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  Nesha-India on 2006-01-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Think Joe will trnd to take this wryly!.
walkin last decade

I think this post does not and will not serve any useful purpose and is not in a good spirit and should be deleted.

s_dipity last decade
"PALLATIVE prescribing techniques ALSO has two other benefits as well.
One : any favourite medicine can be prescribed as a PLACIEBO.
Two : Such placiebo will work on the guidelines of Psycho AUTO-SUGGESTION"

This is what's said by most who consider all of homeopathy as little more than hocus pocus. A strange choice to denigrate claims for Arnica.

Whatever, after using Arnica twice a day for a few weeks, I did quit smoking with amazing ease and it's not been 44 days. I'd tried several times before and there was nothing easy about it.
Will88 last decade
I copy below the result of a search I made on the Search Forums on Arnica on this Forum. You will discover that the majority of these posts are mine.

I shall leave it to readers to decide whether or not my "discoveries" of using Arnica for the many ailments that I have used it for are valid or otherwise.

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Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe is a good hypnotist. Many readers of this forum are impressed by his discovery of incredible ,hidden and cure all qualities of his favourite medicines like Arnica and Natrum Phos...
Some one has suggested to delete this discussion.I dont find any reason unless some hard and objectionable language is used.
sajjadakram635 last decade
I did not quite understand your reference to me as a Hypnonist. I can assure you that all my discoveries with Arnica and other remedies like Nat Phos 6x for weight reduction, Nat Sulph 6c for Asthma, and many others too numerous to record here are all based on hard facts and not Hypnosis which can be interpreted as bordering on the unreal.

I note however that many readers of this forum are impressed by my "discoveries" and I presume that you can also be counted on this readership.

I would like to share with you a post that I have just read on this forum pertaining to how Arnica 30c brought down the Blood Sugar level of a patient who used Arnica on my advice.

I shall copy the relevant post below:


Nat Phos for weight loss+Arnica for Diabetes From ahmedbayat on 2006-02-01
To:Joe De Livera.
The Arnica for Diabetes should have been under the thread "Diabetes". I am very happy to report that since I started the Arnica 30c liquid dose there has been a significant drop in my BS levels which is being monitored very closely. I had 2 hypo attacks in succession at night and have reduced the nightime LANTUS shot from 72 to 46 units.Thank you very much Joe - God bless you. Ahmed

To Ahmed Bayat From Joe De Livera on 2006-02-01
Dear Ahmed,

Thank you for confirming that your Blood Sugar level dropped significantly with the Arnica 30c.

May I suggest that you start a new thread on the ABC and in other forums like the Otherhealth and Hpathy and spread the word that you have been helped by Arnica. You can copy your post above with more data of your Blood Sugar level before and after using Arnica.

As you probably know, I discovered this amazing ability of Arnica to reduce BS levels over a year ago when I gave the remedy to a Type II Diabetic like you who was also a doctor to cure a non healing wound on his toe. He was flabbergasted to note that his BS dropped to Zero and refused to use it. He died of kidney failure last September and I feel that he would be alive even today if only he had reduced his dependence on Lantus and used Arnica to control his Diabetes just as you have done.

You may like to know that 1/4 teaspoonful Cinnamon powder takes as a tea or in food also helps to reduce BS levels and Type I Diabetics can stop their dependence on drugs like Metformin and use this combination of both Arnica and Cinnamon powder instead.

It is my sincere desire to spread this word around the world and it is testimonials from confirmed Diabetics like you that will help to do so in order that other Diabetics can use it and wean themselves away from the drugs used which will eventually extract their price with other ailments that are connected to the use of these drugs.

I do wish that Medical Laboratories that have the facilities to carry out tests will use Arnica and publish their data and give maximum coverage to this news which can help so many millions of Diabetics throughout the world.

You may like to know that I passed this information about Arnica helping Diabetics to a homeopathic hospital in Kerala and they are now using Arnica exclusively for their patients. They have reported a success rate of 80% and they feel that Arnica is most effective for the use of Diabetics when they first discover that they have this ailment.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
I would like to list below the numerous ailments for which I have used Arnica. Many of these ailments are not referred to in the classical Repertories and Materia Medicas. Nevertheless this remedy has been found by many who used it in the potency indicated to help in the control or cure of their ailments.

Arnica 30c is the classical remedy to help cure wounds.

I have used Arnica 30c which I discovered was better than the 6c for the last 10 years every night or more often in the case of need like after surgery. I believe that I owe to it my sense of wellness. I do not have any ache or pain in my body and I have proved that it is to Arnica that I owe my BP 120/80 with pulse 65 at age 76. I invite others to use it and to record their response to this remedy.

I have used this myself after my Retropubic Prostatectomy and can confidently recommend it for use after any major surgery. When I regained consciousness I noticed the Morphine syringe attached to the IV line and promptly ordered it removed to the consternation of the nursing staff and the surgeon, who warned me that I could even suffer from a major shock due to the pain without the morphine. I stated that I will use my Arnica alone to control the pain and they were very surprised to note that I was relatively free of pain after a few hours. I was able to leave my bed on the third day without any pain medication except for the Arnica I used every 2 hours at first and every 3 hours later. I was discharged on the 5th day and walked to my car. They were all amazed at my extremely quick recovery in 2002 when I was 73 years old.

I used Sabal S 6c when I discovered that I was allergic to Hytrin that was prescribed for my BPH. I changed over to Sabal S and Conium but discovered when I used Arnica for a slight wound that it was far superior to the other remedies I used for BPH and I stayed with it from 1996 up to today.

It amazes me how this remedy that I have given over 20 patients who were suffering from the after effects of the TURP (trans urethral resection of the prostate) surgery who were incontinent due to some misadventure on the part of the Uro who had obviously damaged the sphincter muscle in the neck of the bladder. Arnica gave more time between visits to the toilet and in many cases it stabilized the incontinence in a few months. Others use it on a twice daily basis. Always in the water dose.

I have used it for many years on every overseas trip. Dosage is 1 teaspoonful taken 3 times on the day before departure. Dry doses to be taken every 3 hours on board and 3 times on the day after arrival.

The patient gradually lost motor control of his hands and feet for about a year and was confined to either his bed or a chair where he was placed by his children. Drugs that were prescribed were not effective. This case was referred to me and my response was an act of faith on my part in giving him Arnica 1M which I gave him in the water dose. He was completely cured in 2 months. The dosage used was 1 teaspoonful (capful) twice daily. He is now quite mobile and does not use the remedy any more.

I used Arnica 1M dose 1 tsp daily in the case of a 75 year old who was showing signs of Alzheimer's and he showed perceptible improvement in 2 weeks which was continued thereafter. He is now permanently on the Arnica. Dose 1 tsp daily.

I have used it very often when the patient complains of general body pain (not arthritic). It is also useful for chronic back pain due to previous injuries. Sciatica is also helped by a twice daily dose.

Almost everyone who has taken 1 teaspoonful of this remedy in the liquid dose prior to sleep has noticed the deep unbroken sleep that they experienced during the night. They wake up quite refreshed with a zing in their steps.

ECZEMA 6c and 30c
I have used it in over 30 cases some of which were chronic for over 10 years and within a week, the patient is usually cured. The success rate is better that 80%. I recommend that the remedy is continued but those who did not do so after about 3 months do not use it anymore and can be considered permanently cured. The skin condition after this time resembles Vitiligo especially in the chronic cases which had eroded the melanin in the skin which does not regenerate but there is no discomfort or itchiness.

I first used this remedy for a 78 year old lady who was suffering from recurrent reinfection of her legs. She had been to hospital every 6 months on 3 occasions for about a week each time where she was treated with the most powerful antibiotics which left her drained out like a rag. When she came out on the last occasion I gave her Arnica 30c in the water dose and she takes 1 teaspoonful before sleep. She was also an insomniac and now enjoys deep sleep and for the last 2 years she has not suffered from any reinfection from her Cellulitis. I have also used it for 3 other patients also in the same age group who had been hospitalized at least twice before in each case and they do not have any reinfection after many months or years. The Arnica seems to help by increasing the blood flow in the capillaries under the skin which in turn prevents reinfection. They have however to be on one dose of Arnica permanently.

I would refer to the many posts on the ABC forum where I have been advocating the use of Arnica 6c for hair growth. The success rate has been better than 80%. I use Weisbaden 200c for the stubborn cases which is taken every other day.

Many who were using Nitroglycerine on a SOS basis have been helped by the Arnica 200c which was used also on a SOS basis. For daily use as a prophylactic the patient uses Arnica 30c twice daily and is not affected by the angina any more. It is however important that the patient has his condition checked regularly.

I used Arnica in many cases that were not reacting to Bryonia 30 which is my default remedy for headaches and it worked well.

I am treating a boy who is now 6 years for the last 3 years who is a Haemophiliac with Arnica 30c for internal bleeding when he suffers from any fall or bump which causes a swelling and pain usually on his joints. The Arnica helps to dissipate the blood and reduces the swelling. I use Lachesis 200c for open cuts which bleed profusely and this arrests the bleeding in about 15 minutes. Prior to this therapy the boy had to be rushed to hospital for a drip with every fall or cut.

Hundreds of teenagers have benefited by the use of Arnica 30c. I can vouch personally for its efficacy to control styes which I used to get weekly with painful results.

Prevents their formation.

The ultimate remedy.

I believe that it helps to dissipate the swelling of the synovial fluid which causes pain. I treat the Arthritis with Rhus Tox 1M and Hypericum 200c to alleviate the pain both taken in the water dose.

I have many patients who have certified that it works like a charm !

Helps to alleviate the swelling and pain. This remedy is only effective as soon as the tonsils show signs of discomfort. Chronic cases have to be treated with an antibiotic. This remedy controls the formation of Tonsiloliths but it has to be taken on a daily basis to be effective in this control.

I consider that this is easily my most important discovery which I made quite accidentally a year ago when I gave Arnica 30c to a MD who was a Type I Diabetic to help cure a chronic non healing wound. He informed me on the day after he took 2 doses that his Blood Sugar had dropped drastically and refused to use it anymore as he felt that it was some mysterious medicine which he did not wish to experiment with as he was already on Insulin which he injected himself 4 times daily. I then gave this remedy to two Type II Diabetics and discovered that they had the same reaction when their BS dropped considerably similar to the drop caused by Metformin. I then prescribed 1/4 teaspoonful Cinnamon powder to be used twice daily and have 2 patients who are able to control their ailment without recourse to the standard drugs used for the control of Diabetes.

I have received reports from chronic smokers who have in some cases been smoking 50 cigarettes per day that after a few days on Arnica 30 they noticed a marked decrease of their craving for a smoke. A few smokers have been able to quit the habit.

I would like to place on record that I have used Arnica every day since 1996. I can personally vouch for the fact that it is absolutely safe in daily use and can be considered a great blessing to those who use it regularly every night. Many who have met me cannot believe that I am 76 years old as they invariably estimate my age at 15 to 20 years younger than I really am. My skin does not show any signs of aging and my BP is 120/80 with pulse 65. I have no doubt that I owe my present state of wellness to Arnica.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am a new ABCHomeopathy member and note that you are skeptical about Arnica being the "miracle" remedy for all ailments. Be that as it may, my experience with Arnica 30c liquid dose + Cinnamon 1/4 tsp twice daily recommended by Joe De Livera for diabetes resulted in a significant drop in my BS levels. I am a senior citizen not easily taken in by miracle cures etc. but must give credit where credit is due.
ahmedbayat last decade
I am happy to note that you have posted your response to the Arnica 30c which reduced your Blood Sugar level, on this and many other threads on this forum.

You are doing a service to Diabetics by confirming that the remedy that I accidentally discovered over a year ago helps to reduce Blood Sugar levels in some mysterious way and can help them to also derive some benefit from this remedy.

I am glad that you mentioned that the Arnica / Cinnamon combination had helped you.

For the benefit of any Diabetic who may read this thread I shall detail briefly the manner of preparing and using it.

Get a 500ml bottle of Spring water from your supermarket. Check the fine type to verify that it is not tap water with chlorine as this antidotes the remedy. Decant about an inch of water from the top to leave space for air.

Insert 3 globules Arnica 30c into the bottle and shake hard to ensure bubbles. This is succussion and is the secret to make the remedy more effective with each dose. Sip a teaspoonful of the water which is now the remedy slowly twice daily.

The addition of 1/4 teaspoonful of Cinnamon powder which can be taken in food or as a tea also helps in controling BS levels.

Monitor your Blood Sugar level if possible daily or as often as possible for the first few days.

Do not stop the drugs like Metformin or Lantus Insulin that you are using but when you observe the drop in your BS level, you can then reduce the dose of the drugs and slowly replace them with Arnica.

Please post your response on this forum to enable other Diabetics to know that Arnica does help to reduce BS levels which it does very safely.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am very respectfull of joe and i am sure everything he writes is true, Many people have faith in him and i do not think this is only by "accident".
Diesiel last decade
It does not really matter whether this Thread-Post is deleted or not. Un-stoppably, there will always be a new one up.

Nesha-India's Question to All forum members and All Homeopaths, whether Qualified OR NON-QUALIFIED ...

.... can anybody guide me on this one.

APART FROM PROXY GLORIFICATION, SHOCKINGLY "maryam" makes a post on 2006-01-24 in an very old forgotten post titled "fraud done by joe de livera" (link : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/34364/1 ). Here "maryam" shockingly claims that her hair grew by EXACTLY 5 INCHES in 2 months by the ALL-CURE remedy = ARNICA.

It seems that the proxy glorification Goofed up.

1. Why did "maryam" post on the above thread, which is not related ...
2. Surprisingly, How come it was exclusively replied immediately within 60 minutes on the same date, AS IF ... the expected post was engineered.
2. Can even a normal persons grow Five inches of hair in two months.
3. Is this a miracle cure.
4. Is is there any homeopathic medicine for "Shamelessness" + "Stubbornity".

Nesha-India, is morally bound by own commitment to "sajjadakram635" and the father-moderator Simon Boardley, that Nesha-India won't make any posting in the following thread titled "fraud done by joe de livera" (link : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/34364/1 ). ELSE a bifitting reply was to be expected ...
Nesha-India last decade

Never think to repeat "fraud done by joe de livera"
sajjadakram635 last decade
I notice that Nisha has again raked up the "FRAUD DONE BY JOE DE LIVERA' thread that she provided the link for above.

For the information of members who may not have read this thread I would urge them to do so as it will expose the true personality of this person who seems to relish raking up the subject even today in the most disparaging terms.

I believe that she feels that she is the saviour of members of this forum who are being subjected to some danger by me but she has only to see my posts and also read the posts that at least some patients who were cured of their ailments who have expressed their gratitude for the cure that I have been able to advise them, free of any charge.

I must emphasize that Homeopathy is my Hobby and I do delight in helping others as I have mentioned above and I do not think that Nisha or anyone else has any right to deprive me of the satisfaction that I get from helping to cure a sick person or child.

I would like to emphasize that I do not seek any self glorification in my posts as indicated by Nisha which I notice have registered 1952 on this forum alone up to date. I wonder if any other member has beaten my record. I do so as I feel good to help others to overcome their ailments leading up to a cure like in the case of Asthma, Eczema, Obesity to name only 3 common ailments that have defied the attention of doctors, ayurvedic physicians and even fellow homeopathy who were inculcated into the classical school of thought that I do not subscribe to as I have found that it does not work even when used with Radar 9 which I have and use to identify a remedy if I am not familiar with the ailment.

I believe that it is the end result that matters and as long as no harm is done to the patient in prescribing in an allopathic manner that Nisha terms "This for That" I shall continue to do so till I find that my method of prescribing which incidentally is also followed by the majority of homeopaths in Sri Lanka and India and perhaps in other parts of the world, is proved to be dangerous or incorrect.

I would like to copy the last post that I made on the Fraud thread below and would request members who read this post to please also read the "Fraud done by Joe De Livera" on the link below.


Re: fraud done by joe de livera From Joe De Livera on 2005-09-18

I had imagined that this thread had died a natural death but noticed it being discussed again today and felt that I should add my own thoughts as I noticed that I had not commented on it up to today as I felt that it was best left to others to do so.

To those who did, I would like to say "Thank You"

I note that the author of this singular diatribe against me has tried very hard to fault me simply because of my mention of my "Discovery" the Arnica Q mix with Coconut Oil. I have searched in vain in the links that were mentioned but in none did I notice the use of COCONUT oil for this mix which I recommended. Other oils were mentioned but never Coconut. It will be appreciated that on this premise alone all the hot air and arguments that were brought up in unnecessarily harsh language was to no avail, and the fact still remains that I was the first person to discover that the Arnica Q and Coconut Oil mix was perhaps the most effective for use to help arrest falling hair and promote the growth of new hair when used with Arnica 30c in the Split Dose.

So much for all the hot air that followed my "discovery" of the Arnica / Coconut Oil mix.

I would like to add that the use of Arnica in any form for hair loss was, as far as I am aware, first mentioned by me on this and other forums a few years ago. Here again I was informed that there is reference to Arnica helping with hair growth in some MM's but as we all know it is generally not used by Homeopaths for this ailment. I first discovered its amazing effect on my own hair 10 years ago when I discovered that at age 66 my head of hair was being added to with many new small hairs, a few months after I first started taking Arnica every night for another ailment, and I can consider this treatment to be another of my "discoveries".

I was compelled to use Arnica to keep my water works open as at that time I was slowly going into urine retention due to enlargement of my Prostate and Arnica which I used to help with a wound was discovered to be far more effective than Conium and Sabal Serrulata that I was taking after the drug that my Uro prescribed, Hytrin lowered my BP by 10mm which was at that time and even now 120/80 with pulse 65. This made me unable to stand and I was forced to discontinue this drug which was a Beta blocker which was the popular drug to ease urine flow. I have used Arnica nightly since 1996 and believe that I owe to it my present state of wellness with the BP mentioned above.

Another of my "discoveries" ?

I would like to reiterate once again that my mentioning of some of my "discoveries" is not done out of any bravado. I used this word sometimes to emphasize that I had "discovered" that the remedy that I used had this unusual effect which as far as I was aware was not recorded in the MM's.

As so many of you have rushed to my defense have rightly emphasized, I do not derive any reward from these "Discoveries" but recorded them on this and the Otherhealth forum, merely to ensure that others who read them can derive some benefit from them.

I have so far only dealt with Arnica and its varied uses but another of my "discoveries' was Nat Phos 6x for Obesity and this has gained increasing acceptance throughout the world today as a very safe remedy to reduce weight. This remedy could have been a virtual gold mine if I had not shared news of my "discovery" on this forum as Billions are even now being spent on drugs to help control Obesity when all the time Nat Phos 6x would do so safely and very effectively at a rate of about 1kg per week.

Finally I would like to share another of my "Discoveries" which I would like this same author to deal with and disprove if she can.

I am copying a thread from the Otherhealth Forum where I shared another of my "discoveries" that Arnica 6c helps to overcome ED (Erectile Dysfunction). I was corrected by someone who stated that Arnica was first recorded by Dr Clarke in 1900. However as all of us know it not normally used for ED nor is it mentioned in Homeopathic software like Radar and MacRepertory. It is interesting to note that others who used it have also testified to its efficacy.


I have already copied this information on another thread on this forum in response to another post but felt that it was sufficiently important to be incorporated on a new thread as it is possible that it can help those who are suffering from ED.

I am doing this out of a sense of service to these patients and it is hoped that I will not be subjected to the same criticism by the group of individuals who resent the idealogy that I am spreading in my using the "this for that" approach to Homeopathy especially with Arnica for a wide variety of ailments and Nat Phos 6x (for treatment of Obesity).

I invite those who read this post, especially the homeopaths, to recommend it to their patients with the request that they report their response to this remedy on this forum so that others can also benefit from my advice.

I look forward to the day when Arnica 6c can replace Viagra and other similar drugs.

Joe De Livera

Homeopathy and Health Forum

To JOE: Re: Arnica 6C for Erectile Dysfunction

From Jane525 on 2005-08-11
8 replies 101 views
Dear Joe,

I just read in one of your arnica posts about using arnica 6C for erectile dysfunction. I am currently writing a book on well known and little known natural remedies for both ED and libido enhancement. I have collected data from all over the world and much of it is traditionally-based, sometimes tribal knowledge, found nowhere else. I am intrigued about your arnica 6C remedy for ED as I've never run across this in my studies. Can you tell me if the info is proven and if you have seen cases personally where this worked? I also need to know what type of person arnica 6C would work for in the case of the emotional profile of ED (of which there are many). Does it also work for waning libido in all ages of men? And how long does it usually take to work for the "average male?" I will be compiling the data into an easy-to-read volume that is very user-friendly and all of these questions are part of each remedy profile in the book. My main point is to separate the rumor and wive's tale remedies from the real stuff.

Thank you very much for any and all information you can offer me on this subject.


Re: To JOE: Re: Arnica 6C for Erectile Dysfunction From walkin on 2005-08-11
The use of Arnica for ED goes back many years to the remark in Dr ClarkeÇs Dictionary of the mat med -- "Sexual desire increased with erections".

First published in July 1900

Re: To JOE: Re: Arnica 6C for Erectile Dysfunction From Jane525 on 2005-08-12

Thank you. I will research this. Does this text outline the type of individual it helps the most in connection with ED (i.e., emotional profile.)?

Looking forward to any info Joe can offer as well.

Thank you.


Re: To JOE: Re: Arnica 6C for Erectile Dysfunction From Joe De Livera on 2005-08-12

I can confirm that I have used it experimentally on 2 cases of ED and they have both responded very positively judging by their big smiles the day after !

Here again I recommended it as I did not know when I was consulted what remedy I should suggest and it worked !

And How !!!

It is good that know that Dr Clarke has also recommended it. This is the great advantage of a forum such as this where those of us who are interested in the subject can share our thoughts with each other instead of indulging in the recent Homeopathic warfare that I have been subjected to which I hope will stop from now on.


Re: To JOE: Re: Arnica 6C for Erectile Dysfunction From Jane525 on 2005-08-12

Thank you very much. From your response, may I assume that the remedy took only one dose or overnight to work? Is this the split dose method? I want to be precise in my book so people can have all the information they need to try the remedy. Again, is there a certain type of emotional profile with ED that arnica seems to fit to a tee?

Thank you again.


Re: To JOE: Re: Arnica 6C for Erectile Dysfunction From Joe De Livera on 2005-08-13
The dose is usually twice daily preferably in the wet formulation.

In this case he used it thrice on the day he saw me and achieved success. He now takes it twice daily and cannot do without it as he too has discovered that it helps him in other ways like sleeping deeply and waking up refreshed.

As you know I consider Arnica my Miracle Remedy. It really amazes me how it can help in so many ailments.

If in doubt, Use Arnica !

Re: To JOE: Re: Arnica 6C for Erectile Dysfunction From Jane525 on 2005-08-14

I came up with five questions that I'd love an answer to:

1. Once you make the remedy in the plastic bottle and shake it up each time and deliver the remedy, I assume you are raising the potency each time? Okay. So, what happens when that bottle is empty and you start over with a new bottle with your three globules of arnica 6c added to the water? Are we not going backward in the remedy dose?

2. Is the split dose method the best, most effective way to take arnica 6c for erectile dysfunction? Can one still benefit from taking simply one teaspoon from the remedy bottle?

3. If one cannot refrigerate the remedy bottle, is it okay to add a teaspoon of brandy to the water as a preservative? I know that some live in hot, humid climiates and preservation might be an issue.

4. Using the split dose method, once the teaspoon is placed into the 4 oz. of water and then one teaspoon is taken from this, must one throw this out and add another teaspoon to another 4 oz. of water to give another dose to another person or can they take two doses from the first glass?

5. Keeping question four in mind, if one is able to dose from the same glass, can that be set aside in the morning, covered and then another teaspoon dose be taken that evening?

I also wanted you to know that my editor (a man) decided to give this remedy a try to "test its effectiveness." He took three doses in one day and said that he was "amazed" at the results. I look forward to mentioning this remedy for ED to someone who is seriously affected by ED and see how long it takes to work.

Oh, one more question from my editor: Do you think this remedy (taken two or three times a day) is a suitable replacement for Viagra or other types of drugs used for ED? If so, would it need to be taken daily or only on an as needed basis, ala the drug Viagra?

Thank you again for your help.

Joe De Livera last decade
This topic was started for the purpose of understanding Arnica, as a universal remedy for ANY & ALL diseases, from the acadamic point of view. However some biased member-readers think and reply otherwise. They are entitled to their own opinion and SO is Nesha-India entitled to her own view-point. The lengthy answer (as reproduced testimonials) by Joe, proves & serves only to further self-glorify with un-documented and un-authenticated cases,

Joe's favourite palliative medicine is Arnica. So Arnica can be prescribed for ANY & ALL diseases.

Sajjadakram635's favourite palliative medicine is Pulsatilla. So Pulsatilla can be prescribed for ANY & ALL diseases to any and all patients.

Walkin's favourite palliative medicine is Sulphur. So Sulphur can be prescribed for ANY & ALL diseases to any and all patients.

Murthy's favourite palliative medicine is Arsenic. So Arsenic can be prescribed for ANY & ALL diseases to any and all patients.

similarly, if everyone has a favourite medicines with diversified claims / self-provings / random provings, then any and all medicines can be prescribed for any and all (that same very) diseases. The need for homeopathic books, universities, colleges, research centres does not and will not arise.

The Internet patients are going to be highly confused and misguided and even harm themselves or unknowingly make their case further more complicated. The prescriber cannot be held responsible for left & right prescriptions via Internet since nobody will actually know whether the prescriber is a qualified doctor or a dummy joker. Even if the medicine is not indicated the gullible patient will attempt to try it and may also fail, as in the issue on the following post : " http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/46532/1 " titled :

"Re: Attn:Mr.Joe De Livera - Hairloss - Clarifications From preetram on 2006-01-27", wherein "preetham" says that her Hairfall has increased even after 6 weeks of taking Arnica. AND then "preetham" was left in the lurch without answering or any follow-up. In the same link, another
member "yogeshnagpal", also confirms that his hairfall has increased after Arnica therapy. Similarly, many patients just simply don't bother to post after having failed on the Arnica therapy.

FURTHER : IN THE thread-post "fraud done by joe de livera" (link : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/34364/1)
EVEN the father-moderator Simon Broadley, in his reply to "DaVinci" on date "2005-09-20", confirms and comments the following sentence :

"In fact, I think Nesha makes some valid points, ..... "

The father-moderator Simon, could only say that ONLY & ONLY AFTER truthfully evaluating the entire post alongwith the links provided therein. The moderator's judgement is that Nesha-India is not wrong on the points raised therein, i.e. the points raised were "VALID POINTS".

If some people have supported "Joe", accordingly many people have supported Nesha-India too, including the moderator by giving his unbiased judgement, as described above.

ANYWAY, besides "support" being the issue (which is immaterial to me), from Nesha's side the issue was over. Nesha-India shall not comment or post on the above "fraud ..." link anymore, UNLESS AND UNTIL, the issue is raked up again, by proxy or otherwise.
Nesha-India last decade

You say you have been taking Arnica every day since 1996. However, I have read in several reputable books that Arnica should ONLY be taken for short periods of time as the effectiveness can diminish over time. Also I see it recommended ONLY for trauma and muscle soreness, not for all those conditions you listed. What proof do you have that it actually works for all those conditions?

My limited understanding of homeopathy is that each remedy works on some specific illness/disease but not on all or multiple conditions.
naturelover2 last decade

This discussion is quite informatory.I dont find any reason to discontinue it.If you think that Pulsatilla is my favourite medicine ,i withdraw.

sajjadakram635 last decade
"sajjadakram635" :
Thank you. I'm not discontinuing the current domain-topic. I have permanently discontinued from the "Fraud ......" link, specially on your request, as you already know it.

REGARDING Pulsatilla being a favourite medicine, I have given it only and only as an example for understanding purposes that if each prescriber has an favourite medicine ......... then what happens.

Hope there is no misunderstanding. I know you or others do not have any favourite medicine, because you people are homeopathically simply too intelligent to have favourite medicines. Comments please.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Nesha, I am in agreement with your opinions however, I'm concerned that threads such as this make just promote futher misuse of homeopathic remedies by shear exposure. I'm not one to stand in the way of a much needed crusade, I'm just concerned.
samnbudsmom last decade
Thank you for your wishes.I was just warming me up.You know i dont have any favourite medicine and you are also well aware that in homeopathy a favoritsim is a crime.Medicines are only prescribed on signs and symptoms presented by the patient.
The remedies can be prescribed on clinical basis but their seccess rate is doubtful and misguiding.

sajjadakram635 last decade
While the intention to protect the members of this forum from harm is very noble however equally important is the fact that members should get the benefit of the experience and knowledge of other members. I believe that knowledge needs to evolve with time and we should be open to new suggstions. You dont expect to have a medicine for Jet Lag in the 1800s. I took the medicine suggested by Joe for Jet Lag and it worked great for me. I had a great sleep on flight(which I cld never do b4) and it saved me 2 days that used to get wasted because of Jet Lag. I would really appreciate if the learned members of this group could throw light on the harm that Arnica 30C in the wet dose method may do over let us say 2 months time. I am sure that if it works the way it is suggested by Joe it will definitely save them from lot of harm that the allopathic medicines are doing to them. All of us are responsible adults here and can make a wise choice.
s_dipity last decade
joe is a respectable member of the forum,
1 thing to mention is that every single homeopathic medicine have lot of symptoms, and i think no one have ability to remember them ,
the cases where joe's favourite
arnica worked, could be the arnica's similimums,
so mr "S DIPITY", your case may be some of them,
but this is not true homeopathy to treat more then 90% cases with a single remedy,
according to homeopathic rules" likes should be treated by likes"
so miss NESHA is at the right way.
drsajid last decade
based on mr joe s

recomm. i used arnica for eczma/hairloss for one hell of
a time but nothing happened

infact my prpblem has increased now

arnica my a*s

hell boy
hellboy last decade

Thank goodness someone says what REALLY needs to be said here. I can tell you I appreciate it. All along I'm thinking how ridiculous this is. Prescribing Arnica in the manner it has been prescribed is not homeopathy. And for people to go along just to get along is nice, but it's not homeopathy. Placebo, possibly. But people also need to be wary of suppression which creates a deeper-rooted disease state.

People have been declared "cured" after a day or two of relieved symptoms. To me "cured" is when a symptom NEVER returns again.
maryo last decade
This Joe dude sounds like an Arnica salesman desperate for more sales.

Actually, it's both unethical and dangerous to hype up a health product. He should be ashamed of himself! At a time when the natural health supplements industry is under constant attack from the govt and big pharma, the LAST thing we need is the greedy trying to profit from lies. It's people like this who give the entire industry a bad reputation and can endanger our freedoms of choice. It's everyone's duty to fight this nonsense or else we will all lose in the end.
naturelover2 last decade
So Arnica caused lots of reaction to some peopel here.

Some people live in action. Others live in reaction, they should thank Joe for giving them a chance to resent.
tamiano last decade

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