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Attn: Joe De Livera: Arnica & Hypoglycemia? Page 2 of 2

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Your report of dandruff on your scalp and also your skin is interesting. It is possible that you have a latent eczema which manifests itself sometimes.

I have used Arnica for Eczema and it is possible that it will also help you. You do not need the Sulphur at all.

You stated
"I think the alcohol in the Arnica tincture might be drying my scalp a little causing the dandruff specks to be larger"

Do I understand that you are applying the Arnica Q directly without mixing into a 20% solution with Coconut oil into your scalp?
Joe De Livera last decade
No, the Arnica and Coconut oil are already mixed, but the alcohol that's part of the Arnica tincture still seems to have a slight burning and drying affect where applied.

And, since I've been using Arnica about 4 months, it'd seem that it probably won't help the slight dandruf or dry skin. And, this has always been more apparent in colder weather, but still might occur in warmer weather, just less often. I think I do need to use something other than Arnica for it.
Will88 last decade
One other thing I failed to mention. The slight dandruf has often been accompied by an itch, and the itch always seems most evident in front or on the crown that's becoming thinner. And it's been that way for years, not just recently.
Will88 last decade
Joe, I'm still wondering whether sulphur might be indicated, and have added some information. You'd need to review the last four or five short posts.
Will88 last decade
I have found that Sulphur 1M has helped cases like yours where you have some dandruff.

You can use this remedy in the manner that I indicated in my previous post once weekly and report your response.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks, Joe, I'll have to order this so it'll be a week or more before I have it available.
Will88 last decade

It's been a couple of month's since I last posted. The slight dandruff I mentioned corrected itself, probably as the last of the cold weather ended in the SE USA. The problem was always more common during colder weather. I have the Suphur 1M, but haven't used it. If it recurrs, I'll try the Sulphur.

I hadn't said much about the falling hair situation in a long time, but as I said months ago, the Arnica 30C did reduce that to normal after a few weeks, and in all this time it's been normal except for a couple of stretches of a few days.

But I have experienced some fairly significant hair regrowth. First, I'm nowhere near bald, but have been receding and thinning for about 30 years. In front, my youthful hairline went down my forehead and formed a widow's peak. That had receded back from about 1/2' to 3/4' over the years, with thinning on the crown, and lesser amounts all over the top.

Also, for six months before starting the Arnica, I'd used a commercial preparation that seemed to help at first, then I began losing more hair than before using it. I stopped that about two weeks before I first used Arnica 30X on 10/31/2005, then Arnica 6C on 11/7, then Arnica 30C on 11/30, and until now. Of course, I used what I already had until receiving the 30C, since I have to order everything.

And, in early December, 2005, I started using the Arnica tincture/Coconut oil 20%/80% mixture.

Anyway, I started noticing the increase of fine hairs at the edge of the receded areas and also in the unreceded areas in front, probably in early January. They steadily increased in number and grew to about 1/8' and longer. A few are now near 1' long, with many still about 1/8' to 1/2' in the areas mentioned above. They are especially thick in the unreceded areas, a good number at the edge of the receded area, and some have regrown out in the fully receded area on the temples.

Also, I've tried a couple of hair treatments before, so have checked for regrowth those two times, and this is the first time I've experienced sustained improvement over about five months.

The first area I ever noticed any thinning or receding was in the widow's peak about 30 years ago. There is no noticeable regrowth in that area.

I waited to see how much of the 1/8' or so fine hair might grow into normal looking hair, and a good amount has. Whether or not it is for certain, my hair all over the top feels thicker, and it had definitely felt progressively thinner over the past few years. - I think it's important to also use the Arnica tincture/Coconut oil mixture, and it also makes it easier to see the initial regrowth, especially with lighter colored hair as I have. I use it about four days per week.

Of course, this is a slow process and I think it'll be a couple more months before I'll know if more of the fine hairs will grow into normal hair, and if it continues to feel thicker all over the top, but it is a very encouraging result so far.

I'd count this a six month result, since I think it took a while for my scalp to recover from the solution I'd used for six months before, that had caused the most shedding ever experienced.

I changed the title of the post to reflect that I stopped smoking five months ago, and the hair regrowth. I hope it posts with the changed title.

And, still no negative effect at all on my reactive hypoglycemia.

Thanks for your advice on this, and the results have been great so far. But this hair business is a long-term situation before we can access how successful it's been.
Will88 last decade

Thank you for your detailed report on how Arnica helped to arrest your hair loss but I consider that the fact that you have not SMOKED in 5 months is by far the more exciting news. I note that you have changed the title of your post but I feel that it is not strong enough to catch the eye of members of the ABC and I would exhort you once again to please post your testimony on this and other homeopathic BB's so that others who are hooked to the weed can read about the miraculous effect that Arnica has in supressing that craving for the next smoke. This evidence which I hope you will post in a separate post with a title like:

'Arnica helped me to QUIT SMOKING'

will catch the headlines and will perhaps help many thousands to allay their craving for that next smoke. Please think of the many millions whom you may be able to redeem from CANCER to which they are going headlong.

You are warned however that the cigarette giants may react violently against your testimony !

The fact that a simple homeopathic remedy can help in so many ways is in itself incredible and I am grateful to God that I have been the 'catalyst' in first discovering the many varied uses of Arnica Montana and in being able to have people like you to testify that the Arnica treatment has indeed helped with the regrowth of your hair and in so many other ways.

You state that you had observed the gradual loss of hair through the last 30 years and while I do not think that your 'widow's peak' effect can be helped in the short term, I would suggest that you do not give up hope as I have a nephew now 35 years old whom I persuaded to use the Arnica treatment and who discovered that the Arnica therapy with the oil massage stimulated his hair to regrow and there is now a definite fuzz of teeny hairs which will soon grow up to be normal hair.

I note that Arnica did not really help you to sleep longer but I feel confident that is has helped you to sleep deeper. One way you can observe whether or not the Arnica helped you is to stop it for a week and observe your response. You may like to know that I deliberately stopped my nightly dose of Arnica 6c that I have taken for over 10 years and discovered that at the end of the first week I was not sleeping deeply any more. I noticed that I was not so vitally alive which at my age of 76, could be considered as normal. In the second week I was not motivated to go for my daily walk and it was when I discovered that my BP which is normally 120/80 pulse 65 that I stopped my experiment and reverted back to my nightly dose and was back to normal in a week.

I cannot account for the seeming endless miraculous power of this flower Arnica Montana and it is obvious that it is the doyen of all Homeopathic Polycrests where unfortunately it is not officially listed as insufficient research has not been done on this remedy.

As perhaps you are aware I have been riled by many on this and other Homeopathic BB's for so openly flaunting the classical dictum and daring to propose that Arnica used in the manner that I have prescribed to you can do vast good. The classical types prefer to maintain that it is only their classical methods that can help an ailment.

It is my hope that this singularly narrow minded attitude will soon be dispelled with the evidence that we can all offer at least as far as Arnica is concerned that its use in the manner that I have consistently advocated, although it does not conform to their narrow rules which strangely enough were not made by the founder Hahnemann but by his followers, especially the present generation of Homeopaths who delight in fooling the general public by stifling this science in the hope that they will be able to fool the public into believing that it is only through the classical method that salvation can be achieved and an ailment cured.

I do hope that all who read this post will join me in rejoicing that Arnica has helped Will in a manner that no other remedy would have done. I also hope that classical homeopaths who read this post will wake up to realities especially when evidence is provided that Arnica can help in many ways to uplift the lives of mankind.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
Will stopped smoking because of his own will power.

Simply because a poster says I quit smoking since taking 'x' medicine, we can't shout at the top of our voice, as if we have found a medicine to quit smoking.

Many people quit smoking, while being on other medicines. Do we assume that those medicines are responsible for their quitting smoking?

Use commonsense.

gavinimurthy last decade

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