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Tics/Stuttering & Foul body Odor

I am looking for someone educated to take my sons case. He is 17 & suffers with stuttering & tics (tourettes syndrome). I can offer a full medical history. We have tried numerous alternative treatments with no success. Most recently he has started having foul body odor. If anyone can assist me I would greatly appreciate it. I'm willing to do it through the forum or you can contact me privately through my profile. Thank you
  juler15 on 2015-04-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
At 17, he is old enough to offer important insights into his case. Would he be willing to provide his own answers? If so, I am happy to provide a detailed questionnaire and supervise the treatment.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Yes. He is willing to do that. Thank you.
juler15 8 years ago

General Guidelines:

1. Try to be as descriptive as possible. When describing pains or sensations use descriptions along the lines of ‘feels as if someone is squeezing it with their hand’ or ‘it is like an insect crawling around inside’ or ‘it is as if someone is standing over me threatening to kill me’. Long descriptions are always better than short ones. One word answers are difficult to use successfully.

2. Another important part of symptom description for homoeopathy are the ‘modalities’. These are situations, events, activities or conditions which modify the symptom in some way. We usually refer to this as what makes them ‘better’ or ‘worse’ (amelioration/aggravation). The situation may actually provoke the symptom into appearing, make it vanish altogether, or just increase or decrease it in some way. Modalities are vital information for prescribing.

Modalities are typically related to (but not exclusively) the following situations:

A. Temperature, weather
B. Time (day, night, specific times, frequency, periodicity, season)
C. Position, activity
D. Emotions, thoughts
E. Food and drink
F. Drugs, medication

3. How the symptom is perceived is important too – odour, appearance, sound, touch. What colour is it, what is its texture? For gestures, describe what it looks like the patient is doing, or what you feel you are doing while making the movement eg. ‘they look like they are swatting flies’ or ‘I feel like something is pushing my hand upwards’ or ‘it is like I stick a fork in an electrical outlet which throws my body backwards’. Description – it is key to accurate prescriptions.

4. When did the symptom or set of symptoms start? The apparent cause can be useful in determining the remedy, although it is not of the same importance as the previous factors. It may have been a specific event, a disease, an accident or even an emotional experience.

5. Use your own words. Do not copy phrases or descriptions found in our various remedy pictures. Try not to use other people’s ideas or thoughts or words. If you are reporting on behalf of someone else, report their exact words, however you can also report your own observations of them (not opinions).

6. Does the symptom occur alongside another specific symptom? Do particular symptoms only occur together? Does a particular symptom occur with a particular thought or emotion? For example, a headache that always comes with visual disturbances, or stomach pain that appears alongside anger, or anxiety that makes you feel like running down the street screaming.

7. Each complaint should be described fully before going on to describe another complaint. Try not to mix different symptoms or complaints together. Each modifying feature must be clearly attached to a particular symptom/set of symptoms. Any mistake you make here is a mistake the homoeopath will also then make.

Evocationer 8 years ago

(Please spend the most time on this section and give DETAILED answers - the homoeopathic remedy is very often decided on the basis of the mental and emotional state of the patient!)

1. What are the issues in your life that bother you the most. Not physical issues but mental or emotional ones. List each one separately and describe why each one bothers you so much and how you cope with them.

2. What emotions are the most troublesome for you? What situations provoke these emotions. How do these emotions make you act? Do you feel any ill effects from expressing or not expressing these emotions.

3. What incidents in your life have had a deep impact on you? Describe each incident in detail and how they made you feel? What did you do in those situations? What effect have they had on your life?

4. What are you afraid of? Especially important are phobias, but it might be objects, situations or events that just produce a high level of anxiety. How do you manage your fears? How do you react when confronted with these fears? What would be the worst situation for you to be put in that would provoke these fears? You may need to talk about each fear/anxiety separately.

5. What hobbies do you have? Why do you like each of these activities?

6. Do you have any persistent thoughts, ideas or beliefs that are difficult to stop or cope with? What are they?

7. Do you have any unusual gestures or movements of the body? Do you feel any unusual sensation or pain throughout your body? What exactly does it feel like is happening in your body?

8. When you experience your fears, persistent thoughts, or difficult emotions, what kind of sensation or reactions do you get in your body?

9. When did you feel at your best in your life? What was that like for you? If you imagine the complete opposite of this feeling or moment, what would that be like?

10. Do you feel like you are stuck in a pattern of behavior, especially when trying to deal with your problems? What is this pattern? THIS IS AN IMPORTANT QUESTION PLEASE CONSIDER CAREFULLY AND GIVE DETAILS.

11. What difficulties or problems do you have in relationships? Talk about your family, your romantic relationships, your spouse or partner, your friends, and your work colleagues. You may need to talk about all of these separately.

12. List 5 positive things about yourself. Are there any situations where this positive attribute becomes negative (is a problem)?

13. List 5 negative things about yourself. Are there any situations where this negative attribute becomes positive (is useful)?

14. Do you have any reoccurring dreams? Describe them in detail, including any feelings that come while dreaming. Dreams are very important in unlocking the deepest truth of a patient’s case, but it is not enough to simply describe them in a sentence. Give as much information as you feel comfortable doing.

15. Did you have any reoccurring dreams as a child, or earlier in your life? Describe those in detail including any feelings that came with them.

16. What were you like as a child, your character, your personality, your fears, your dreams, your problems?

17. What kind of environment did you grow up in? What problems where there at home, with your family, with your parents, with your siblings, with school?
Evocationer 8 years ago

(Symptoms that don’t fit anywhere else, but are things that tend to affect all of you as a person, but are not emotions or thoughts)

1. Sleep - what position do you tend to sleep in?
- what position can you not sleep in?
- do you do anything unusual in your sleep?
- any problems with going to sleep, staying asleep, or waking up?

2. Appetite - What foods do you crave/desire strongly?
- What foods do you hate eating (have an aversion to)?
- What foods have a negative effect on you or cause symptoms?
- What foods have a positive effect on you or seem to improve your health or symptoms in some way?

- What is the effect of hunger or fasting on you?
- What did you crave in the past?

3. Thirst - What drinks do you crave/desire strongly?
- What drinks do you hate to take (are averse to)?
- When are you most thirsty?
- When are you least thirsty?

4. Stool - Do you have any problems with your bowels or passing stool?
- What is the shape, color, odor of the stool?

5. Urine - Do you have any trouble passing or retaining urine?
- What is the color, odor of the urine?
- Do you have any sediment or debris in the urine?

6. Sweat - How do you feel about the amount of perspiration you have?
- Where do you have the most sweat?
- What is the odor?
- What color does it stain clothing?
- Does anything in particular cause you to sweat abnormally?

7. Sexuality - Any problems with your sexual desire?
- Any problems with your sexual ability or function?
- Any history of sexually transmitted diseases?

8. Menses (Women)
- How many days is your cycle?
- How many days does the flow go for?
- What is the appearance of the flow?
- What is the odor of the flow?
- What kind of stain does the flow leave?
- Any discharge before, during or after?
- Any pain before, during or after the flow?
- What symptoms come before the flow?
- What symptoms come after the flow?

9. Environment – How does the weather affect you?
- How does the temperature affect you?
- How does the season affect you?
- What physical activities affect you?
- Is there anything else in the environment you are sensitive to?

10. Anything else you feel is important that hasn’t been covered by previous questions?
Evocationer 8 years ago
Sorry for the delay. My son is struggling with a cold or allergies. Below are the replies to your questions and some information from mom.
4. Crying/Colicky baby immediately. Speech articulation problems started at around 2 years old. ADHD symptoms started around 4 years old. Can not remember when tics started.

MENTAL & EMOTIONAL QUESTIONS (Questions answered by 17 year old)

1. One issue in my life is a lack of confidence. I feel like it restricts me from being myself & from doing things to the best of my ability. I also have low amounts of patience. I really don’t do anything to cope with them.

2. When I’m nervous I squint my shut hard or roll my shoulders (upper body sometimes) or sweat profusely. These different tics make me embarrassed and annoyed. If I don’t satisfy the urge of the tic, I feel an annoying urge that bothers me until I do.

3. When I was younger; I used to be really good at soccer. Over time I notice myself getting worse. I started to lose confidence and began to play even worse. I feel like I am getting a little more confident & getting a little better but I felt like my lack of confidence contributed to my sports performance.

4.I am afraid of what I can not control. I am afraid of uncomfortable situations. I worry about everything. I don’t like what I can’t see (in the dark). I get nervous in these situations. The worst situation would be a situation where I can’t see a good outcome.

5. I collect things. Antiques, collectibles & cool things. I play sports and hunt. I play video games and enjoy outdoor activities. I like to collect things because I like trinkets and unique things. I like sports because they are fun. I like hunting because I like guns and the thrill of hunting.

6.I have persistant thoughts of fears of sweating and then it showing through my clothing. I also think of my tics and stuttering.
7.Yes, I have unusual gestures. I blink my eyes rapidly. I roll my shoulders back. I feel a weird sensation or an urge to do these things. It’s out of pain. It’s an annoyance that only goes away when I do my tic I get relief afterwards.
8. Whenever I have fears I get urges to tic. There is no urge with sweating, it just happens. So, when faced with these fears I sweat profusely, squint my eyes or roll my shoulders.

9.I’m thinking around the age of 7 before my tics or sweating started.
10.I’m stuck in the restriction of my tics. I feel that I can’t break free from this curse, no matter what I do. I’m stuck in this annoying behavior that I deal with on a daily basis.
11 FAMILY - .I don’t get along with my mom or my brother very well. I really don’t get along with my mom though. ROMANCE – None, other than when I’m nervous, I sweat, its annoying & embarrassing.
12. Tall, Athletic, caring, Can find solutions to problems quickly and easily, sense of humor, No none of these positive attributes become negatives.

13.Get angry, lack of patience, people pleaser, Not as intelligent as I want to be, Profuse sweating – No none of these become good
14. I had one dream that was the same only twice but I haven’t dreamed in a number of years.
16.I was an outgoing kid. I was a sore loser.
17.Good, Christian environment. My mom yells at me. I don’t get along with my mother & brother.
1. I sleep on my stomach, can’t sleep on my back. I don’t do anything unusual. No problems going to sleep or getting up.
2. Cheeseburgers, pizza, ice cream, junk food. Are my favorites. II don’t like meats because they are dry and taste awful. Junk food makes me tired. I have to eat, if not I get irritable. I hate being hungry.
3.I crave soda or carbonated tea. I like milk. I don’t like tea packets. I’m most thirsty after exercise.
4.Cylinder like. Color-brown. Odor –Foul. Sometimes constipated.
5.No problems urinating. Clear to yellow depending on hydration. No sediment or debris.
6.Wayyyy tooo much!, - Sweat in armpits. It smells strong, almost burny. No stain, just makes a puddle under my arm. Being nervous or aggressive heart rates makes me sweat more. Usually doing and after activity I sweat. I have trouble cooling down.

7. Virgin
9. Weather, temperature or season don’t seem to affect me. Physical activities make me sweat.
10. (MOTHER’S COMMENTS) Not sure when the symptoms started. Mother had gestational diabetes during pregnancy & developed high blood pressure. Mother induced with pitosin (due to sugars, high blood pressure) & had epidural. During delivery Dr. stated that baby needed to be vacuum extracted because seemed as though baby was going into distress. 10/10 apgar test. Baby was colicky/crying/fussy. Diagnosed either at birth or not long after for umbilical hernia. (no surgery) Diagnosed with reflux and given zantac & propulsid. Later was given Reglan and on this for quite a few years (developed hoarse voice off and on with this drug) Diagnosed with ADHD around the age of 4 – Never medicated for this. Below is a timeline I created from his Baby book (sorry for all the detail. I am a type A personality, and this is our first born so every little detail was important)
10/10/1997 – Vaccines Hep B 1 - No reactions
11/5/1997 – Vaccine Hep B 2 - No reactions
12/15/1997 – Vaccine , DTPH, Polio – No reactions
3/17/1997 – Vaccine DTP, HiB, Polio – Slight fever
1/28/1998 – Taken to pediatric gastroenologist – put on 1ml. zantac 3x/day for reflux.
2/1/1998 – notice little rash around mouth – I think we thought it was from his pacifier.
3/1/1998 – Make note about rash again possibly being from eating carrots (around mouth and chin)
likes squash but it seems like he spits up on it.
4/28/98 - Vaccine DTAP, Hep B 3 – No reaction
7/9/98 – Blood taken, not anemic
1/5/99 – Oral polio, Hib, MMR,DTap – Slight fever/tired
1/28/2000 – Varicella vaccine – no reaction
6/5/01 – Prevnar – no reaction
12/1/01 – MMR2 – Maybe diahhrea
2/18/98 – Cough Rondec given for cough, then amoxicillin, cold lasted 3 weeks
1/27/98 – Still on 1 ML Zantac
3/98- Took off zantac. – Maybe fussy due to teething.
4/1998 – started to spit up again, dr. recommended adding propulsid 1.5ml. and zantac again 1.1 ml 3x/day
5/1/98 – trying to crawl but can’t get the legs and arms in sequence.
5/6/98 – Diarhea, fever Thursday & Friday. Diahrrea last full week
5/13/98 – teeth are bothering him so bad he will not drink from a sipper cup, it hurts to suck.
5/27/98 – cold. No treatment
6/1/98 – Learning concept of peek-a-boo
8/1998 – Vomitting virus
9/22/98 – 1st tooth erupted
11/1/98 – Somewhere around this day, we switched from propulsid to reglan and started noticing a hoarse voice. Stopped Reglan
11/7/98 – Has a hoarse voice for 9 days. No other symptoms. Dr. said virus
11/23/98 – Called dr. about hoarse voice. Had gone away, now back. Dr. said due to environment ( I do have it notated the my husband was working on drywall and sanding, could have been dust)
12/15/98 – put back on Reglan – Doc. Still things hoarse voice related to spackling dust.
12/18/98 – sleeping a long time. Dr. said a reaction from Reglan
12/28/98 – Cold… runny nose, possible ear infection (slightly red) put on antibiotic (amox)
3/1999 – understands commands, touch your nose, eyes, mouth, etc. – Throws temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. Screams, kicks, throws his head back.
4/8/99 – cold 11 days, not getting better. Dr. didn’t like look of inside of nose, possible infection (antibiotic)
6/11/99 – 1st gooney on front of forehead. Fell at neighbors and hit tree root.
7/30/99 – Evaluated speech, has an articulation problem
8/16/99 – Hearing evaluation since speech isn’t clear – hearing ok
10/99 – limited pacifier to nap time and bed time
11/29/99 – Cold lasting 2 weeks. Runny nose, cough, mucus getting thicker with slight color, possible ear infection – I don’t have written how he treated
2/22/00 – Cold, runny nose, cough
3/00 - – Cold with hoarse voice – sent for xray of neck for hoarse voice (ok)
3/00 – I notated that I was lowering his dose of reglan and had stopped it and we would see how things went – I don’t know if I stopped it for sure. I didn’t notate any further on it.
4/16/00 – Loss of twins
3/2/01 4/12/01 – Cold lasting more than 2 weeks
I didn’t really keep any more records beyond this point. I do have notated that around the 3 he started to thin out and by 5 he was really skinny, a big difference from the puggy little boy he was.
used to jump on a mini-trampoline to help calm him down. – studies show that this changes the endorphins in your brain. really improved when he jumped on this.
I can not find any definite documentation as to how old he was when pacifier was taken. I see that I documented on 10/99 that I limited it to bedtime/naptime but I don’t when I ever fully took it.
found the remedy I gave him at one time (probably 5-6 years ago) – Thuja/Thymus Comp. from uriel pharmacy.
used to be such a happy go lucky kid, smiling, goofing, etc…. I don’t know if it’s just a teenage thing but he seems much more serious and argumentative (in relation to the conversations that he seems to interprut differently than intended)
Other items to mention: Had an allergic reaction to food or laundry detergent and broke out in hives around 2-3 months. Never quite figured out the cause. When a baby, cereal & pears seemed to be the only food that didn’t bother him until about 9 months. Around 2-2 ½ fell at neighbors and hit head on tree root – big goony. Also, around 2 – 2 ½ I lost twin boys at 26 weeks of pregnancy. – I don’t remember this being an emotional thing for him but during this time, I was away from him and he was at home being babysat by a neighbor (this is the 1st time he was away from me as a child. Used to throw tremendous temper tantrums. He would throw himself on the floor & scream and throw himself around. Lots of times if he was in a safe environment I’d let him lay on the floor and go to another room. Used to run away from us in the grocery store. Very impulsive as a child (even up to the age of 8, I had to watch him very closely in the parking lot, afraid he would get hit by a car) ). At 2 ½ he started speech therapy and also occupational therapy (we did a lot of touch modalities) Brushing, playing with different texture items. I remember one time a parent from the school bus called and said he had touched her childs arm. He used to take his hand on my other children’s head as though he was putting pressure on it and rubbing their heads. He doesn’t seem nearly as touchy as he used to in fact, I don’t think he really likes to be touched much. (except he loves & will ask for me to rub his feet) He had really swollen tonsils around the age of 7 or 8.with fever – Treated at home naturally (herbs). When I was a child I got strep throat often. Around the age of 7 or 8 was putting on a shirt and got stung multiple times, no severe reaction but it seemed to bother him emotionally. Son is around 6’3” tall and skinny. Long arms & long legs (family trait), long fingers, size 12 shoes. Very concerned with his appearance (clothes must be name brand, must not have anything on them (dog hair, etc.) Son has problems with memory and brain fog. He can’t seem to process two-step instructions. Simple math is not a problem but something with multiple steps he struggles with (algebra). Sometimes I think he has hearing problems but his hearing was checked and ok. Seems like he has a hard time understanding some requests and he interprets are questions differently than they were meant. I remember one time he was sweating it looked like his eyes were watering his sweat almost smelled acrid or burny.
I can not remember exactly when the tics started however; in his 7th grade school year (13) he had to get up front of the school for a play and he does not like to get in front of other people. While they were singing he was up there yawning. I remember from there the tics just seemed to move. I remember it used to be raising his eyebrows, then it was something with his jaw. His upper torso (used to twist his whole upper torso, now its more of a shoulder move) Used to shake his head back and forth (like his neck was bothering him), Used to open and close his jaw. NOW his tics are more like an exaggerated eye wink, Turning the corner of his mouth up, and a rolling of his shoulder.
Tried Epsom salt detox (twice) – no changes.
We did a homeopathic reglan detox with no results.
I have also tried the following remedies;
Mercurius vivus: Seemed to help some with sweating, may have helped stuttering some.
Hyocymanus: still stuttering
Zincum Mett: I remember seeing some improvement with this – my notes: Not as much upper torso movements. Still some facial ticking around nose and mouth. Not as much around eyes.
Stressful situations or when he gets excited his tics get worse. I feel like he lacks confidence (maybe caused by the tics?) He is also argumentative. When he says that he doesn’t get along with me, he is correct. I think it may be because we are very similar in personality. I think he doesn’t get along with his younger brother because he is jealous of him. He often says that he gets more items or gets away with more things than he did (constantly comparing & complaining)
Mother has herbal & novice homeopathic background. I need an outsider to give advice on his case because I almost feel like I’m too close to it and can’t see what might be right in front of me but I Have questioned some of the following remedies;
Tub Bovine
-Again I am a novice and am not 100% sure how to administer some of the above.
juler15 8 years ago
I will add this to my list of new cases to analyse and suggest a remedy to start with.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Hello, have you been able to review the case yet? I appreciate your willingness to help.
juler15 8 years ago
Ok, well this *looks* fairly straight forward. There is one very highly indicated remedy. I looked at these rubrics:

Rubbing of the soles ameliorates (diff: Chelidonium)
Sleeps on abdomen
Sleeping on back impossible
Desires pizza
Desires ice cream
Aversion to meat
Hunger aggravates
Anger from being hungry
Desires carbonated drinks
Aversion to milk
Foul odour of stool
Excessive perspiration
Excessive perspiration from being nervous or anxious
Acrid odour of sweat
Burned odour of sweat

SULPHUR is found in every one of these rubrics. The next closest match in the symptoms is Merc, with Sepia and Arsenicum next. None of these match the mental state described.

In fact there are a number of keynotes for this remedy - unable to sleep on the back, craving for pizza, burned odour of the sweat (a very peculiar symptom).

I would suggest a single dose of Sulphur 200c to begin with. Obtain this as a liquid dose preferably.

If you have obtained pillules or pellets, you will need a small bottle and a dropper to make your own liquid dose. Mix water and alcohol into this small bottle to the ratio of 5:1. Dissolve 3 pillules/pellets into this bottle. All doses will be made from this bottle.

If you already have a liquid dose just start from step 1.

1. Hit the bottle 5 times firmly against the palm of the hand

2. Place 3 drops into 100mls of clean fresh water

3. Stir very thoroughly

4. Take 2 teaspoons out into the mouth and hold for 20 seconds, then swallow.

This is one dose and the same steps should be taken for any further doses, unless I ask you to change them in some way.

If any old symptoms reappear, or any current symptoms worsen, this is a GOOD sign in most cases. DO NOT SUPPRESS them with other kinds of medication unless you are in real danger (which is a highly unlikely reaction to a remedy).

However, if you are on regular medication it is also important that you do NOT stop taking this unless it is perfectly safe to do so. Once it is determined the medicine has acted beneficially, we can look at reducing such medication. Regular medication in this instance is NOT defined as other homoeopathic medicines which MUST be stopped. Tissue salts are the same as homoeopathic medicines and are in this category, as are Bach Flowers, Flower Essences, and Bush Flower Essences.

Let me know what has happened after 7 days.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Great! Thank you. I gave him the dose as you recommended. - The only problem is my sulfer 200c expired 4/10. I used it because it was all I had - What do you think. Should I order a new one or do you think it will be ok?
juler15 8 years ago
Evocationer is often not on
during weekends.

The remedy should be fine, they
can last for decades if stored
correctly- There is no expiration, that is a new regulation to put on expiry dates and at least one symptom
out of the hundreds a remedy
is used for.
simone717 8 years ago
Ok. Thank you for the information. I appreciate it.
juler15 8 years ago
Ok. Sulfur remedy was given as you recommended last Friday evening. Differences I noticed: In the first couple days he seemed grumpier, poor attitude. He noticed that even though he was sweating just as much the odor seems to have gotten better. Tics & stuttering have not changed. What would you recommend next? Thank you.
juler15 8 years ago
OOps. Forgot to mention he did develop a dry cough two days ago with a runny nose. He says its a cold.
juler15 8 years ago
Ok. Dosed as you recommended. No differences in tics or stuttering or amount of sweat. Did notice a difference in smell of sweat. (it's smelling better) His attitude seemed a little more negative in the 1st couple day and in the last few days he has developed a dry cough.
juler15 8 years ago
The first thing to do would be to repeat the Sulphur. I will get you to hit the bottle 10 times first though. Let me know what has happened after 5 days.

Is the cough still a problem. Can you give me all the qualities and observations of his cough and respiration. Are there any other new symptoms?
Evocationer 8 years ago
simone717 8 years ago
Hi Evocationer,
I never got an e-mail stating that you posted so, I am
Just noticing your post. I will dose with Sulphur again today. The cough has resolved. Sweating & odor the same as before, which was improved, tics & stuttering still the same. I will post back after 5 days.

Thank you,

juler15 8 years ago
Good morning Evocationer,

I repeated the sulfur as you stated. Within the first two days it seemed as though there was quite a difference in the number of times he was ticking/stuttering. He has done some since then but on a whole in the last 7 days they are diminished. He is not doing them as often but when he does they are as noticeable as before. It seems as though his confidence is also a little better. Please advise what you recommend next please & thank you for your time.
juler15 7 years ago
Ok. so today his ticking/stuttering seemed worse. It has been approx. 7-10 days since last dose. If you read my prior posts, there was initially improvement. It has rained all day in our area. Don't know if this has anything to do with the increase in sympotoms or if he needs to redose. Could you give a recomendation?

Thank you
juler15 7 years ago
Hi, It's been an additional 20 days. Tics & stuttering still the same. Any reccomendations? - I am thinking maybe Lycopodium?
juler15 7 years ago

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