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Why is this that Its working amazing on Frustrated person and not effecting on other people??

Dr Zair plz answer this as you said you have treated and cured so many PE patients with Baryta carb 30. If its specific for PE then why doesnt it work on most of the people??

Frustrated You are Lucky that its working for you!!!

Lets see if it works for me or not :(
Buqraat last decade
This post is really going to be very effective, more member are requested to participate and lets reach the conclusion.
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maaqm last decade
DR rizvi!!!
where have u gone sir jee!!
I am tired of writing mails to u but u r not responding..are u busy in discovering another miracle cure for PE sir,please spare a moment from your tight schedule and reply sir..I will keep on posting untill u reply..we are seeking help from you ..hv nowhere to go even don know which med to take..BUT will stick with BARYTA CARB 30 ..U PLZZ tell y this is not suiting to others while one of my friend is getting benefitted from that..negative feedback against baryta 30 is shaking my heart ritenow!!!! Iam afraid after reading posts that someone has taken it for 20 days n the result is zero..!!!!sir I request u to plzz share u valueable suggestin on this matter...and again tell me that whether PE+ERECTION problem can be cured by using your amazing cure which u have been mentioned in your posts....iam fedup wid my life plzz reply yr...don ignore my request..ELSE i will keep posting like this...:(:( you can cure me &my friends plzz come up wid solution sir jeee!!
sadanand305 last decade
Bcs of Baryta carb is a homeopathic drug not allopathic traditional type or unani or ayurvedic drug. SO now u may all have understood y I told u that it is not so easy to be a expert on a disease by knowing about one drug of homeopathy only. That is why experience is the most important asset at homeopathic treatment. A doctor some times can cure patients without help of medicines also if he is well expert to signify the actual cause of the disease.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav last decade
i don't know why but it's working on me.

i have see the changes in me.

1) i got an erection once in a month after wakeup, but after the using of medicine i got the erection daily like i got when i was young.

2)my testies was very soft and hanging but after using that medicine they got hard.

3) when i just touch my penis to the head of vigina i got discharge but now i can stroke easily.
FrustratedPerson last decade
dear frustrated!!
Good to hera from your side that the med is giving +ve effects on your problem..
now tell me that by using this barayta r u able to maintain the erection properly during the intercourse or just getting an erection when u wake up!!! plzz clarify on this point.
2. dera plz tell about your current time period after using this med..like for how much time u stroke without discharge...waitin 4 ur response....
and one thing is clear that idefinitely m going 2 use this carb30 ....i will give it a try,no one argument can stop me using this...so i request u 2 kindly u keep updating your status as usual...
thanks a lot god bless you !!:)
sadanand305 last decade
Don't show attitude...
If u are so smart and expert enough to signify the cause of diseases then come up with solutions dont make statements &
disappoints others by your silly points..let others use it ,if god wishes then definitely carb30 alone will cure everything....dont be jealous of other doctors....

sadanand305 last decade

plz behave urself and if u have to know about my experience level than click on my name to see the previous posts of mine till now and find how many of them were solved by my prescription. I was just focusing some light on appropriate use of homeopathic medicines, not those post of above was for making any one disappointed.

Proudly announcing to u that here all my handled cases about PE were solved and the success rate is still near about 100% for me about this sex related disease issue. I m professional and I dont have so much leisure times for giving follow through all PE patients here now a days individually, But it is considered as my duty as a human being, when I see some one is taking poison I should tell him that its after effect of taking the poison on him if I m sure. So I just suggested my way but still u can go through ur way!! I m not jealous at all, just asking u to mix up some respect with ur words when ur writing is addressing any renowned doctor of this forum in future!!

But pls at the end of days do not curse the god for ur own chosen and made mistakes!!

Dr. Showrav
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Dr. Showrav last decade
As I recall Dr. Zair did a lot of posts all at once on these problems
saying Baryta Carb was the answer for everything to do with this

Then he does not respond to your questions.

Homeopathy would be easy if this were the case - and there would
be no reason to have over 5000 remedies and ask the questions
needed to see what is going on with each person.
[message edited by simone717 on Sun, 23 Sep 2012 06:05:14 BST]
simone717 last decade
all the doctors do the same when the case goes out of hand..simply they dont respond..u want to know why because they actually they don't know which medicine to try next!!! is this what u called practice or experience!! just switching between medicines and worsting the patients conditions more.. then y u all keep asking questions on life and tell to fill up a form ..just assuring them u will cure them !! none is a well qualified doctor u all just keep on saying try this try this...and now someone is saying'so called doctor showrav' his success rate is 100% ....no one can simply claim his success rate is 100% and for his kind knowledge i have already seen his posts...

i still appreciate dr rizvi that he not not asking patients to switch between medicines..he is not making the patients body as a trial ground to reach at a temporary solution... at least he sticks with one remedy...
dr rizvi!!! i appreciate yours suggestion..& yes this is curing the patient..dr rizvi!! your prescribed medicine will definitely cure the pe problem..may u live long!!!for others if u want the proof go through 'frustrated patient' post he is recovering fastly....may god bless all who take the same..aammeennn:)
sadanand305 last decade
Being confident is OK but over confidence brings downfall...don feel proud to claim yours success rate is 100% you r not god ,for your kind knowledge 1 thing that truth is always bitter in taste...i have gone through your posts and see how r u giving therapy to your patients that clearly reveals your success rate...homeopathy never fails but homeopaths like you ..go through 'homeo geek' posts since u r curing him..nd plzzz tell whether u have cured him no no no ..then how r u claiming success is 100% your statics are not proper...
sadanand305 last decade

you are not being logical here. Saying all the drs. do not respond
when a case gets out of hand?

then complimenting dr. Rizvi? altho he is NOT responding???

Yes I have seen a few people on here, mostly not regular posters,
not respond. I have seen people kind of spam the forum with
a 'cure' and it is really just to get business and they never
really finish a case if something goes wrong or does not work.

However, most everyone on here always responds and never
gives up and they are volunteering their time bc they want to
see people well. There is no other 'agenda'. I have been reading
the forum posts everyday for over a year. I have seen countless people
who did not get results from their local homeopath etc or MD's
get wonderful results, Maybe it took awhile but they stuck with
it and got there.

You have to do your own reading on here and see who always
responds and never gives up on a person and choose those

The core basis of homeopathy is like cures like or else it is not
really homeopathy. If you want to say Baryta Carb matches every
case of ED PE that is not possible. Dr.s like the bannerje Kolkata
clinic use homeopathic medicines but in a different way as some
people on here also do protocols for some things.

The point is most people on here are really trying to heal people
out of the goodness of their hearts. You can choose who you
want to treat you on here. You can research who you like and
who stays with you and ask for them to help. We are lucky to
have this forum . If you don't like it go pay someone for
treatment.There are very few RULES on this forum- one of them is Do
not attack other members. Dr. Showrav was trying to help out.
You are not obeying the member rules-please do .
[message edited by simone717 on Sun, 23 Sep 2012 17:57:10 BST]
simone717 last decade
My intentions was not either attacking or raising questions on any ones qualifications...simply i am looking for a cure against PE..
like u said i tell u the response to patients is not proper..most of the time he has to sent hundreds post but not getting any response of his single query..then how r u telling that u all want to see your patients well!!! even u r not noticing him, if u want any proof i can send you lots of post where none has come to give any reply why so..then what is the need of this forum if u all have no time to reply back to your patients...& before commenting on anyones prescribed meds that it cant cure..u should give substitutes that can be applicable..just by saying wont work..since it is remedy that cures not words!!!! i need solution not logic's or bolbacchan...
sadanand305 last decade


plz post your's feedbacks!!!

please share the effects u got after using this medicine..yours response is urgently needed..plz do reply back if u have used it..!!!!!
sadanand305 last decade
dear Frustrated,
hows is your improvement.. is it enhancing/increasing day by day or it becomes constant??

plz update your improvement..

iam conducting a survey to know its effects on different persons
hoping they will respond.. in the meantime iam requesting you to please update your progress ..thanks for your previous updates!!! may god brings u happiness:)
sadanand305 last decade
Dear Sadhana,

the forum was never meant to be a clinic. That is why
there is no standard form for patients to fill out on here.
It was meant as an exchange of info about homeopathy
and anything else that may help a person.

So you have about 8 experienced people who are looking
at 100 new cases a day- for free. They don't have to
do this and it is a lot of work and it would not even
be an OPTION unless these people volunteered their time
for service to humanity.

Nobody owes anybody anything on here-it is an extra
blessing that some people try to help who they can-
You are complaining about this as if you are entitled to a
service that you paid for or is advertised as providing
medical services. If these people decided to go do
something else with their time, nobody would be helped
at all.

The normal way of things is go get your own doctor,
pay for treatment and get mad at them if they don't
cure you. Bc that is what private drs AGREE to do.

There is no agreement on here to provide you that service
or anyone else that service. Best wishes you get well,
but you need to know the facts, so that you are not
frustrated .
simone717 last decade
Dear Sadanad

There is no result being a part of the argument.. i can truly understand your feelings and state of mind being a PE patient..All we need is a proper cure which no one has given us in the entire forum.. everyone is trying his medicines on us making us a subject on the basis of HIT and TRY..Dont give ur ear to such echos and start using Baryta carb30 there is no harm using it and i believe inshaaAllah it will effect you da same way it did on Frustrated person.. Good Luck my friend..i will post the result as well once i notice any improvement dont worry!!

Cheers :-)
Buqraat last decade
Dear sadanand305
i did not try this week. but as i told you last week my PE was improve and i take time of about 1 min to release in only 1 week medication. right now i m ignoring the intercourse and make a gap to see the improvement.
FrustratedPerson last decade
Dear Frustrated,

Where r u from? u live in karachi? if u r from khi then plz contact me on
kinetic7 at rediffmail.com
we can discuss the matter in better way and if possible will see Dr zair togather on his clinic.

Plz reply
Buqraat last decade
Dear Friends,

Kindly read the article below so that ur confidence level can boost if u r still skeptical about baryta carb..

baryta-carbonica.html" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://www.fertilityproregistry.com/article/premature-ejacul...
Buqraat last decade
Being an old here but not regular, I have observed that most of the patient doesn't post their progress regularly and other also mixing their problems and start giving general comments, which making case less attention, eventually doctors also get distract who are already busy in their live as well.

Secondly i would say that each case should have rating meter so patient can rate the doctor or there should case close option with successive/nonsuccessive, so that rating would used as doctor credibility.

Thirdly, before start case there should a detailed form which must be filled by patient so it can help doctor to know history and nature of problem.

might I would be wrong but this is what i feel to share with you guys.
maaqm last decade

I do not have time to waste quarreling with u about ur logic less arguments. U r a crazy and arrogant person who doesn't even know how to behave with others. I dont even think u r among the civilized people who knows at least how to make a conversation with whom. Just came here to make u see my above last post that I have written there my Success rate is 'near about 100%'. There is obviously a bit difference between 'near about 100%' and 'is 100%'. I m well enough confident about my knowledge and experience but I think u should learn some English also.

U need mental treatment first for ur over excitements, ideas and arguments about others at this world and than ur PE problem will automatically solved. Ur frustration is clearly showing at ur posts.

When a person says if this is not a forum for treatment than y is the forum for like u than I will say that u r like and Idiot walking through a huge library and understanding nothing!!

Doctors do not make patients body a testing ground of medicines bcs homeopathic medicines are tested in doctors own body first to reveal its secret. Some times well selected single medicine doesn't work perfectly bcs of patients own physical or mental obstacles and than experienced Doctors make plans and first remove obstacles and than removes the problem. So the patients healing needs more than one remedy to end the successful treatment process. But those patients are really tough to heal who are like u 'wiser than their doctors'. It is like a Boats paddle is larger than the boat, a car which have wheels larger than the car. So please stop giving comments like that bcs u do not have that much sense to write a comment properly.

Dr. Showrav

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav last decade
Dear Bugraat,
thanks friend!! for motivating me.. you r absolutely right i shouldn't be involved in this argument its useless...

but definitely i will try baryta carb 30..now i have made my mind clear . rest GOD knows what will happen but right now iam much depressed...

i request yoy to kindly post me the feedback once you me with dr zair..please consider this as urgent..
bcs right now iam totally confused plzz help me out i will be grateful to you..
thanks bro!!!
sadanand305 last decade

I agree it would be helpful if people post their progress, but I think words can convey a lot more than a rating. It would not be difficult, for example, to cheat a rating system with fake IDs.

As for the form, this is just a forum, and we really don't want to give the impression of it being a consultation with a doctor.

moderator last decade
Dear Sadanand,

Dont be disappointed my frnd.. for every disease there is a cure sometimes it takes time to reach it Just faith in God that He is the only one WHo can cure even in a plain water He is all omnipotent.. Just start ur dose with this believe inshaaAllah u will get rid of this PE soon..

I have brought Baryta carb 30 lastnight and will start it from tonight and keep on updating the status dont worry! i will see Dr zair if incase baryta wudnt work on PE.

Have u read the article i posted in my last post? read it twice b4 starting baryta carb u will feel better and it will impact u in better way inshaaAllah!

Best of luck! :-)
Buqraat last decade
Not healing anymore :(

Byrta carb is not improving now. it improve a little bit but not improving continuously. Need some other medicine for PE.
FrustratedPerson last decade

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