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Compose remedies
Can someone tell me the difference between a nux vomica and a nux vomica compose remedy?
jln77 2008-03-10
4   jln77 last decade

fear of driving
is there any medical remedy to get rid of this?
bigthinker 2008-03-13
2   srisri last decade

Eye Twitch
About 3 weeks ago I had a little twitch begin in the outer corner of my left eye. It becam
swampfallgirl 2008-03-12
3   ntuc1980 last decade

erectile dyfunction
I am 43 years male & suffering erectile dyfunction from 1 year. Before I was in good sexua
babita 2008-02-05
6   akshaymohl last decade

Hi, I am new to this forum and need advise on my SSHL experienced exactly a month back on
msharma13 2007-03-23
2   rjmnatural last decade

lexapro withdrawal
today is my 7th day of going off lexapro cold turkey after being on this lousy med for 5 y
jwalz120002002 2008-03-13
1   jwalz120002002 last decade

i m pcos plz help me
hi dear doctors my name is zoha i m 29 years old 3 years before married.before married i h
zoha ahmad 2008-03-13
1   faisal qureshi last decade

my son is of age 5 and he is autistic
pls anybody give me some medicine for autism he has no speech
shital179 2008-03-13
1   sameervermani last decade

excessive abnormal sweating esp palms and feets..pathology behind it?prognosis in homoeopa

swati 2005-03-27
19   nilufer last decade

Why the bloating, pressure, massive stomach, pain/sore spot to the touch under my boob/rib cage?
Hello, I have suffered with painful crampy wind in the past right at the lowest point in
Imogen E 2008-02-12
3   snowqueen last decade

stomach pain
dear sir , i am suffer from stomach pain from last 12 years.my age is 28 years. height 5f
bhindasaini 2008-03-13
no replies yet

Brain Tumor
My sister had irregular periods and it was diagnised as polycystic ovary and was trated fo
psowjanya 2008-03-12
1   kadwa last decade

Nitricum Acidum
I smoke cigarettes, about a pack a week. Would that affect the meds?
amanda28 2008-03-12
1   Dr Tahira last decade

Chicken Pox
Thank-you for the wonderful advise. I have one question. Do I give my son the remedies pri
swampfallgirl 2008-03-12
2   swampfallgirl last decade

Dear Doctor, My mother is suffering from cardiomyopathy(heart's muscle has become har
tutul 2008-03-12
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Spoiled rotten or something else?
I have a 10 year old who is either spoiled or something else is going on. What I do know
mountaindaisy 2008-03-12
2   mountaindaisy last decade

digestive problems after stopping masturbation
i stopped masturbation about 2 months ago. but after stopping it, i am now encountering d
abdul latif 2008-03-04
3   mohammadjamaal last decade

Adult attention deficit disorder
Hi Sir/Madam I'm a 33 yr old woman suffering (i believe) from adhd. It seems to run

selly 2008-01-17
18   sameervermani last decade

how to get to 1m from a 200c?
Dear Drs, How many successions do i have to do to get to 1M from a 200C? Thank you very
ipslon 2008-03-11
4   srisri last decade

Cure Bacterial Vaginosis
I am 36 and I too had suffered from bacterial vaginosis for almost 6 yrs before I discover
pinkberree 2008-03-12
no replies yet

Sepia and depression
Ive been experiencing moderate depression for about a year now. I have taken some common a
mdnitesky 2008-03-08
9   mdnitesky last decade

advanced homeopathy
Dear forum doctors and members Can any body guide on above topic, which is being followed
1   sriram last decade

Depression, seizures, nightmares, mercury poisoning- any help, please?
Hi! I am writing on behalf my good friend who is suffering from these disorders and I woul
Canella 2008-03-11
2   Canella last decade

daibetecs and Pre-Mature Ejaculation
i have sugar problem for last 2 years taking homeopath medicine but i have problem of pr
eshti 2008-03-12
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

i have always lots of sweating from palm legs and armpit pls help me;;;;;
rahul raj 2008-03-12
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

how can i increase my boobs
dear sir, can u suggest me .how i can increase my boobs. my age is 24.i am a mother of one
bhindasaini 2008-03-12
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Attention Dr. Deoshlok Sharma for joint pain
Dr sharma, I am very much excited see your own product for joint pain. I am suffering from
ranjandr 2008-03-11
2   ranjandr last decade

Hypothyroidism + Asthma + Stomach disorder
Hello, I stay in India. I got married 4 years back. My wife is having hypothyroidism sin
NTAGA 2008-03-10
4   NTAGA last decade

Thera breath... hs anyone tried this product???
I just saw this on the internetat www. therabreath .com I'm wondering if it r
tiredofencrytpedto 2008-01-15
1   tonsils last decade

4 year old burned arm
My daughter burned her arm on our pellet stove tonight. She has three small burn spots on
Lucid Colour 2008-03-06
6   Lucid Colour last decade

Periods & thyroid -- Kids heath too.
I am 33yrs old & i always have irregular periods. Before my first pregancy, the doctors di
milcbe 2008-03-04
2   deoshlok last decade

Dr. Sharma please look at . . .
Farhad 2008-03-11
1   deoshlok last decade

Azoospermia & hypothyroid
Hi, I am 35 yrs and married for 2 yrs now. I have been taking thyroid supplement for las
kamahar 2008-03-11
1   deoshlok last decade

Herniated Disc/Back trouble
My husband is 43 yrs old. Was bedrodden last year for 6 weeks due to H-Disc unable to wal
Hair Loss 2008-03-11
1   Hair Loss last decade

Role of cinamon in diabetes
It is learnt from this forum that Cinnamon powder reduces the high blood sugar and also th
ranjandr 2008-03-09
3   Dr Tahira last decade

Pitting on legs and ankles
My wife, 65 years, is experiencing swelling of legs and ankles. On pressing with fingers,
sskps 2008-03-05
12   Dr Tahira last decade

My 31 month old son has autism/pdd
Hi my 31yr old son is autistic & does not talk. some of his undertanding is also upto his
suggestions 2008-03-10
5   tanyaK last decade

Asthma and Kitty
I was pretty much Asthma free after eating organics. SO I allowed myself to be around cats
swampfallgirl 2008-03-11
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Asthma prevention for newborn
Hi, Recently we have been blessed with a boy baby As my wife is asthmatic, I would like
soumen_dev 2008-03-06
9   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Artheritis knee F Age 55 (shifting pains/swelling ) from one to anothr leg
Hi looking suggestion(medicine) for Artheritis knee Female Age 55 (shifting pains/swelling

evrajesh 2007-04-22
29   kadwa last decade

Headache From last 3 days
Hello, I am 27 year old female that has been suffering with severe headache from last week
capricorn 2008-03-05
5   Dr.Abu Jafar last decade

dr. rishimba.
Please read 'Red skin' and give kind reply
s.jamal20 2008-03-11
no replies yet

Asthma to 30yr lady
Hello, I got married 4 years back. My wife is having hypothyroidism since first baby del
NTAGA 2008-03-11
2   NTAGA last decade

Alopecia Areata - neeed HELP
my younger sister, 21, is suffering with Alopecia Areata since last 8 years... She had man
sohail009 2008-02-25
4   deoshlok last decade

treatment for glaucoma?
friends, i would like to know if there is effective treatment for congenital primary glauc
pcthahir 2008-03-07
2   pcthahir last decade

cervical spain problem dizzness(spainal cord) pain an dizziness
i have c5 and c6 cervical pain between the shoulder bone and neck ifeel dizzi when i am wa
uzma khanum 2008-03-09
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

motion sickness
My 2.7 year old son suffers from motion sickness while travelling by car/taxi/jeep. He fee
hrlib 2008-03-10
2   Dr Tahira last decade

Hi doctor my wife not geeting ovulation plz help me . she is 32 yrs old married before 7 y
avinash2008 2008-03-10
2   Dr Tahira last decade

vaginal tear due to waxing
PLEASE HELP! hello, i was hoping if somebody would help me out with a labia minora tear.
cyndig 2008-01-28
11   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Sweat Problem
My sweat is not coming from my body. I feel someone is touching my body with nidle. affli
s.jamal20 2008-03-10
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Weak vision
Hi, I am 48 & facing problem of weak vision after 2or3 attempts of intercourse. I am cont
spdhiman 2008-03-10
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

severe constipation
Hello, My husband is 65. He has not had the urge for stool in 2 weeks. 1 &2. Symptoms
jrex33 2008-03-09
4   NTAGA last decade

I am a software engineer. All of a sudden I have foud that on the outer edge of my right e
ranjandr 2008-03-09
2   ranjandr last decade

Stomach Prb and Asthma
Hello, I stay in India. I got married 4 years back. My wife is having hypothyroidism sinc
NTAGA 2008-03-10
no replies yet

ear blockage
I have got severe cold and cough for almost 2 months now. It resulted in buzzing sounds in
galaxxy 2008-03-09
1   deoshlok last decade

Itchy throat with cough
I am the patient of cough from last 10 years. I have taken a lot of medicines but coul
jamshediqbal 2008-03-09
1   deoshlok last decade

Drugs in drinking water
I am sorry to go off topic. If this offends this forum, then please delete the topic, but
Elena2 2008-03-10
no replies yet

lycopodium and gray hair
If someone takes Lycopodium(a child) and gets a couple fo gray hairs, what does that mean?
cmo77 2008-03-09
6   Dr Tahira last decade

I,am 31+, having Nurofibroma, as doctors said, on my face and some other portion. It is in
hooghly 2008-03-09
no replies yet

silica baby
Misi is 16 months old, and looks like + acts like a 6 months. He tried to sit for half a y
varbiro 2008-03-08
3   varbiro last decade

Dear Rishimba,
A month ago, after lunch of a meatball sandwitch I started feeling itchy all over includin
new2town 2008-03-08
2   new2town last decade

what to take after sepia
I took sepia 30c (a single dose) for my hot flashes. They entirely went away for a month b
winnieandco 2008-03-05
5   sameervermani last decade

sclerosing glomerulonephritis
Dear doctors. 20 yrs old girl suffering by Sugestive sclerosing glomerulonephritis since
Dr.Abu Jafar 2008-03-08
no replies yet

Aversion to everyone BUT husband...
I know the rubric aversion to husband, but what if she has aversion to everyone BUT the hu

kayhello 2006-05-31
35   kayhello last decade

Fresh input needed!
Hi, Could anyone tell me what remedy fits with the picture of a child that is 'cast
ellenbee 2008-03-06
2   ellenbee last decade

Hello. I am 22 years old and i just had my tonsils removed. I just wanted to say that yes,
SEM2315 2008-03-08
no replies yet

Silicea - Hair growth
Im 25 years old...had hair loss problem few months ago. I took 2-3 teaspoon silicea powder
Sarah_M 2008-02-21
2   Sarah_M last decade

needs a bit dIscussion /explaination
In lesional prescribing, if the location,sesation and modalities of the one sided patholog
hisam 2008-03-08
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Foot surgery
I'm having foot surgery in about 2 weeks to release the main nerve from scar tissue t
leslie5882 2008-03-07
1   maheeru last decade

Control temper, mood swing and increase sex drive for my wife
Hi Doctor, We are married since last 4 years and have a Son of 2 years old. Since last two
roy123 2008-03-07
1   sameervermani last decade

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