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Hi I have been reading posts regarding this condition. I have just seen my doctor and am on hospital waiting list for tests. I experience;

1/bloating in stomach, flatuence, belching and an ache in my lower left abdomen which seems to move around in my lower stomach, lower back and legs. Some times I feel wee sharp pains in my body area.
2/ dull headaches
3/tiredness I feel the tired around my eyes in my neck and head area. Often feel as if my head is blocked. I sneeze heaps in the morning when I first wake. only then.
4/I feel clammy and nausea (I think the nausea is more in my head area) and wonder if I have a fever or have picked up a flu bug.
Most of these symptoms seem to 'flare up'after a period of time where I think I have come right.I think that it is worse just before my periods would be due (have had partial hysterectomy) Day to day the bloating, gas and belching is the most difficult. As it flares up I think the most difficult thing for me to deal with is the overwhelming tiredness.
I sleep pretty good but in the flare up times I dont wake feeling rested and sometimes dream very busy dreams. I drink at least a litre of water a day but this is forced, I never feel thirst for water and I try to walk for one hour four times a week but when tired this is difficult.I think white bread products make the bloating and belching worse. I tend to crave sweet food only after tea not often through the day. I am sensitive to noise I can hear everything that is happening around me and feel unable to block say the tv noise from a low playing stereo or a conversation.I am sensitive to others moods and generally keep people at bay. I find people complicated especially people I dont know and groups of people are difficult for me if I have to make conversation. I like to sit back and watch a situation. I feel like I dont fit in to a crowd situation that requires conversation/ sometimes I dont mind, sometimes I do. dont usually let people who have chaos or are not reliable too close I find these people complicated and emotional and feel drawn in if I dont keep them at bay. Curiously my job involves caring for young people and their families often in these emotional type circumstances but there are rules and boundaries that I am comfortable with and I manage this well. I strongly beleive that one should do what they say they will and I hate to be late if I have made a committment to someone.Love my family deeply and am very protective of them. Love my home its my sanctury. Any suggestions? thanks.
  lyndylu on 2006-04-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
sounds like candida infestation

what medicines used in health history?when (dates)?reasons? please explaij thoroughly
John Stanton last decade
I am copying some information on Diverticulosis which may be of interest:

It's common for people older than age 60 to have small, bulging pouches (diverticula) in their digestive tracts Ñ a condition known as diverticulosis. Although diverticula can form anywhere, including in your esophagus, stomach and small intestine, most occur in your large intestine. Because these pouches seldom cause any problems, you may never know you have them.

Sometimes, however, one or more pouches becomes inflamed or infected, causing severe abdominal pain, fever, nausea and a marked change in your bowel habits. When diverticula become infected, the condition is called diverticulitis. Mild cases of diverticulitis can be treated with rest, changes in your diet and antibiotics. But serious cases may require surgery to remove the diseased portion of your colon.

Fortunately, most people with diverticulosis never develop diverticulitis. Best of all, you can help prevent both types of diverticular disease by including more high-fiber foods in your diet.

The remedy that I have used to help a few patients including a man 86 years old is Nat Phos 6x (biochemic) dose 2 tablets taken after lunch and dinner.

This remedy accelerates the passage of food through the gut and thereby ensures that the stagnation of the food in the diverticula in the large intestine is prevented.

Nat Phos 6x will also help to reduce weight at the rate of between 1-2 pounds per week if used in the dosage indicated above.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi John. I have never used medicines to any great extent during my lifetime. Right at this moment I am taking antibiotics (Augmentin)for possible infection due to symptoms I explained in previous post. Just near the end of 2005 I became very ill, lethargic, pain in lower stomach back area and doctor advised hospital admission for tests. I did not go but had tests with doctor. Urine Tests came back with a slight infection showing, small amount of blood in urine. Stool tests were clear of infection, giardia etc. I am generally a very healthy person. I am 42 Female. Had a sub total hystorectomy about three years ago due to two fibriods in uterus. Never had any trouble with periods etc until then. The uterus condition seemed to me sudden and severe. I became anemic and exhausted over a time period of say nine months. I did not take any medicines during this time to but do remember my body reacting to the pain releif that they gave me in hospital after the operation, this pain releif was called Tramol. I could not even raise myself out of bed severe nausea, pains in chest and body. I recovered quickly after op. I have never felt right in my stomach since the experience of the fibriods, there was some damage to my bladder as the uterus had begun to adhese to the bladder. Last urine test (two days ago) fine. Last cervical smear test (four weeks ago) fine. Im not clear what other info would be useful to you. I appreciate your reply thank you. I wonder if this is a candida infection if it will show up in the blood tests. Joe thank you for your reply regarding nat phos. I feel that this might be useful. I do feel that stagnation in the bowel area is a key to my problems. I try to digliently take physilliam hulls each day, drink water and walk. Sometimes this gets difficult due to tiredness. Thank you both for your reply. much appreciated.
lyndylu last decade
Diverticulosis happens sometimes because you are wearing your waist belt too tight. This causes a pinched obstruction of the instestine and eventually the part of the digestive tract that is not allowed to flow normally becomes infected and pain and all kinds of discomfort become very evident. Caution because the long term effect can be the same as a bullet would to the stomach and you know how painful that can be if you have been watching television. 'Shoot him in the gut so he will suffer for a long time before he dies',says the villan to his friends and diverticulites can have the same effect if left unattended and results in a perforation of the intestinal wall and there you go. My best remedy to to loosen the belt and wear suspenders for a while to hold up your pants or skirt if necessary and drink lots of cranapple juice. You will see the relief in two day or sooner.But dont wait too long to do this as your own system may not be as hardy and could result in the worst case scenario of punctured intestine--------------------------------------------------------harioowrtest nftcn
generator last decade
I'd like to make people aware of something called AMP. It is a concentrated form of the active ingredient in Aloe Vera.

Here is link


I developed diverticulitis in last two years where i had cramps and nausea.

It took about month and a half for symptoms to go away. The time to work will vary depending upon severity. It essentially is a healthy and natural antibiotic without side effects. The pockets can heal also.

It is a little expensive but you won't regret it when you avoid surgery and complications of antibiotics. As you get better, you can cut down to a maintenance dose.

Not only does it address diverticulitis but a whole host of digestive disorders.
prioris last decade

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