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Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine
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chronic kidney disease
I am 41 years old lady living in Dubai. I was diagnosed with CKD 9 years back during my
rasgeet 2018-04-24
3   rasgeet 5 minutes ago

Lever Funtion Test result
My son is 5 yrs old. Doctor suggested Lever function test and the result is as Bilrubi (T
Gholam_900 2018-04-18
7   Gholam_900 21 minutes ago

Teeth grinding - 3 year old
Hello doc, my son 3 year old has grinding teeth in sleep. He is shy in nature and has anxi
Jaustin 2018-04-26
no replies yet

Rhinitis sinus sore throat bronchitis
Rhinitis sinus sore throat bronchitis
Thauchowrf 2018-04-26
no replies yet

Re: Pregnancy Anemia
Hi Today I'm 20 weeks n 3 days. Had a visit to gynecologist. She says I'm anemic
Saddy1 2018-04-25
4   Saddy1 53 minutes ago

Blinking eye
My son aged 17yrs. Suffered chicken pox few years back.after some months we found him blin
thappe 2018-04-21
3   Tui an hour ago

Irregular Period
Hello Doctor, I am having period very irregularly. I had periods 2 weeks before which was
biswasmousumi 2018-04-13
3   Tui an hour ago

Severe obsessive compulsive disorder
I have extreme obsessive compulsive disorder .even I can't take antidepressants I thi
earth 113 2018-04-25
3   Tui an hour ago

Brain Fog, Chronic Fatigue, joint pain, feel v cold always
Please advise me for my symptoms below: 1)Brain Fog : I cannot remember much now. Forget t
Jess1 2018-03-24
9   Dr R Basu 3 hours ago

How to antidote ant crudum? Please help!
Hi , My husband has been belching a lot for months now after taking antimonium crudum 30C.
Jane77 2017-11-21
9   NiniM 3 hours ago

Attention - Dr Maheeru : Unmotivated,lethargic,AngerRages, Defiant Depressed Teen
Dr. Maheeru, Seeking your help. Quite desperate to get my child help. My son in class/gr
Jess1 2018-03-24
9   Jess1 5 hours ago

Who wants to prescribe for 2 cats?
I think that we all have scabies, and one of them definitely has a tapeworm. I made an app

LisaX 2018-04-11
29   LisaX 6 hours ago

Severe Stammering! Please Help!
I have a list of diseases that i have been struggling with for a very long time. The most
lover.boy 2018-04-03
7   Zady101 6 hours ago

For Kadwa Ji Only
Sir my age is 35 and am from india delhi am suffering from IBS Problem And constipation Pr
ritesh8524 2018-04-23
1   Zady101 7 hours ago

speech regression in 3 year old
i posted in this forum about mu daughter and got a suggestion of medicine but it has not w

Umeedalam 2018-04-04
14   Umeedalam 7 hours ago

Lack of reaction to remedies
I am going through a very disturbing phase. Currently I need Staphysagria to cure my lower
varunb 2018-04-08
5   simone717 7 hours ago

catontable 2018-04-20
14   simone717 8 hours ago

Left hand numbness and week grip
Left hand numbness I AM NADEEM 6O YRS OF AGE FROM RAWALPINDI PAKISTAN Since last seven we
mnadeemkh 2018-04-25
2   Zady101 8 hours ago

Hi im neha kaushik suffering from pcos past 3 yrs i haven't recovered yet.my periods
Neha kaushik 2018-04-23
3   Zady101 9 hours ago

Right side sciatica pain in right hip
Dear sir I m 31 years male from India . Pain in right hip and right lower waist. It is fr
Nitesh Kamal 2018-04-18
7   Zady101 10 hours ago

Sexual Weekness
Hello Dr, Am 39 year age and suffering from premature ejaculation. After enter a penis

pramod4 2017-12-04
69   pramod4 10 hours ago

Causticum 30 working for bedwetting unsure how to proceed
My son is 15 has never had a break with bedwetting, has always struggled with this. Causti
harmony671 2018-04-25
2   maheeru 10 hours ago

34weeks pregnant Insomnia and persistent heartburn
Hi, I was wondering if there is anybody more classically-minded in the ways of homeopathy

rom109 2018-01-10
140   maheeru 11 hours ago

A Suggestion to the Moderator
I have an idea to categorize and listing all completed and cured cases in a separate direc

sadeqahmed 2018-04-19
21   moderator 13 hours ago

excessive sweat
i sweat to much that my cloth getting wet..is theres any remedy for excessive sweat..??I&#
aryan_chatz1 2018-04-25
no replies yet

Acid Phos Proving - Please Help (Resolved)
1. I took Acid Phos-1m two or three doses between one week. The following symptoms occured

sadeqahmed 2018-04-17
13   sadeqahmed 15 hours ago

Best Acid Reflux Diet Plan - Refluxmd
Best Acid Reflux Diet Plan
refluxmd 2018-04-25
no replies yet

How to use Sulphur 30 c
Hi, I am suffering from ringworm of the scalp caused by microsporum canis. I used all antf
Bozana 2018-04-22
7   Bozana 18 hours ago

water like semen comes out while talking with my finance
Sir please tell me what will cure me properly from this disease. My problem is: when I ta
UFK 2018-04-24
3   UFK 18 hours ago

Urgent, please help
I am 25 years old, and suffering from bad effects of masturbation, symptoms include nerve
Sundar2 2018-04-24
1   Tui 19 hours ago

Vote your Doctor
Who is Most Dependable Physician on this Forum?
Dr R Basu 2018-04-02
3   Saddy1 19 hours ago

lipoma cure
hello doctors, I am a 24 year unmarried male. there is lipoma around my belly and hand an
ghostas 2018-04-24
4   ghostas 19 hours ago

External tooth resorption
Hi, I have a cervical external resorption in the front tooth - it's an inflammatory
aplue 2018-04-25
1   Tui 20 hours ago

Fulminant Hepatitis A
Hello, Start of May, I had fulminant Hepatitis A (ALT was at 5000) . Took 2 months of Ca

syria 2017-07-12
229   Reva V 20 hours ago

Breathing difficulty, Anal fissure, Sabhorric dermatitis.
Hello. Male Age - 37y Weight - 80kg Height - 173cm Country - Bangladesh ------ I am ha

Poush 2018-03-16
25   Tui 22 hours ago

Remedy for chronic Nightfall/wetdream
Dear doctors, I have been suffering from nightfall for past 6 years. The usual frequency
aarjuna 2018-03-10
8   Tui 22 hours ago

lice i believe
HEllo I have had rosacea for many years. I believe this might be related to why I now hav
mungbean 2018-04-22
5   Tui 23 hours ago

For pregnency
1 year hua hai meri sadi hui hai. Tab meri husbend aur mai baby lene ke liye taiyar nehi t
Barnali1 2018-03-15
7   Barnali1 yesterday

Chronic Kidney Desease/Kidney Failure
pls guide /advise me any expert /experienced person /cured person the treatment for my fol
bhatera 2012-10-12
9   Arteamere yesterday

Dr Kadwa plz plz plz
Eye Brows Case for Dr Kadwa My niece aged 11 years has complain of falling of eye brows o
Samba87 2018-01-28
11   Samba87 yesterday

Oromandibular Dystonia, quick jaw spasms/jerks
Male 6' 200lbs, I lift weights On no meds For years I have had jaw spasms when speak
DKMIN 2018-03-14
11   DKMIN yesterday

Attn: Dr Udaya Kumar - Knee Cartilage Repair
Hello Dr Udaya Kumar, What homeopathic medications do you recommend for healing cartilage
angelo2 2018-04-21
9   homeo_helper yesterday

Has homeopathy ever cured scabies?
Please give specifics, and link to cases if possible. A google search for "Scabies cu
LisaX 2018-04-19
5   simone717 yesterday

Help for Ringworm of the scalp
Hi, I posted recently but I need more answers. I recently used 2 dispensers of Sulphur 30
Bozana 2018-04-24
3   Bozana yesterday

Facing Pcos problem
Ya sure i will give detailed information.. Im pcos patient since 2013 My periods are irr
Neha kaushik 2018-04-24
2   Zady101 yesterday

condition more worse after using agnus castus Q pls help
I m 38 year old facing erectile dysfunction I use agnus castus condition more worse after
aadi121 2018-04-24
1   sadeqahmed yesterday

different health issues, please help.
Hi, I seek medical advice from the homeopathy experts please I am 30 year old male with fo

sud.don 2013-07-08
47   Zady101 yesterday

Irregular heartbeat
I jog regularly but in the last 3 months there were times when my heartbeat spiked and bec
rozanosaad 2018-04-23
2   rozanosaad yesterday

Anal fissure healed but still pain in hip and burning while passing stool
Hi, I am 37 years Male. I was having anal fissure 2 years back. It healed but soon afterw

utk400 2017-08-24
39   0antivirus0 yesterday

Acute Hair Loss
I am 41 year old female and have been suffering from telegen effluvium from 2014. Despite

SS76 2018-02-04
14   SS76 yesterday

Hello, I am a 31 yr old woman. I am a married woman but I have never had intercourse with

gloriousheart 2018-04-16
14   gloriousheart yesterday

sand like particles around anus after passing stool
whenever i clear anus area with hand using water,after passing stool. i find sand like par
monny82 2018-04-23
2   Dr R Basu yesterday

Agnus Castus
I am a 32 yr old male suffering from impotence. I masturbated excessively and exhausted my
grymoire 2007-12-21
7   aadi121 yesterday

Painful mole
I'm curious about cell salts for a very painful mole. I have lymphatic leukemia and u
stillalive 2018-04-24
1   Tui 2 days ago

Re: faster penis erection/ very sensitive penis/ejaculates in a few seconds
my penis is too sensitive. i have no problem of erection.. no problem of sexual desire.. e
mdsahilkhan144 2018-04-23
1   Tui 2 days ago

Speech Delay, ADHD and Sensory issue of a four year old. Please help!s
1 Describe your main suffering? My 4 year old boy has been diagnosed with sensory issues

nimi_mummy 2014-04-03
14   worriedmom3 2 days ago

Cartilage regenerater, Arthritis, joints pain, lumber pain, spondolysis, rheumatic arthritis,
it is cartilage generator for the joint pain in a 6 month this is my own product and I p

deoshlok 2007-01-18
45   angelo2 2 days ago

unbearable sexual desire
SUBHAJIT 2018-04-23
5   Tui 2 days ago

Anal fissure..plzzz help
I had a fissure after c-section 8 months ago..was treating it as hemorroids for 2 months t
Naina2 2018-04-21
4   homeo_helper 2 days ago

Agnus Castus
Hi, I'm 27 year old male. I'm getting severe sexual thoughts. Please tell me fo
grandhisandhi 2012-02-20
4   aadi121 2 days ago

34 y/o female - liver fullness, pain, abdominal bloating, anxiety, mainly right sided comp
CodyMM0522 2018-04-13
10   CodyMM0522 2 days ago

Shy bladder :(
Hello, I am 35 yrs old male suffering from shy bladder since I was 13, so that makes me u

Lavi 2018-03-14
21   maheeru 2 days ago

Epsom Salt as Antidote to Baryta Carb??
Hi, For large over doses of baryta carb, epsom salt is mentioned as antidote. How to ta

ganapathi1 2017-09-09
88   maheeru 2 days ago

Hi, has anyone found what works for MRSA? This person has also been having nightmares wher
Mskitty15 2018-04-21
6   Mskitty15 2 days ago

Pushed back against wall, neck injury
I was pushed and fell backwards against a wall. I believe my head and neck got squashed to
suziart 2018-04-23
1   maheeru 2 days ago

Need Help finding remedy
Thank you so much!! Personal Information: ------------------------- Full Name: Anto75 (Yo
Anto75 2018-03-18
12   simone717 2 days ago

Chronic urethritis and non bacterial prostitis
Please help... burning and hot feeling in urethra... burning and tightness in perenium ,in
Anik420 2018-04-23
no replies yet

I am 24 year old woman .. i have dandruff problem since 8 years .. they are very big round
pri121212 2018-04-18
3   Dr R Basu 2 days ago

Depression and anxiety
I have been suffering from anxiety and depression, have become completely lethargic and ha

Hafeez1 2018-04-02
32   Hafeez1 2 days ago

faster penis erection/ very sensitive penis/ejaculates in a few seconds
Hi, I am a 29 year old newly married guy. I am facing one serious problem of ejaculating i
tomk82 2011-09-14
1   mdsahilkhan144 2 days ago

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