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My throat is red and the down part of the tongue is very red
Varun7676 7 months ago
Belladonna 200
6pills 3 times a day.
freehomeoforall 7 months ago
There are tiny painful white ulcers on the tongue too. They have made a white streak on the tongue.
Varun7676 7 months ago
You should mention all sufferings. If not, the remedy will not help you. Okay. Try Belladonna at first. And give feedback after 3 doses.
freehomeoforall 7 months ago
Took belladona 3 times yesterday.
No change seen as by now.
Pain and swelling on the forehead where the right eyebrow starts. Pain Sometimes extending back to the right top side of the head.
Pain in right nape of the neck aggravated on turning the head in the morning for an hour or so.
Ears beeping continuosly.
Right ear feels stopped difficulty hearing light sounds from right ear. Right nose feels little closed up. No discharge from it whatsoever.
Right eyelid sticks little to the eye on morning. Opening slowly.
Right sided throat pain. Worse on bending forward, from excitement or emotions or moving the chin down towards the chest. Worse on movement and loud talking .
Small ulcers on the tongue ,below the tongue and the throat painful to touch.
Tongue burns and cracks up in the middle from spicy food so i avoid that.
Loud and sharp noises unbearable creating irritability and panic. As if going right through me.
Great chilliness all throughout the day. Specially felt in ears , hands fingers and sole of the feet. Sole of the feet and fingers becomes so chilled sometimes it is impossible to warm them.
Waves of chill move from feet to the upper body sometimes.
Face has become red from cold. Head hot when getting chilly.some rashes have appeared on the neck ,ears and upper back.
Irritability runs with the headache.
Little nervous in front of friends.
Talking very stupidly in front of friends. Very stupid things. I think It is because of the headache. No control over my tongue. Just saying silly things without thinking about it . Feeling very stupid. Feels like brain has stopped along with the nose and ear.
Stomach pain in the night and in the morning before stools. Pains creating irritability.
Clinical observation is nasopharyngitis and dns.
Physician also says that the throat pain is because of heat in the stomach.
The eyes and skin dry up in sunlight . Only in 15 mins . The face becomes red from slight sun exposure.
No allopathy medicines taken.
The same disease has occured in june as well ,more severe than this.
That time the physician said septic has started forming on the rashes and tongue. He never prescribes me antibiotics because im im sensitive to them . But during that time i was treated with tablet amoxyclav 600. Three times a day for 12 days . Then the issue resolved. But the antibiotics caused me great gastric issues. Vomited continuosly for 6 hours after a day i started taking them . So he gave me medicines for gastritis and vomiting as well. Followed by liver syrups and probiotics.
Varun7676 7 months ago
Forgot to mention sir that along with swelling on near the eyebrow there is redness. Like blood has stopped over there. And there is no fever.
Varun7676 7 months ago
Merc Sol 30
6pills in the morning
Belladonna 200
6pills in the evening
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freehomeoforall 7 months ago
Thank you.
Varun7676 7 months ago
No relief still from throat pain.
Ulcers below tongue right base of nose which are painful.
Red eruption on lower left lip on the outside.
Eruption on back of the neck.
Pain in the neck on touch on the right side of larynx.
If i eat something hard say a pill. It gets stuck in the throat.
Ears ringing constantly.
Throat pain aggravated by cold atmosphere, emotions.
Weekly masturbation( two times same day) with a soft penis.
Sleepless till 2 or 3 am from anger.
Some relative called me dangerous faced around 6 months ago. The same thought appears and i get very angry at that preventing sleep.I am Very hurried when angry. Every emotion shows on the face cannot control.
Anger at all family members because of loss of job. Feel like they have not done anything for me so i would not do anything to them
No desire to talk to anybody( specially family members and people who have offended earlier)
.dont want anybody around at home. Sensitive to insults . Delusion that i am insulted. Easy to take insults.
Social phobia. Sensitive and fear to people getting insulted in front of me.
Sexual desire with pain in the right testicle.
Waking up talking to people in my mind not from mouth.
Worse after afternoon nap. Slightest jokes with friends makes me angry inside and after that i will not talk to them ignore them to their face.
Will brood over it again and again.
About sexuality thing i get aroused to masturbation only once a week rest of the week i just hate women to be around. Maybe it is self protective anger.
Mild eye pain and swelling over right eye where eyebrow starts.
Eye pain worse from sun, bright lights etc.
Varun7676 7 months ago
Heart beats fast after fear or anything unusual. I can hear the beats it throbs very much.
Very fearful even while playing video games as well.
Varun7676 7 months ago
Im sorry sir. But in between these days i took antibiotics for throat which relieved for a few days but the throat pain started again after discontinuing them.
I had jokes with my friend just two hours ago . He cracked jokes at me and i too cracked jokes at him . Now anger at him is coming and thoughts to me are coming that he is talking bad about me with his friends. And because of this suspicion i m not going to talk to him for say two or three months. Telling you this is gonna happen because it is the way it has always been happening.
Varun7676 7 months ago
Please suggest a remedy sir
Varun7676 7 months ago
Sorry again that i took antibiotics but the throat pain was very severe at that time sir.
Varun7676 7 months ago
And the problems get worse when i think about them. I feel good if i am busy with something
Varun7676 7 months ago
As you have started antibiotics. Take full course. Taking antibiotics for a short time may be dangerous. At first give time to relief fully. Complete the full course till geting full relief. Come back then.
freehomeoforall 7 months ago
I have taken the full course for 5 days.. antibiotics were metroindazole 3 times a day plus doxyxycline 2 times a day for 5 days. Plus steam inhalation
Varun7676 7 months ago
I visited the doctor again after that. He prescribed orasep gel for ulcers and steam inhalation. As my right ear is closed .
Varun7676 7 months ago
I feel that something has grown inside my throat which hurts on the inside. Plus when i take medicines they stop in the throat in the middle right where there is pain on the inside ( so i have tod more water to swallow it) and the pain increases when a javket or something touches the neck on the outside.
Varun7676 7 months ago
Please help sir i feel so worried about my behaviour and my fear.
Regarding fears i have one prominent fear from childhood that is of blood tests and getting my ears pierced . I can never give blood tests. In september my mother suffered from dengue. So she needed platelets and i had to give blood to her. My face was so red before giving blood. Usually my bo is 120/80 but before giving the blood my bp was 180/130.
Varun7676 7 months ago
And along with beeping in ears my right ear has a strange sound.
Varun7676 7 months ago
A continuos sound resembling the sound of a manual mill. The one with two large round stones in which the upper round prtion is is rotated. The same sound
Varun7676 7 months ago
Take Arsenic Album 30
6pills 3 times a day.
Only for 2 days (6 doses)
Give feedback then.
freehomeoforall 7 months ago
Ok. Thank you.
Varun7676 7 months ago
Two days after arsenic.
Throat pain is much less.
Only pains little when i am out in the cold air on lying which two pillows . Other times the throat and the inner portion of right ear itches only when I'm swallowing saliva. Mostly the inside of the right ear .
Right eye pain is still there with little weak vision. The vision is dizzy only when it pains only in the right eye. Otherwise the vision is fine when there is no pain.
Social phobia is still massive. Fear of being bullied and made fun of.
I get so fearful in social situations that i act ridiculous and foolish in those situations. I say foolish things to people when i am fearful( like i have no brain)( after that happens it creates a lot of anxiety and panic to me within.).I cannot control my tongue.
I had repeated nightmares of robbers breaking into the house yesterday. And repetitive dreams of the doctor i used to visit earlier.
Please help with social fear sir. These eye pains come n go. The phobia remains.Main point is losing my mind when i am fearing.
Varun7676 7 months ago
I start joking in those situations ( no control over it) .i start making fun of people , talking bad of people. I make foolish jokes and laughter.All this with a desire to escape.
Varun7676 7 months ago
I also tremble a lot in social gatherings like parties where there are a lot of peoole.
And i feel hurried inside. Hurried to answer , hurried to talk. I feel fear in abdomen. Like sudden nerve pulling around the middle abdomen.
Varun7676 7 months ago

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