego or five and a lot of defensiveness flying around.

But try not to be disheartened by it. They are in this for their learning really, karmic lessons - about the power behind their words, the INTENTION behind what each are saying, prescibing, advising.
What the rest of us must to is be able to guage in our own way whether that intention is to heal and to educate , or to accrue power and recognition for the ego. Just listen to your intuition - you'll be guided on a deeper level by those who have similar vibrations to your own and you can learn from. I think this is as relevant in forums as in life - perhaps more so!

A while ago RajivPrasad posted a wonderful story - i think it was called 'an inspiring story of a healer' which is all about the true calling of a healer. I'd encourage all to read it because it serves as a warning to many on here who are after self-glorification.

Personally the more I learn and understand of homoeopathy, the more the classical approach makes sense to me: simillum, minimum dose, wait, watch, observe... It requires a true transformation in understanding as we are so used to many dose, more more more! next thing..now what..! Do you know what i mean? But it is also an art: what is that smillum, what is that dose, what is that we are seeing here? For me this is the duty that is being neglected on this forum at the moment - the inclination to find out what's really going on with people, at the expense of..'hey ive treated this before so it'll work again here' or 'you don't know this and i do' . I want to yell at everyone 'ER HELLO! It's not actually about YOU my friend! : ) ASK ! LEARN from the patient!
Anyway that said I do also sit back and thank God for the democracy here and the fact that everyone has their say,and that freedom of speech is alive and well on ABC!

God Bless all.
carlotta last decade
Thank you Carlotta, you do have such wisdom and I certainly appreciate that which is so logical, yet so spiritual.

That being said, I'd like comment on the approach that my homeopathic doctor took with me and my son.

First let me say that I was introduced to homeopathy through my dogs homeopathic vet. My dog suffered for many years until I found that vet - and she indeed saved my dogs life. If anyone is interested, she has made a wonderful movie about homeopathy for veterinarians and all and has traveled to many places to learn and gather quality information, including China. This movie is only the first in a series that she is creating. She uses ozone therapy with wonderful success in her little furry patients. You will find the movie at drdomore dot com. She is on a mission of creating awareness and helping people to be able to do more for themselves and their pets right at home. I just love her genuine compassion and insight and would suggest that everyone would find her interesting and intelligent. Please go check out her site.

Now back to my homeopathic doctor: We had our initial visit and at the time I really didn't know much about homeopathy, only that I was not happy with allopathic medicine and I knew there was a better way.
Upon leaving his office, he gave me a 200c dose and sent me home with a months worth of the remedy (I believe was sulphur.) He told me to take one pill or pellet daily and to try and take it at the same time every day. He is very well known in my area of New England, USA. He has a school as well and I have been tempted to attend.

I thought I'd just comment on his approach with the first dose being a 200c and then a daily method to follow with just the one pill of 30c.

Carlotta, after reading what you wrote, he would certainly be one who takes the classical approach as you said...simillum, minimum dose, wait, watch, observe.

Thank you for your input as I feel you are 100% correct.

And maybe others should think about what you have posted here, as it can only help them improve their understanding and approach.

Good luck to all of you who are in search of answers, I hope we all can learn from one another and be more accepting of our differences. And as Carlotta says - do listen to your intuition.

Best regards,
lily white last decade
Lily white and carlotta...
do you both happen to be homeopaths?? if so.. can someone really comment on what wud be probably goin on wiht me?? i mean i have really cut short on all the oily stuffs, am eating healthy.. excersing.. ya i do take stress since i m studying and all but what do i do?? i do not want this to continue like for ever.. i dont like taking medicines for a long period of time.. and certainly even it arnica is a wonder drug.. i am not interested consuming it like forever..

can someone advice me please..

FYI i have started the arnica wet doses and the silicea tablets as joe suggested it been 2 days so i wont comment.. but will surely let u knw if i see some difference..

Awaitng response..

samrita last decade
And Mr. Murthy,

A humble request to you.. i duly respect yr disrespect for Joe.. but it would be nice if you can support yr protest with some facts.. and alternate comments like how carlotta does.. u simply disregard somethng.. whr as she gives a reason to do so.. and that makes her more convincing than you..

lets keep this forum a place whr healthy discussions are done.. and not point fingers at others.. if you do not agree to something that someone suggests.. y dont u put forth your suggesting or arguments constructively..

thats a humble request..

samrita last decade
I am copying my post on another thread which is of interest to both Samrita and Lily and Carlotta:

Re: back ache From Joe De Livera on 2006-12-03
Look who is prescribing :

'Re: back ache From gavinimurthy on 2006-12-01
While others respond read about Ranunculus Bulbosus.


Has the hyper classical pseudo homeopath used his own version of Murthypathy to prescribe Ran Bulb ?

It is very likely that Muthy is correct in the choice of the remedy but my question to him is, on what grounds has he selected this remedy ?

Remember that people in glass houses should not throw stones !
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

I told you umpteen times that for acute problems the remedy is selected based on

Location, sensation, and modalities.

For the above case, all these three indicate Rann.Bulb.

Read yourself all MMs amout Ran.Bulb, and come back if you have still doubts.

gavinimurthy last decade
Hi Samrita

Look again to know why I had to intervene in this thread.

This is the Joe's post which made me to respond.

' you may have noticed that I have been subjected to a lot of vilification from some trolls who strangely seem to have disappeared from the ABC for the last 2 days, thus leaving me the opportunity of helping patients who post their problem.'

Do you expect me to keep quiet when he calls me a troll.

We might have had disagreements earlier, but what is the necessity of all this vilification on this thread?

Please understand that I have a right to defend myself, when such insinuations are made.

It is strange that you give advices to me, but, were happy when he was calling me a troll, and never had a word of protest.

I don't need any support as such, I can defend myself, but a partisan reaction wthout going through all the details is not a healthy sign.

gavinimurthy last decade

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