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Senselessness of Sickness
The sense of senselessness All life is movement towards the future. When a person doesn
Alexthink 2007-05-09
3   Alexthink last decade

Remedy Finder(s)
Hi all,I'm just trying to get a few thoughts about the quick Remedy Finder.Everyone h
moderator 2007-05-21
10   moderator last decade

cure for hep b
Hi I just wanted to know if anyone was cured from chronic hep b (not acute) taking a homeo
Cally 2007-05-25
1   shahzad36838 last decade

Cyst in Kidney
On my routine medical examination it was found that I have a cyst in my left kidney. The
alsid12345 2007-02-03
9   alsid12345 last decade

are you know - dr. deoshlok sharma
Arnica is more typically used for physical shock and opium for metnal shock. dr.deoshlok
deoshlok 2007-05-24
no replies yet

Been 4 weeks - follow up to tinnitus Post
Hello Doctor hope all is well with you. I posted 4-5 weeks ago a complaint of tinnitus du
sky_dog86 2007-05-23
1   deoshlok last decade

Dr.Andres, please help me!
Dear Senor Andres, I read your posts with great interest. You have helped another patient
US123 2007-05-24
2   US123 last decade

internal scar tissue
i had spinal surgery to relieve the pressure on my nerve roots which was causing me to los
hamilton43 2007-05-18
6   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Bipolar Disorder
My daugher is suffering from bipolar disorder. she is now only 7 month old. I want to know
suhailsa999 2007-05-22
4   suhailsa999 last decade

nux vomica 200
I took 3 pellets of Nux Vomica 200 couple days ago; how much time it takes for action to k
Milisenta 2007-05-23
2   Milisenta last decade

I have PCOS problem.I have it in both ovaries.But the doc' says i'm in the beggi
willschinnu 2007-05-23
1   rishimba last decade

to homeopathy doctors on hep b..need advice
Hello to the homeopathy doctors. I wanted to know due to unsuccessful trials on remedies,
Cally 2007-05-24
1   rishimba last decade

Endometriosis, no chocolates, please!
Hello, I recently had one ovary (right side) removed, due to a 15cm chocolate cyst. I hav
tyleka 2007-05-23
3   muruganrsa last decade

what is op30?
My Dr. gave me this remedy and I cannot even find it on google! Thanks!
ginger71 2007-05-24
3   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Chronic Tinnitus from Band/loud music/sinus
I have had Chronic tinnitus for the last 3 years now. I have played music and been to alo
sky_dog86 2007-04-20
9   sky_dog86 last decade

Sex Problem
Aoa, I am 26 years old. Just got married. I used to masterbate alot till 1 month before m
jdorsan 2007-05-23
2   drprodip last decade

Metachromatic Leucodystrophy
Dear Doctors,DOCTOR, you cannot imagine how much I am upset about the illness of my three

Farida 2005-10-29
16   Farida last decade

Eye Trouble
Help..I wake up every morning with puffy eyes. My lower eyelids always have bags. I was to
solomon921 2007-05-18
6   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Cystic Acne and Digestion
Hello, I started getting acne when I was 21. I had recently recovered from the stomach flu
Natalie May 2007-05-23
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

sexual problem
My boyfriend want sex 4 times a day.i know this is normal to some but I am sick of being s
fire0471 2007-05-22
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

dr deoshlok , folliculitis mons pubis
DEAR dr deoshlok, thankyou for you speedy reply, i am going to london on thursday and
nmgdes 2007-05-22
1   deoshlok last decade

Facial Hair
i read we should take olium jac 3x and thuja 1M power. But how many doses a day we should
simerjitk 2007-05-22
1   deoshlok last decade

CFS, joints, headache.
Patient ID: Sex: Woman Age: 37 years Nature of work: administrator Habits: Describe your
Tintintin 2007-05-22
1   Pia Svanberg last decade

Since the past 3 monthes I have been loosing hair all over my head, I also recently start
garni25 2007-05-17
2   garni25 last decade

Hi, I've had a case of CFS for many years. One of the things I've beceome aware
TreeFrog 2007-05-19
1   rishimba last decade

after 2 epidurals i think it has left me with a weak lumbar area and its sore to touch whe
mollydalton 2007-05-21
8   mollydalton last decade

Lumber canal stenosis
I am suffering from lumber canal stenosis since last three years.the symptoms are : Back
ranjandr 2007-05-21
2   ranjandr last decade

to dr rishimba
My 5yrs old daughter had a very fair and clear complexion...since last 1.5yrs her face,nec
renns214 2007-05-21
2   rishimba last decade

allergy related sinusitis
I have been suffering with allergy related sinusitis for one month at the start of spring
mps123 2007-05-20
3   drjitesh last decade

Help me from eczema type of skin problem
Hi! I am 30 yrs old mother of two and facing a serious skin disorder for the last seven mo
lalit P 2007-05-16
4   lalit P last decade

6.5 month infant with Eczema
My son has been struggling with 'Atopic dermatitis' since about 1.5 months old. H
HollyBee 2007-05-19
6   HollyBee last decade

Is there any hope...
I'm a 25 year old male living in Canada taking pariet 2 times a day 10 mg and domperd
SergiuT 2007-05-18
4   Sycotic last decade

Hypothyroid, Eczema, Chills
I currently have hypothyroid, eczema and get chills frequently/easy. The chills start on
dsw01 2007-05-18
3   deoshlok last decade

dear sir iam suffering from Dandruff since 5 years due to which iam loosing hairs also m
smmh25 2007-05-21
1   deoshlok last decade

Thigh muscle pain
My father is suffering from thigh muscle pain, both legs equally. The pain is from knee u
syegna 2007-05-21
1   deoshlok last decade

Gastric erosion
Dear Sirs, I,a m 37 year old mail, suffering form gastritis since years, my recent endosc
yoonus 2007-05-21
2   drprodip last decade

dear sir my age is 27 years i usually work in night shift. iam suffering from Acidity
smmh25 2007-05-21
1   drprodip last decade

Acne and hair
Hi there! I'm an 18 year old girl with both polycystic ovarian syndrome and hypothyro
Rami00 2007-05-21
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

muscular dystrophy
i have a 6 yrs.old son diagnsed having muscular dystrophy.present cpk-19000.plzzzz.help me
P N RAO 2007-05-21
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

The endless viral infection
Hello all, first post =) I am a 19 yr old male, usually healthy ( get the flu and cold se
pre-med 2007-05-21
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Pls help Dr. Rishimba
Hi Dr. Rishimba, I am devzit again trying to contact you. I had a good solution from you
devzit 2007-05-09
5   rishimba last decade

Dr. Deoshlok please help
Deadly serious about increasing my height

Rahul. . . 2007-05-13
13   deoshlok last decade

nmgdes 2007-05-19
1   deoshlok last decade

re.please sujjest some remedy
my case onhttp://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/111674/.please read this case and advise
yahya 2007-05-20
1   deoshlok last decade

mr deoshlok my i ask for your help
DR DEOSHLOK, i need your heip desperately, i am asking for your help because you know alot
nmgdes 2007-05-19
2   deoshlok last decade

Post treatment of Tuberculosis
Can i remove the Calcific focii which appears on X.Ray of chest
Abdul4471 2007-05-20
1   deoshlok last decade

uric acid medcine
hello to all doctors beside me sitting my elder brother he is patient of uric acid when e
khurramkausar 2007-05-19
1   deoshlok last decade

hair loss -- concerned & anxious
hello. ive had the problem of hair loss and thinning for more than a year now. ive been ta
concerned_patient 2007-05-19
2   concerned_patient last decade

I have read about a new medicine 'Tetheline' in recent homeopathy magazines, whi
dayanand.s 2007-05-20
no replies yet

Eye floaters
Iam 37 years old For the last 3months I have been observing terrible eye fioaters in my le
Gaafar 2007-04-24
7   Gaafar last decade

Stph infection for 3, please help
I acquired a staph infection while I was pregnant from using the bar soap of a family memb

beccathorn 2007-05-12
13   rishimba last decade

This is my first time posting and I'm ready to give homeopathy a try. Currently I ha
don12 2007-05-19
3   Albert last decade

c200 vs 1m
Hi. I visited a homeopath a little while ago and got some remedies for my condition. He a
anthony07 2007-05-19
2   anthony07 last decade

We have been swimming all week
My daughters just began swimming last week and I noticed a huge change. Each day we go to
kirsten13 2007-05-01
3   celeste0911 last decade

Can i use the remedies together?
Hi there! I'm new to homeopathy and I'm trying to treat my current case of alope
ibleaf 2007-05-19
1   ibleaf last decade

which medicines to have in 1st aid kit?
I am wanting to stock up on the most used homepathic medicines for our family first-aid ki
mayfloweracademy 2007-05-17
2   Sycotic last decade

please help me
hi.is there any efficient remedy for early aging or looking signs of oldness in younger ag
yahya 2007-05-15
4   yahya last decade

suffering from tuberclosis , earlier there was paracardium effusion and after taking treat
pkchauhan19 2007-05-18
1   drmumtaz last decade

to moderator - important
Dear Moderator, please cancel my post from that forum, because there are my pictures incl
fbeye 2007-05-18
2   fbeye last decade

long term acne
Hello, I have been struggling with acne for 12 years. I have used a variety of topical cr
blue4213 2007-05-14
6   deoshlok last decade

I am 24 year old who has a history of chronic allergies and halitosis. My allergies are ye

ns2008 2007-04-15
16   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Frequent Urine & Gastric Problem
Hi, My wife (27 years) has frequent motion problem after delivery. For last 1 year
sundaramn 2007-05-16
8   sundaramn last decade

autism remedy
After filling out the questionnaire, the remedy suggested was Lycopodium Clavatum. I would
Adree23 2007-05-16
2   Adree23 last decade

Lycopodium Clavatum
After filling out the questionnaire, the remedy suggested was Lycopodium Clavatum. I would
Adree23 2007-05-16
2   Adree23 last decade

Kidney Stones
I am passing kidney stones,and would like some help, as to what homeopathic remedies can b
Chuck D. 2007-05-16
2   deoshlok last decade

cervicall spondylosis/myelopathy
A patient aged 50 was suffering frm weekness of right hand nd right leg nd partially left.
Dr.Haran ch malaker 2006-10-29
9   deoshlok last decade

bells palsy
since two days the nurve below the right eye is swelling. unable to open the right eye cl
babus58 2007-05-16
1   deoshlok last decade

My sister is 31 since a year she has high TSH and a small struma nodosa non-malignant. The
ginap 2007-05-16
1   deoshlok last decade

anticholinergic syndrome
i am suffering from anticholinergic syndrome it is ruining my life, i was using glycoppyro
rax8701 2007-05-16
1   deoshlok last decade

Burning mouth - Sjogren synd
My mother is having burning sensation in mouth. Earlier Doctors treated for acidity where
kalp9 2007-05-14
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

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