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Itchy throat with cough
I am the patient of cough from last 10 years. I have taken a lot of medicines but coul
jamshediqbal 2008-03-09
1   deoshlok last decade

Drugs in drinking water
I am sorry to go off topic. If this offends this forum, then please delete the topic, but
Elena2 2008-03-10
no replies yet

lycopodium and gray hair
If someone takes Lycopodium(a child) and gets a couple fo gray hairs, what does that mean?
cmo77 2008-03-09
6   Dr Tahira last decade

I,am 31+, having Nurofibroma, as doctors said, on my face and some other portion. It is in
hooghly 2008-03-09
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silica baby
Misi is 16 months old, and looks like + acts like a 6 months. He tried to sit for half a y
varbiro 2008-03-08
3   varbiro last decade

Dear Rishimba,
A month ago, after lunch of a meatball sandwitch I started feeling itchy all over includin
new2town 2008-03-08
2   new2town last decade

what to take after sepia
I took sepia 30c (a single dose) for my hot flashes. They entirely went away for a month b
winnieandco 2008-03-05
5   sameervermani last decade

sclerosing glomerulonephritis
Dear doctors. 20 yrs old girl suffering by Sugestive sclerosing glomerulonephritis since
Dr.Abu Jafar 2008-03-08
no replies yet

Aversion to everyone BUT husband...
I know the rubric aversion to husband, but what if she has aversion to everyone BUT the hu

kayhello 2006-05-31
35   kayhello last decade

Fresh input needed!
Hi, Could anyone tell me what remedy fits with the picture of a child that is 'cast
ellenbee 2008-03-06
2   ellenbee last decade

Hello. I am 22 years old and i just had my tonsils removed. I just wanted to say that yes,
SEM2315 2008-03-08
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Silicea - Hair growth
Im 25 years old...had hair loss problem few months ago. I took 2-3 teaspoon silicea powder
Sarah_M 2008-02-21
2   Sarah_M last decade

needs a bit dIscussion /explaination
In lesional prescribing, if the location,sesation and modalities of the one sided patholog
hisam 2008-03-08
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Foot surgery
I'm having foot surgery in about 2 weeks to release the main nerve from scar tissue t
leslie5882 2008-03-07
1   maheeru last decade

Control temper, mood swing and increase sex drive for my wife
Hi Doctor, We are married since last 4 years and have a Son of 2 years old. Since last two
roy123 2008-03-07
1   sameervermani last decade

4.5 year old with acute asthma, eczema, and allergy to pistachios/cashews and chickpeas
my daughter has constant stomach aches for about a year now and her stomach is bloated, sh

hemraj 2008-02-09
59   sameervermani last decade

A patient developed fear which he relates it to school days from a particular teacher who
hisam 2008-02-23
4   srisri last decade

Sudden increase in blood sugar level
I am 63 yrs (M)and taking anti-hypertension drugs ( Allopathy)since last 7 years and main
ranjandr 2008-03-07
3   Dr Tahira last decade

Focal fits
Hello Dr. Mehfoozurrehman/ Mr. Gavinimurthy My father-in law is 75 years old- he is diabe
maharad1 2008-03-06
3   Dr Tahira last decade

Suggestions for Stpping Nexium Remedy
I have been taking Nexium for many years and I want to stop. I have heard that the origina
DorothyC. 2008-03-07
no replies yet

chir-fl. ??
Can anyone tell me what remedy chir-fl. is and where I can find a description of that reme
ellenbee 2008-03-07
2   ellenbee last decade

Jaw Pain while yawning/smiling/on slight touh....
My mother who is over 67 years old wears dentures. She has been suffering from pain in her

ashram 2008-02-27
21   Dr Tahira last decade

Advice for Arthritis
Attn: Dr Murthy, My wife is a 64 years old woman, has been living in North America since

davendrak 2007-08-18
62   avinash2008 last decade

Antidote to Alprozolam
I have been taking for sometime 0.25mg alprozolam once a day to control panic attacks. I
vaastuhari 2008-03-07
1   kadwa last decade

HELP..migraines/oily skin/tinnitus
Hi, I'll try to keep this as short as possible for you. I am a 35yr old female and h
mistipop 2008-02-26
10   Dr Tahira last decade

pilonidal disease
I am secduled for a surgery on the comming week for this pilonidal cyst, m scared to death
bejay422 2008-02-26
11   bejay422 last decade

Night Fall
hello sir, i m 24 years old i did a lot of hand practice in the beginning of my childhoo
rinku1102 2008-03-05
3   akshaymohl last decade

Homeopathic Doctor for Epilepsy
My 2.5 years old daughter has uncontrolled partial complex seizures. We live in Philadelph
tanyaK 2008-03-05
5   sameervermani last decade

Height increase
Hello Doctors I am 24 years old.Please suggest me any medicines for height increase wit
Anjali Mathur 2008-01-22
1   lving last decade

Hi, I think i might be suffering from hypothyroidism.The reasons which make me think are-
hypothyroid 2008-03-06
2   hypothyroid last decade

Attention: Dr.Mahfoozurrehman
Dr.Mahfoozurrehman, I need to know your advise on following.... http://www.abchomeopathy
maaqm 2008-03-06
no replies yet

help help help......urgent !!!
Hi, My brother is having persistent fever for last one month and was diagonised with ty
don_1 2008-03-05
3   don_1 last decade

Ringing in left ear, buzzing in center of head
Hello, I am wondering if I can get some help please. I am a woman of 63. No High blood pre
judyacim 2008-03-05
2   judyacim last decade

Remedy to help 18 month old with speech?
My son is 18 months old and he is developing well. He is trying to say alot of words, but
Schnauzer 2008-03-04
2   rishimba last decade

stubborn warts on a child's face
My 4 year old daughter has 3 warts (one on her nose and two on her upper lip) they are lar
s_gunn 2008-03-06
1   rishimba last decade

Coffee Question Please
I am wondering if anyone on this wonderfully helpfull board that I am fortunate to have fo
judyacim 2008-03-06
3   Daisy43 last decade

panic attacks and solar plexes
Due to shifting of solar plexes I am having constipation & panic attacks. Is there any cur
vaastuhari 2008-03-06
4   kadwa last decade

Specific Abortion/ Miscarraige
Hello Doctors, Tday I want invite your attenstion towards a specific condition uderwhich o
Razzaq 2008-02-19
10   Razzaq last decade

kanutiak 2008-03-04
5   Dr Tahira last decade

Buying red bulb in India (Pune)
I am residing in Pune city, Maharashtra State, India, and unable to find 100watt red bulb
maria.matthews 2008-03-04
3   luvdodo last decade

Snake remedies
Hi All, Wich one of all of the snake remedies shows a personality more fearfull and
Albert 2008-03-05
3   girilal last decade

Is it Tuberculous Lymphadenitis?
Hi, I am 28 year male on ATT for last three months. My concern is that ATT was started on
madsadman 2008-03-05
1   Dr Kumar last decade

I have been suffering spleenomegally since couple of years which was resulted from typhoid
noman_11 2008-03-05
3   Dr Kumar last decade

Excess hair removal
Hello, I am a female that has been suffering with much unwanted hair for years - its all o
nbco1 2008-02-28
8   busymum last decade

insulin resistance
What can be given for persons who suffer from insulin resistance
ph1950 2008-01-08
4   Astra2012 last decade

AZOOSPERMIA: For Dr Mahfooz or any other doctor
Dear Doctors, I am married for last 4 years and was diagnosed for azoospermia 1 year back,
yasirhameed 2008-03-04
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Homoeopathic Aggravation in Leprosy
Hi friends, I am going to share my experience in treating leprosy patient. The patient i

Dr. R. Saroj 2007-07-04
15   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade

Homeopathy Vs Allopathy
Why Allopaths not accepting Homoeopathy or Indian medicines. I read in a paper article, a
rdhinakar 2008-03-04
1   latentenergy last decade

adult acne, hormone affected
Hello, I'd like to ask for your suggestions in treatment of my continuing acne. My
sarahkh 2008-01-07
6   heatherbean last decade

penis sizze
Hello Doctor I am 35 year old. my penis size is 4'.i want to increase the size. my hei
narendra1072 2008-03-03
1   abid ali last decade

Anal Fistula?
6 years ago I had an absess drained near my anus. It's flaired up again a few times
Chris Jac 2008-03-03
4   abid ali last decade

Question to Dr Tahira
Please read Hair loss below: I have developed throat problem, should I still use Thuja 30
Hair Loss 2008-03-03
3   Dr Tahira last decade

gilbers syndrome from 6 years and yper tension 140/90
pl. advice medicine for hpertension and gylberts i am also suffering from some heart probl
mguptapdil 2008-03-01
5   Dr Tahira last decade

please help pcos,tb,ir, p0a1 dr.shaamina
Hello all Dr. Homeopaths, Myself Dr. Shaamina ( Alo'thic) , 29 years old. Please help
shaamian 2008-03-03
4   shaamian last decade

IBS Type Disease, please comment
guys, I was masturbating since age 13 till about age 19. I am 22 now, since the last 2-3 w
ignition99 2005-10-27
4   abdul latif last decade

Can anyone tell me how can i get rid of h.pylori what medicine is used for it. i am suffer
Ashfaqkhan 2008-03-03
2   Ashfaqkhan last decade

brownish/blackish spots in upper thighs and buttocks
don't know if it has always been there but it became more prominent when i grew fat b
sunkist 2008-03-02
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Blood Pressure, upset stomach, repulsive food
From childhood I was having this problem of food coming back to mouth after finish eating
rdhinakar 2008-03-02
4   Dr Tahira last decade

Errection Problem
Hello Akshya Dr. As prescibe by you i had order lycopodium 1m ( liquid form) from Dr. rec
narendra1072 2008-03-03
2   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Loleum Temulentum
Some time back Dr Sharma prescribed Loleum Temulentum 3C for parkinson symptoms. I live
chiru71 2008-03-03
1   girilal last decade

bleeding gums
Hi, 44 yrs old & always had poor gums which bleed often.Have had lots of dental treatment
busymum 2008-02-27
4   busymum last decade

possible blood pressure - pregnancy
My wife has lot of stress at work and her blood pressure spikes up a lot -123 to 138. We a
vasu750 2008-03-01
10   srisri last decade

a compex problem to clarify
HI If anyone has delusions of Arg Nit type and if this person is never well since heart
hisam 2008-03-03
1   John Stanton last decade

Hi there.. If a person is a chilly and he gets headache from cold, and say if we are try
hisam 2008-03-03
3   John Stanton last decade

homeopathic treatment for lukemia
dear friends, i would like to know whether there is effective treatment in homeopathy for
pcthahir 2008-03-03
1   Astra2012 last decade

Rhumetoid Arthritis
Hi, My name is veenu and I recently got diagnosed eith rheumetoid arthritis. My left shoul
veenu 2008-02-29
2   Dr.Abu Jafar last decade

bloody scabies
please friends have we got any thing for scabies. if yes please --- thaks
purdaysee 2008-02-08
7   homeopat last decade

HELLO, My son name is Musab Saeed 9 & half years old is trying to hifz Quran for last 6 mo
rehanas 2008-03-03
5   rehanas last decade

help needed to lose weight through Nat phos by Joe De Livera
Hi Joe… Hope you are doing fine. I am highly impressed with your homeopathy search and es
nidnigam 2008-03-03
4   nidnigam last decade

high blood pressure
my blood pressure always high since from the age of 26 till now at the age of 47 always pa
zahid01 2008-02-29
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

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