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Frequent Diverticulitis / Small Bowel Blockage Episodes 27



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Frequent Diverticulitis

Can I get some help on frequent diverticulitis? I have been lately getting them every few months. I have been getting these since 2004, diverticulitis episodes or small bowel blockage. I this month again got a colonoscopy done and everything is fine except that a 7" long area had inflammation. Currently, I am fine but randomly feel a stretching feeling on the left side of the abdomen, probably the affected area. Many times this converts into a diverticulitis incident. This infection spreads very fast with pain & fever and as such always keep a course of antibiotics with me. However, these antibiotics mess up my gut even more. The permanent solution in allopathy is surgery or antibiotics treatment with every episode.

Other ailments I have are:

1. High BP (take a small daily dose of medicine to keep it in check)
2. Snoring / Sleep Apnea (Use CPAP machine)
3. Skin Ailment (Psoriasis or Dermatitis? (on ankle, itching & scaling)
4. Prior Panic Attacks episodes, ok now
5. Bloating of the abdomen / gassy
6. Some level of spine degeneration / herniated disc in neck, sometimes mild pain.

I think except for item 6, they all influence or affect each other and may be related. I am 58 yrs old male, professional and not much homeopathic help available locally. So help/homeopathic treatment is appreciated.

I will provide detailed case history as needed, please let me know if I need to complete any particular format.
Thanks for the help
  Banjara on 2019-10-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
1. Is the pain increased at the time of sleep or after sleep?
2. Is there any problem of drinking or eating liquid foods?
3. Do you feel sometimes that, anything is falling from your shoulder to your chest?
freehomeoforall 4 years ago
The responses to your questions are as follows:

1. Is the pain increased at the time of sleep or after sleep? Probably no correlation with sleep. However, symptoms flare up by the evening. May be start early and by the time I figure it out that I may have diverticulitis it is usually in the evening.

2. Is there any problem of drinking or eating liquid foods? No

3. Do you feel sometimes that, anything is falling from your shoulder to your chest? No, but I am a bit afraid of heights.

I just generally fell bloated, I am gassy and feel that my abdomen gets extended. After the course of antibiotics my stomach goes inside or is less distended. As the diverticulitis develops I also I feel that I am retaining more water, probably around the abdomen.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
Banjara 4 years ago
I think remarkable signs became hidden by alopathic medicines mostly for antibiotic.

I am interested to take your case.

Can you keep patience for some days?
I need 10 to 15 days.
You should avoid all of your running medicines and should follow my advice and should update everyday.

If you can knock me please.
I should ask you more questions.
freehomeoforall 4 years ago
I am currently taking only BP medicine which I presume is ok with you to continue. Yes, I can update you everyday, no issue. I have been taking Zinc with Vit C for sinus issues currently due to changing weather & I do often take Probiotics ever since the last antibiotic course. I do use CPAP machine everyday.

The first time I had an episode of small bowel blockage & diverticulitis was in 1999 & not in 2004. I had been trying to finish more than a week's work in few hrs, was under lot of project pressure. Did not realize that the body was taking stress & started getting pain the abdomen. Felt like somebody was stabbing me in the abdomen on the left lower side. The stabbing got deeper and pain became stronger and all the allopathic medicines recommended by Dr did not work & ended up in the hospital emergency room in the middle of the night. Ultimately was controlled by a narcotic pain injection & was fine next day. Followed by course of antibiotics. These were frequent initially & then then was once in a while. However, had noticed that anytime I would travel or change of place I would get small bowel blockage or diverticulitis. When I say small bowel blockage, I mean my abdomen would become like a pressure cooker, heavily bloated up and would not pass gas & would become unbearable as the pressure would continue to build, ended up in ER all the time.
Now with lots of experience in diverticulitis, if I feel anything, I lie down on a flat surface and press my abdomen on the left side, if any where tender, have pain that means I have diverticulitis & if untreated gets worsened & will develop fever etc.
I have had panic attacks around 2009 & were treated homeopathically, I am ok now but sometimes I feel I need to do some meditation & calm down. I eat healthy but weak on exercise. I am a bit overweight and do not easily lose it.
I have got physical checkups and all is fine.

I have skin ailment on my left ankle/lower leg, problem is called, "lychen Amylosis" as per the dematologist.

Appreciate your help & please let me know if you have any questions. Did u mean you are busy for 10-15 days, not clear/sure what you mean't.

Thanks Again.
Banjara 4 years ago
Please take:
Lachesis 200
5 drops+ 50ml water
Shake the bottle 12 times for every dose.

5ml from the bottle every morning in empty stomach.

* Avoid any other medicines.
* Avoid all types of oily food.
* Give feedback everyday
The remedy will be finished in 10 days.
May God Give You Full Cure.
*** Small Bowel Blockage is risky. If you see that gas and pain is increasing take instant step what are you doing to control.

I am telling you again. Please update everyday even no changes is noticed.
May God Give You Full Cure.
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2019-10-30 21:04:21]
freehomeoforall 4 years ago
Thanks, will take Lachesis 200 as directed and report everyday after starting Lachesis.

On the 1st symptom of small bowel blockage I stop eating. I do drink carbonated water and take home remedies like Churan etc. Fasting supposed to clear the blockage but if not controllable end up in the Hospital Emergency room & so far always controlled by narcotic pain killer injection.

Thanks & appreciate the help
Banjara 4 years ago
Day 1 Completed: Took Lachesis 200 single dose yesterday as directed. Felt that the little nasal discharge I was having subsided. No other change noticed. Woke up today with mild neck pain, stiff neck, could be because of improper pillow position but also when I take something for nasal issues which dries me up causes neck stiffness & some times pain. I have herniated discs in the neck but only once in a while have some pain because of that otherwise usually not an issue. On waking up did have some nasal discharge from right nostril.
Feel a mild stretch below the left rib in the abdomen.

Will continue with Lachesis unless directed otherwise.

Thanks for the help.
Banjara 4 years ago
Take another dose tomorrow morning and give feedback.
freehomeoforall 4 years ago
Did u mean skip the dose today? It is morning here in the US.
Banjara 4 years ago
Sorry to bother U, will take the next dose soon unless I hear back otherwise. My abdomen is more bloated / distended than yesterday, it is morning here.
I may be changing my BP medicine, planning to go to the cardiologist as my BP has lately been high with the medicine, 147/87. It is from the abdomen as per my judgement and not heart related. All previous stress tests & cardiology examinations were fine.

Banjara 4 years ago
It is evening here.
Take 2nd dose accordingly and give feedback next day.

Keep in hand: Nux Vom 200 & Aloe Soc 30

I'll tell you when you should take this.

If your abdomen pain is increased then we should take help of Nux Vom 200.
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2019-11-01 14:51:18]
freehomeoforall 4 years ago
Add: Nat Mur 12X
6 tablets 3 times a day.
Drink a glass of warm water after taking 6 tablets.
freehomeoforall 4 years ago

I have Nat Mur 6X, will that work? Can take within an hour of taking Lachesis 200? Homeopathic medicines are not readily available and have to be special ordered and can take a week to 10 days.

I have Nux Vom 200 at hand, I have quite a few homeopathic remedies in my house.

Appreciate your help.
Banjara 4 years ago
Don't have Aloe Soc with me
Banjara 4 years ago
Yes. You may take Nat Mur 6X

What is about your stool. Give full details.
freehomeoforall 4 years ago
I have a daily bowel movement. However, it is not like going 1st thing in the morning. I have started drinking glass of warm water with Aloe Vera juice in the morning for last 2 weeks and now have added Triphala for the last 4-5days. With this I have been having daily morning bowel movements but not at a fixed time. I feel clean, get a full good bowel movement. These were a bit greenish in color when I had started probiotics, now last 2-3 days have a cupric/brownish tinge, sorry for the dirty stuff here. But otherwise these are normal color/tone. Recent colonoscopy was fine and no occult blood in stools. However, I have a very small fistula about 1/2" from the anus and colonoscopy report stated minor hemorrhoids.

Used to be constipated as a child, into youth and as an adult used to pass smelly odor gas but not the case for many many years now.

Even last 2 days I had good bowel movement but abdomen is distended more. Feels pressure and I think it bumps up my BP.

Banjara 4 years ago
Day 2 Update:

Did not sleep well, lots of dreams and brain felt over active/hyper while trying to go to sleep, slept about 5hrs, need about 7hrs sleep. Day before also I did not sleep as usual but did not pick on it as thought that happens once in a while, had lots of dreams too.

Yesterday, abdomen was more bloated than normal. Had stiff neck & the pain increased as the day progressed. However, Natrum Mur 6X helped here in the headaches. Applied moist heat & rested to manage it without allopathic pain killers. BP remains high.

Day 3 started, abdomen distended. Have not taken any remedy yet.
Banjara 4 years ago
Neck still feels little stiff and hurts mildly.
Banjara 4 years ago
I feel mentally dull and lethargic, should I continue with Lachesis?

Banjara 4 years ago
Stop Lachesis
Take a dose of Nux Vom 200 tonight before going to bed.
Nux vom 200
3 drops+ half cup water
freehomeoforall 4 years ago
Hold on the Nat Mur also or Continue along with Nux?
Banjara 4 years ago
Continue Nat Mur 6x accordingly.
No need to take Lachesis more.
Is there any change of your itching?
freehomeoforall 4 years ago
Yes, sorry wanted to mention that too, itching was better yesterday. Lichen Amyloidosis the skin problem I have has strong itching but was better yesterday. I have also been applying / rubbing fresh Aloe Vera on the affected area.
Banjara 4 years ago
We have to take a gap.

Did you take 3rd dose of Lachesis?
If not then take Nux Vom 200 now and tonight before going to bed.
freehomeoforall 4 years ago
No have not yet taken 3rd dose of Lachesis. Ok, will take Nux now & tonight.
Banjara 4 years ago

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