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Tics/Stuttering & Foul body Odor 21


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Tics/Stuttering & Foul Body odor


Would you please review & consider taking the following case? Thank you for your consideration.


  juler15 on 2015-06-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
To avoid your rework on the case history, I will go with the previous prescription till I feel the need for retaking the case.

Give him a dose of Sulf 200 and follow these directions:

Please take one dose. Just one dose. Not daily.
Report back after 7 days using the format explained below.

If remedy is Pills/Pellets:
One dose is one pill.
Dissolve the pill in your mouth.

If remedy is liquid:
Put one drop of the remedy in half glass of water, stir and take one tea spoon from it.
That’s one dose.

If the child can't safely suck on the pill/pellets then one dose is made by dissolving one pill of the remedy (or one drop, if you have liquid remedy) in half a glass of cooled, boiled water. Stir it and take one tea spoon from it.

One dose is made by dissolving one pill of the remedy (or one drop, if you have liquid remedy) in half a glass of water. Stir it and take one tea spoon from it.

At night before sleeping.
Don’t take any more dose or any other remedy unless I tell you.

• Don’t take any other homeopathic remedy during this treatment.
• Give a break of at least 10 minutes before eating/drinking anything before or after taking the remedy.
• During the course of treatment, don’t eat/drink anything which you have never had all your life.

• Sometimes the symptoms for which treatment is being done can worsen after taking the homeopathic remedy. This is homeopathic aggravation and a good sign. It usually dies down within 24-48 hrs. During this time you can use any non-medicinal means to keep yourself comfortable. If the aggravation seems excessive, you can use any & all means necessary (including taking allopathic medicines) to keep yourself comfortable. Keep your homeopath fully updated if this happens.

A good example of how to report your progress is by giving %age improvement or worsening for all your health problems e.g.
• Emotions: e.g. Feeling of happiness improved 40%
• Energy level: e.g. Feeling of tiredness reduced 70%
• Main health problem: e.g. Nasal discharge reduced 50%
• Other health problems: e.g. Acne increased 60%
• Anything new: Depression: e.g. Loose stool started
• And so on list all your complaints.
You can like/share my facebook page by searching payaftercure

Any cure in homeopathic treatment will always follow this rule (Hering’s Law of Cure) otherwise it’s not cure, just palliation. The cure must proceed from centre to circumference. From centre to circumference is from above downward, from within outwards, from more important to less important organs, from the head to the hands and feet.

If you don’t hear back from me within 24 hrs, it is likely that the forum’s email didn’t work. You can send me an email by clicking my username.

You can get the remedies from various other online sources, use Google search for it.

Use common sense in following these guidelines, if you are unsure then ask me. Homeopathy is not magic and it can only work when all other supportive strategies are also used. To make sure you are cured as fast as possible and stay that way please change your lifestyle to include the following:

1. Start eating half cup of low fat, plain, non-flavored yogurt with live cultures daily in the morning or with lunch. If you have homemade yogurt that’s the best.
2. Stop all processed foods e.g. white bread, white rice, white burgers etc.
3. Eat whole foods only i.e. whole grain bread, brown rice, brown burgers etc.
4. The bread should be high in bran content & the flour should be coarse ground.
5. Start eating a small bowl of salad at least once a day e.g. it should contain cucumber, carrots, salad leaves, tomato and any vegetable you like. Put a dressing of olive oil & raw apple cider vinegar and put some salt & black pepper to your liking.
6. Eat at least 1-2 fruits per day e.g. apple, orange etc.
7. Drink enough water so that your urine is clear. Yellow colored urine is a good indication that you are dehydrated.
8. Eat only when hungry and when eating, don’t overstuff yourself.
9. Focus on food only when you eat i.e. don’t divert your attention by watching tv etc.
10. Exercise:
• Aerobic activity e.g. Start walking at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week with your spouse/friend and achieve your target heart rate.
• Strength training e.g. Start weight training at least 20 minutes 3 days a week.

No amount of treatment, be it homeopathic or allopathic, can cure if the persistent cause is not eliminated e.g. if you keep moving a broken bone repeatedly then it will never heal since you are not giving it the required break to heal and set the bone. The same logic applies to constant immense stress (don’t confuse it with daily life stress which is necessary to survive).
Extremely unhappy relationships are toxic in nature and only breed more contempt & ill health unless they are addressed and proper remedial measures are not taken.

If someone is giving several remedies, without waiting to see the effect of one remedy, then it is totally against the core principles of homeopathy. Such an approach is unlikely to give permanent cure, rather it may distort actual symptoms making subsequent cure even more difficult.
fitness 8 years ago
Also, please email me close up pictures of his hand nails of both hands.
fitness 8 years ago
Hi Fitness:

I advised her to ask for you- after she emailed me this yesterday.

HI Simone,
I redosed the 200c, it did not last any longer in fact I
think it held less time. Without any response from
Evocationer, I went ahead and tried sulphur 30c and did not
see any results with that either. I was wondering what your
thoughts are on trying lycopodium?
simone717 8 years ago
Thank you for posting that info. Simone717, I was also going to let Fitness know that important information. I am e-mailing you pics of his hand nails. In light of the new information can you advise what you would recommend.

Thank you,

juler15 8 years ago
The prescription stays unchanged, please give a dose and revert as explained above.
fitness 8 years ago
Hi Fitness,

I gave the one drop of liquid sulphur as you recommended ( I used the liquid as per Evocationer's initial directions for making, I hope this is correct, please correct me if not.)

With the 1st dose of Sulphur from Evocationer's suggestion a few months ago we noticed a decrease in body sweat. With this dose you recommended we noticed around a 90% difference in body odor.
I thought the stuttering was better (and almost like a realization for him that he could catch himself a little easier before he did it. My thoughts would be that I thought I noticed a 40% decrease. I also thought the tics seemed less frequent but the same intensity when he did do them. (Possibly 20%)
He says he didn't notice any decrease in stuttering or tics. I did not notice any differences regarding emotional/mental state. Please advise the next step & thank you for your help. I appreciate it. I should also mention that in a few weeks he is heading overseas - I need to start giving him Probiotics & lots of A,C & D to prepare his immune system.
juler15 8 years ago
No more dose now. Report back in one week.

If you get a chance, please share/like my FB page payaftercure. Thanks
fitness 8 years ago
Ok. Thank you.
juler15 8 years ago
Hi. Another week has passed. My sons question a few days ago, "how long does the sulphur last?" My response, "why"? Sons response, " I feel like I'm sweating more again.", I have noticed myself that it seems like his tics have gotten worse than they were last week, especially in the bigger muscles, shoulders & upper torso. any recommendations?
juler15 8 years ago
Please compare the status from before after taking the dose to one week after the dose to now and report the changes in % in all symptoms.
fitness 8 years ago
When we took the 1st dose that evocationer recommended, his body odor resolved 100% and that has not returned. His sweating was much better (between 10-20), now I'd say he's around 20% after this last dose.

Stuttering I'd say was 100% before 1st sulfphur dose, 30-40% at last one and it is probably currently around 30%.

Tics are hard to state, after 1st dose, I'd say they were between 20-30% & i'd say currently they are 20-30%. Although it seems like they are not as often but when he has them, they are bigger muscles and last longer. Just the same as with the stuttering..He stutters less but when he does it may be a couple times in the same sentence and longer to get the words out.
juler15 8 years ago
Observe for 5 days and then update the status, based on that we will decide future action.
fitness 8 years ago
Hi, The sweating & body odor seem to be 100 percent resolved, I do think the tics & suttering are between 90-100, in other words almost, if not just as bad as when we started the sulphur.
juler15 8 years ago
So tick/stutter have returned in full force?

Any reason you can think of e.g. emotional stress, anxiety etc.
fitness 8 years ago
Hi. Actually he just said to me a few minutes ago, my sweating is worse again. He doesn't seem to be stressed. Each time we've dosed with the sulphur the sweating, tics & stuttering get better but within 3 weeks, they return. The sulphur doesn't seem to be holding.
juler15 8 years ago
Has the duration of improvement increased or worsened or is the same
fitness 8 years ago
Stays the same.
juler15 8 years ago
I will review on my return after Aug 5.
fitness 8 years ago
Hi, just bumping up for your review.
juler15 8 years ago
Have a dose of Sulfur 1M, just one dose and report back in two weeks.
fitness 8 years ago
Hi. Been away and unable to dose him with the sulfur 1M, - are you recomending he take pellets dry or diluted in water?

thank you
juler15 8 years ago
Bumping up for Fitness's response.
juler15 8 years ago
What was the change in his symptoms after the dose. Please give details.

A good example of how to report your progress is by giving %age improvement or worsening for all your health problems e.g.
• Emotions: e.g. Feeling of happiness improved 40%
• Energy level: e.g. Feeling of tiredness reduced 70%
• Main health problem: e.g. Nasal discharge reduced 50%
• Other health problems: e.g. Acne increased 60%
• Anything new: Depression: e.g. Loose stool started
• And so on list all your complaints.
fitness 8 years ago
Since my dose of sulfur
Ticks - 60% Improvement
Stuttering - 5% Improvement
Body Odor - Stayed the same
Perspiration - Stayed the same
Acne - 70% Improvemnt

Emotions - Stayed the same
Energy - Stayed the same
Main Health Problems - Tics/Stuttering/ Body sweat and odor/ - 25% Improvement
Other Health Problems - Acne - 70% Improvement

No new health problems

Sweat too much
Sweat comes through clothes
Body odor smells bad
Tics are annoying
Acne is annoying and look
Stuttering is annoying
juler15 8 years ago
Update the status on a weekly basis, in the same format.

No more doses for now.
fitness 7 years ago

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