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dry flaky rough skin problem

hi everyone,
i am hoping someone can help me with this skin problem which I have since I was a child. my skin is very dry esp. my legs dry flaky like dandruff peeling from my legs. my feet are rough and have to expoliate after shower and hands are dry and rough (hand cream is used to lubricate) we now live in cold weather place and imagine what it does to my skin. My husband loves me but I think the sight of my legs peeling is not a pretty sight for him. DO i have a psoriasis? I used over the counter salicylic ointments but that is too strong for my skin it get really irritated(red) Can anyone recommend a good oral medicine that will work on dry skin? I don't drink alcohol and no seafoods during winter as I get allergies and I can feel my skin itching and some part of my face (chin and around the eyes) thickening. So far, as long as I soak in the tub using dead sea salt, i can expoliate my dry skin and I feel fresh. I know theres something really wrong with my skin and I'm the only one in my family who has this exessive skin dryness and I'm in my 40 now,I get tired being different (skin wise)Pls help me
  wonderwhy on 2004-12-22
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
First, being different has no bearing here, forget it.

2nd, epson salts better for bath to change body ions. Even arm and hammer soda is better than the sea salt that is very drying.

3, Exfolation of the sking is irritating and causes skin to work harder to repair itself.

If you had oily skin I would tell you the same. Do not "scrub" the skin because it stimulates the oil glands to work overtime, making more oil. A losing battle.

This does not sound like psoriasis. P. is in separate locations of the body, thickened skin and irritated.

Do not be concerned of husband's opinion. Would you dislike him if the problem was his??? This lowers your self confidence and interferes with your choices and colors your emotional view of anything.

You sound as if you are practically attacking the skin. Remember it is our most important organ, treat it lovingly, regardless of looks.

Now, there are MANY remedies for dry skin. You must tell us more about yourself.

Coloring, likes dislikes, allergies, do you have diabeties, treatments for thyroid, is it a repeating condition or year around? Are you chilly or warm natured?

Have you taken the time to see if any foods set it off? What is your favorite food and drink??? Are you a perfectionist about house, clothes etc. Do you have children, any with dry skin?

Talk to us so we can try to choose a compatible remedy for you.

Please avoid ointments or oils on the skin. Only creams or lotion types.

Something to try: CALENDULA. No need to get the remedy yet, let's try something topical. Call around to health stores, ask if they have "dried Calendula flowers" They may label them "marigold."

There is a cream available, but expensive and not as good as the "tea" from the dried flowers.

It is the marigold family, but the ones to get have a CENTER, this is Calendula. Yellow with darker centers. It is very inexpensive. Get two fistfulls.

Make a dark tea with it. Bring water to boil and turn off. Place one fistfull in 2 qts of the hot water and bring back to boil, turn off, cover and let cool.

You will have to get a piece of thin cloth to strain this. Just throw it all away, much too hard to dump out and wash cloth etc.

After bathing, use a soft cloth or large piece of cotton OR a little spray bottle to spritz this liquid over your legs or any other parts. (rub around gently) Let it dry. It will not stain. You may also drink this tea. Completely safe.

This is an excellent "tea" for severe burns and any skin outbreak.

If this is successful, you will know that all the condition is from the outside, if it does nothing for you, you will know the condition occurs within the body and "shows up" on the skin.

Then we will know more about how to choose remedies.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

thank you Sabra for a quick response. I will try the dried calendula flowers. As for your questions about myself:
a) coloring= normal
b) likes=
c) dislikes=
d) diabetes= No
e) treatment for thyroid= No
f) answer: Yes, it is a repeating condition all year round
g)answer: chilly nature. I live in warm weather all my life until we relocate temporarily(overseas) where we get snow during winter.
h)foods that set it off= seafoods (shrimps, some fish not cooked well) this trigger the face allergies like skin peeling bet. my eyes and nose bridge and below my mouth. I have to do facials every other day to clear it.Drinks= wine or any alcoholic bev.I feel hot after a glass of wine then I'll get bumps and start itching. I notice this only happen during winter season. I take "celestone" for anti-allergies and it works wonderful, it will stop the itching. I don't know if theres a side effect later on if I take this medicine often. I notice it flush the toxic substance (I think)when I pee after taking the mini tablet. I clean up the house all the time cause I tend to be itchy with dust, clothing?? mostly cotton. If i wear wool or flannel, I have to cover my skin with cotton shirt first. I have no children.

Can I order the marigold (dried calendula flowers) on-line? Like I said, we're stationed overseas and majority of the store owner don't speak english. I would like to try this remedy and see if its the answer to my prayer. I just want to stop the dry flaky skin on my legs especially.

Thank you Sabra and happy holidays to you and your family!
wonderwhy last decade

Do not ask around for marigold, or will confuse who you ask. Dried Calendula.

I laughed when you answered coloring, "normal." I can see you have not dealt with homeopathy. I wanted to know if you are a dark haired pale skin, or light blond or darker person.

I would strongly suggest giving up the wine and other liquor. These things giving some side effects may be more deep seated than you realize.

Also stay away from all sea food no matter what it is at this time. You need to isolate all things that irritate the condition. Later you add one by one to see individual responses.

I do not know about the Calendula on line. I will set up a search and find out.

How hard would it be for me to send it to you? Are you in the service? It is easy for me to get 1 block away. I am in New Mexico.

DO NOT put your address onto the forum. First let me search google.

email me: a1remedy at yahoo.com

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

There are many locations to get dried herbs. Half the states offer, no listings for Calendula in my quick look.

Write me. I have something else to tell you.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

Krystel last decade

sorry about the first one!!! I was wondering if any one had an idea of what i have iv been to 3 deferent skin doctors and they all gave me different treatments and diagnoses with no positive results. Sense I can remember I have always had dry skin manly on my back and scalp. But not more that three years ago(14) iv been getting this rough , dry, brown ..patches under my arms back of my neck and my stomach. It doesn’t really itch endless its really dry. I constantly put lotion on and its getting worse the spots are getting bigger and more colored. Is there any thing you cane proscribe to me or at least tell me what it is ??
thank you .
Krystel last decade

I have had problem with dry scaly especially in the winter. I have been using a botanical body scrub and moisturizing lotion for over a year that has been working wonders. It keeps my skin hydrated for a longer period of time than other creams. Try using a cream with silk protein and a body scrub with honey and papaya. I have found that using carrot soap is very helpful for my skin.
happyaz1 last decade

Do you have red bumps in the hair folices? This is Karitosis-vitamin A deficency. Moisturizing right after a bath or shower helps Karitosis and dry skin. Does anyone know anything else that works?
dnoe18 last decade

Hey dnoe18! When I was 20, I had the same problem, until some friend brought me from a trip to Europe some products. I tried those products back then and I must say I became a regular buyer of this products.
I started with Gerovital H3 and now I regulary use Gerovital Plant. It's been 5 years since then and I am very content. I strongly recommend this product line:

Truly yours,
Jessica_Spencer last decade

Hi Jess,
It's nice to know something works, I would like to know where you get the gerovital plants and where to order the G-H3 products. I google some info and there's so many links and I want to know which works best for you. Will appreciate the info. Thanks.
wonderwhy last decade

I started to get dry skin patches around the winter season and I needed something to work on my skin. I tried using goat milk lotion, other OTC brand, and the foderma serum was the only one that seem to stay on the longest and it's super hydrating (like beyond the surface skin level), and it didn't have a strong odor. In 3 days my dry skin patches went away and now I dont' have to scratch or smack my arm till the itchiness goes away. Such a life savor!
TaleshaLance last year

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