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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
keep sending it up.

gavinimurthy last decade
Funny thing is that all effort to erase Joepathy are only going in the direction to making him more might.

Situation points to the dimension that Now Dr. Luc is needed to finish Joepathy.

So now Dr. Luc vs Joe De Livera.

Now it comes to equal terms.
kuldeep last decade
Read from the first page.

gavinimurthy last decade
I don't think using a medicine even in solution is 'harmless' (though you have qualified that with 'relatively'). Some patients are very careless - someone is going to read that and decide wet dose is safe and try any and everything.
Then again is the situation when a medicine is acting palliatively or to suppress, but the initial relief gives the patient so much hope - and so much belief in the prescriber - that even when the problems appear, they are still reluctant to leave the medicine - or else, will follow some equally inadequate advice from the prescriber. So the 'harmless'ness is no longer so harmless.
Apart from that, excellent analysis. Good work.
ripas last decade
bumped up for the benefit of newbies.

gavinimurthy last decade
I've only followed this thread in regard to giving the remedies in water. I'm not sure what Joepathy is.

Dr. Luc is to be credited for his championing of the water dose - all homeopathic remedies should be used in water, as this reduces aggravations, lets the remedy act more gently, and gives the homeopath the ability to adjust the dose greatly by giving more or less of the remedy solution to the patient.

David Little also deserves much praise for his explanation, experience, and wisdom on the water solution method. The free articles on his website are very educational regarding the water dose.

However, it was Hahnemann who created the water method, and who finally moved to always using homeopathy in a water dose. The 6th Organon explains the homoepathic water dose, and the advantages of the LM potency that are always used in liquid.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Joe De Livers appears to be the biggest and most formidable foe of classical homeopathy.

Too great to ignore.

Requires a hell a lot of firefighting.
girilal last decade
...besides Sankaran? :)
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Getting famous is entirely different skill.

It has nothing to do with homeopathy or just anything.
girilal last decade

Strictly speaking there is nothing like classical homeopathy. There is only one homeopathy which has the similia similibus curantar as it's philosophy.

Many people experiment with homeopathic remedies without following the basic philosophy. Such practices are better known as allopathy with homeopathic medicines.

Sometimes pepole like me can see danger with these therapies..just like we see dangers with main stream allopathy.

In such cases all of us have a right to put forth our point of view. It is upto the patient to decide what to do when he receives conflicting advice.

There is a likelihood that your prescription on a public forum like this can be challenged. Instead of launching a diatribe on the person doing so the sensible way would be to defend your prescription with logic.

There are many instances when I object to a prescription. Sometimes I do offer alternative suggestions.

All the people who once were fighting me understood this except our grand old man. Others do clarify their point in a civil way and the healthy discussion continues.

Is it accepatable behaviour to fly into a rage and launch a diatribe calling me names if I intervene on the threads answered by our GOM and tell what I feel?

I too can match our GOM word to word but I don't want to stoop down to such low levels once again and make this forum a battle field.

I have been showing maximum restraint. If our GOM expects me to keep away from the threads he answers he will be disappointed.

He has to defend his prescriptions without attacking me personally. It will be good for his health.

Did you notice that I never attack him taking his name? There could have been an odd post or two made in jest. Humor is part of life and one can laugh it away.

Our GOM plays the same old gramophone record again and again calling me thick skinnned etc..etc and in his latest posts he started involving my parents too.

I really feel pity on him. If I intervene on the threads he replied to, all he has to do is to ask the patient to decide on what to do.

All my colleagues on this forum do that. Why this man should be an exception and behave in a lunatic way?

Remember that we could live together despite our earlier hostilities. Why can't be the same with our GOM?

All he has to do is not to over react.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Girilal

It was about 15 years ago that I first discovered that the form of classical homeopathy which I had studied in previous years on my own from the same texts used in Homeopathic colleges and which is practiced world wide was not as effective in its curative aspects as my therapy which the PCH (pseudo classical homeopath) who infests this forum, derisively classified as 'Joepathy'. Unfortunately for him this term has come to stay and lists over 1500 of my choice cases each of which gives the patient's own response to my therapy. It is a matter of satisfaction to me personally that although my Joepathy does not coincide with Classical Homeopathy, the fact remains that the large majority of cases I have treated have been cured. It is also significant that in spite of the PCH's warnings to patients about the looming danger of my Joepathy which according to him only serves to suppress the disease but at a fearful cost of triggering some more more severe and dangerous form of another disease such as cancer will manifest itself. As a matter of record I have yet to see his dire prediction being fulfilled and I shall await any further light that the PCH can shed on this matter as he will be doing me and my patients a great service if he can prove his prophesies.

It is a matter of interest that in some threads the patients who were successfully treated and cured by my Joepathy were warned by this PCH and to his consternation they reassured him that his warnings were in vain as they had already confirmed their cure in no uncertain terms, much to his chagrin.

It is a matter of interest as to the reason why my Joepathy has evoked this interest worldwide and this fact alone should alleviate this PCH's concern over my therapy. Surely there must be some reason why my Joepathy lists around 1500 hits on all Search engines while his own therapy which he sometimes labels as Murthypathy in the feeble hope that this term which defined his pseudo classical therapy will also hit the headlines. Unfortunately this event is yet to occur and I await the day when it hopefully will do so.

I am simply amazed that so many classically trained homeopaths have steadfastly stuck to their initial training in their respective Homeopathic Colleges as they were brainwashed into believing that the cure of a patient was only possible within the narrow bounds of Classical Homeopathy which they were in duty bound to follow as othewise they would never have got their diplomas if they practiced the same allopathic method I use in Joepathy to treat the ailment the patient presents.

I have a suspicion that those who practice Classical homeopathy, where the homeopath sticks to the rules and treats the 'totality of the symptoms presented by the patient with a singly remedy', do so as this gives them the opportunity of prolonging the agony of the poor suffering patient who would be given that 'single' remedy which is invariably not identified as the patient is not aware of the name of the medicine given. The patient is compelled to visit the classical homeopath again and again and each visit does not come cheap. In the majority of cases the patient is compelled to visit his homeopath on a weekly basis for months on end as his ailment for which he first consulted the homeopath was not cured.

I have often stated that I do not practice Homeopathy for any financial reward. It is just the deep satisfaction that I derive from helping a suffering patient and in most cases, curing him/her that keeps me active at my advanced age of 81 years on this and other Homeopathic forums in spite of the interference and insults I have to undergo on a daily basis from the PCH who infests this forum. He suffers from what can be best described as 'JOEPHOBIA' and it is my hope that he will undergo some therapy to see the light from the angle of my Joepathy and be cured of his phobia. He does not display any love of humanity let alone a desire to be of service to suffering humanity by curing the ailment presented by the patient.

I have recently stressed that I am not alone in the form of therapy that I have always advocated as the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Foundation has confirmed that they practice my direct approach to healing instead of the classical method.
Anyone interested can visit:


I believe that the majority of practicing homeopaths also practice my direct approach to healing as it would impossible for a professional homeopath to treat a hundred patients in a normal working day as the classical approach will involve at least an hour long interview which they cannot afford to expend on a single patient. In the result I often wonder as to who is fooling whom ? I would like to have an acceptable reason that the PCH can give in answer to my question.

My analysis of this controversy is that classical homeopaths only pretend to use their classical formula in the treatment of their patients. In doing so they do not expose themselves to the taunts that I am compelled to suffer on a daily basis from this PCH who in common with his reading which is largely theoretical and he commenced on a crash course of study which he stated was on a 24x7 basis shortly after he was my patient in alleviating his obesity the records of which are on this Forum. He admitted at that time that he did not have any hands on experience in the treatment of patients and I presume that the status quo still obtains.

I have placed my cards openly on the table and it is up to the PCH to respond if he so chooses to do.

I also hope that some classical homeopath will attempt to cure him of his JOEPHOBIA.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe, when I said: Too great to ignore.

It was for amusement only because somebody is out making it his business to defeat a very formidable foe. After years and years - still he has not accepted defeat.

Your way or my way of treatment - no matter which way. It only matter that we do it with our whole spirit and joy and so the curing happens.
girilal last decade

We must have heard this gramophone record atleast a thousand times. In fact our GOM takes great pains in defending himself on almost every post which shows his feeling of vulnerabiity.

I don't know when it will enter his mind that Google picks up any term repetetively used on the internet and it doesn't endorse anything.

classical homeopathy
About 255,000 results (0.20 seconds)

Classical homeopathy has 255,000 results compared to the paltry 1300 our GOM boasts off repeatedly.

Will our GOM agree that Classical homeopathy is a better therapy since it gives so many more hits.

Will he agree that more people are interested in classical homeopathy than his sillypathy, based on the number of hits?

The first hit of Joepathy is

Joepathy - Nuisance or What ? - ABC Homeopathy Forum

as on now. It may change later.

If our GOM knows that the results are arranged in the order of most viewed, what does it show? People are interested more in the controversy than in the actual therapy he professes.

The last result on the first page is

Bridge Deals Analysis : Player 'joepathy'

Our GOM puts that result too in his basket. :-)

As you keep on clicking,the 1300 initial figure gets reduced to this paltry figure of 36.


In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 36 already displayed.

Google itself declares that the others are repetetions.

So much for Joepathy being recognised world wide.

When will he come out of this delusion that he is recognised world wide and people started feeling jealous about him.

Those that visit these forums are a miniscule minority compared to the people who use homeopathy world wide.

Joe is a non entity as far as homeopathy is concerned except for people visiting a couple of homeopathic forums.

The earlier he understands this the better for him.

I shall continue.

gavinimurthy last decade
Regarding the issue of suppression I feel it is probable and hence caution the patients about it.

I have a right to post what I feel about a particular prescription.

Why should any one gets peeved about it.

He can inform the patient that the possibility of suppression is remote and ask the patient to follow his therpay and leave it to the patient to decide.

Others do it routinely. Why our GOM has to write pages and pages of diatribe instead of following this simple way?

I shall continue.

gavinimurthy last decade
I have already answered earlier that there is no comparision between the P.Banerji's protocols and this sillypathy. They use all the 3000 medicines of homeopathy after a thorough study of the Materia Medica. They don't restrict themselves to a dozen remedies.

Our GOM conveniently side tracks this important difference and plays his gramaphone record.


I am sure this word too will be picked up by Google.

More seriously...

I stick to what I said earlier.I won't be detered by these personal insults our GOM heaps on me.

I will keep questioning his methods. He has to defend them every time and leave it to the patient to decide what to do.

He will save his breath if he stops typing these longish points and learns the method called 'answer to the point'.

The posts then will be brief and will carry some meaning. Otherwise as I said earlier people will simply switch off the gramaphone record.

gavinimurthy last decade
Warning to patients here... please get your advice from a real classical homeopath.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Also, please let these personal attacks fade. We're all here to do good for others...
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
'Warning to patients here... please get your advice from a real classical homeopath'

Why anyone who is not a 'REAL CLASSICAL HOMEOPATH' cannot cure at all?

This thing is vindicative and root cause of all problems on this forum.

Patients come here to this forum, most come by recommendations or by search engines. They stumble over it, and believe that they are at right place FINALLY.

They come here after they fail elsewhere.

So we are all here to welcome them and all. We all learn and teach here simultaneously.
girilal last decade
There are two main theories of medicines... allopathy and homeopathy.

If there is a cure from the use of homeopathic medicines, it is due to the homeopathic response to the medicine, where the medicine is homeopathic to the disturbance in the patient, whatever the theoretical perspective of the doctor, or the name they use. Schussler had his own theory, and many cures have been made with Schussler's ideas, but it's clear to many observers that his cures were homeopathic in nature, not due to Schussler's theories.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
then why warn patients here.


And which specific agency coronate these creatures?
girilal last decade
Dear jewish homeopath

I too had been in the same boat as you were..a few years back.

However after many many interactions with practicing homeopaths worldwide I tend to see results and cures even when one deviates from the principles enunciated in the organon.

As you said finally it is the homeopathy of the medicine that cures. Some may arrive at it in the way as told in the organon. Some may do it by intution.

Now a days I intervene only when I see danger in one's prescriptions.

Even people like Sankaran and Scholten feel that they are classical homeopaths. It is difficult to define the term real classical homeopath. It is very difficult to judge whether one is so or not from the patient's perspective.

So I changed the word to competent homeopath and advise the patients too to check their cure rate before consulting any homeopath.

In any society if one takes enough pains it is not difficult to spot them.

gavinimurthy last decade
Sorry. Read homeopathicity of the medicine.

gavinimurthy last decade
Well Gavini, in that case this site has only two choices:

Either shut it down.


Make it go to www.hpathy.com way. Put many constables on the gate. Only discussion and more discussion.

Of-course time and again patients may show up at such site, very impressed by fancy discussion. Patient thinks now these guys will take away my pain.

Then what will happen: Patients get a juicy slap on their face. If Anybody dares to try to even look into his or her case too gets juicy slap on the face.
Taliban! Primitive anti-evolution homeopathy. Follow-Tradition-and-Circumcise-theo-homeopathy.

But this site has only one moderator and this site must bring in some revenues to sustain itself and to pay off all the efforts.

Democracy of choice has brought this site to zenith.

And not to forget that this site is the biggest ever contributor to homeopathy.

People here ask for Joe, or whomsoever they like, they dont' ask for any dogma or discussion. They dont' like being refereed to some expansive-named-famed-toon.

They don't like to hear:
Go find some qualified or real or classical homeopath.
girilal last decade

When I said society that includes www and forums like these two.

For those who are determined it is not difficult to spot competent homeopaths on the forums too.

And you must have observed .. I said that even those not following organon to the letter too may cure patients.

But let me hasten to add that in such cases too it is the homeopathicity of the medicine that cures..and the law remains valid.

Did you read Koppikar? The grand old man died recently. He highlights cures that happened with non standard methods.

As long as the therapy is helping the patients without worsening him and relieves his suffering without long term side effects any therapy is o.k.

If the therapy is worsening the patient he himself will stop it. Th only worry I have is regarding palliation and the long term effects with therapies that aim at palliation rather than cure.

Allopathy is known to affect the individual if the palliation is tried infinitely and at some point it becomes difficult even to palliate.

Whether the same happens with other therapies too is the million dollar question.

I for one tend to be conservative in using the medicines and the prolonged life long use of any medicine is a big no as far I am concerned.

If the allopathic therapy of palliation has long term negative implications it stands to logic that other modes that aim at palliation only too may have such implications.

Homeopathy when understood properly has certain built in safety features and I wish these things are understood by the practicing homeopaths.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Gavini

Koppilar may have used his instincts to discover similarity. Similum is how you conclude the similarity. Some people look only upon mental symptoms. Some get locked upon precedences. That too is Similum - two similar patients or ailments.

Well, anyway Dr. Luc is making Joe's medicines harmless.

I only believe that he loves his patients and walks and talks with them. Engages them and pulls them out of their morbid disease.

Friendship too cures. Faith too cures. Only Similum is not the God in this world.
girilal last decade
Those who want to learn Dr. Luc's explanations of Hahneman's water dose, succussions and LMs should see the articles on his website... http://www.drluc.com

Also, as Hahnemann explains in the Organon Mesmerism (what is today called energy healing, Reiki, and other aura healing, etc.), and massage also cures patients!
Homeopathy International 1 last decade

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