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Attn: Joe De Livera: Arnica & Hypoglycemia?

Dear Joe and others,

I've read with interest several of your posts and am particularly interested in the Arnica 30c solution you
recommend for several conditions. You state it lowers blood sugar and
could be beneficial for diabetics. I'm hypoglycemic and wonder if it
might be unsuited for me. I've noticed several natural remedies that
claim to benefit diabetics, then upon learning more they actually normalize
blood sugar rather than lowering only, i.e., they tend to increase or keep in the normal range
blood sugar in reactive hypoglycemics. My HG is moderate and I've
never passed out or even felt I might. Symptoms are more physical. My fasting BS is around 80, and it varies during the day from 95 - 120 typically. I follow a higher protein, lower carb diet pretty closely. How
do you think your Arnica 30c solution twice a day would affect a
reactive hypoglycemic?

I also have other minor but chronic conditions: post-nasal drip, left shoulder bursitis (probably from sleeping position), ringing in the ears, stomach bloat, falling hair and inadequate sleep (uninterrupted, but only about 5 1/2 hours).

I'm very interested in trying the Arnica 30c solution for the inadequate sleep and falling hair. I'd also like to later supply more detail on these other minor but chronic conditions for suggestions you and others might have. But have your or anyone else observed that Arnica or other homeopathic remedies might worsen reactive hypoglycemia?

Thank you,

  Will88 on 2005-10-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
It would be interesting for us to observe how your Blood Sugar level reacts to Arnica 6c which I would like you to take twice daily in the Water dose made up by dropping 3 globules of the remedy into 500ml spring bottled water which you must succuss before every dose by shaking in your hand to ensure that the bubbles are formed which lead to succussion.

It is of course understood that you will monitor your BS level daily and keep some candy at hand to be used SOS.

I believe that Arnica will help you as it has helped me for the last 10 years and that you will turn over a new leaf in your life. I have 2 friends who were inveterate smokers but do not touch a cigarette after a few months on Arnica daily. The tell me that they do not feel the craving for the tobacco. Another use for this amazing remedy !

For your other ailments I would prefer not to mix too many remedies as we will have to help you to sleep deeply which you will notice immediately after the dose taken at night which will in turn help to alleviate some or hopefully all your ailments. Your loss of hair will be arrested hopefully in a week.

You may however use Nat Phos 6x for your gastric condition dose 2 tablets after lunch and dinner.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, thanks for the reply. First, I live in a small town and it will take me a week or so to order the 6c. But I'd used the ABC Remedy Finder and read a few things, then ordered several remedies including Arnica, but it's 30x. That order will be here Monday via UPS. Can I start a trial with the 30x? I'll get the 6c, but it'll be week, and also the Nat Phos 6x.

I agree that improving my sleep if possible should be the first goal. Any instruction for using Arnica 30x, or should I wait until I have 6c? And why 6c? The 30c might be more likely to affect the hypoglycemia?

Any other remedies I should order for later trial?

Will88 last decade
30x is 10 to the power 30 or

6c is 100 to the power 6 or

You may use the 30x for the moment but I would prefer that you get the 6c which is more concentrated than the 30x.

Please note however that only the Nat Phos 6x will help gastric conditions best. The other potencies do not help as much.

The Arnica can be used in the Water Dose with 1 teaspoonful taken twice daily but the Nat Phos 6x (biochemic) may only be used dry.
Joe De Livera last decade
I'll order the 6c, and try the 30x beginning Monday night. A few questions:

1. As in some of your older posts, should I try only 3 tablets of the 30x as with 6c?

2. Do I pour out 100 ml of the 500 ml spring water to make the solution?

3. In trying the 30x, if I slap the bottle against my palm more than 6 times, will that make the 30x more potent?

Understood about the Nat Phos 6x.

Will88 last decade

If you get back to this thread, concerning the Nat Phos 6x for gastric conditions. I am 6'2" and weigh 172, about the ideal weight for my build. I don't need to lose weight. Hopefully the Nat Phos will not cause weight loss where it's not needed. How you oberved it's use by people who don't need to lose?

I plan to try, but will watch my weight closely.
Will88 last decade
You can always reduce the dosage of the Nat Phos 6x if you discover that it is bringing your weight down. Use 1 tablet instead of 2.

Answering your previous post :
1 It is best to use 3 gloobules of the remedy in the water.

2 You need to have some air space on top of the water as it will not aerate otherwise. It is the succussion that makes the remedy potent.

3 Yes every bang on your palm increases the potency of the remedy. This increase of potency enables it to increase its ability to help in the cure.
Joe De Livera last decade

I've now used the Arnica 30x and Nat Phox 6x for eight days and the results have been mixed. Several nights I experienced better sleep, but still about my usual 5 1/2 hours. Not sure if the Nat Phos 6x helps with indigestion, bloating, etc. I can usually control it with diet, but had a few days of upset probably due to diet, so the Nat Phos probably hasn't had a good trial.

Also, I've monitored my hypoglycemia closely, tested BS several times and have no indication so far that the Arnica lowers my BS levels. Some things claim to lower the diabetics and help keep the hypos in the normal range. Maybe Arnica has that property, but I'll continue monitoring how it affects me.

I received my order today and will be using Arnica 6c as recommended from now on, morning and before bed, 3 pills in the water solution, successed, etc. - I have a few questions:

1. I've used the ABC Remedy Finder twice, and each time the first five are: sulphur, lycopodium, phorphorus, nux vomica and nat. mur. Reviewing closer, Lycopodium matches most of my minor, but chronic ailments better than the others. The only thing it doesn't relate to is bursitis in the left shoulder. Descriptions of digestive problems it helps are closer than Nat Phos descriptions, and it's closest on tinnitis, insomnia and possibly sinus if caused by allergies. - So, when and how can I try Lycopodium 6c (which I also have) for these ailments while continuing the Arnica 6c?

Lycopodium is closest with the ABC remediy finder, and closest at a vendor site that provides good descriptions of remedies for the specific ailments I mentioned.

2. I also ordered and have Arnica tincture. I'm not clear on your formula for this with coconut oil. I have a 44% alcohol, Arnica tincture from Washington Homeopathic. Then also sell 20% and other dilutions. Is the ointment mix for a 20% dilution of Arnica, or for a mix of 20% undiluted Arnica tincture and 80% virgin coconut oil? Please clarify how to make scalp ointment with the tincture I have and coconut oil.

3. In general, as long as I'm taking Arnica 6c in solution twice a day, when can I try one other remedy along with it? I'd like to try Lycopodium now in place of Nat Phos for a week or so. If that's okay, how should I take Lyc., so many #400 round pills per day, one or more times, or in the water solution method.

Thanks for your help, Will88
Will88 last decade
One thing I forgot. My falling hair, or shedding in excess of normal, has decreased noticeably.
Will88 last decade
Glad to note that the Arnica is not affecting your Hypoglycemia and you are advised to use the 6c and not the 30x in the water dose after succussion as this is far more potent.

Good to note that the 30x has helped with your hair loss.

I would not advise you to experiment with other remedies as you have found that the Arnica / Nat Phos therapy is helping you.

Use the Arnica / Coconut oil mix as this is far more effective than the ready mixed solutions with alcohol which does not last long on the scalp.
Joe De Livera last decade

The Arnica is working, but I can't say that the Nat Phos is working. Could I try the Lycopodium in place of Nat Phos for a time, as Lycopodium fits many symptoms better than Nat Phos.

So, the Arnica/Coconut oil mix is Arnica tincture 20%, Coconut oil 80% by volume.
Will88 last decade
Please see my reply in response to your email.
Joe De Livera last decade

It's now been three weeks since I started taking the homeopathic remedies: 1 week of Arnica 30x and Nat Phos 6x, then two weeks of Arnica 6c and Lycopodium 6c. We discussed that I'd try Lyc 6c in an email as the Nat Phos 6x did not help digestive disturbances.

I'm still sleeping about 5 1/2 hours as before the remedies, but it's better sleep and am more rested, but would still like to sleep longer. Maybe that will improve later.

After beginning the Arnica, hair shedding became more normal and remained so except a day now and then. Can't notice any definite regrowth in front yet, but, as some mentioned in an older thread, body hair in general is growning more. The small velous hairs on my upper arms have definitely grown longer and are turning blond as opposed to almost transluscent. Maybe that is a good sign for the head, as it's still only been three weeks.

The Lycopodium 6c is more helpful for my digestive upsets. Also, I hope it might be beneficial for my mild tinitis. I think the hissing sound might be lower in volume now, and it has definitely changed pitch some.

Still no sign that the Arnica has any affect on my hypoglycemia.

1. If a homeopathic remedy cures tinitis, how long would that normally take? I guess a a few months.

2. When I ordered, I also ordered Arnica 30c. Any reason to think that might be better now or later?
Will88 last decade
One lives to learn.

As I told you before I have never used Arnica for Hypoglycemia as this is really not an ailment and can be looked after with additional sugar or starch in your diet.

As you have already discovered, Arnica will help growth of hair unfortunately all over the body. You are advised to keep with the Arnica 6c and the Lyc 6c for the moment.

It is possible that the Arnica 30c may be better for your sleep and since you have it you can use it for a few days in the water dose to verify the result.

It may even be better for your tinnitis.

Report response if you use the 30c as this is of general interest.

FYI I use Arnica 30c nightly as I found that the 6c was not helping after about 5 years in use.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, thanks for the reply, but re: hypoglycemia, I have reactive hypoglycemia, meaning my body overreacts to sugar, excretes too much insulin, and thus knocks BS too low. So, people with reactive HG must avoid sugar to avoid setting off the overreaction that resuls in low BS. Since Arnica had apparently lowered the BS in some diabetics, the concern was that it might lower mine, which would have been detrimental. So far it hasn't, so I guess it probably won't. - The only time someone with HG would use sugar would be to raise BS quickly in an emergency after it had fallen too low, a situation HGs try to avoid by avoiding sugar, sort of a paradox.

I'll post again in a week or so any change, and the result if I decide to try Arnica 30c for a time.
Will88 last decade
Joe, It's now been 11 weeks since I started taking Arnica: 1 week of Arnica 30x, then three weeks of Arnica 6c. I then switched to Arnica 30c and have been taking it for 7 weeks. Several things to report:

1. Still sleeping, as before, 5 1/2 hours per night, but better sleep than before Arnica. A few nights I have slept an hour more which is an further improvement, but that's still unpredictable.

2. I stopped smoking cigarettes 35 days ago and have smoke none since. I'd stopped for varying lengths of time before, but this was the easiest ever and I should be quit for good as the craving are very mild and infrequent. I'd say the cravings while taking Arnica 30c have been only about 1/3 of what they'd been during periods of not smoking before.

3. I'd also taken Lycopodium for a few weeks, but stopped that after I quit smoking because I also used a combination homeopathic smoking cessation remedy during the first 10 days or so. The combination helped some, and I'd used it before so the Arnica had to have made things so much eaier this time. I'll still consider Lycopodium later, but plan to use Arnica only for several more weeks at least.

4. Hair shedding is still about normal and I can see tiny hairs growing in, but they are very tiny so far. Hopefully they'll grow into normal hair.

5. Also using the Arnica tincture 20%/Coconut oil 80% several times per week.

There've been several significant benefits from the Arnica, though I'm hoping to see continued improvement in stopping the hair shedding and some regrowth. But being able to stop smoking with surprising ease is, of course, a major benefit.
That might even begin to help with hair regrowth eventually as circulation should improve throughout.

Thanks for the recommendation and I'll report again periodically.
Will88 last decade

I was delighted to learn that the Arnica therapy has helped you to STOP SMOKING. You are my fourth case that reacted positively to the Arnica therapy and increases my admiration for this amazing remedy.

The replacement of your lost hair will be a long time project but you have already experienced the arrest of the loss of your hair. This can also be due to your stopping smoking.

It is only very rarely that a patient reports a positive response as it is only when more problems have to be analyzed and dealt with that there is any news.

Thank you for keeping me informed of your progress which I am confident will continue in the future.
Joe De Livera last decade
This is to inquire how you have responded to the Arnica therapy.

Has it continued to help with your quitting smoking ?

Any other comments ?
Joe De Livera last decade

Yes, still not smoking and it's now been 72 days. The Arnica definitely made it far easier than any previous attempt, and my previous longest period of not smoking was about one month.

As for falling hair, I think that's still being kept at about a normal rate and more tiny hairs are visible in the receded areas. They've been visible for a month or more and some have grown slightly, but still a long way to go before becoming normal hair.

As I'd said earlier, the Arnica did help me sleep better, but still only about 5 1/2 hours, and very occasionally an extra hour or so. And I feel certain the Arnica never aggravated my reactive hypoglycemia.

You often mention Wiesbaden 200 for hair growth. Would it be advisable to try that at some point in addition to the Arnica 30c? I've been using 30c for three months now, and had used 30x and 6c prior, so I've used some potency of Arnica for a total of four months.

I assume the Wiesbaden 200 is taken in addition to Arnica?
Will88 last decade
I'm also using the 20% Arnica tincture/80% coconut oil mixture.
Will88 last decade
You will be doing those who are addicted to smoking a great favour if you will please post your history with smoking over the years in a separate thread on this forum.

Many do not believe that Arnica is indeed an amazimg remedy which helps to alleviate and also cure many ailments.

It is only the direct testimony by those addicted to smoking, who like you have quit smoking, that will register with those who desire to quit but cannot do so because their minds have already been made up that they cannot possibly overcome their addiction.

They have never used the Wonder Remedy Arnica and as I stated above if you follow my advice, you will be responsible to helping many to quit smoking if they read your testimony.

A title I can suggest for the new thread is:

"How I quit Smoking"
Joe De Livera last decade
I am copying the last post dated March 4 made by Will88 on


Re: Arnica helps a Chronic Smoker to QUIT From Will88 on 2006-03-04
It's now been 75 days since I stopped smoking with the use of Arnica 30c. At various stop smoking sites, one can download what are called "Quit Meters". They calculate Days, Hours, etc, since someone stopped smoking, plus money saved based upon the number of cigarettes smoked per day and the cost of cigarettes.

As of today I've saved $675.00 with cigarettes costing about $3.75 per pack.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, as far my hair is concerned, the tiny hairs that are visible in front, some of them are beginning to grow longer, may 1/8" or so. Also, I'm experiencing some drying and flaking. Only shampooing every other day, and use the Arnica Tincture/Coconut Oil 20/80 four or five times per week.

Is there anything I can do for the flaking?

Also, should I consider trying the Wiesbaden 200 any time soon?

Will88 last decade

Your flaking can be dandruff. If so you can use just one dose of Sulphur 1M weekly preferably in the liquid dose method and report progress in a week after your first dose. Please note that you may not use it more often than just once weekly.

Glad to note that the Arnica therapy is working. You will have to be patient as the combination of your stopping smoking and the daily intake of the remedy will help you to turn a new leaf in your life for the better.

Do not mix remedies. Weisbaden is not indicated at all.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, thanks for the reply. I'll add a little more detail. For years, I've had very slight occasional dandruff, not flakes, but just tiny specks, like large particles of dust. I think the alcohol in the Arnica tincture might be drying my scalp a little causing the dandruff specks to be larger. But, I also have some of the same on my forearms and legs, which is something I've experienced only a few times before. So it's not entirely new, but a little more pronounced.

Sulphur 1M? Would 200c work? Guess I'm wary of such high potencies, but what do you think?

Will88 last decade
Your report of dandruff on your scalp and also your skin is interesting. It is possible that you have a latent eczema which manifests itself sometimes.

I have used Arnica for Eczema and it is possible that it will also help you. You do not need the Sulphur at all.

You stated
"I think the alcohol in the Arnica tincture might be drying my scalp a little causing the dandruff specks to be larger"

Do I understand that you are applying the Arnica Q directly without mixing into a 20% solution with Coconut oil into your scalp?
Joe De Livera last decade

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