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take 2 dose of Bryonia at 2 days before sleep. report me at the 3rd day.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav last decade
ok sir , will take one dose at night and then one single dose the following night and then let u know about it
thundercracker last decade

[message deleted by thundercracker on Wed, 26 Dec 2012 18:10:48 GMT]
thundercracker last decade
sir i took the dose, now reporting after 3 days. depression has not returned, when i wake up in the morning i dont feel asthma but when i start thinking about it then after 30 mins after breakfast i feel a lil bit wheezing. when i start pushups or body building the asthma subsides i guess its anxiety related. these 2 days i felt comperatively better. whats next sir:)tomm i am takin sulphur as usual
thundercracker last decade
Take tuberculinum at scheduled time.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav last decade
will do sir, from the past 2 days m feeling alot better in terms of asthma.
thundercracker last decade
today i played good session of tennis in cold and asthma was hardly experienced. that anxiety has subsided as well, will take sulphur tomm as u prescribed it after every 7 days
and tuberculinum after every 10 days.asthma is felt only wen i run for very long duration and depression is hardly felt
should i keep on using tuberculinum and sulphur
thundercracker last decade
Keep on with Sulpher and Tuberculinum for a month as previous schedule and then u have to take one or twice dose of Tuberculinum 1M.

This is the beauty of Homeopathy and it never works slowly here is the prove of that. Many years of problems goes for ever within 2-4 months!! Isn't it works fast or is there anything in this world can heal a asthma faster than this!

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav last decade
i so agree with u sir.i will follow ur instructions. i am convinced that its fast but cant say if its permanent specially wen it comes to Hayfever in pollen season which aggravates in pollen season, otherwise i can survive the whole year but m too worried by pollen allergy(expected in march)sir we need to work on it before the season arrives. i felt no pollen last year as i was living right in front of a beach
thundercracker last decade

sometimes the hayfever can take awhile- homeopathy
cured my hayfever but it took a year. However, for
right now, when pollen comes- just get a saline nose spray-
do not get a medicated one.( they are addictive) Find one like Ocean premium -
google it- it has a gel barrier also)

If you use the salt spray, it will keep flushing the pollen out
of the nose- then nose will not have inflammation and it
will not create any mucous. Get a good air cleaner with hepa
filter and have that run in your bedroom non stop and have
windows shut- this allows you to sleep without fighting off
allergens and get more energy, the nose spray stops
the cycle also and you will not be drained of energy.
simone717 last decade
Simone that was mighty kind of you, a valuable information indeed, thanx for posting it here. have bought steamer and now m gonna go for air cleaner that u suggested + salt water for pollen season.Once i visited a homeopath in Pakistan ,he said pollen hits u wenever u have polyps in nose, dont know if its true
thundercracker last decade

I don't know where you learned English but it is
very funny on my end- Not that your English is wrong
by any means, but the tone of it is like how people
in Texas talk - cowboy country !

Actually ,polyps in the nose can be caused by
allergies to pollen as the nose tissues get
inflammation non stop, The salt nasal spray is
fantastic till you get your immune system back up
where there won't be any allergies. Airborne allergies
are the immune system problem bc there is no
real threat and the body is over- reacting.
simone717 last decade
I hope Tuberculinum will help u out with the pollen allergy issue this time. And u should use nose mask when u go out side from home too. Ur body is finely co-operating with homeopathic medicines so if u take short treatment before coming hey-fever season, i hope this will help u to come out from those problems too. There are two types of medicines for this types of medicines. One is preventive medicine and second is curative medicine. So they will surely help u out from ur current problems. It was a very wise decision of u to come for homeopathic treatment in time.

Dr. Showrav
[message edited by Dr. Showrav on Sat, 05 Jan 2013 05:05:16 GMT]
Dr. Showrav last decade
Simone You are darn right sir! :)All my life ive been listening to country music. that ought to be the probable reason... sir i will get my polyps checked and u are so right about this being related to immune system weakness. Salt water here i come. Dr Showrav has got some fortified plan chalked out for me, which will unravel before the coming of pollen season. i am forever indebted to him. I relied upon homeopathy since time immemorial but it indeed was wise of me to join this particular platform( abchomeopathy. Homeopaths in my country were brilliant 2 decades ago but the present ones did little in curing my ailments. There mathadology dont work. Thanxxx once again
thundercracker last decade
sir showrav, ur treatment has really enhanced my stamina but this asthma related to stomach anxiety persists. like when i dont pass stool or worry alot then i feel asthma/anxiety. after inhalation or running i feel better. m feeling a bit depressed from the past 2 days
thundercracker last decade
Avoid those foods which makes ur stool constipated and find out why u get constipated.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav last decade
sir i had discontinued taking ur medicine not due to any complications but i was not feeling well. my testicles started aching with a slight sensation in the tip of my penis and discomfort in my tommy whenever i used to pass stool, the anus area started burning. so i got myself checked by a doctor, he said it must be some bacterial infection so he prescribed anti bacterial medicine alongwith antibiotics, things went to normaL after 4 days but now after 5 days of no pain it has started again. when m driving or sitting my testicles sometimes hurt and sometimes i just feel un comfortable, i hope it doesnt reach tha extreme form again. m woriied what could it be, have extreme gasses in my belly.have started takin anti bacterial medicine as i had stopped it before time. i should go for ultrasound diagnosis . besides this sir pollen season is on the verge, dont u think we should start preparing for it or atleast get rid of a slight asthma that m feeling due to pressure in tummy/anxiety and choked airways
thundercracker last decade

You need to take probiotics after antibiotics for two months
to put back the right gut flora. Probiotics will also get rid
of constipation. Some people do yogurt which has natural
probiotics in it, some get stronger probiotics like an 8
strain one ( you have to find one that feels ok with your
body- every probiotic does not agree with every person)

I don't know what you have available where you are- I have
a list of places to buy in India, if you need that- in usa
everyone , men and women are being advised by Md.s to
do the probiotics after taking antibiotics.
simone717 last decade
Get ur reports of USG first. Then I will suggest u what to do.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav last decade
Mighty glad to receive such quick response.
Simone brilliant thinking! i was planning to go for probiotics anyway but felt perplexed as to which one to go for. now that you have prescribed it i would definitely go for them. Doctors here in Pakistan are not that well aware of these beneficial products, so far ive checked them out in GNC store and there was variety in there besides this there is a brand called spectrum which offers other vitamins alongwith probiotics. which one do u suggest, can u please go to GNC site and recommend a good one or any other. and do tell me what happens if the product does not match my internal chemistry? what bout 8 strain one.
i'll be obliged

thanx Dr showrav, i am going for USG, will let u know bout the results
thundercracker last decade
sir i have UTI( urinary track infection) ive started taking 2 types of antibiotics as i had discontinued the last course wen i started feeling better(shouldntve discontinued it) it takes about 10 days to complete the course. i am worried about the month of march where pollen thing starts, this time i want to fight it.
thundercracker last decade
try the ultra 25 probiotic with cranberry. Cranberry
prevents UTI's- helps you from getting them.

Start now- even when on antibiotics. Take one a day
and see if you can work up to tolerate 2 a day.
Do this for 3 months to repopulate your gut flora.After
3 months, try to have some natural yoghurt that
has natural probiotics in it already. Remember, that
if you take antibiotics, you have to do probiotics.

Everyone's body responds differently to brands of
probiotics. You have to see how you like it-They say
start with one a day and see how that is after a few
days- if you feel nauseous or have cramps then
switch brands. I would not do the spectrum vitamin
thing-bc I think they have too many things in that.

See if gnc has Wellness formula- it has been around
for 20 years- it has herbs and vitamins- If you can
get that, it would be good to have on hand when
allergy season arrives. You only take this when
you are starting to feel stressed out by allergies
or a cold or flu. I would also try to find some
Capsules of powdered reishi mushrooms- they boost
up your system and you don't feel anything bc they
are food. You just feel well- this will also help
with allergy season-at my house we take one of
the mushroom capsules a day and they do give
you energy ( you will notice a difference the days
you don't take it)
[message edited by simone717 on Mon, 11 Feb 2013 17:41:29 GMT]
simone717 last decade
Appreciate simone's hunger for knowledge and some times I really think simone knows better then me of course about other treatment materials. She always helps people more regular then any of the doctors of this forum. Wish her good health and a very happy life for always.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav last decade
Thanks for the compliment Dr Showrav-
it is not true tho, Kadwa is the one day after day
answers so many posts, no matter how hard
the problem is and always, always answers people,
He is so dependable, which I value greatly bc when
sick, people feel so vulnerable if people don't
answer them. I learn a lot from Kadwa.-and I am
grateful for Nawaz, RP, Dr. Mahfooz and Asad-
since I just try to help things run smooth-
where to get meds etc.

On other treatments, I am only saying things
that I know have actually worked for me and
those I know- Very valuable to know what works
from experience, you don't waste time when
you need pain relief.

Thanks for all you do on here Dr. Showrav- I am
so happy Thundercracker and others who seem to
be tough cases- have been helped by you. They
don't know how lucky they really are to get
the right person for their problem.
[message edited by simone717 on Mon, 11 Feb 2013 19:28:26 GMT]
simone717 last decade
sir u both are awesome, i have noted down Simone's priceless suggestions like going for saline nose spray, air cleaner and the recent ones Dr showrav uve rescued me from the strong clutches of depression so this makes both of you life saviors. I do pray for you.
i would also like to mention Dr nawaz and Dr kadwas treatemnt (Ipecac 30C,Nat Suplh 6x, Arsenic album 200) these worked great for asthma and stamina, while Staphysagaria 200C and Sabadilla 30C are still kept unused (for pollen). Dr showrav's medicine on the other side helped with depression and asthma. now first i will try Simon's course of action and after getting rid of UTI i would wait for next course of action . thanxxxx
thundercracker last decade
Dear simone, u should some time receive some credit for urself also bcs of ur good works u deserve them. I know u are so modest type of people but I believe u really deserve some credits for ur work here.

Dr. Nawaz and Dr. Kadwa are really good doctors. They have very deep experience level also then me I believe. All I tried here to do for others was really a little effort of mine I have given here. I wish I could do better then this for others.

Dr. Showrav
[message edited by Dr. Showrav on Mon, 11 Feb 2013 19:38:37 GMT]
Dr. Showrav last decade

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