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Hair loss! which remedy?? pls help

Im a 23 year old female who has been losing hair drastically for the past 2 years. I ignored it thinking it would improve on its own....how wrong was I.

Some info:

- The hair above my forehead is very thin, I can actually see my scalp! (I once had very thick hair).
- Hair comes out in handfuls (I’m afraid that if it continues to fall like this I will be bold in a few months!).
- Hair falls out in the shower, when its wet, when it’s combed, and even when it’s not being touched!
- My head is dry with an itchy scalp at times.
- Severe dandruff (often flaky, sometimes moist).
- Hair is generally dry but turns greasy after 3-4 days.

Other info:

- Blood tests showed my thyroid is normal however I am anaemic and suffer from iron deficiency. Doctor’s prescribed ferrous sulphate (iron tablets) however I am reluctant to take these as I have constipation problems.
- I am not on any medication.
- Will start to take Vitamin C tablets in order to help absorb the iron from the food that I eat.

I’ve noticed from the other hair loss topics that Arnica is the remedy often suggested for hair loss. However when I looked up Arnica on the Materia Medica, it does not show any indication for halting hair loss, yet it is often suggested?!?

I ran a search on the online Remedy Finder, it suggested Phosphorus. I took this with a potency of 1M. Hair continued to fall as usual.

There are many remedies associated with hair loss, I’m confused as to which remedy would best suite my needs. Can someone please help me?

Also, how come no one leaves any feedback as to whether or not their hair loss has ceased following medication?

  starlet on 2004-11-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You don't use contraceptive pills, do you?

Also, it's not homeopathic, but I've only seen very good reactions to Jaborandi extract - applied topically.
emilian last decade
Nope, Im not using any contraceptive pills.

What is Jaborandi extract exactly? Can you tell me a bit more about it, or where I find more information on it?
starlet last decade
Sometimes the jaborandi shampoos/conditioners do not have enough of the active ingredient (pilocarpine), that's why I recommend the extract instead.

Overview and collection of links:


When I used it people would comment that my hair was growing really fast and was very full; I've seen a bald old woman start growing hair again in a matter of a couple months of use; and saw noticeable effects on a few other people that used it.

A side effect is that it might make your scalp get little wounds that might release minute amounts of blood - but maybe that was due to use of a very concentrated solution... Overall, I definitely recommend it.
emilian last decade
Thanks alot I'll check it out.
starlet last decade
i also suffer from hairloss along with many other problems...
from my little knowledge and experience i feel i should comment in order to perhaps help you...
Hairloss normally starts because of physical/emotinal stress i.e illnesses etc...
this can have an affect on your pituatry gland which can cause temporary fluctuations in your thyroid levels...
and hair..the least of the bodies priorities is often the first to go...after sometime your thyroid levels normalise again, so rarely show up on test results... but your body is often left 'cippled' and unable to restore to its original state..hence the vicious cycle of hairloss
a diet rich in fish liver or supplements thereof helps a great deal..if not to reduce hairloss then atleast to increase the strength and thickness of each hair shaft...
i too had very thick hair and am now at the age of 24 am left feeling almost bald and very helpless...i go through peaks and troughs of hairloss...
i have found that increasing fish oils and b vitamins in my diet has helped my hairloss alot...
ummm all i can say is be patient..the practioners on here are pretty good but the difficulty is in sticking with it whilst having to try many remedies before finding the right one
naryssa last decade
Naryssa - Thanx for the advice will take it on board.

Anyone else offer got any advice to offer? Will be much appreciated.
starlet last decade
Hair roots require sebum oil (a skin oil-hormone produced naturally by our own skin glands) for appropriate lubrication and proteins to sustain growth at the root level. These can be easily malfunctioned by using chemicalised shampoos and soaps which have a gradual long-term corrosive effect on the skin cells (here read hair follicle-root) thereby by cleaning - neutralising - drying the skin sebum oil and corroding the built-up of root protein thereby causing the hair roots to simply shed off at the slightest provocation like slight pulling or rubbing with a bath towel. This is the EXTERNAL REASON.

The INTERNAL REASON is high acidic foods which are not assimilated / absorbed causing malfunctioning of the Liver and ultimately the Hormonal system (immune system). High anxiety, Stress, Blood pressure are also the prime reasons which also raises the adrenal levels causing external glands to dry up like the skin, nails, hair, lips and internal glands to produce lots of dry gas and colon malfunction.

A through constitutional (homoeopathic study) of your pathological and psychological history and a jugglery of appropriate homoeopathic medicines will help alongwith / though only if you rectify the above root reasons, otherwise usually it a waste of human years filled with frustrating anxiety.

Alongwith Homoeopathic medicines, the following will be helpful - though do not expect any results atleast for 8 weeks. This causes the hair roots to grow strong, sustain itself and ultimately to maintain thick hair.

Take 20 ml. of Arnica Mother Tinture and 80 Ml of Raw castor oil (un-refined). Stir and mix till totally dissolved into one homogenous mix. Castorl oil is thick and purgative in nature, handling is stick n cumbersome, though is a good protien provider to the external skin Apply this every 3rd day well massaged into the scalp - no use oiling the hair. Try to do it before bed time and wash off the next morning with some mild shampoo while under running shower. Avoid letting the shampoo stay on the head while bathing.

Though this is not your constitutional remedy, tentatively you may take Acid Phos-200, liquid 2 drops on your clean scraped tongue, first thing every morning for about 30 doses/ days and stop. Results start showing after about 50 odd days from the first dose.

If you can suddenly get frighened enough, who knows, the hairs would stand out or pop out straight ... hee hee he ... just joking.
HA21 last decade
Where can I buy jaborandi extract? I live in New York and can't seem to find a pure form of it on-line
Dimps last decade

I thought I would report my progress for the benefit of others who are also suffering from hairloss.

I have been taking Arnica 6c for just over 2 weeks (two balls, three times daily). As of yet I have not noticed any change :-(

I have been taking fish oil supplements and vitamin C. I have been washing my hair with Johnsons Baby Shampoo and been using Johnsons Baby oil for my scalp. I am still experiencing severe dandruff and my hair is still falling uncontrollably.

I will continue taking Arnica 6c for another 2 weeks, hopefully I will see some changes. I will report my progress then.

If someone has had success in ceasing hairloss please post on the forum.

starlet last decade
Are your periods regular? Any greying? What's your body type - tall, short, slim, medium build, overweight?
In cases of hair loss and effects of remedies, have often noted that improvement shows after about a month - new growth actually visible.
Arnica certainly helps hair loss where indicated. You might also check out nat Mur and Weisbaden if the Arnica doesn't seem to have helped at all in about a month.
Minsa last decade
Thanx for the info Minsa.
In reply to your questions - my periods (which are light) are often regular, but can be irregular at times. I do get strands of grey/white hairs growing on my head. I am 5 foot 2 inches tall and am of slim build.

It has now been 3 weeks since I have been using Arnica 6c and yet I have seen no improvments! My hair is still falling. I will give it another week, hopefully I will see some reduction in hair loss. If not, I will alter my medication.

I will post my progress next week.
starlet last decade
Irregular periods, premature greying and falling hair often respond well to Calc Phos used biochemically (just take 6x twice a day - yes, you can continue the Arnica). Please do read up Calc Phos and see if it 'fits' - tho' I don't think you'll find the premature greying rubric in the ABC Remedy Finder. I came across it in some little forgotten repertory.
Good luck!
Minsa last decade

It is obvious that Arnica 6c is not working for you. Suggest you use the higher potency 30c and take it for another month. If this too does not work for you I shall suggest another remedy later which has worked with some cases.

I note that you use Vitamin C and I would prefer that you do not take it as it may antidote the Arnica due to its high acid content. Also do not use the Baby oil which is paraffin as it will block the hair follicles which must be open.
Joe De Livera last decade

Thanks for the response, but I did take Calc Phos before and had no luck with it. So I think I'll give it a miss.

Joe De Livera,

Thanks for the reply. I have stopped taking Arnica 6c. I will give Arnica 30c a go. How many times should I take it? What is the suggested dose?

Thanks again :-)
starlet last decade

It is possible that the dandruff you are now experiencing may be the real reason for your Alopecia. Kali Sulph 6x is the remedy for this condition. Dose 2 tablets twice daily. You may stop the Arnica 30 till the dandruff clears up.

Please report in 2 weeks or earlier if the Kali Sulph helps you.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe De Livera,

I dont think I suffer from Alopecia because my hair does not fall in patches.
My hair is very thin all over my head but particularly on the top, just above my forehead (this is where I can see my scalp).
In which case shall I take the Kali Sulph that you recommended?
starlet last decade
You are correct about your not having Alopecia as this would have caused greater loss of hair in patches.

I believe that if your dandruff is cured, the loss of your hair will also be arrested.

Graphites 30c is the remedy for Dandruff. Dose 2 balls twice daily under the tongue. You may supplement it with the Kali Sulph 6x but if you have not purchased it already, you can stay with the Graphites and watch for results.

No coffee, cola drinks and preserved meats like ham bacon and sausages.
Joe De Livera last decade
Please post how the remody for dandruff is working for you. I blieve this is the same problem I am having
Dimps last decade
I used Phytolacca Berry 30 on a case. Head was itchy, dry and scaly. Hairs were just very thin on itchy and scaly part of the head. Back of the head was more of less normal. Head was so dry, even after applying lots of oil it used to get dry in just half hour.

Anti dandruff shampo worked just for a day to relieve scales or dandruff and itching but next day dandruff came back again.

Just one dose of Phytolacca Berry 30 was given and patient cured completely. Actually I recommended several doses but patient just took one dose and misplaced the medicine bottle.
kuldeep last decade
Later on I used phytolacca berry on more and more patient with dandruff. Most of patient never had dandruff again. (No shortage of dandruff patients, almost everybody asked for it)
kuldeep last decade

What if your scalp is itchy BUT the dandruff is moist and your hair gets oily fairly fast? That is my situation. I have to wash my hair every day otherwise my hair gets very greasy. I don't have dandruff that falls from my head but when I scratch my scalp I feel it and see it under my finger nails. I am very clean and don't know why this happens. Please advise
Dimps last decade
I also have been taking Carcinocin 200 for about 1 week now. No progress thus far.
Dimps last decade
I am just not sure if Phytolacca always works on dry head. I gave it to many people with just dandruff symptoms and it worked on most of them.

But still I am just not sure. It works on me and my own hairs are dry.
kuldeep last decade
well i have the same kind of problem. hair loss on top not around the forehead though but used to it is starting to be somewhat see thru. dry itchy scalp scaly and oily after a few days, dandruff also cystic acne on chin.

Sometimes I get an excema like around the hair line on the forehead.and it itches really a lot.

I just had two babies back to back (13 months difference) and had an IUD inserted as a result !!! but eversince it started. my gyno said that it could be due to the IUD ?

I saw a dermatologist who gave me some corticoid/anti-inflammatory solution to put on at bed time it does treat the symptom but obviously not the cause.
I had my hair cut short about a month ago but it still falling out and it is scaring me. I just had a hormonal blood test done and waiting for the results.

I would be interested in trying homeopathy for that rather than weird medecine.

Please let me know what you think

Thank you
laetitia last decade
Your case is complicated and in your own interest I would suggest that you consult a comptent homeopath to help you.

Further delay in doing so may jeopardize your chances of a full recovery.
Joe De Livera last decade

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