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Does anyone know if Crataegus and Coumadin are contradictary to one another?
KUGELPLATZ last decade
We are talking about Crataegus berries extract, not even a potentized medicine so why should it contradict with any other drug.
girilal last decade
Because according to the 'Patient Information' pamplet about Coumadin it cautions against some herbal teas which might already contain a natural coumadin derivative.Maybe I should have used the word 'interferande' rather than 'contraditon'.
KUGELPLATZ last decade
sorry about the spelling of 'interferance' and 'contradiction'
KUGELPLATZ last decade
I have bought Hawthorn Berry Extract in the healthfood store. It comes in alcoholic or non-alcoholic form. Would that not eliminate the need to make it yourself? The serving size says 30 drops.
KUGELPLATZ last decade
Berries has high ph value so they can survive without alcohol also so you can buy any one.
girilal last decade
what is its name in other languages...
hisam last decade
Whats bihee i read somewhere thats its good for heart. Its not english but asian name...any ideas
hisam last decade
It grows in himalayas, Rose family.

Common names are:

Ban Singli, Ban Sanjli, Ring, Ringo, Pingyat Ghingaaru
girilal last decade
Homemade Crataegus Q

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girilal last decade
In India one cheap heart tonic is available.
This is quoted from Appendix to Boericke's MM (Ninth Edition)
Terminalia Arjuna (Arjuna)
It is an excellent cardiac remedy in both functional and organic diseases of the heart-angina pectoris, pain in the heart, weak heart, palpitation etc. Also associated with the heart troubles there may be suffocative breathing, scanty urine, buzzing sound in both the years, vertigo and so on.
Dose Q, 3X

If you purchase Arjun Powder from Baba Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy or Geeta Press retail outlets it is available at the cost of Rs10 for 100 gms. Others sell it at a higher price. 30 ml mother tincture costs less than Re 1.

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kadwa last decade
Arjun tree is found all over india, its bark can be used. Either powder or it can be boiled and taken when water evaporates to just one third.

Initially first week it gives cramps and some reaction but in about 3 weeks, cholesterol comes down and pulse gets stable.

But it does not open blocked arteries. Effective as long as one is taking it.
girilal last decade
Those who take ayurvedic supplements are advised to practise deep breathing for opening their blocked arteries. Deep breathing if done scientifically and for 1 hr per day regularly, relieves the patient not only from heart diseases but also from other chronic diseases like rheumatism, cancer, migraine headache, abdominal colic, anaemia etc.
It comes absolutely free of cost.
kadwa last decade
Yes that is good. Deeper breathing causes faster circulation and more oxygen in the blood. It may trigger many things so body could heal.
girilal last decade
A good deep breathing method for curing heart diseases.

Sit in an erect position as shown below. Sit in a comfortable position if you cannot position your legs as shown in the picture. But keep your back straight.

You inhale through left
1. Close your right nostril by thumb of right hand. Inhale large amount of air through the left nostril. The air should be inhaled upto the maximum the diaphragm can move. Inhale as gently as possible.

You exhale through right
2. Release the thumb over the right nostril and open it. Close the left nostril by the middle finger and the ring finger of the right hand. Exhale maximum possible air through the right nostril. Diaphragm moves up as you exhale. Exhale as gently as possible.

You inhale through right
3. Keep your fingers and thumbs just as described in Process 2. Inhale large amount of air through the right nostril. The air should be inhaled upto the maximum the diaphragm can move. Inhale as gently as possible.

You exhale through left
4. Release the fingers over the left nostril and open it. Close the right nostril by the thumb of the right hand. Exhale maximum possible air through the left nostril. Diaphragm moves up as you exhale. Exhale as gently as possible.

Go to Step 1 and repeat the cycle

The above set of processes is called Anulom Vilom Pranayam.
Anulom Vilom Pranayam is a good deep breathing method for curing heart diseases.

The person appearing in the image is not kadwa. The image was downloaded from internet.

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kadwa last decade
Dear doctors

If any patient have arteriosclerosis of coronary arteries, how can we manage that patient? can we prescribe the crateagus Q for disolving the deposit or sclerosis?
hasinarman last decade
In most patients it dissolves the deposits. Improvement comes gradually. Within a month patient feels BP coming down to normal, swellings and pains in the calves due to circulation problems gets better. In few months cholesterol readings too come to normal.
girilal last decade
Dear Girilal
many thanks for this reply,
Mr giri if any body alredy taking carbo veg for acid reflux case,he can use this crateagus Q in paralal?
hasinarman last decade
Cratagus Q is not homeopathy principled. It is just the extract of the Cratagus berries. So it will not interfere with any kind of medicine.
girilal last decade
my husband has been diagnosed with high triglyceride levels and FBS.
will crataegus reduce triglceride levels.

i heard from my friend about giving gymnema sylvestre for blood sugar .is it true.

please clear my doubts
aashi last decade
Arnica 6C is more suitable for your husband. Gymnea Sylvestre keeps the sugar down for as long as it is taken but main problem is that some times it brings sugar way low and it is not predictable.

Also Crataegus Q can be taken along. Triglycerides are mostly due to high carb diet. So diet should be modified too.
girilal last decade
thanks girilal for responding.
just one query what will be the action of arnica 6c .will it reduce triglyceride level.
we do have glucose monitor so we can check sugar levels.is gymnema safe Rx.
aashi last decade
Arnica acts as solvent and blood thinner. It lowers the specific gravity of blood and urine too.
girilal last decade
Can anybody please tell the quantity of craegus q berries in kg or grams and water and liquor
in liters or mililiter.
nitin.divekar last decade
I used just one pound bag of berries with two pounds of water. 1:2 ration.

Liquied will go in the direction of vineger so either store it in refrigerators or use liquor insstead of water or use the ratio of 1:1:1. Berries:liquor:water.
girilal last decade
I would like to make up the crataegus remedy for my mum as a surprise. She likes to drink a glass of vodka each day so I thought it would be nice to make it with that.She has very high cholesterol and has leg ache with statins.

Can I make it with just vodka, if I make it with water and vodka, do I just cover the berries with the liquid or is there a ratio and would it be better to liquidise the berries and strain?

How long after mixing is it ready to take.

Also are English berries ok to use as I live by many hawthorn bushes so can pick them fresh to freeze?

Sorry for so many questions, I just want to get it right.
serann last decade

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