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Gland on eye brow
Due to blockage of pores on the eye brow a boil was formed. With the help of medication th
manpur 2007-08-22
2   manpur last decade

Weak eyesight since age 10
Iam from Sunderland, U.k,iam having difficulty in seeing far object clearly,like black boa
dikty 2007-09-15
1   faisal qureshi last decade

question regarding fucus vesiculosus
i m 25 year old male and i m using nat phos6x to loose weight. i have read about 'fucu
cheeku 2007-09-14
4   maheeru last decade

sulphur 1m and hairloss
a lady took sulphur 1m a dose and has been experiencing hairloss how do we antidote it.?
hisam 2007-09-13
3   Dr Kireet last decade

treatment for eczema
My daughter started having eczema when she was 6 years old. It was just on inside of her
paudel 2007-09-15
2   paudel last decade

spastic muscles
Dear All , I am a father to a son only 13 months old . I have always been on only homeopat
ajitanaik 2007-09-12
5   faisal qureshi last decade

which medicine in homeopathy is indicated by AES
softy2007 2007-09-15
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Anal Fissure
Hi, I was diagnosed with Anal Fissure about an year ago. I had a lot of pain while passin
kashmom 2007-09-15
1   faisal qureshi last decade

which medicine does AES mean in homeopathy ?
softy2007 2007-09-15
no replies yet

meaning of some remedy reactions ?
Hi, can someone explain to me what some of the reactions to remedies mean. After Thuja the
tanya19 2007-09-14
1   sssankhla last decade

Infections develop from Homeopathic use
Hi: I would appreciate any information regarding the use of homeopathy and getting infect
lcslcs 2007-07-08
10   gavinimurthy last decade

Hair loss:-young people
Hello iam lecturer at engg college age 26 , i am suffering from hair loss in middle of my
dikty 2007-09-14
6   dikty last decade

Ear Infection
Hi there. My father has developed a bad ear infection. His physical symptoms are deafness
thatswhoiam 2007-09-15
1   akshaymohl last decade

Homeopathic Medicine are safe. Alopathic Medicines have lot of side effects and dangerous.
My wife died due to Pace- Maker infection. My Brother-in-law died due to Alopathic treat
Rajendra 2007-09-14
2   Ryelink last decade

homoepathy medicine for menstrual irregularities hair fall and hirusitism
deepika 2007-09-04
2   faisal qureshi last decade

Multi-yr illness. Numbness. Tumors. Fever. Help!
Allopathic doctors have few answers, please help!! Iím a 42-year-old female with many sym
Ada88 2007-08-23
8   faisal qureshi last decade

Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis
This is caused by the same virus that causes genital warts and my mother has it. She has
gyverbabe 2007-07-19
7   Rajendra last decade

Puppy likes to chew skin
Hello my puppy seems to have a skin problem and chews the area where the tail begins, also
saltOftheEarth 2007-09-06
5   saltOftheEarth last decade

serious back pains
i was in a bad wreck about 9 years ago and ever since i have had horrible pains in my back
gtschick2003 2007-09-13
7   gavinimurthy last decade

beginners books
i need a good book of homeopathy , for a beginner, in a simple and lucid language. Easily
mycase 2007-09-11
7   saltOftheEarth last decade

18mo with croup, aconite and spongia not worked fully
Hi, My 18 mo woke up suddenly Sun morning with a croupy cough with no other symptoms. He

JMalik 2007-09-11
15   gavinimurthy last decade

hi rajendra, please may i ask what may be silly question to you ? what does a thirty poten
nmgdes 2007-09-14
no replies yet

Dog with collapsed trachea & heart disease
Hello to all, I have a 13 yr old female Chihuahua (7lbs) who has been diagnosed with mitra
bluj3803 2007-09-12
1   maheeru last decade

genital watrs i nee help!!
Hi i'm a 20 year old university student from Ontario Canada, and i have HPV with out
marie-nash 2007-09-13
12   maheeru last decade

A bug seems to going around. Everyone at work has being getting sick. some very sick. i f
adamhank 2007-09-14
2   maheeru last decade

rajispraad or another kind homeopath for chronic symptoms that are affecting all my life.
rajisprad are you still in the forum? i was once under your care but lost touch with you a
mollydalton 2007-09-14
no replies yet

hair regrowth
Hi All, This is venkat. I will explain how i loss my hair.seven years back ie. in 2000 my
royal123 2007-09-13
2   royal123 last decade

Diabetic patient
I am a Male, age 56 years. Diabetic insipidous patient. Left beginning paralytic form. N
yas111222 2007-09-13
2   yas111222 last decade

Liver infection?
Dear all, My mother has recently become ill and is undergoing investigations at hospital -

kairos1973 2007-08-13
27   Rajendra last decade

Got my Sulpher! how do i takeit...
I was prescribed this from some of you guys for my eczema. Do i take it daily 3 times a da
ncisive 2007-09-13
no replies yet

allergic to cats, grass
My 4 year old daughter had an allergy test done yesterday and was found to be allergic to
peace 2007-09-13
no replies yet

Relative is 40 Going on 17--Extremely Poor Memory, etc
Hi All...a friend's daughter is 40 going on 17. The daughter unfortunately was expose
ginger1 2007-09-10
2   ginger1 last decade

Horrible, painful, vagial burning after sexual intercourse.
It isn't an STD or a yeast infection. I was married 2 years ago and began to experie
hrose 2007-09-13
6   gavinimurthy last decade

skin problem
I had developed some soft skin on my penis head, the texture and color is different from r
yourdost 2007-09-12
4   gavinimurthy last decade

Masturbation addiction please help
Hi I am masturbating for the last 20 yeas( i am 35 now). I am also suffering from OCD and
ag_dwh 2007-09-11
5   Dr Kireet last decade

Seeking advise
My mother is 55 now.She developed gastritis when she was 38.Almost all sorts of tests,viz.
Malhotra 2007-09-13
2   rishimba last decade

Urgent Please help :Delayed Sleep problem
HI For the last 1 year I am facing horrible issues regaridng my sleep. I used to get sleep
ag_dwh 2007-09-13
4   rishimba last decade

for very old injuries, what is the frequency of dosage of Arnica 50M, once a week or 3 tim
Bhabha 2007-09-13
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

To Dr.Deoshlok Sharma
Dear Dr.Sharma,I know that you are avery busy professional but still patient expects your
Helpseeker 2007-09-07
4   Helpseeker last decade

seperm speed
Hello I am 38 year old and i am 8year ago merred and no have baby my wife is period is com

gursikh70 2007-08-17
49   akshaymohl last decade

what is succussing? what does it do? How is it done. Need instruction for how to succuss?
allergic 2007-09-12
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Indigestion without pain
For over two weeks now my stomach has been quite gurgly like it's struggling to diges
carolinemarbles 2007-09-07
9   faisal qureshi last decade

Limited but very stubborn Psoriasis for 20 years
Hi, I have a limited Psoriasis (according to my Dermotologist) on Elbows, Knees and on kn
valman 2007-09-11
6   Nesha-India last decade

I am 29 years old, female and am 125 kg. Is there any easy way to reduce weight in 3 month
alia_7 2007-09-11
8   Dr Kireet last decade

remedies for my urticaria
before being able to go on to psorinum that the dr from the forum advised, my parents went
DanielHowie 2007-04-04
6   Jacob2 last decade

Need a remedy that will help son with ADD
I have been using various remedies on our son since he was 5 years old. I've even bee
ginger1 2007-09-10
2   Dr Kireet last decade

pain in hip joints
I having severe pain in hip joints and unable to walk briskly and in movement. When I take
khawaja1 2007-09-12
2   faisal qureshi last decade

For ...Dr. Mahfooz
Any relation between fatty liver and sexual impotance problem? suffering from very low blo
ken smith 2007-08-20
7   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Ankylosing spondylitis
Hi, I would like to get some help from Homeopathy experts in this forum. My wife has been
mraghav 2007-09-10
4   mraghav last decade

quiestion taking doses too often- neutralizing?
i took 30C of Silicea once 4 days ago. i felt the effect was working but rather slowly. i
jamesg74 2007-07-05
11   gavinimurthy last decade

Please help prevent chronic urticaria
My little girl had taken lyc, sulp, calc. For a year, that is. After the last calcium had
kirsten13 2007-02-12
9   tendercity73 last decade

Skin Psorasis
Greetings, I'm male, 31, suffering from Skin Psorasis for the past 5 years. Have tri
assad_akhtar 2007-09-07
5   faisal qureshi last decade

Organon-The original.
§ 247 Sixth EditionIt is impractical to repeat the same unchanged dose of a remedy on

bandarbabu2000 2004-10-21
31   gavinimurthy last decade

serious problem
sir, iam masturbating for about 15 years in innoscence.my age is 25 now.ihave masturbated
ZEETU 2007-09-10
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

bipolar II disorder; please help
I am a 45 yo female diagnosed with bpi II 14 yrs ago. though a very very compliant pt with
wolfmother 2007-07-04
1   rewolf last decade

My son is 3 months old, and has not had any vaccinations to date, except for an oral shot

kaylakitten 2007-09-02
19   maheeru last decade

Hi , I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism first time . My blood reports showing l

anon1234 2007-06-22
13   ginger1 last decade

cystic acne help
I have suffered from random bouts of nodular or cystic acne for the past 4-5 years. About
human torch 2007-08-22
3   human torch last decade

Low self confidence, PCO,
Hi. I am 28 year old woman trying to find the right homeopathy profile for myself. I hav
flower8 2007-09-10
4   flower8 last decade

Homeo-Water Distribution System controller
'Natrum Muir' is said to be - 'WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM CONTROLER' &#
Rajendra 2007-09-08
7   Jacob2 last decade

Prurigo Nodularis...Eczema
Hi, im new to this board. I was diagnosed with prurigo nodularis (PN) last 2002. it star
forhealing 2007-09-10
2   faisal qureshi last decade

I have dandruff since i have been a child, now 57
ph1950 2007-09-09
2   ph1950 last decade

baseless fears , sinusities , severe lowe back pain
I am suffering with 3 major problems: 1. sinusitis - thick & sticky disharge from t

chiru71 2007-01-26
14   samiami last decade

Weight loss
What can i use to optimise matabolism when doing light training. Is there any food that i
ph1950 2007-09-09
no replies yet

Homeopathic Healing Crisis - Advice Needed!
Hi there. I am currently being treated by a homeopath for chronic illness - I have ME and
ClareW 2007-09-09
6   faisal qureshi last decade

fever teething toddler
Hi, my child is almost 2 years of age. He has fever for the past 2 days of 101 degrees.
elyse 2007-09-09
2   gavinimurthy last decade

oily skin and sweating problem
hi, i m 27 yrs old,healthy,unmarried male working in a pharmaceutical company. i have prob
undertaker 2007-09-06
8   undertaker last decade

I am 60 yr old woman and 5 years ago (post menopause) I had a bladder infection leading to
topsy 2007-09-08
2   rishimba last decade

Fibrocystic Breast
I went to the doctor today and she told me I have fibrocystic breasts. Just by doing the r
AnaCutello 2007-07-03
9   faisal qureshi last decade

Many problems (new thread)
I created a new post cause I still have many questions unanswered, and i can't seem t
ncisive 2007-09-08
9   gavinimurthy last decade

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