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Exessive Hair Growth
hi, This is Rinkle Thakur,Male ,28 years old. I just want to know is there any treatment
rinkle.thakur 2007-08-30
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Psychological problems
I am having some problems at the moment and have been trying to repertorise things, but it
kairos1973 2007-08-29
7   kairos1973 last decade

a warning to all !!
a warning to all!! From Altern8 on 2007-08-13 I have given the full reply of all my menta
Altern8 2007-08-13
9   moderator last decade

promoting homeopathy
hi everyone.m a homeopathic student.n have keen interest in film making(mobile). i m plani
kannu 2007-07-22
7   kannu last decade

Sinus Problems
Hope there is someone out there who might be able to help me. I am a sufferer of sinusitis
chikardee 2007-08-27
8   gavinimurthy last decade

cannot find online.
im looking for the following items to order on line.please could someone help.Agrimony,Ars
babydoll 2007-08-30
1   gavinimurthy last decade

hi.i quit smoking 8 weeks ago.i was put on xanex 3 a day for the first 6 weeks cause i was
babydoll 2007-08-30
2   babydoll last decade

My mother is suffering from Vertigo. She had major attack in the month of April and was ad
anuprav 2007-08-30
2   deoshlok last decade

joint pain
kindly recomend a remedy of joints pain due to polio wekness its from child hood. saee
shahzad36838 2007-08-29
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

marijuana and homeopathy
Does anyone know what remedies have been used to counteract excessive use of marijuana? T
TreeFrog 2007-08-29
5   parachute last decade

Attn: Dr.Deoshlok
You wanted to know the medicines for the rubric fear of sex. It is there in Murphy. Fear
gavinimurthy 2007-08-29
5   gavinimurthy last decade

sinus drainage causing swollen glands
My husband is having problems with his right ear stopping up, and I have problems with bot
redcan 2007-08-28
7   redcan last decade

Sebaceous Cyst on pet
Hello, I have a guinea pig who has always had great hair probably due to oily skin! She h
gochmari 2007-08-28
5   deoshlok last decade

no sex for 23 months
hi please could someone suggest something to help our libido.for 23 months my hubby and i
babydoll 2007-08-29
11   babydoll last decade

Insomnia /Desperate for help
I am very worried about my mother. Her spouse of 40+ yrs dx w/ cancer several months ago
pollyanna 2007-08-29
3   faisal qureshi last decade

Arnica and Arnica Montana - Joe De Livera
Ive seen you suggest arnica for the hair loss problems and such..and I was looking to try
Deadly 2006-01-09
2   collectore last decade

anxiety and crying
for the last 8 months, I wake up anxious about coping with such small things, like going s
sue aug 2007-08-28
7   parachute last decade

Azoospermia - Urgent plz plz plz plz help
Hello doctor's, Azoospermia - Nil sperm count. I am 37years old and 4 year of marrie
prakash12 2007-08-23
8   Rajendra last decade

eczema and 3 year old
hi my daughter has had mild eczema for 2 years now. i recently stopped homeopathy and now
darshika 2007-08-28
2   babydoll last decade

A case of shoulder joints replacement for homeooapthy treatment
Mr. X. age 52 years , India , came today with his x-ray of the both shoulder joints. Over
deoshlok 2007-08-25
10   deoshlok last decade

Urinery Track Infection
I M Sufferin year from this problem for 8 years. i m 26 years old recenly married 3 month
Multani_star 2007-08-29
3   deoshlok last decade

For Dr. Rishimba - Probably it is phosphorus.
Dear Dr Rishimba, I am sending my case after suitable adding and editing for your kind loo

sssankhla 2007-07-30
17   sssankhla last decade

Rectum problems!!!
When using the restroom I have slipping back of the partially expelled stool and it seems
david124 2007-08-29
2   deoshlok last decade

i need help!!
can anyone help me. everytime after intercourse there is this fishy smell. ive gone to t
yari910 2007-08-28
1   akshaymohl last decade

Fear of Intercourse
I have patient (female) who have very very much fear fir intercourse even hasitate / frigh
Razzaq 2007-08-26
10   TreeFrog last decade

How does it work???
Hello.. i know pretty much the basics of homeopathy, but am just confused on something. m
SeekTheHealer 2007-08-27
4   SeekTheHealer last decade

Silicea antidote?
in my spare time i've enjoyed reading a lot lately about homeopathy. Upon reading abo
jamesg74 2007-08-29
3   Daisy43 last decade

i have caughing problem, if i get it once due to cold then it doesnt go so eraly. i get it
rsf_2007 2007-08-28
1   akshaymohl last decade

Lip biting/sucking
my child 3n half, bits n suck lip, its usually when she is tired, sleepy, bored.. It start

Rosh2007 2007-08-21
14   Rosh2007 last decade

homeopathic antiviral remedies
Hello, Where can i find homeopathic antiviral remedies? What are there names? Thank you
mafille 2007-08-28
1   Daisy43 last decade

whot is the relation between Phosphoric Acidum and phosphoruss. and can both be used at sa

bladness 2007-07-05
20   gavinimurthy last decade

bedwetting in child
hi everyone my problem is I have a daughter 6years old she is suffering from bedwetting pr

navneet43 2007-08-23
19   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Triatlete with recurrent abscesses
My Husband has suffered from abscesses since Dec 2006, since this time, he has had 6 absce
2411fairy 2007-08-27
4   2411fairy last decade

The grid for geographic tongue
Well, I have geographic tongue: denuded red patches on my tongue with white border around
fonske 2007-08-27
2   deoshlok last decade

For Andres
Hi again, I was hoping you could give me your opinion also about my symptoms because i h

Janey 2007-03-20
82   andres last decade

Chronic abscess
Hi everyone,I have posted this topic before on the forum. My roomate, has a reocurring abs

Namaste27 2005-03-14
23   2411fairy last decade

do i have allergy ?
Hi, since almmost one year I started having more or less feeling that I have an allergy.

ocean_kairouan 2007-04-08
37   andres last decade

Remedies required for Labyrinthitis
Hi! I'm writing to ask if anyone can give me suggestions about an appropriate remedy
meemstermb 2007-08-27
1   faisal qureshi last decade

Hi Joe, How are you and where are you these days. Regards, Davendra
davendrak 2007-08-27
no replies yet

Asthma for 2 1/2 yeras old.
Here i presenting my sons case. If homeopathy is really effective in treating Asthma then

abc_katu 2007-08-14
31   abc_katu last decade

lack of confidence and chronic hair falling
Hi iam Madan m/26 ,iam studying my PG, My main suffering is i have antagonsim within my s
Madan 2007-08-27
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

spondylitis c5 c6
Respected Dr., My sister age 30 married, having normal weight & body. Having severe pain
befriend_my 2007-08-27
1   faisal qureshi last decade

Puss Discharges from right ear
Hi, I m male of 34 yrs in mumbai. In my right ear a bit sticky,greenish, a bit smelling pu

befriend_my 2007-07-05
15   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

hi my name is abraar khan,and i have been told by my doctor that i have d same problem A
abraarkahn 2007-08-26
5   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Indigestion with other symptoms
On and off over the years I've been prone to various symptoms which very often coinci
carolinemarbles 2007-08-25
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

I am 48 year-old and suffering from frequent urination, sudden urgency with incontinence,
jkbruslee 2007-02-23
10   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

very senstive to infant cries/noise
A person whose sensitivity to his infants cries is such that he slaps him/her when he/shes

hisam 2007-08-21
16   deoshlok last decade

effexor withdrawal
I'm wondering if I should start Mike's splitting method and if so, where to star
napzalot 2007-08-09
2   deoshlok last decade

Homeopathy treatment for my problem?
I am 23 yrs old male.I have a problem of dry yellow cough with bad breath comes out of my
thomking 2007-08-24
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Very less sexual arousal.
Hi Joe and respected members, Ihave been reading this forum since sometime.I found it qu
Rahul1975 2007-08-19
10   Rahul1975 last decade

Help with Chronic nerve disorder
Hi, I'm 30 yrs old and I have been having series of problems for the past 10 months.
tochitra 2007-08-26
2   Rajendra last decade

deoshlok - Amblyopia
Please help if you have a remedy for this condition. I have seen remedies like Tabacum, Nu
dinkerb 2007-08-26
2   Rajendra last decade

Grey hair
Hi I am 26 years old ,from Last 2 years I am suffering from Grey Hair.Now it comes to my c
pkj_nambiar 2006-01-02
2   abid ali last decade

Candida vaginitis- Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Candida glabrata vaginitis Candida or “yeast” infections – Yeast infections of the vagin
deoshlok 2007-08-26
no replies yet

Please help :Persistant Candida glabrata vaginitis
Hello , I'm 32 years old. Ever since last october (2006) when I was pregnant i'v
dianera 2007-08-20
4   faisal qureshi last decade

kidney failure
iam male 23yrs old, from india,iam hiving kidney failure. results show s.creatinine-8.4 ur
M.Shivanandam 2007-08-26
2   deoshlok last decade

Homeopathy and depression?
Has anybody found homeopathy helpful for chronic depression? And can anyone in London rec
thomking 2007-08-24
2   rishimba last decade

method for giving cats pellets
hello, i am going to give my cats some hpath pellets. should i put them whole down their t
catnip 2007-08-26
1   maheeru last decade

question about thuja remedies
recently there has been a vaccine made for 4 types of hpv (human papilloma virus) does hpa
catnip 2007-08-26
no replies yet

erectyle dysfunction
HELLO, I am 39 years old male, suffering of erectyle dysfunction from the very beginning o
sbhjtroy 2007-08-05
8   Mashbig last decade

Prevent your child from breast feeding.- Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
You can prevent your child from breast feeding. Mother should advise to take the Fraga
deoshlok 2007-08-24
3   deoshlok last decade

gastrointestinal issues
Hi. I'm new to this forum and new to homeopathy also, but I very interested to see i
lovebug 2007-08-24
1   rishimba last decade

I gave my partner 200 C of sulphur for burning feet. He is 62 and has a history of heart
mettagirl 2007-08-25
1   faisal qureshi last decade

help my baby with eczema
Hi everyone, Can someone help my suffering baby with eczema? I will be grateful for life
worried mom 2007-08-24
2   worried mom last decade

remature ejaculation, Poor memory, anxiety, stage fright, excessive sweating of palm & feats.
I have been married for over 10 years. I have premature ejaculation since my teen years an
Aamir_Shah 2007-08-23
8   akshaymohl last decade

Low pulse and BP at rainy days
We have a 5 days of non stop rain on East Coast and it impacts me like I can not function
Clarewish 2007-08-22
3   akshaymohl last decade

for increasing the breast milk - dr. deoshlok sharm
For Increasing the breast milk Lot of drugs for increasing the breast milk but highly pr
deoshlok 2007-08-24
1   akshaymohl last decade

having psoriasis on skull for more the 4 years
A urgent response needed!!! i am having psoriasis on skull for more then 4 years, previo
empty2in 2007-08-24
2   empty2in last decade

have taken homeo medicine(for 1 week) to prevent Chickungunya (one type of fever)that time
neetha 2007-08-24
2   maheeru last decade

Constipation with Arthritis
Please suggest me , what should I do.. I need help to diagnose me. 1. Pain in left leg an
RealPearl 2007-08-24
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

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