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Glad you started with Diabetes as the result should be visible in 2 days if the Arnica is your remedy. You must maintain your current treatment with drugs and add the Arnica 30c in the manner that you have confirmed. The daily BS test is necessary to reduce the drugs with the Arnica and Cinnamon which usually bring down the BS levels and you may find, as many have discovered, that the Arnica Cinnamon combo can substitute for the drugs. This of course depends on the depth of your problem and this is the reason for constant monitoring of BS levels.

The water should not be the Mineral type which bubbles like soda. It should be standard Spring water you get in supermarkets and it would be worth reading the fine print to check if it is tapped from underground springs where the water is usually pure.

Remember to succuss the remedy before each dose.

Exercise is essential and eliminate food that is contraindicated for both your Diabetes and high Cholesterol

Report response often.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
i could not read your reply on the site for some reason, maybe something to do with page 2.
How do i take arnica 30c for insomnia and waking up during sleep. I am hanging on for your reply.. vikki
vikki last decade
To Vikki

I do wish that you had started a new thread for Insomnia as your problem is not connected to this thread.

However since you have addressed me on it I recommend that you use Arnica in the Liquid Dose which is made up as instructed in my post earlier on this thread.

You can take a teaspoonful twice daily with the second for the day shortly before you sleep.

Do not use any stimulants like coke, coffee, tea etc for 5 hours before sleep.

You must also exercise in some way to increase the demand of your body for sleep.

Post your response in a few days after you start the Arnica therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
This discussion is very stimulating. I have read that a combination of phytolacca berryQ,fucus vesiculosusQ and calcarea carbonica 200 in addition to natrum sulf. help to reduce weight. Does it really work? If yes, then how much does one need to take of each?
mohini last decade
To Mohini

Many who have used the remedies that you indicated have discovered that they did not help to reduce weight.

I discovered however that Nat Phos 6x if used twice daily does in fact help well over 80% of the cases that used it. It works by accelerating the passage of food through the gut thereby preventing its complete absorption into the blood. The weight loss is usually 1-2 pounds per week and the maximum weight loss recorded is 25 kg in about 6 months.

Nat Phos is now being used in Health farms in the US to reduce weight as they have discovered that it is very safe in use in comparison to the other drugs they used which were expensive and some of which had serious side effects.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks, Dr. Livera. When you speak of natrum phos 6X, does it mean it has to be in the tablet form and not the liquid base of ethanol? I dont understand the difference in action between the tablet form and the liquid form? Dont they have the same action, inspite of having the same chemical composition?
mohini last decade
Nat Phos is available in the Biochemic and the Homeopathic forms. The Biochemic is triturated or ground into lactose while the Homeopathic is made by potentizing the remedy in Ethanol in the usual manner.

It is the 6x biochemic that will help to reduce weight and not the other.

Please make sure that you get the biochemic tablets and not the globules.

Please report your response to this remedy. You must weigh yourself and report the loss of weight which should be at least 1 pound per week.

Please note that you may not use coffee, cola drinks and sausages, bacon and ham as they antidote the remedy.

Dose is 2 tablets after lunch and dinner.

I am not qualified to be entitled to the title of Doctor. I do have about 30 years of study and practice behind me which has enabled me to use Homeopathic remedies in a manner that a classical homeopathic doctor will not do as you will see from the earlier posts on this thread.

For instance you will not get Nat Phos 6x prescribed by any classical homeopath for weight reduction simply because they were not taught that it works to do so. I seem to have some gift in identifying remedies for ailments that are not listed in the classical texts and use it to help all who come to me for assistance which I gladly give free of charge.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for the clarification. For me a formal degree is not important. You have a gift for homeopathy which involves a deep insight. You doctors on the panel are doing a great service to humanity by listening and solving our problems. God bless you all.
mohini last decade
Yes, Joe i do agree with you, I am about to try some L-Tryptophan for increasing Serotonin levels in the brain, i have also been craving more turkey, which is very high in l-tryptophan, so even the body knows, so i shall see.
vikki last decade
To:Joe De Livera.
The Arnica for Diabetes should have been under the thread "Diabetes". I am very happy to report that since I started the Arnica 30c liquid dose there has been a significant drop in my BS levels which is being monitored very closely. I had 2 hypo attacks in succession at night and have reduced the nightime LANTUS shot from 72 to 46 units.Thank you very much Joe - God bless you. Ahmed
ahmedbayat last decade
Dear Ahmed,

Thank you for confirming that your Blood Sugar level dropped significantly with the Arnica 30c.

May I suggest that you start a new thread on the ABC and in other forums like the Otherhealth and Hpathy and spread the word that you have been helped by Arnica. You can copy your post above with more data of your Blood Sugar level before and after using Arnica.

As you probably know, I discovered this amazing ability of Arnica to reduce BS levels over a year ago when I gave the remedy to a Type II Diabetic like you who was also a doctor to cure a non healing wound on his toe. He was flabbergasted to note that his BS dropped to Zero and refused to use it. He died of kidney failure last September and I feel that he would be alive even today if only he had reduced his dependence on Lantus and used Arnica to control his Diabetes just as you have done.

You may like to know that 1/4 teaspoonful Cinnamon powder takes as a tea or in food also helps to reduce BS levels and Type I Diabetics can stop their dependence on drugs like Metformin and use this combination of both Arnica and Cinnamon powder instead.

It is my sincere desire to spread this word around the world and it is testimonials from confirmed Diabetics like you that will help to do so in order that other Diabetics can use it and wean themselves away from the drugs used which will eventually extract their price with other ailments that are connected to the use of these drugs.

I do wish that Medical Laboratories that have the facilities to carry out tests will use Arnica and publish their data and give maximum coverage to this news which can help so many millions of Diabetics throughout the world.

You may like to know that I passed this information about Arnica helping Diabetics to a homeopathic hospital in Kerala and they are now using Arnica exclusively for their patients. They have reported a success rate of 80% and they feel that Arnica is most effective for the use of Diabetics when they first discover that they have this ailment.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
It is very important to note that Medorrhinum in CM potency bi-monthly is the best remedy for a diabetic patient if his disease is hereditary. No other remedy is needed at all. I have treated dozens of diabetic patient only with this single remedy no doubt.
Dr Kumar last decade
Dear Joe
My wife , 42years old had a
tumour of the pituatry gland partially removed. She suffers from excruciating headaches at fair intervals. She has no other ailments and is not on any medication.
Is there some respite for her
bulls last decade
Dear Arvin

Her acute headaches may be the result of the surgery she has undergone and may be difficult to cure.

There are many remedies that I have used and I would like you to share the Arnica 30c that I prescribed for you with her, a teaspoonful taken thrice daily. Please report response.

It is just possible that she may be helped by this remedy. If after a week it does not help I shall indicate another which may.

In the meanwhile it would be useful if you could let me have details of her headache which you state is excruciating. It is good to learn that she has not taken any drug for it as otherwise this would have compounded the problem.

Details required:
When did it start ? Before or after the surgery ?
Where in the head is the pain ? Is it in the area of the pituitary gland ?
When does she get it ? When awake or sleeping ?
What helps it ? Cold or warmth ?
How does light affect it ?
Is the pain continuous or does it vary ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
Headaches were there before operation, then went away after operation and has now started again. It is in the the area of the right temple. Ocuurs when awake. Applying pressure to the temple helps slightly.Light seems to have a worsening effect
on it. Pain is short but the duration is becoming longer.
Kind regards
bulls last decade

Start with the Arnica and report response 3 days after she takes a teaspoonful thrice daily after succussion.

There are other remedies that I would like to suggest if the Arnica does not help but I have some patients who were chronic cases of headache which were resolved by Arnica in a few days.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
I enquired about the sale of Arnica 30 C and was tol that it is in tablet form, you suggest I take a teaspoonful 3 times a day
(is this liquid form)
Is there a difference between capsule and liquid
Please asdvise me accordingly
bulls last decade
Homeopathic remedies are usually marketed in little plastic vials which contain the remedy in 3mm lactose pellets. It is these pellets that you use to activate a bottle of spring water to make the water the remedy.

Remedies are also marketed in 10ml plastic dropper bottles and the liquid is ethanol.

You will use 3 pellets or 2 drops to activate a 500ml bottle of spring water.

From your data on the other thread I note that you are overweight and would suggest that you read this thread about how Nat Phos 6x reduces weight.

If you can shed about 20kg you would be much happier but the Nat Phos may not work in your case as you also take drugs for your diabetes. However it is worth trying it out to see if the NP can help you.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
Dr Sharma suggests that I use Insulin 30 thricea day.
Do I stop the Arnica 60c and !/2 teaspoonful cinnamon?
What is insulin 30?
Kind regards
bulls last decade
To Arvin

You have placed me in a difficult position by asking me whether you the patient, who has a rather complicated medical history, should use the Arnica and Cinnamon I prescribed for the control of Diabetes, or the Insulin 30 that Dinesh prescribed.

You are the patient and it is up to you to make up your mind which of these remedies can help you. It is understood of course that you cannot use the therapies suggested by me and Dinesh as this can be counter productive.

I note that you asked me whether you should STOP the Arnica 60c and 1/2 teaspoonful of Cinnamon. I would like you to read my posts on the remedies again and you will see that I prescribed Arnica 30c in the wet dose taken twice daily and 1/4 teaspoonful of Cinnamon powder taken twice daily. Please note that in Homeopathy it is essential that the patient strictly conforms in the potency of the remedy that was prescribed and not use any remedy or potency as this could lead to other serious results.

If you however have made an error in your post are you are already taking Arnica 30c in the wet dose and Cinnamon powder as instructed by me you are advised to continue with your therapy for a few weeks to verify for yourself if this therapy helps your Blood sugar level. If it does not you can use the Insulin as prescribed by Dinesh.

You must check your blood sugar levels daily if possible and it you notice that your BS level is dropping more that it used to do with the drugs you are now using, you can safely assume that this is due to the Arnica and Cinnamon and you are advised to stay with this therapy. If you discover that this therapy has helped you, please post your findings on this forum.

You have inquired what Insulin 30 is and I copy Boricke's Materia Medica on this remedy below:

An active principle from the pancreas which affects sugar metabolism

Besides the use of Insulin in the treatment of diabetes, restoring the lost ability to oxidize carbohydrate and again storing glycogen in the liver, some use of it homeopathically has been made by Dr. Wm. F. Baker, showing its applicability in acne, carbuncles, erythema with itching eczema. In the gouty, transitory glycosuria when skin manifestations are persistent give three times daily after eating. Given a persistent case of skin irritation, boils or varicose ulceration with polyuria, it is indicated.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
I am sorry to have asked you to respond to DR Sharma's response.
I am following your directions of Arnica 30C & 1/4 teaspoonful
of cinnamon twice a day.
I howver need some clarification.
You say the following:
You will use 3 pellets or 2 drops to activate a 500ml bottle of spring water.
Then I should take a teaspoonful 3 times a day.
Does this mean that I should take a teaspoonful from the bottle, it will last a very long time. The pellets dissoves after some time of shaking but does not alter the colour or taste of tyhe water.
Am I doing it correctly?
Forgive me for some of the silly questions.
Kind regards
PS Started with Arnica
bulls last decade
To Arvin,

You have followed my instructions correctly with the Arnica in the wet dose. The 3 pellets cannot alter the colour or taste of the water but the remedy Arnica 30c will now be in the water which is the remedy now.

It is important that you shake the bottle hard before each dose of a teaspoonful of the water and at 3 teaspoonfuls daily it should last you about 3 months.

Keep the bottle refrigerated with a sticker that it is not meant for general consumption.

Take the Cinnamon powder in food or as a tea in boiling water as this will also help with your diabetes. Do not however increase the dose above 1/4 teaspoonful twice daily.

Check your BS level daily if possible and report progress.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
Thanks for your response.
Does the wet dose mean that the pellets must be dissolved in the water
bulls last decade
Yes the pellets will dissolve in the water in a few minutes.

Each dose of a teaspoon should be taken after a good shake up of the bottle every time.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am 53 years old women{ a single parent,cant afford cost of liposuction},my weight is 71kg now,recently with help of dietician i had lost 18kg,but put on 9 kgs back,I have very FAT UPPER ARMS {even on losing 18kg}it was the same. now i wish to loose on my arms and 8-10kg. IS THERE A HOMEOPATHY MEDICINE called CALOTROPIS (which removes flesh and fat)? potency-30 or200?? can i take?,my blood pressure &thyroid is under control with medication, i have cholestrol-little above average. IS THER ANY SIDE EFFECT?should i take before or after meal.thanks doctor. can i also get Dr.S.C.MADAN's view on this.
hemalata last decade
Since Dr S C Madan has not responded to your post I would like to refer you to the discussion on this thread on Nat Phos 6x which many have used successfully for shedding weight.

The many reports that I have received from grateful users is that they have lost around 1 kg per week using just 2 tablets of Nat Phos after 2 meals daily.

You are invited to visit 'Nat Phos the Ultimate cure of Obsity' on

Joe De Livera last decade

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