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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
So Arnica caused lots of reaction to some peopel here.

Some people live in action. Others live in reaction, they should thank Joe for giving them a chance to resent.
tamiano last decade
It is like the whistle of a pressure vessel otherwise they would have had heart attack.

Thank Joe for giving them a reason.
tamiano last decade
This is a very disturbed person's vanity show.
kapil last decade
I must commend Nisha for starting this thread again after about 6 months as it has served to bring the Arnica controversy to the open once again. I am grateful to her that she did so as others who read this thread will be able to benefit from my experience in its use for the many ailments that I have listed above.

At the outset I would like to emphasize that Arnica cannot be classified by any stretch of her imagination to be the "Global or Universal remedy for ANY & ALL ailments, proved or otherwise" as stated by her in the first paragraph of her post. It cannot and must not be used in the manner that she has indicated in her post.

I notice that once again she seeks to cast aspersions on me for having placed my experience with Arnica on record for the benefit of others who may read the many faceted uses of Arnica, some of which to the best of my knowledge, have not been recorded in any Repertory or Materia Medica up to now.

As many are aware, Homeopathy dates back over 200 years when Hahnemann discovered its principles and recorded them in the Organon He is reputed to have identified 60 remedies which were the subject of his own research and other Homeopaths who succeeded him added to this selection and today we have over 5000 remedies which have all been "proved" in the classical sense and are in use today.

In the case of Arnica, many of the discoveries I made were serendipitous as in the case of it controlling Diabetes, which was reported by a patient who was a Type I Diabetic to whom I had given Arnica 30 for a wound on his toe which was not healing who reported that his Blood sugar level dropped dramatically. Other discoveries of Arnica helping other ailments were made by me and repeated on other patients who also reacted in the same manner like in the case of the chronic 88 year old Eczema patient who had suffered for 75 years and had been treated by doctors, Ayurvedic physicians and fellow Homeopaths with no success till the Arnica worked the magic in under a week. These records are by no means to be sniffed at and it is possible that long after we are no more, others who use this remedy in the manner that I have done may perhaps remember that it was I, Joe De Livera, that first used and recorded it. I believe that the many thousands of remedies used in Homeopathy today which have been "proved" in the classical manner do not by any means comprise the only ailments for which any given remedy can be used for, as recorded in the classical texts.

I have sufficient evidence today that Arnica 30c controls the Blood Sugar level of many who use this remedy in place of the injections of Insulin or in place of the tablets like Metformin that these patients were prescribed. I do not think that if one takes an overdose of Arnica that Diabetes can result like it did when Hahnemann overdosed himself with Quinine and brought forth the symptoms of Malaria. What I wish to state is that the many thousands of remedies used today in Homeopathy which are accepted as the remedy for the ailments listed in the classical texts, may also be useful in helping with other ailments which are not listed and it is up to anyone who discovers another use for a given remedy to share his discovery and record it in a forum such as this, so that others too can benefit from it. It is unfortunate that most of us lack the facility to carry out laboratory tests which can be done to verify the result of these discoveries and it will be seen that in recording any unexpected result in the cure of any ailment, others who are interested can also use the remedy for the same ailment and if it lives up to expectations it can be subjected to more tests and the results published.

it is my hope that at least in the case of Arnica 30c for Diabetes and Nat Phos 6x for Obesity that tests will be carried out to verify if the results that I and others have obtained can be replicated by them and more publicity be given to these remedies as they can serve to be a great boon to help Diabetics who are counted at 7% of the world's population and those who are Obese, who comprise over 50% of the population in developed countries and are accepted at 65% in the US alone.

I was first introduced to Homeopathy in 1968 as an unbeliever and skeptic but when I discovered that it had some very positive effect in curing my colds which I used to catch every fortnight, I decided to investigate and study this science in my free time. I could not believe that a few globules of Gelsemium could rid me of these frequent colds when medical specialists throughout the world failed to give me any relief except to put me on a daily dose of Piriton which left me in a state of suspended animation.

It was much later after a long course of study that I decided to use my skill in helping the members of my family and later others who first comprised the members of the staff in my organization of which I am the CEO, who were amazed that those little globules could make such a difference in their lives by curing their various ailments which their own doctors could not succeed in doing. They had been used to the standard routine drugs including Antibiotics which were invariably prescribed when the patient went for a fever and Steroids for ailments such as Asthma and Eczema. They used to visit their doctors at least on a monthly basis and had grown to accept that unless they used the powerful drugs as prescribed they were invariably absent due to sickness. Those who were suffering from chronic ailments like Asthma and Eczema had grown to accept Steroids as a way of life and one of them discovered that unless she used their Inhaler which was good for 200 puffs as often as necessary there was no survival. She would use up a Ventolin inhaler in just under a month. She informed me that the inhaler was a way of life and whenever she had to climb the stairs she would take a puff from the inhaler which she carried in her handbag. She stopped using her Ventolin inhaler within a week after starting on the remedy and can be considered completely cured as she does not use the remedy which in this case was Nat Sulph 6c in the Split Dose any more.

The Eczema cases that I have helped are many and have invariably responded to Arnica 6c which I have used in the liquid dose to which I was converted about a year ago as I discovered that it was far more effective than the dry globules. I have used 30c for chronic cases of Eczema if I found that the ailment was slow in responding to the 6c.

I have been accused sometimes of not following the standard method used in Homeopathy where the causative factors of the ailment are more important that the disease itself in the treatment of the ailment. I discovered that I did not seem to succeed in identifying the remedy on the basis of the usual detailed questionnaire recommended in the text books and invested in Radar 9.1 software which I used in the classical manner. Those who have used this software will marvel at its detailed use of hundreds of reference works and it served to increase my knowledge of Homeopathy and even today helps me to identify the remedy for the ailment that I was treating. I must mention here that even with the added advantage of Radar, I was sometimes not happy with the remedy that it would identify for a particular ailment which in many cases did not work successfully, like in the case of Eczema. Many remedies would be suggested depending on the response of the patient but Radar never identified Arnica as a remedy as I presume that it was not programmed to include it in its repertory.

I would like at this juncture to mention here that I am not qualified in Homeopathy with a degree or diploma as to me Homeopathy is only a hobby and I use the time at my disposal from my official duties as the CEO of a very old family owned business organization, to help others with Homeopathy. It so happens that I am long past retiring age at 76 and it is just that I have my sons to help me that I have this time at my disposal which I use for Homeopathy. I am informed that many hundreds of Homeopaths who practice in Sri Lanka where I live and the majority of those who practice in India are not qualified but use their knowledge of Homeopathy to help others. I must admit that I do derive some deep satisfaction in helping to cure someone who has been given up by doctors, Ayurvedic physicians and even fellow homeopaths. I believe that it is just the challenge of using my own technique in identifying the remedy which usually leads to a cure, that impels me to defend my attitude and technique in helping others as I have discovered throughout the past years that my method is more direct and helps the patient more quickly than is possible using the classical approach.

I do appreciate that there exist many Homeopaths of world repute who are eminently qualified and also teach in Homeopathic institutions in India but unfortunately we do not have any such institution in Sri Lanka and steps are now under way to establish a diploma awarding institute here in Sri Lanka in the future. I am also informed that the vast majority of Homeopaths, and this includes those who are qualified, do not follow the classical method of identifying a remedy but use the allopathic method of prescribing the remedy for the ailment as I invariably do. Many of the qualified homeopaths in Indian homeopathic hospitals whom I met or corresponded with have informed me that they see between 50 to 100 patients on a daily basis and that it is quite impossible to go through the standard homeopathic procedure which usually takes up about half hour with every patient to prescribe a remedy. Instead they use the allopathic method of prescribing the remedy for the ailment.

As some members of the ABC forum are aware I have been an active member for about 3 years and while helping those who post their ailments in the hope of seeking a remedy, I felt that I should share with others the discoveries I made in my use of remedies for ailments that are not listed in the Homeopathic texts which those of us who have studied this science have read. I refer not only to the many ailments that I have used Arnica for which are listed above in a separate post that I have made on this thread, but others like Nat Phos 6x for Obesity and a few others which I prefer not to identify right now as they are still in the testing stage and if they show promise, will be disclosed at a later date.

It is just that I wish to help others that I spend a few hours daily on this and other forums helping those who post their ailments, or contact me by email or by phone directly. It is unfortunate that persons like Nisha pick on me again and again to display their pride in their own knowledge of Homeopathy which I for one do not doubt. It is however the spirit that she displays that is unfortunate and objectionable which prompted Simon Broadley to ban her from the ABC at one time.

I would like to emphasize again that by disclosing facts about the use of Arnica for various ailments which are not listed in the classical texts, I did not wish to imply that Arnica can be used for ALL AILMENTS, as has been stated by Nisha. I have never stated so and as members of this forum are aware, this is only a figment of her own imagination which she uses to emphasize her own prowess in diagnosis and treatment with the remedies she seems to get by opening any Repertory she may have close at hand to prescribe a remedy for the ailment she has chosen. It will be observed that she never goes into any depth in her prescriptions which are usually for multiple remedies when she decides to post a remedy for any ailment. This is not Homeopathy. The prescriber must not suggest multiple remedies to the suffering patient and leave the onus of selecting one to him. This is shot gun prescribing and this form can be dangerous.

My observations on the use of Arnica, Nat Phos and many others have been tested by other homeopaths and they too have discovered that they can replicate my own discoveries. I believe that my discovery of Nat Phos for the control of Diabetes is perhaps the most significant as it is now being used in a Homeopathic hospital in India where it is the default remedy for diabetic patients. Arnica has recently been discovered to help with withdrawal from smoking in the case of chain smokers and I have also received reports that it helps in withdrawal from alcohol in the case of alcoholics.

I hope that people like Nisha who seem to derive some vicarious satisfaction in attacking me remember that it is not the ability to banter words to show off to the world how smart one is that matters. It is more the heart that counts in helping anyone who seeks assistance. This I shall do to the best of my ability, irrespective of all the Nishas of this world.

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
Joe De Livera last decade
[inflamtory post deleted and hellboy has been banned.]
hellboy last decade
Any one else has success story with arnica or it works only in sri Lanka.
kashifjan last decade
hey joe,
why are you listening such type of views, instead of this,
i will advise you to study more remedies including arnica,
if you really love homeopathy you should try more remedies,
because every remedy has its own characteristic symptoms as arnica have.
i hope you will agree with me.
i respect you and the remarks that are given by hellboy really shocked me.
drsajid last decade
yes it is time to let the hell to go to hell
warm regards
kplavunkal last decade
I would like to reassure you that I use other remedies as much as you do in your own practice. You may like to know that I have 500 remedies in my stock which I use to help anyone in distress, free of charge.

It is just that I have used Arnica for ailments that are not listed in the Repertories like for Diabetes which I consider an important discovery that I copied my article to share this informaiton with others who may be interested. Please read my article above on this thread where I have listed the many ailments that I have used Arnica for, which as far know, it has never been used before.

Thank you for your expression of support for my efforts to make Arnica more widely used by others who may read this thread which has unfortunately been desecrated by some perverts.
Joe De Livera last decade
aiwain lourran noon bahanay lubnee ain???? carry on joe
princeofnoland last decade
Like all threads, this thread of Nesha is also:

Butta-beepa-do boppa-da-boop. Blah-blah-blah.

A guy from hell also ganged up with this Nesha. May be both are dwelling in hell.
tamiano last decade
It is unfortunate that I miss the impact of your statements below. I presume that they are Hindi words phonetically copied in English.

aiwain lourran noon bahanay lubnee ain????

Butta-beepa-do boppa-da-boop

Can you please translate them ?
Joe De Livera last decade
joe what ever meaning of those,pls carry on helping humans no body will dye with 2 pallets of Arnica.
those who are ???? they love ur work.Because its old saying YOU CANT HATE A PERSON UNTILL UNLESS U LOVE HER OR HIM.so i think Hellboy ,lisha and rest love to hear something new from u ,if u still looking 4 meanings>>>ATTA GUNDIAN HULDEE KIONAIN
princeofnoland last decade
NESHA-INDIA says "THANKS" to ALL for participating in this discussion topic. Please continue to do so. FOR SOME, even at the cost of having heart-burn or being bugged.

OBVIOUSLY, the UN-qualified and the NON-homeopaths WILL AGREE to the Arnica being a universal remedy for ANY & ALL diseases, as is propogated by "Joe", who himself is a self-declared non-qualfiied homeopath, apart from being aging'ly (experience'ally) respected. Homeopathy is not make-believe Forestry medicine, which can be un-authentically prescribed left and right. Homeopathy is a specific and precise razor-sharp art in medicine. Homeopathy requires specific professional medical knowledge THAN RUNNING A STORE (or for that matter, child'ishly to have Nesha-India banned from this forum, which one can keep on trying).

DURING the discussion :
1. Here, Joe or anybody did not point out the aggravation status of Arnica.
2. Here, Joe or anybody did not point out, as to what medicines antidotes Arnica.
3. ... nor point out, as to which medicines will Arnica Antidote.
4. If a patient is taking his constitutional medicine, in which Arnica might be an Antidote, then what happens.
5. What happens if Arnica is not the indicated medicine and patients keep on taking Arnica for two months or for that matter for 10 years.
.... Is this not Palliatating oneself, like a self-make-believe child fairy tale.
.... Is this not aggression to indirectly prescribe Arnica for ANY & ALL diseases.
.... Is such types of prescribing, supposed to change the rules of Homeopathy.
6. DESPERATE Patients FALL EASY PREY and ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR MAGICAL CURES FOR the following sedentary-life-style disease cases :
a) HAIR FALL, b) Diabetes - Blood Sugar, c) Asthma, d) Eczema, e) Obesity, f) Erectile Dysfunction, g) Blood Pressure, h) Smoking, i) INSOMNIA.

AND Arnica is prescribed EXACTLY for the above cases, whether Arnica is indicated in the Materia Medica or not. WHAT does it indicate. ( is it personality / identity crisis ? )

8. Homeopathy is about individualising. Each patient is unique, like A finger-print.

QUESTION is on INSOMNIA (Sleep disorder) : Keynotes =
a) Mr. XL-01, Can't sleep due to hyper-tension ... What medicine for him.
b) Mr. XL-02, Can't sleep due to which-ever pain ... What medicine for him.
c) Mr.XL-03, Can't sleep due to Stomach-Gas-Build-up ... What medicine for him.
d) Mr.XL-04, Can't sleep due to Fever or Blocked nose ... What medicine for him.
e) Mr.XL-05, Can't sleep due to Extreme cold or hot weather ... What medicine for him.
f) Mr. XL-06, Can't sleep due to Fear, Worry, Anger ... What medicine for him.
and so on ...


This is risky prescribing. It is like playing an Internet game, with nothing to lose. The Arnica prescriber cannot be held responsible, when a genuine patient's case becomes further more complicated. Such patients will never know, what has actually caused such complications.

CAN we all hide behind Arnica and say that just because "Joe" is a senior citizen, experienced and respectable, Arnica can be prescribed for ANY & ALL diseases. Such prescribing, when failed, will make the patient GO AWAY FROM HOMEOPATHY to other medicine systems like Allopathy ..... The distressed patients will lose hope and his trust in Homeopathy and in forums like this one. Patients will try the hare-brained one's-favourite medicines, and on failure to get results, with frustration, just simply won't bother to post on this forum and with frustration even stop visiting such forums.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
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Nesha-India last decade
I am wondering what is your qualification in Homeopathy??
s_dipity last decade
"s_dipity" :
REGARDING your following question : "I am wondering what is your qualification in Homeopathy??"

Answer : Keep on WONDERING, specially before sleeping. Will do you good. (incidentally curiosity kills the cat). I don't glorify about myself like "Joe" does on this forum.

Nesha-India, is pointing out the Moon. SEE THE MOON and see NOT AT THE FINGER THAT'S POINTING AT THE MOON.

EAT the Mangoes, don't ask from which tree the mangos came from.

NESHA-INDIA says : " Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; SMALL MINDS DISCUSS PEOPLE "
Nesha-India last decade
Now I am wondering why you are discussing Joe , a person??
s_dipity last decade
"s_dipity" :
Please keep wondering, with my compliments.
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nesha

I have been reading your post with great interest, and during the course of your presence you have raised some good questions.

Any avid reader/student/practitioner of homeopathy knows this for a fact that a single medicine is not a universal remedy, and it cannot/will not cure all the diseases plaguing humanity, both mental and physical. We have also read claims from Joe that he has been able to help lots of patients with varying diseases, why he calls "Arnica" as a universal remedy is his prerogative, but all the intelligent reader of this forum know that a single remedy cannot cure every disease. What we want to understand from Joe and others that a medicine such as Arnica taken for a long time has any effect on the organism or not. (maybe it is working as a placebo for JOE)

My questions to you are

How long a medicine can be taken in any circumstances, and what happens if that period is exceeded.

Does the energy of the medicine plateus after a while, or the patient gets used to that energy (which helped the patient in the first place), and the body stops responding to it.

Since we are playing with energy, can a patient's mind neutralize or antidote the effect of the medicine, and vice versa.

Again....Arnica is working for Joe because he believes in it...is that a fair assumption ?

Also a genuine question was asked about your qualification, please inform us of your education and experiences

warm regards

sazim last decade
"sazim" :
YOUR Question : How long a medicine can be taken in any circumstances, and what happens if that period is exceeded.
ANS : Homeo medicines are ONLY capable of inducing to stimulate the appropriate immune system related to the disease symptom, by its unique Homeo drug picture-signature which in turn has to match the functioning of the immune-picture. (depending on the required drug potency). Immune system can handle all types of abuses including taking any medicines for any period of time till it gets compromised and fails. Read how ...

- Theory'tically, one dose of perfect potency, for perfect specific similimum, sufficies. Overdose creates variations in similimum (symptom) and a new disease picture emerges, over a period of time.

- The disease-picture is generated and expressed (symptom) due to the loss of a particular & SPECIFIC Drug-picture.
- The energy of the Drug picture is called the Potency.
- The depth of the disease picture requires specific potency (energy) to induce cure-stimulation.
- In-appropriate specific potency (even of a correct drug-picture) will not induce cure-stimulation.
- In above case, the potency (energy) is too subtle (or negligle) to induce cure-stimulation.
- In above case, the High or the Low potency (energy) is not the specific potency, but the specific potency is according to the SPECIFIC disease picture similimum.
- example of above case : If a particular disease-picture-symptom demands Arsenic-200 (the specific potency-energy), then here providing Arsenic-30 or Arsenic-1M is going to be no use and the potency-ENERGY will simply taper off without any re-action.

Your Question : Does the energy of the medicine plateus after a while, or the patient gets used to that energy (which helped the patient in the first place), and the body stops responding to it.
ANS : The patient is a nobody, as far as Homeo potency and disease is concerned.
- It is only the SPECIFIC disease-picture verses the SPECIFIC drug picture.
- It is only the disease-picture-ENERGY verses the drug-picture-ENERGY.
- Specific disease-picture-ENERGY requires SPECIFIC drug-picture-ENERGY
- Specific drug-picture-ENERGY is = SPECIFIC POTENCY
- Improper specific potency will not induce cure-stimulation (and fail) due to mismatch of disease-picture-ENERGY verses the drug-picture-ENERGY.
- In above case, the drug-picture-potency (energy) will taper off, without benefit, because the disease-picture-energy is far more stronger.
- hence, in above case, the body will not be able to respond to the non-specific-potency-energy.
- the disease-picture-energy is ON THE CONSTANT CHANGE FROM plus to plus.
- the disease-picture due to above reason, demands UP-GRADE in drug-potency OR the effect of the drug-potency simply tampers OFF.
- hence, due to above reason, the patient has remission of his complaints and even failuers, that is the patient feels that the disease has stopped responding to the drug.

QUESTION : Since we are playing with energy, can a patient's mind neutralize or antidote the effect of the medicine, and vice versa.
ANS : As explained above, the disease-picture-enegy is ON THE CONSTANT CHANGE FROM plus to plus.
- this is caused by the mind over-sensitising its own DISEASE-case and complicating it further.
- this is caused due to the continuing irritant the body may be subject to (both physical and mental), via intake of wrong foods, wrong thoughts, exposure to other irritants like chemicals, acids, tensions, stress, trauma, shocks ....
- the mind induces release of various hormones from various glands, depending on the tension and stress picture the mind is going through at that moment. These various hormones are sufficient to increase / decrease the disease-picture-energy and the specific-potency does not remain the specific-potency due to change in the disease-picture-energy WHICH NOW requires a fresh specific-potency.
- Here in the above case, the effects of the drug-potency becomes non-specific-potency and gets tapered off (or say neutralised).
- A drastic change in the disease-picture into another more-powerful-disease-picture will automatically neurtalise the earlier drug-picture-potency or even the drug-picture.

DISEASE PICTURE equals TO SYMPTOMS / SIMILUM & is not Disease picture ENERGY
DISEASE PICTURE ENERGY equals to the intensity or stubbornity of the disease

Q : Again....Arnica is working for Joe because he believes in it...is that a fair assumption ?
ANS : In a make-believe fairy-tale world, where the children play with minature utensils and cook and eat imaginery food and gesture-wise jestingly feed each other imaginery foods. Keep on doing that ... and does the stomach get filled - even if the child believes in it. Would it be fair to assume that eating a imaginery food will get the realistic stomach to be filled.
The medical world is filled with such make-believe and CURE-ALL q-u-a-c-k-s.
Tomorrow, some other "Joe" will get a brain-wave about another medicine (say Sulphur) and say that sulphur is a CURE-ALL and starts propogating it via this internet-forums. People will start believing in it because someone claims to be age 76 & BP of 120/80 with Pulse of 65 and claims lots of experiences. AS IT IS PEOPLE ALWAYS GET FOOLED WITH SENIOR AGE people and the SENIOR AGE PEOPLE KNOW IT VERY WELL AND ALWAYS TRY TO CAPATILISE ON IT, for self-glorification (irrespective of free advice, help or anything - Egotism)

The hitch over here (for Joe) is that NESHA-INDIA, knows it too and spooked it with a spanner, even though after "Joe" childishly & shamelessly complained about Nesha-India to the moderator-father.

Your Question : Also a genuine question was asked about your qualification, please inform us of your education and experiences
ANSWER : REgarding my qualifications & experiences, I suggest you to take a genuine guess. If you guess it correctly, I'll give you a thousand pounds.
Nesha-India, dose not glorify herself about Nesha's qualifications, titles, experiences or age / BP / pulse..... Even if I do, YOU have no means to verify it and you will have to take my word for it. INSTEAD TAKE A GUESS & WIN.
Anyway, my qualification & experience have got nothing to do in a black-hole (i.e. the Internet), where there are no rules or responsibilities, which I have highlighted many times.

I know you know I know that You know I know You know, that my qualifictions and experiences are being wonder'erd by many Nesha haters & critics. Let them keep wondering.
Nesha-India last decade

I am not the person asked for your qualifications, but I red allmost all your posts in this forum, those posts tell me that you are a well educated person with experience, could be your academic qualification/s higher that your experience.

You present your thoughts very well.

This is my openion.

sthillaiyah last decade
Dear Nesha

Thanks for giving me a detailed breakdown of how the homeopathic medicine works on an organism. what i understand, and correct me if i am wrong, is that each potency of a medicine is different or acts differently, which means there can be thousands of medicine if we take each potency differently... for example Arnica 30 and Arnica 200 are two different medicines, required for two different diseases......or If Sulphur is my medicine to cure my prostatitis, would i be needing different potencies of sulphur during the course of treatment ( since the constitution of the disease is changing with time for various reasons....both good and bad. Please clarify, and if that is the case, to understand homoepathic so deeply would not only require a deep understanding of homeopathic principles, but also a vast experience of treating multitudes of patients. I came across reading a story where one dose of a particular medicine has cured a chronic disease of 30 years in a span of 3 months, which also confirms of what you said earlier.

I am not going to ask you again for your education and experiences, cause after reading this detail analysis I can understand of what you are talking about(thanks to all the homeopathic treatments I have subjected myself during the last 10 years)

Now the real gist of the matter is this....are you willing to take my case? If yes send me an email, and I will send you my case study

I hope there is some light at the end of the tunnel

warm regards
sazim last decade

I am reading with GREAT INTEREST your correspondences on people's posts needing help for their/their babies eczema. My 14 months old son is suffering from eczema since 3 months age. On this subject, you seem to know what you're talking about.


A few months ago, I asked for help on this forum about my son's eczema, the only people replying was Joe and Japan (thanks to both of you if you read this). I was new to Homeopathy and so grateful for their replies. It gave me HOPE. However, I never used Arnica as I was sceptical. That was my CHOICE. Instead, I went to see a "registered" Homeopath. At first (the first few days) I thought the remedy she gave me helped but it didn't. She switched to other remedies but after a few months nothing helped and I stopped seeing her.

What I like to say is that if you have successful history of helping people, why don't you stop battering Joe and spend your time more wisely trying to help more people.

Also, I know you enjoy people WONDERING but I am also really interested in what education/qualifications/experience you have? You're on about Joe's OLD age alot, to me it seems like you need to stop what your doing to him and GROW UP.
lindabarrio last decade
Hello Joe

I am so glad I found you on this forum. Always makes me so very happy to meet people who truely care about others.

I find you to be a person who cares about yourself as well.

SO HAPPY for you that you solved your problems with a homeopathy remedy instead of illegal drugs and alcohol or gambling like so many people do.

It is also so common for people to abuse their bodies by refusing to spend money on food . So many people out there don't even spend money on groceries.

Am so happy that you have the ability to get people to listen to you as in the case of the people you worked with.

I so often run into people who prefer to spend ALL of their money on illegal drugs and alcohol, which leaves them broke; but won't spend a few bucks on homeopathy remedy.

Some people have been using illegal drugs and alcohol a lot longer than you have been taking Arnica.

LOVE GOES A VERY LONG WAY. Depra Chopra says that poison eaten in good/positive circumstances turns into honey and honey eaten in bad/negative circumstances turns into poison.

I had an opporutnity to agree with him after I had my lunch with some very nice people at work and when I got home I didn't need to eat dinner because the lunch I ate in good and pleasant company was enough to last me until dinner.

Those who critize you are just losing others respect. Degrading others out of spite or jelousy is not respectable.

Pat2006 last decade
the secret to your success is the great love you have for yourself and others.

i think that god is looking after you so you help others.

you're another example of deepra chopra's comments.
Pat2006 last decade

I would be interested to know how ANIMALS are HYPNOTISED if they don't know HOW TO READ OR USE THE INTERNET.

Are you saying that animals and babies cannot be helped with what Joe has to say because they cannot be hypnotised by him?
Pat2006 last decade

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