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To stimulate hair growth one of the best methods is Burdock tea. I know burdock is not a homeopathic remedy as much as an herb, but I thought it may help someone. Drink 1 TSP of burdock and 1 TSP of dandelion root 3 times a day in 1 cup of water and hair growth should begin within a couple weeks. Remember not to take homeopathic remedies and herbs as the same time as they may interfere.
SPbumps last decade
sorry, i meant 1 tsp of burdock root and 1 tsp of dandelion leafs
SPbumps last decade
Apart from rubbing the nails, there is need of removing the infection. For this either of the following remedies be tried depending upon the conditions of one person.

For other specifics, you need further consultation by an expert.

White scaly dandruff - Thuja

Due to Syphlis - Ustilago M

Falling in bunches - Phosphorous / calc phos

Due to grief / typhoid - Acid phos

Falling from head - selenium

Falling from all over body - Alumina

Due to syphlis and hair breaks - Acid flour

Bald spots with itching - Vinca Minor

Falling with dandruf - Ammonia mur

Better at sea side - Medorrhinum

Falling during pregnancy and manopause - to be separtely dealwith.
Rajendra last decade
i am losing my hair
my age is 24
sagacious last decade
Hello Rajendra

Can doing 5 minutes daily help? I have been doing it for 6 months lot more than 5 minutes. may be 2/3 or more hours. i think it only helped for first 3 months and then hair loss started again which hasn't stopped yet. i am really upset. u think 2/3 hours is too much?
cerebral200 last decade
Thanks a lot for this post rajendra sir.
Can you please tell about the speed at which finger nails should be rubbed. I started doing it 3 weeks back for 10 mins a day. But my fingers are paining and I cannot do it any more.
Should we rub nails very slowly or at moderate pace. please comment.
Also how much movement back and forth.
rajatbhatia last decade
Check this blog too on rubbing nails
dc360. wordpress. com/2010/06/18/balayam-or-rubbing-nails-for-hair-loss/
cerebral200 last decade
Hi i need to try this.
gradha last decade
Hi Rajendra,

I'm completely new to this forum. And i wanted to to say my problems first.

I'm 26 years old, Started loosing hairs 5 years back. Recently i noticed that i have lot of dandruf. For this dandruf problem i took alopathy tratment for 1 month. Still i have dandruf issue. And i started doing the nail rubbing treatment for around 20 days i could feel new hairs when i rub my scalp. The issue in this is the newly grown hairs are thin and falls frequently. Any suggestions for this.my front(both corners gone, Any suggestions to get it back).
gradha last decade
I'm intrigued-Does each fingernail target a specific area of the scalp?
BigMAK1981 last decade
Hi Ive started fingernail rubbing about 2 weeks ago wit no results yet but I am still hopeful, I was wondering however if smoking would interfere with the regrowth process. I smoke a little bit of marijuana and tobacco about once a day at night time. Thanks for the help.
a100luci last decade
Hi, members and baldness attacked people, as i am also attacked by this more deadly problem..

Actually i was suffering from this for the past 8 years. I tried whatever is available on earth. as i found in this thread that Dr. Rajendra was more active and was helping people. Am 30 now, and after going around all the treatments, ayurveda, homeopathy and spend nearly 4 lacks and came to a conclusion that all these are just time waste and only an experiment.. I found that only hair transplant is the solution for all of us..

even i too got small small hair growth on my head. Let me tell u, that hair growth happens to everybody, because of the phases of hair.. I studied the hair to the core.

I ask to all of you that can u show me any one person in this world who has grown hair completely and covered his bald head..
1962vl last decade
If i would have done transplant earlier with the money i spent, i would have saved 8 years of time and also would have been rest in peace.

Please comment on it, coz its more valuable, i have more real experience with all these treatments.. I am not a doctor, i am a user. These hair growing theories are different from practicals.. If anyone has got real answers please comment so that everybody will be benefited and so a help to our society..
1962vl last decade
astrological based identification of homeopathic emedies are bringing good results.
Rajendra last decade

Only solution to hair loss is HAir Transplantation. None other is useful other then hair transplantation. Trust me. But you need to spend little over 50,000/-I'm going to do this one. This is the truth.
daydreamer last decade
Hope this mail may satisfy you.:-

From: sushant arora
To: rsg36 airtelmail.in
Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 11:30 AM
Subject: Detailed condition from Sushant from faridabad.

Hi Rajender ji

How are you. Hope you are doing good and in fine health.

Please find my current situation description below. I was born on 1st December 1984 at 3:00 AM approx. 1/2 mins here there maybe.
I am currently 68 KG and my height is 6 feet.

I had taken advice from you in the month of March 2010. At that time I was lot of hairfall from both back and sides of my head. I followed your advice of good meal, 30 mins exercise , morning pranayam and took fluorica 30 M , 3 times a day as adviced. and also exercised restraint on my desires. I also started washing with Savlon + water ( 2 liter water and 1 spoon savlon ).
I had travelled to USA on 1st April 2010 and returned on 7th June. I followed the routine in USA and the medicine also. During this time , I gained on my stamina and also gained 2-3 Kilo's in my arms.. The hair fall also decreased significantly.. 2 months back, i was loosing 3-5 hair each time i moved my hand in my hair ( back or sides )... In mid of june, It was maximum 1 hair in my hand if i moved my hand in my hair ( Back ) and 2-3 ( if moved in sides ). The hair would get pulled along with the white root at the bottom.

Since coming back from USA, I have been busily involved in certain situations at work and family and could not balance my days. I have the medicine once a day sometimes morning or sometimes evening. Also exercise once or twice a week. The hair fall has increased.

I will come to meet you tomorrow and show you my scalp condition.

Thank you very much for your attention and support.

Sushant Arora
Rajendra last decade
Hi daydreamer,
may i know from where you are doing your transplantation, as i feel 50k is somewhat less. so please can u tell me where is the surgery done, for me here i consulted one in west godavari district in andhrapradesh, its costing me 75k/-, and how far you are confidetn about the surgery and the skill of the doctor who performs it..
thanks and regards
1962vl last decade
Astrological based identification of homeopathic remedies are bringing good results.

Can transplanatation will get rid of the virus which is there in the body and the hair will not get spoiled again? I have doubts.

It is a sort of surgery like oncce a tumour or stone is removed, they reappear because the systems of the body creating such problems are not corrected. Like Liver is not repaired to contol Cholostrol or the Thyroid is not repaired but medicines are only to supplement the deficiencies or removal of cholostral instead of digesting fat by the Liver. We thus remain dependent on medicines throught our life.
Rajendra last decade
Dear Mr Rajendra, I am a indian-spanish-african mix, 19 year old male with curly hair and have been sufferng with hairloss for 2 months now.

It all started when i used a product called 'elasta care' which makes hair flamable and had to blow dry my hair for it to look good, I did this for about a week straight and i felt a burning sensation at the end of the week (i think i may have burned my scalp a little). I then washed my hair about 7 times, combed it out and later the next week i had my hair in very tight cornrows. My cousin who platted it said my head was tender, dry and was flacking and to put tea tree grease on my scalp but i only got olive oil. When i loosened out my hair it came out in handfulls from the front, sides, crown and the back. My hair was scratching profusely and i felt a stinging pain where the hair was falling out from, it also had white dandruff like stuff in my scalp. Hair came out at 75-100 per day or more, I then read on these forums to use 'apple cider vinegar' rinces in my hair then use tea tree oil, and drink 2-3 tsp 'ACV' in a glass of water. I cut my hair low and could see my scalp on the top corners and both sides and back. i did this for about just three weeks and the hairloss is now at 25 or less a day, the itchyness is gone but the stinging pain comes and goes and my scalp feels tender sometimes. I live in TRINIDAD so i don't no where to get the sulphur 30c or other items so i want to no what should i do to stop the hairloss and pain and the feeling like something is crawling in my head. PLEASE REPLY BACK AS SOON AS POSIBLE, THANK YOU ALOT IN ADVANCE.
1todobless last decade
I started to do the finger rubing and hair rinces with savlon from yesterday.Also I use normal gel during the day, will this affect me in anyway. Please Reply Soon, Thanks.
1todobless last decade
Dear Rajendra Sir,

It was good to read the posts in this forum. I have been searching for some real and sensible discussion on the technique of nail rubbing for regrowing hair for some time now.

After reading all the posts, I wanted to ask a few questions:

1. My hairfall first started when I had to change my location from Jaipur, Rajasthan to Ahmedabad, Gujarat for studies at the age of 20. After staying for 2 years in Ahmedabad, i have changed 3 places in last two years. Can my changing of place have anything to do with hairfall?? Or could it be genetic?? My father and grandfather (fathers side still have full head of hair), however my mothers side suffers from this problem.
2. Can the antiseptic solution (dettol + water) be used for a long time?? Are there any side effects of prolonged use of this mixture. if not I think this is one thing I can easily do.
3. I have been using Segals products for last 3-4 months. I am not sure if I have experienced any benefits. Though the texture and feel of hair have improved, I haven't noticed any benefits in in terms of hairfall reduction. If you have an idea about these products, can you advice on whether I can expect anything beneficial from these??

Would highly appreciate your response on these.

housecaptan last decade
sir im suffering from male pattern baldness frm age of 16...im 23 nw...
pls help me wat shud i do 2 curb ma hairloss
rubbing of nails will help me or not...
can u suggest me sum homeopaethic medicine pls
im taking r89 nw
pawantoppo last decade
Finally I came to the conclusion that Astro based Homeo treatment is the best as otherwise the real cause of the ailment remains undetected and we go on from one remedy to the other.

Pl. provide me your 1. Date, 2. Time and 3. Place of birth. Thereafter I may ask if there are more questions before suggesting Homeopathic remedies.

Dr. R.S.Gupta
RSGUPTA last decade
hello rdgupta,

dob: 10-jul-1969
tob: 2:10 pm
place: puttur (karnataka)

please provide me the solution.

daydreamer last decade
People do get cures. If you have faith in my profile. Without faith and confidence, there is no cure.
RSGUPTA last decade
Hi doc,

I live in US and i think I may not have direct access to homeopathy here.
My situation is that when I was 16, I and people around me noticed that I am losing hair.
I am 32 now and not bald.

From front face view, not many people can comment, but side view and top view shows thin hair and scalp is visible through hair.
again, no bald patch...very thin and less volume so that scalp is seen.

The condition on side and back is okay,
My father , now 60, has still 50 times more hair then me and my mother has thin hair but not like me.

I will start rubbing nails, as you mentioned and will also apply curd with lemon occasionally.

I do notice that I get very often very small boil on my scalp and if i puncture them, I see watery discharge...This has been now going on for years and there is no specific place on scalp, but these boils appear anywhere on head (2-6) at a time.

Could my hairfall be related to these?
what and how do I get medicine in USA?
abhidude last decade

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