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please let me know as how and where to get the medicines--neobex cream and gentol
FOOTER 2006-10-05
1   last decade

Acidity in my 11yr old daughter
My daughter has been throwing up bright yellow fluid in the mornings since more than a yea
Sumis 2006-10-05
2   last decade

dr.joe please help
my hair has become very thin and i am having hairfall.hairfall occurs even when i take my
addy1234 2006-10-05
no replies yet

low body weight and low appetite
Hi, I have low body weight. But I don't look like very think from outside. But I am
maradallimanga 2006-10-05
no replies yet

Need help with ADD, immune issues and herpes
Hi all,I must apologize for the long post and I hope it makes sense. I am a 42 year old fe

Hilife 2005-05-30
13   last decade

need supplier for carsinosin
Does anyone know a supplier for Carsinosin 30C. I am familiar only with Galen Labs in the
patti3046 2006-10-04
3   last decade

I'm always remembering past mistakes . . .
Hi. I'm always remembering past mistakes and then sort of getting upset over them. I&
TreeFrog 2006-10-04
4   last decade

How much is the shipping carge for remedies from abc forum
Hi, I am planning to buy Hecla lava 30C, from abc forum. Can somebody tell me how much i
anon99 2006-10-05
2   last decade

a bend pennis down side
hi I am 23yrs old and a professional accountant in KPMG firm Paris, France. Nowadays my p
nockturnal 2006-10-05
no replies yet

Is this possible
Hello, few months back i met one nadi veda he told that my muscles in tore in my abdomin w
g_Nagi 2006-10-04
1   last decade

Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism
I am a 54 year old female who has had Hashimoto's for about 8 years. I was officiall
MaryRose 2006-10-02
4   last decade

Knee pain
Hi, my mother is suffering from right knee pain, she says that it feels like when you hit
syegna 2006-10-04
1   last decade

white hair
hi, i am having white hair.usally my hair colour is black.now i am 23 yeaars old plz any
flatron 2006-10-04
no replies yet

Do I Have Bipolar Disorder or ADD?
While I'm calm and patient with most people, all of my irritability gets thrown the w
mistique 2006-10-04
2   last decade

Medicine for gastric or peptic ulcer
hello, can anyone suggest good medicine for gastric or peptic ulcer, & thanks dr.Joe D
g_Nagi 2006-10-04
1   last decade

swollen eyelids infant
Hi- My 4 1/2 month old infant was born 6 weeks premature in may. Since he was about a mont
dahliatop 2006-09-26
5   last decade

Sex Problems
i am 25 yr old and unmarried. i had the problem of premature ejacuation and now i feel so
bin79 2006-05-02
4   last decade

multi vitamin
hello guys can u ppl tell me about the available multivitamin especially 'b' i
kimlee 2006-10-02
4   last decade

medicine for those who have lost their power by hand practice.
niranjan kumar 2006-09-25
2   last decade

Three years ago, I have been diagnosed with PLMD. I have tried all sorts of medications t
jose425 2006-10-04
2   last decade

Weak newborn
This is a bit vague & about a puppy! A friend asked for help with a weak & small
moose 2006-10-04
2   last decade

homeopatymedicine for knee pain and blood pressure
M y wife 65 year old is suffering from knee pain for the last three years alonwith high bl
bughi 2006-10-04
1   last decade

Please help - can't find a remedy
I would be grateful for any advice on what would be a suitable remedy for me. I am seeing
lilly25 2006-10-03
2   last decade

ED with breathlessness
I am 34 yrs old male.I am married recently.What I found that I have this erectile function
johnyjohny 2006-09-29
3   last decade

Gallbladder infection
Hi. My dad was recently sent to the hospital for an abdominal ultrasound. His results cam
lynn07 2006-10-04
1   last decade

post op advice
I recently had a mini abdominoplaty in conjunction with 2 hernia repairs, previous to this
VirginiaW 2006-09-28
8   last decade

need help dr.deoshlok
my hair has become very thin and i am having hairfall.hairfall occurs even when i take my
asutosh1234 2006-10-04
no replies yet

natural healing of the asthma
NATURAL HEALING OF THE ASTHMA The asthma is a democratic disease, which affects 10 % of t
elena777 2006-10-03
1   last decade

Tea tree oil?
I have always used tea tree oil for various things. But I read recently that it can antid
aquamama 2006-10-04
no replies yet

Joe De Livera - CTS revised please disregard previous posting
PLEASE ADVISE Re: the below posting To Joe, Sciatica From nr786 on 2006-09-20 Hi, My fa

windhaven 2006-09-21
14   last decade

For Pankaj Verma
Pankaj, I 'm writing related the thread Pulsatilla vs ignatia. We came to the conclus
Dipika 2006-10-03
1   last decade

Attack of Bell Palsy
Hi i am diagnosed with Bell Palsy and my details are written below please help. 1. Name:
Rajks 2006-10-03
1   last decade

peripartum cardiomyopathy
Is there any treatment available for peripartum cardiomyopathy in homeopathy ?
Neeta Singh 2006-10-03
1   last decade

sore throat in preganancy
hello, from last night i have started suffering from sore throat and ichy ears . mid night
Nkale 2006-10-03
1   last decade

Stomach problems Cure By Nux Vom And Nat Phos
Hi, I am a computer user i was suffering from constipation gastrick and other severe stoma
pankajnarang81 2006-09-26
9   last decade

Ear blocked; cannot hear properly
left ear seems blocked;cold atmosphere recent days. cannot hear properly; No Wax found blo
ushaneelamana 2006-09-29
4   last decade

Penis not grow with age
My son is 7 year now, The Dr who made circumcsion said it was as sam size as it was 5 yea
ilyas58 2006-10-01
1   last decade

Teenage love
My friends daughter and her boyfriend recently broke up. The boy broke it off suddenly for
saltOftheEarth 2006-10-01
4   last decade

how and where one can get neobex cream and gentol drops as prescribed by someone else. i h
FOOTER 2006-10-03
no replies yet

Single element vs. Single substance vs. Single remedy
On the thread 'Unsuccessful remedies - help!'...some kind of discussion is going o
PANKAJ VARMA 2006-10-02
6   last decade

green stowel
my husband has been pooping green does any one konw what this could be. its an unusual gre
shuggie 2006-10-02
5   last decade

Stomach Trouble
Hi, I have this problem of Mucus being built up most of the time in my stomach,either I e
samur420 2006-08-25
5   last decade

is Dr .Bakshi medicene (Bakson clinic)is safe
Dear all, iam kumar (age22) frm india iam suffering with skin pigmentation since 3 years f
bskumarb4u 2006-09-24
5   last decade

blood circulation
I am having a lot of tingling in my limbs as well as some shooting pains throughout my bod
Karrot13 2006-09-30
4   last decade

A bit of Problems
Hello I am listing details for proper evaluation of medicines. In case further details a
reni2005 2006-07-12
9   last decade

Staph Infection
I am 32 and as per Dermatologist I had bad staph infection 2 years ago. It was really bad,
kavin 2005-08-04
5   last decade

please recommend Houston homeopath
does anyone know of a good homeopath in Houston, TX?
Leela 2006-10-02
2   last decade

anxiety after taking hypericum200c
hi joe and everyone, i have a herniated disc in my lower back in which i was taking hyper
elainesmyth68 2006-10-02
3   last decade

any ideas on hyericum 200c - uses
Hi joe and everyone i was just wondering i have a 40g bottle of hypericum pillules is the
elainesmyth68 2006-10-02
1   last decade

I usually do not visit all threads so I am starting this new thread. Please post if there
kuldeep 2006-09-30
10   last decade

Drugs of Injury Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Drugs of Injury Dr. Deoshlok Sharma 1. Concealed Injury Arnica Montana 2. Concealed i
deoshlok 2006-10-02
5   last decade

Joe De Livera
I received a note from a friend who knows that I use homeopathic remedies,asking me about
Chuck D. 2006-09-29
6   last decade

premature hair greying and hair loss
Am suffering from premature hait greying and hair loss. AM just 20. Is there any way to st
pkanitkar 2006-10-01
3   last decade

Hi, I'm a 32 y.o.female. I'm 6' tall, 136 lbs and live in NYC. I've b
forkingpaths8 2006-09-30
3   last decade

Trigger finger
I have a small nodule on the tendon of the left middle finger resulting in trigger finger.
agarwal_450 2006-10-01
1   last decade

Pcos/acne help required
Hi there I am 26 years old, still spotty after suffering from acne for the past 12 years,
stillspotty 2006-10-01
1   last decade

restless burning legs.
Hi there, My dad is 77 years old. He has a plate in his right leg which has moved and his
hattie111 2006-09-16
7   last decade

left side of body numb
Greetings. 7 yrs ago I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy and treated homeopathically as well
Leela 2006-09-30
1   last decade

Bells Palsy - 1.4 years
Hi all, I had a Bells Palsy on my right hand side of the face. this occurred during the 3
relitheli 2006-01-30
7   last decade

strange prob. want help from sir Joe
hello sir joe i came to this website accidentally and i am really impressed by the number
nauman00 2006-10-01
1   last decade

More Info on Eustachian Tube Distress
Folks, I just received some insightful information concerning my first posting. My aller
mjforte 2006-10-02
2   last decade

Eustachian Tube Distress
I am 45 years old and experience frequent sinus congestion and infection. I receive weekl
mjforte 2006-10-02
1   last decade

Something about Colon Hydratherapy
Hi, Can anybody tell me that Is it safe to have colon hyderatherapy? with regards, Binod
bk123 2006-08-07
5   last decade

thin pennis
i am 21 years old boy healthy enough but hava pennis measuring 4.5 but very thin any one w
coolguy_9811 2006-10-01
2   last decade

Retnal treatment
Hi to all I just came back from my 4 trip to russia where i underwent a treatment for my A
Romanch 2006-10-01
no replies yet

Premaature ejaculation
Due to finincal problem I got sick and depress for years and I avoid sex with my wife, now
ilyas58 2006-10-01
1   last decade

Using Tinctures in Salves/Lotions
I have been reading that you can use tintures to make salves and lotions; but the directio
KarenB 2006-10-01
1   last decade

tissue salts?
what are tissue salts? and what ailments are they used for?
SeekTheHealer 2006-09-30
1   last decade

Painfull foot.
My partner has been expierencing pain in the bottom of his right foot for over 4 weeks. H
kerrie73 2006-10-01
1   last decade

1st aid course!!
Hi, I'm going on a 1st aid cousre in 3 days time for 2 days. I am getting very nervo
kerrie73 2006-09-30
2   last decade

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