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GERD/Acid Reflux problem

Dear Sir,
I have been facing the acid reflux problem since 6 months now which i got after taking NSAIDS(ibuprofen).Sir, the list of problems and my symptoms are as follows:
-white coating on tongue since about 4 months
-sudden graying of hair in certain areas in head
-consistent bloating,flatulence in stomach
-pain in center of chest(esophagus) while bending,stretching,deep breathes
-frequent burping
-eye allergy especially in corners of eyes since about 3 weeks now.
-joint pains
-i have lost about 8 kgs in past 2 months(i m 5.10 and my current weight is 60 kgs).

Sir, i have been on a bland diet since about 4 months now and eating every 4 hoursly but the problem doesnot seem to improve.i had also taken omeprazole for about a month and a half before with no improvement and now i want to try homepathy medicines.please suggest me a treatment for this.
  rmishra436 on 2015-08-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take following remedies:

Colocynthis-30c thrice daily for 5 days.

Carbo Veg-30c Twice daily for 5 days.

Natrum Phos-6x Thrice daily for 10 days

1 dose of each remedy = 2 drops in quarter cup of water taken 30 min before taking food
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AsadGhumman 7 years ago
sir, i visited the homeopathy clinic in siliguri,india and met a doctor who has given me the following meds:

I.no name of medicine(20 drops 4 times a day 15 min before meals)

II.Gastrobin(20 drops 3 times a day 15 min before meals) containing:
-Natrum phosphoricum 3x 10.0 capsicum a 3x 10.0 robinia qsedacacia 2x 10.0 acidum sulphuricum 4x 10.0; phosphorus 5x 10.0 excipients Q. S. to 100.0

III.arsenicum album 6(3 drops 3 times a day anytime)

IV.bismuth met 200 (2 drops 3 times a day anytime)

V.omeo acidity tabs (2 tablets 3 times a day 15 mins after meals) containing:
-Natrum phosphoricum 3X 62.5mg w/w,Lycopodium clavatum 3X 62.5mg w/w,Carbo vegetabilis 3X 62.5mg w/w, Robinia pseudocacia 3X 62.5mg w/w.

VI.Gastrofil (2 table spoons 3 times a day 15 min after meals)containing;
Alumina 6x 5% w/v
Carbo vegetabilis 6x 2.5% w/v
Natrum phosphoricum 2x 2.5% w/v
Magnesium phosphoricum 2x 2.5% w/v
Robina pseudocacia 2x 2% v/v
Acidum sulphuricum 3x 2% v/v
Capsicum 2x 5% v/v
Iris versicolor 3x 5% v/v
Lycopodium cle. 5x 3% v/v
Nux vomica 4x 3% v/v

..i have been taking it for around 4 days now sir and seen no improvement though .The medicines have been prescribed for a month.today to my surprise i had green stool after taking my lunch which i never had before.
And sir,my eye itchiness has not shown any improvement,i had been asked to take a drop of cineraria eye drops twice a day and been on it since about 4 days .should i continue with it.the itchiness is in corners of eye and severe in morning and night.
please advice me on what should i do.whether to continue with the prescribed medicines.unfortunately, i didnt subscribe to this post so couldnt see your immediate reply hence thought of visiting a homeo doctor in siliguri .
rmishra436 7 years ago
I am sorry I can't help you.
[message edited by AsadGhumman on Mon, 17 Aug 2015 09:39:25 UTC]
AsadGhumman 7 years ago
ok,someone else might.
rmishra436 7 years ago
hi rmishra,

you live in silguri.. right? not sure what type of homempathy doctor he is who prescribed you this bulk of Medcine.

are you taking all Medcine now also?

please stop right now if u r taking all.. those are not homeopathy it's bombpathy.

what Asad sir advised you those were nice remedy to cure your symptoms but after knowing the all remedy in past or now u r taking its very much confusion

Ok any way if u want I can try to understand your case then prescribe you remedy.

your age?

male or female?

did u ever gone thorough endscopy?

what type of work u do?
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
i live in bhutan sir,i travel two days just to reach and meet a homeopathic doctor as we dont find one here.

i am taking those meds now also .no improvement is there after 5 days.

my age is 24 yrs old.
i did endoscopy twice and there was pinkish colour of esophagus reported by the result maybe an inflammation starting gradually.The doctor said i had acid peptic disorder,i had an ulcer in stomach previously due to h pylori but i think its cured as the recent endoscopy showed no ulcer.
i wake up at 5 am every morning and do yoga for an hour and also spare about an hour in evening for yoga and walk.i sleep atleast 2 hours after dinner and eat every 3 hours(light meals).

i dont take food made outside of my house and my diet is void of spices,chilli,onion,tomato,fried food.
i work as an IT(information technology) officer in central bank here sir.

its been over 7 months that i got this problem and i have read from various sources that homeopathy can permanently cure this problem.
The doctor whom i showed to seemed well qualified but even i doubted from the medicines he prescribed since normally this isnt how doctors prescribe medicines in homeopathy.

Please advice me on what i should do next.please do let me knowif any more information is required to examine my case.
rmishra436 7 years ago
don't worry.. I understand your situation.

please stop all remedy as soon as possible.

Ok how long u have to travel if I tell you to buy some homeopthy Medcine?

your problem will be go slowly. don't worry.
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
I will travel without hesitation to get the medicines sir.
But it might take sometime to get the medicine as I have been taking lot of leave from my office lately.
I can try and order it online sir.
Please let me know what medicines I should get and also the dosage.
rmishra436 7 years ago
ok I will ask some questions on my next post after I will decide remedy. please keep patince
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
OK sir. I will wait.have a good day.
rmishra436 7 years ago

please reply

height -

weight -

have you belly fat -

after u eat something then imideatly you go to sleep -

sour liquid come from your mouth after u eat spicy food -

How is your sleeping -

How much water u drink everyday -

How is your bowel (stool)

urine normal -

your blood pressure normal -


have u any other health problems -

dibetics or non dibetics -

How is your mood -

when more acid reflux due u feel any pain in stomach -

please explain in details


please stop all homeopathy medicine if u have not stopped already. if in case u feel more acid u can take antacid or Medcine which u have taken allopathy.
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
hello sir,

height:5 ft 10 inches

weight: 60 kgs currently

no belly fat

no sir, i wait for atleast 2 hours before going to sleep

i dont eat spicy food at all.have stopped it since about 4 months now. but yes i get sour taste after meal sometimes.i take plain dal in each meal with curry containing minimum oil and no spices except light amount of ginger and cumin,turmeric.

sleep is disturbed, hardly sleep 4-5 hours a day.i wake up everyday at around 3-3:30 am and then am unable to get sleep.

i drink around 2-2.5 ltrs of water each day

bowel is fine sir.sometime before, i had constipation but now its fine but is smelly

urine is quite frequent and burning

blood pressure is normal

i am quite sensitive to cold and have blocked nose most of the time.
another thing is that i have been having itchy eyes since about a month now.eyes remain lightly red throughout the day and are very itchy especially during night and morning , and itchiness is more in corner of eyes.
i have joint pain especially in elbows and the nose also feels itchy these days.
i have yellow coating on tongue sir.

mood remains dull sir,i dont feel much interested in doing work.but i always try to keep my mood light by being with friends to get distracted from the problems.

yes sir, when the acid reflux is more i feel pain in stomach.i try to eat something immediately and this scenario is followed by frequent and burning urination.

i am currently taking no medicines sir.i stopped taking allopathy medicines about 2 months back after taking it for 1 month and half.i came to know the serious side effects the medicines have in long term like hip fractures if taken over six weeks.
rmishra436 7 years ago
i am not diabetic sir,i had no major health issue before this acid reflux problem.
rmishra436 7 years ago
Forgot to mention one thing sir..
It pains and feels uneasy in the right part of my abdomen just below my ribs in back side.
Thank you
rmishra436 7 years ago
ok please buy 3 remedies from pharmacy. one by one u have to use ok??

please don't over dose or take other remedy while taking mine prescribe remedy

please buy below Medcine

Nux vomica 30c

nat phos 6x

Iris Versicolor - 30c

start remedy as per below guidelines

from day 1 ( when u start remedy) to day 5


nux vomica 30c

everyday day morning 1 dose and evening one dose

after 5 days please stop nux vomica 30c

then wait 2 days after that start

nat phos 6x

take 2 times

4 tablets 10 minutes after lunch

4 tablets 10 minutes after dinner

directly take on your tounge not with water

take it for 10 days

after that

please add the 3Rd remedy

Irisversicolor 30c

morning 1 dose and evening 1 dose

please take it for 15 days

please remember

1 dose means take 2 drops from liquid dilution remedy directly on your tounge ( only 2 drops)


if u buy remedy in globules form then only 5 globules

please do what I prescribed you.

don't take any other remedy

report me after u finish the course

ask me if u have any doubt
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
hello sir,

i have nux vomica 30 from reckeweg's here with me.hope it is same as nux vomica 30c that you prescribed me.

I am going to order reckeweg's nat phos 6x but i couldnot find iris versicolor 30c in india to order it online.

From where could i get it?

and seems i missed out one symptom that i am going through sir.so sorry.this acid reflux has also caused pain in esophagus(centre of chest) whereby i feel pain on bending,fully stretching,lifting heavy things and deep breathing everyday.

if there is any medicinal addition or change required prior to the above symptom, please let me know.

thank you
rmishra436 7 years ago
yes nux vomica 30 is same

better to buy nat phos 6x from SBL Brand because reckeweg is expensive and my personal experience SBL cell salts work nice.

I don't know how u will order from india. try to search in intetnet. you can order it from Dr reckeweg website if it's service in bangaladesh.
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
hello sir,

i have ordered the medicines and will start the treatment as soon as the medicines reach here.
i will update you once i start taking the medicines sir.

thank you
rmishra436 7 years ago
yes please take care

and take remedy as per dose guideline
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
hello sir, the medicines reached here but instead of nat phos 6x they sent nat phos 30. so i had to send someone to return it and get nat phos 6x.
i will start the treatment from this weekend and update you on the progress.

thank you
rmishra436 7 years ago
ok rmishra,

you will be fine because u have a hope to be fine..

get both meecine

nat phos 6x
and iris versicolor also because again u will fave problem to buy Medcine and treatment will be delay.

please take Medcine as per my dose guideline..

take care
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
sir,about the dosage.

when should i take nux vomica ?..after meal or before meal and how much gap to keep between meal and medicine sir?
rmishra436 7 years ago
rmishra ji,

just one dose in empty stomach 20 minutes before breakfast and evening 20 minutes before any tiffin or you can take it before dinner

homeopathy rule -

don't eat or drink any think 20 minutes before or after the remedy.

please follow the remedy sequence as per dose guideline
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
hello sir,

i have started the therapy from today.
to report on the status of my symptoms, my eyes allergy has subsided and frequent,burning urination has also been under control since some days.
But the pain in chest and right abdomen is the same sir.

i will update you after i finish the nux vomica 5 days dose.
rmishra436 7 years ago
trust on lord shiva he will make u fine..

I will try my best to treat you. don't worry major remedy for cheast pain and abdomen pain is still waiting for you. that is iris versicolor.

once u reach that stage u will see the good results

god bless u man
sabkamalik1 7 years ago

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