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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear Joe
I live in part of california where i must order medicines if I want in liquid, near by homeopathy stores only have pellets and tablets. please let me know if I can buy these medicines in forms , ''easily available''. regards sadia
sadia72 9 years ago
To Sadia

Please accept my apologies on behalf of those who have posted on your thread who do not seem even now that you have been cured of your breast pain. It seems to me that at least one of them David Kempson is determined to downgrade the success of my therapy that has helped you. He is even now hoping for that elusive sign you may report that can indicate that my cure is a figment of my imagination and yours.

You are the patient who suffered from the pain in your breast and you are the one who should know if you are cured or not.

It seems unfair that these detractors should all gang up on me merely because I just refuse to use their 'classical case taking procedure' and identify that elusive single remedy that will cure ALL your ailments which in your case comprise your
Breast Pain

My considered diagnosis is that your so called depression was due to the acute pain you have suffered for some time in the past and that with the cessation of your pain after it was cured, I am confident that your Depression will be history.

This form of unceasing attacks has been my lot on the ABC for some months in the past ever since David Kempson discovered that I succeeded in helping patients whose cases I handled successfully. I find it very strange that instead of either being silent or at the most offering his own suggestions to me and the patient if there is anything that he could contribute towards the patient's cure, all he has done so far and continues to do is to criticize again and again.

He has often continued to do so even when the patient like you and about 3 others have confirmed that they were cured. I have prescribed Lycopodium for his ailment and I shall copy below the notes on the Mind which are relevant:

Mind.--Melancholy; afraid to be alone. Little things annoy, Extremely sensitive. Averse to undertaking new things. Head strong and haughty when sick. Loss of self-confidence. Hurried when eating. Constant fear of breaking down under stress. Apprehensive. Weak memory, confused thoughts; spells or writes wrong words and syllables. Failing brain-power (Anac; Phos; Baryt). Cannot bear to see anything new. Cannot read what he writes. Sadness in morning on awaking.

You will note the reference made by Boericke about 100 years ago when he first published his Materia Medica to:

'Little things annoy, Extremely sensitive. Averse to undertaking new things. Head strong and haughty
Cannot bear to see anything new. Cannot read what he writes.'

David is indeed a lost cause and I can only pity him and his patients who consult him in Brisbane.
One thing is for sure and that is that as long as he continues to criticize and attack my therapy, I shall always retaliate in the kind in the same manner and intensity that he uses to do so.

Please accept my thanks at taking up cudgels with David as it may at least now put him in his place.

Answering your question about where you can get the Liquid Dilution you can order it from the ABC store whose address in on the Home page. I have sufficient evidence today to state that this Liquid Dilution in Alcohol is by far more effective than the dry pellets that are marketed in homeopathic pharmacies.
Joe De Livera 9 years ago
Oh Joe for god's sake stop pretending you can prescribe for me. You barely know half a dozen medicines. The remedies that my homoeopath has used to cure my diseases you would not have even heard of.

What is most frustrating with you is that you cannot simply disagree with me,or allow me to disagree with you, but you have to make snide comments about my morality, my motivations, my ability to practice, my business.

I will remove myself from this thread because the poster has asked us to stop, and it is their right to do so.
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brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Dear Sadia,

Please don't take it personally. Whatever I wrote is for Joe not for you. There is no connection between my story and your case. Every man is different as well as the possible cause of diseases too. So, don't worry at all.

You have no idea about the hidden matter of this story which I & David want to say to Joe. Even its not possible for you to understand it too. It is one of hardest subject of medical science which we teach our students of final year of DHMS course & BHMS course in our medical college. Sorry to say, only 5% of students can understand it properly. Please forget it from your mind as it's a totally different and unrelated topic.

I just want to share my experience, thoughts and believes with Joe. This is not criticizing. If Joe say it as criticize, its his fault not mine. In my little understanding, this is called discussion for the noble cause which is only for the benefite of patient like you. Sorry for interfare.

Dear Joe,

Do you have any explanation of the matter which I indicate in my story.

That all & end.

Best wishes,
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Info.rahiq 9 years ago
kconium 1M 3times 1st day.
Phytolyca-30 4times daily for a period of one month.
Dr. Barkaat Kajla 9 years ago
conium 1M 3times 1st day.
Phytolyca-30 4times a day for a period of one month.
Dr. Barkaat Kajla 9 years ago
Thanks for explaining, my case is difficult too, as I have bad symptoms but blood tests and ultrasound is fine. I am going through bad pain for almost a year. if there is any thing you think i should consider, plz let me know.
sadia72 9 years ago
To Rahiq

I shall be interested to have your explanation on what precisely you wish to convey to me in your posts pertaining to the Cure of Sadia's Breast pain. Please do not think that I will consider your thoughts as any criticism of my therapy.

We are all in Homeopathy, which as I can see in your case is strictly classical and professional and in my case as you should know by now is non classical and non professional and based on the 'This for That' therapy aka 'Joepathy'.
Joe De Livera 9 years ago
Dear Joe,

Whenever a patient come to us, our first duty is to find out what's the real state of our patient's complaints. Is it a chronic or acute disease? Without justify how can we treat? In my story I give a hint of it.

The woman who came to my grandfather think that she was suffering from a acute pain as she feel it only for 3 days. Is it?

The cause is more important than the result. The cause is, unsatisfied sexual desire. Her husband confirmed it when the doctor asked it to her husband seperately. He can't satisfy her desire because its more than normal. Every night she complain about it. She felt hot flashes on her chest after sex which ended by uncontrolable anger and depression. Now the question came on, is it a chronic disease?

To be continued ...
Info.rahiq 9 years ago
To Rahiq

Whilst awaiting the continuation of your post, I would like to inquire what the relevance of the story you recorded of:
'The woman who came to my grandfather think that she was suffering from a acute pain as she feel it only for 3 days. Is it? '

I presume that you are trying to tie up Sadia's case with the woman whom your grandfather treated perhaps 50+ years ago who was not sexually satisfied. I cannot however imagine how these two cases tie up and shall await the continuation of your post to unravel the mystery,

As you can read from the many posts on this thread Sadia the patient has confirmed in no uncertain terms that she was cured of her breast pain in a short time using my Jeopathy and I cannot imagine how your last post has any bearing on her case.
Joe De Livera 9 years ago

Yes, let's see why it's a chronic disease using just one example.

1. Excessive Sexual Desire - She adopted this sensation from her father genetically (her father died after suffering from Syphilis).

Psora mixed with Syphilis and convert into Scrofula.

Direction: Scrofula to Can-cer Miasm

This is the most important factor because if the Doctor failed to change her present state of Miasm than he can't cure her completely. Because, the states of her disease remains the same although her pain is gone totally. Her vital force remains weakened enough to fight against the miasmatic effect and the direction of it.

This story is just an example which describes what real Homeopathic Cure is all about and the difference between the traditional idea of cure.

Now let's see why I post this story in this thread.

Your 'This for that' aka Joepathy therapy may help Sadia to reduce pain. But is she cured? David already said lots of about it. So, I don't want to expand this debate any more. I said it in my last post too. You want explanation of the story so that I write this post. You agree it or not; its your wish. But the truth is, her pain just only suppressed not cured. Ovarall constitution remains untouched. Miasm !!!

... discontinued.

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Info.rahiq 9 years ago
Dear Sadia,

The subject matter of my last two post is too much complicated to understand. Please avoid all which I wrote in reply of Joe's comment.

My intension is clear. Search for the real cure which can restore your original disease free healthy life. Please tell us everything about you, your life, family history so that someone can find out the real cause which responsible for your sufferings.

Info.rahiq 9 years ago
To Rahiq

You stated:
'Your 'This for that' aka Joepathy therapy may help Sadia to reduce pain. But is she cured? David already said lots of about it. So, I don't want to expand this debate any more. I said it in my last post too. You want explanation of the story so that I write this post. You agree it or not; its your wish. But the truth is, her pain just only suppressed not cured. Ovarall constitution remains untouched. Miasm !!! '

When I read your post a few days ago I decided to let it pass as I had already spent a lot of my time on countering David's insults and attacks and I decided that I could not permit your last post to be left without a suitable rejoinder from me.

I wonder if you stopped to consider how you can justify your theory about Sadia's breast pain being only a suppression and not a cure. Your conjecture that it was suppressed seems to me irrational at this juncture, after she confirmed that she was cured and is devoid of all pain today. In the unlikely event that she reports any future pain response, I shall then cross that bridge when I come to it. For the present, it is very likely that she will not present any problems in the future with her breast as the massage that I prescribed with baby oil should prevent any such reoccurrence.

The last word in your post 'Miasm' further distorts the actual position and it is obvious to me that you are mixing up the case your grandfather had treated some years ago where the patient was pictured to be a nymphomaniac. You cannot possibly connect her case and draw a parallel with Sadia whom you have placed into this same category.

Your comments in my opinion are far off the mark and are based on your own interpretation of Breast Pain which I presume is described in the text books that you studied in the past.

In my case as you are perhaps aware, I am not in Homeopathy to theorize about the etiology of the disease as my approach is to take it head on, on a 'This for That' basis and I have proved again and again that it works.

If my Joepathy does not help the patient, you and your counter part David have every reason to criticize me and I cannot think of any way you can do so in this case.
Joe De Livera 9 years ago
Quotes from Nash therapeutics:

I have the 30th potency marked Chenopodium glauci, with which I cured one case of pain under the left shoulder-blade. This case was of several years, standing, the pain at times becoming very severe. I have also used it in other cases with benefit. I always think of this remedy where I find such pain and of Chelidonium where it is under the right shoulder-blade. According to Dr. Jacob Jeanes, Chenopodium anthelminticum cures a pain under the right shoulder-blade similar to that of Chelidonium. The pain in both seems to depend upon some hepatic derangement. Having succeeded with the Chelidonium so well, I have never used it. Chelidonium is well proven, and a full proving of the Chenopodium may enable us to distinguish between them. Between the two Chenopodiums and Chelidonium,

we have an important trio for infra-scapular pains which ought to be better understood.

Such single symptoms are, of course, small guides to follow, but are sometimes the only ones we have, and when, after full proving, the drug having them is developed, we often find that they were reliable though we could not at first give their pathological significance. I would, I think, as often follow such a guide, as speculations and theories. For instance, here are some such single symptoms which have often been verified. Inframammary pains at climacteric. Actæa racemosa. Pain drawing through from nipple to back when child nurses, Croton tiglium (Silicea). Pain in upper left chest through to scapula, Myrtus com., Pix liquida, Theridion and Sulphur. Pain though lower right chest, Chelidonium, Mercurius vivus and Kali carbonicum. Pain through upper right chest, Calcarea ostrearum and Arsenicum album.

Pain through lower left chest, Natrum sulphuricum. We might add many more such to this list, and they are very valuable.
mazhariihr 9 years ago
To Mazharihr

I would appreciate if you will please indicate the relevance of your quotation from Nash to this case which I have treated and hopefully cured.
Joe De Livera 9 years ago

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