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post nasal drip constant cough 4 yr old
Hello My son who is 4 years old has the following: - thick nasal dischargs - post nasal
radheinkrishna 2006-11-02
4   last decade

digestive problem
almost every day when i eat i throw out part of the food and then i feel comfortable and a
rehmanz 2006-11-02
5   last decade

night time teething and separation anxiety
My 9 month old daughter has been teething for the last month. She still doesn't have
mummy2bo 2006-11-04
3   last decade

sir kuldeep, hypopigmentation, nmgdes
hi sir kudeep thankyou ever so, for your speedy reply, i am indebted to you, it will be a
nmgdes 2006-11-04
no replies yet

Bad Homeopathic Practice
I sent my cousin to see a homeopath. She prescribed her a remedy and didnt tell her what i

Jay 15 2006-11-03
15   last decade

Averting Longterm Side-effects of Chemotherapy
My wife is currently undergoing chmotherapy for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She respond well t
mahamunih 2006-11-04
no replies yet

Menieres Syndrome.
My mother suffered from Menieres Syndrome. After she died June 1992 I got these same sympt
walkin 2006-03-18
1   last decade

increase your height
hello doctors iam 20year old man and my height is 5.1 i want
sandy198606 2006-11-04
no replies yet

post Chikungunya joint pain
resedual pain with minimal swelling knee with difficulty in walking ....joint feels as if
desi_harrgun 2006-11-04
1   last decade

Please help with my ears
Hello. I am a woman of 27 years old and I am very recurrent with ear infections.I have had
amanda111 2006-11-03
3   last decade

Nasal Polyps
How is Teucrium Marum Verum used for nasal polyps Thanks
Lite4me 2006-07-18
5   last decade

Complaint to the Moderator
Dear Simon, Please have a look at the thread abchomeopathy.com/forums2.php/89766/. A mem
rajivprasad 2006-11-04
3   last decade

weight loss
i am swarupa,my age is 18 now.last year in march i started having depression problems.afte
sheena.c12 2006-11-02
1   last decade

Pseudomonas in a dog's ear canal
I am in desperate need of help for my dog. He is a 5 year old male English Mastiff and ha
alkasam 2006-11-03
3   last decade

be cautious with Pradipde's prescriptions.
See his profile and read all his posts to understand the way he prescribes. He not only s

gavinimurthy 2006-11-04
13   last decade

Which therapy you will persued
Let us be most honest in answering this question: In case your close relation ( Son, daug
sbahl 2006-10-31
6   last decade

anxiety/fixations with medical conditions
I am a 40 year old female, which at a glance, you would consider to be fit, mentally sharp
griff 2006-11-03
7   last decade

storage boxes
where can I find storage boxes for my vials?
jagink 2006-11-03
3   last decade

When can homeo medicines do harm?
Suppose we have a case of diphtheria, and after due study Lachesis appears to be the most

gavinimurthy 2006-10-31
14   last decade

Dosage Info Needed
My partner is HIV positive. Has been for over 22 years. Has been very healthy. However a c
nitromime 2006-11-03
2   last decade

question about next step in my eczema case
I posted before about how I selected lycopodium for my chronic eczema. it has had a very
john34 2006-11-03
3   last decade

acidum phosphoricum
hello all i just want to know that for the mental and physical strenth can i use acidum ph
asimattar 2006-11-03
1   last decade

Pernicious Anaemia
My father, who is 76 years of age was diagnosed with pernicious anaemia over a year and a
Tidalfire 2006-11-01
4   last decade

BrightSparks ADD Remedy
I ordered BrightSparks & Focus about 3 weeks ago for my 5 yr old son. He hasn't a
greatmama 2006-11-03
2   last decade

Homeopathy and Modern Science
Dear friends, I am opening a new thread to display this small write up that i wrote, as i
rajivprasad 2006-11-03
7   last decade

What is Tinnitus?Tinnitus is the medical term for the perception of sound in one or both e
deoshlok 2005-12-20
1   last decade

only for dr deshlok sir
sir i hav consulted you earlier for my problem . u also gave a remedy ( for pennis enlarg
indianboyby 2006-11-02
1   last decade

mr kuldeep , hypopigmentation and scar, from nmgdes, phytolacca
dear sir kuldeep can I get the phytolacca in homoeopathic fornm at all if so what potency
nmgdes 2006-11-02
4   last decade

hypopigmented patches over whole body since 12-13yrs
hypopigmented patches| female patient| aggravation by sun,sweat|dry skin| mentals-suppress
khajuria 2006-11-02
2   last decade

Parkinson's : a new patch (transdermal ) drug available now?
I am from Vancouver, Canada. My mother has been suffering from Parkinson's disease t
paulj 2006-11-03
no replies yet

any good homeopath in mumbai or navi mumbai
posted my problem on ankylosing spondylitis. if anyone can suggest me a googd homeopath wh
agupta 2006-08-02
2   last decade

free from inflammation
This FREE book online is and can help you learn to eliminate immune related disease by und
Sylvia LeDoux 2006-11-03
no replies yet

vitiligo remedy
They claim to be the best remedy available over the counter. According to them this is tot
slash 2006-11-02
1   last decade

Light activated Headache
Light activated Headache I have a patient who complains of a severe headache if he is exp
Joe De Livera 2006-11-02
10   last decade

Cystic Acne
Hi Mr. De Livera, I recently registered with the abc homeopathy Web site and have read t
dtowngirl 2006-10-21
10   last decade

herbal extract
Tai'an Zhonghui Plant Biochemical Co.,Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer and exp
tazhonghui 2006-10-26
1   last decade

why alcohol is used in homoeopathic medicines
kalamefazy 2006-11-02
1   last decade

planters facitis
i have recently been diagnosed with planters facitis. i have suffered for 6 years now wit
kbbruns 2006-11-01
5   last decade

i want to grow taller
HELLO, I am sujitha of 18 years old.i am 152 cm height,55kg weight.I would like to
sujitha 2006-11-02
no replies yet

What is saba serulataq?
where can i buy sabal serulataQ.What does the Q stand for?.thanks a lot will appriciate an
Belle 2006-11-02
4   last decade

Vomiting and Headache
Hi, My daughter who is 4 and a half years old, complaints headache when she doesn't
anon99 2006-10-31
6   last decade

"Attention Joe De Livera"
Dear Mr.Titus, I am under the Arnical 6c wet dose treatment for hairloss as advised by
unnigopal 2006-11-01
2   last decade

5 years ago i had a shoulder injury that was treated with several steriod shots as treatme
kbbruns 2006-11-02
2   last decade

Sinus Infection & ITP Please help I can't take antibiotics.
I used to live in an apartment that my family became sick in. My Husband developed asthma,
Dagney 2006-11-01
1   last decade

coffee and diabetes
Coffee Consumption May Reduce Risk for Type 2 Diabetes http://www.medscape.com/viewarti
gavinimurthy 2006-11-02
1   last decade

phytolcca for scar treatment
is anyone clever out there who can tell me about this remedy concerning pigmentation from
nmgdes 2006-10-28
1   last decade

For Simon.
Simon, good luck with the forum, I wish you well, and thankyou... Take it easy ;) -Jac
Hahnemania 2006-10-28
1   last decade

New feature
The profiles will now show their IP address relationships with other users. (i.e. if it se
moderator 2006-11-01
3   last decade

Can any one hel me in getting Thymus Gland Extract- Mohter Tincture in Delhi/Jaipur/Faridabad/Gurgaon/Noida
Hi All, Can anyone of help me in getting Thymus Gland Extract - Mohter Tincture. This is u
jcaayush 2006-11-01
8   last decade

natrium sufuricum
does tablets of schabe of natrium sulfuricum contains alcohol or not ?
kalamefazy 2006-11-01
1   last decade

Is there a homeopathich hair remover
Hi, Of all the wonderful things that homeopathy offers to every one, I was wondering if t
DP 2006-11-01
1   last decade

Question for Joe De Livera
Hi Joe, I wanted to get your advice on a problem I have been having for 2 yrs now. I hav
DamitaJo 2006-11-01
1   last decade

Pilonidal cyst
I have pylonidal cysts(three - one large and two smaller ones) for over a year. Nine month

Martin79 2006-10-18
13   last decade

To all prescribers : Please comment on this
chronic asthma and mucus problems From hazro on 2006-10-27 10 replies 116 views I am 28y
rishimba 2006-11-01
3   last decade

Nitrous oxide, general anaesthesia
I had a similar experience w/ the nitrous oxide and found the essences, nux vomica, hyperi
Glolight 2006-11-01
1   last decade

Son's eyebrow piercing infected, help!
So can anyone give my son some help? He has a new eyebrow piercing and it has become red
katebee 2006-11-01
6   last decade

mr varma please about the urinary infection you posted before
hi yea well its more yellowish i would say, but on and off abdominal pain, can i have your
alwaysongame 2006-10-31
1   last decade

pilonidal cyst
i have it for the past 9years,it comes & goes on weekly basic,i donot get tomuch swell
chaaya 2006-06-08
11   last decade

hi!remeber you told me to take 1 dose of nux vomica 1m once a week?just to be clear-is tha
mollydalton 2006-10-30
5   last decade

Asafoetida and IBS -for will88
re: acid reflux, ibs From Will88 on 2006-11-01 In the book 'The Consumer's Guid
gavinimurthy 2006-11-01
4   last decade

need your help please
TO,Walkin,Alarahim,please, please and please read my post thank you. To mr Sajjadakram pla
Belle 2006-11-01
no replies yet

A matter of principles
Dear Friends, I have opened this thread as i felt that i have something important to say

rajivprasad 2006-10-26
48   last decade

Pilonidal Cyst
Hello all, I've been lurking on this site for quite a while now and have read a lot
Durden 2006-08-29
4   last decade

Disturbed Bowel Movement of Travellers
Nesha asked me the question. Reply: Costipation of travellers who often change food/wate
PANKAJ VARMA 2006-10-31
2   last decade

Viola Odorata
My homeopath gave me Viola Odorata 12C once a day for 6 days. Since stopping it 2 weeks ag
lisa2712 2006-10-30
4   last decade

nursing pain for 5 months-please help
Hi-Ive been nursing for 5 months now and still have nipple pain- Ive been told by many lac

dahliatop 2006-10-27
17   last decade

hi i am from pa25stan 0y na0e 5s sar0ad 0y 5s s4ffer5ng fr60 a 5nffect56n that 5s h5s test
sarmad_qureshi 2006-10-31
no replies yet

Foam in urine
I have occasional white colored foam in my urine in the middle of the night or early morni
suehawk12 2006-10-31
1   last decade

rise in serum creatinine levels
my father aged 73 has started showing increase in serum creatinine levels since the past f
galianupama 2006-10-31
1   last decade

Loose Cough in Toddler
My 2.5 yr old just went through a cold, and usually the last to go is the cough. I believ

blackberry 2006-10-28
18   last decade

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