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Treatment for H.Pylori
Hi: Please can any one help me regarding this problem. 11 months before Suddenly after
Abdullahkhan 2008-07-06
no replies yet

treatment for alopecia areata
hello dr i m having daughter who is 11 years old having alopecia areata since last 7 years
dr neetu 2008-07-03
3   faisal qureshi 9 years ago

Ear Infection and unable to hear
My age is 33 year. I have infection in my right ear. I have sinocitus problem for a long t
tellarif 2008-07-05
1   faisal qureshi 9 years ago

please advise
Does homeopathy have a cure for liver cirrhosis as I know allopathy doesn't have one
rock3t 2008-07-05
1   faisal qureshi 9 years ago

Fussy eater
my daughter is almost 11 months old. she do not have any appetite. her birthweight was 5.5
nazara55 2008-07-04
1   faisal qureshi 9 years ago

Baby has had runny nose for 6 months
My 1 year old has had a runny nose since Jan, this is when he started nursery. Most of th
genesmum 2008-07-06
2   genesmum 9 years ago

Benzodiazepine Detox program help!!
Dear Drs, Could you please shed some light on a remedy or remedies for my current problem
desertrose 2008-07-05
1   desertrose 9 years ago

Gradually increasing hearing loss
I am Pradip a medical Dentist Student from INDIA.From last three year I have noticed grad
pradipumanwar 2008-07-06
no replies yet

Low testosterone count
Hi doctors, i got a blood test and come to know that i have low testosterone, is there an
Ahmer 2008-07-06
no replies yet

seeking help to enhance liver function
hello, i am seeking help to treat a number of medical issues that i believe are related
abud30 2008-07-06
no replies yet

Male, married for one year, yet not got a child.
Hello doctors, i m 26-year-old male, married for one and half years, but yet got no child.
Ahmer 2008-07-06
no replies yet

Hi, I am having symptoms of anemia... leg muscles fatigue, light headedness and rapid hea
renault 2008-07-05
2   renault 9 years ago

Blocked Nose
I am 24 yr. old. Weight 60kg and height 5.11 ft. I have sinusitis since my childhood. No
aryandelhi 2008-07-04
3   akshaymohl 9 years ago

low protein s
I am 6 months pregnant and was told today that I have a low proteing S count my count is 3
edithnarchie 2008-07-05
no replies yet

Uterus prolapse remedy ?
16/6/2008 Helonias Mother Ticture Taken 5-5-5 17/6/2008 Helonias Mother Ticture Taken
beena58f 2008-06-30
6   sameervermani 9 years ago

possible allergic reaction??
My daughter has been taking chamomilla vulgaris and after the last 2 doses she has noticed
mum24 2008-07-02
1   znaeem51 9 years ago

3 Yoear Old Child not able to urinate
My son got uretharal stricture at the age of 6 months. After thatn he was on SPC. Last mon
vivkaushik 2008-07-05
2   vivkaushik 9 years ago

My 9 year old fell from ta ree
today and initially said he was ok and his friend was more hurt than him. This evening how
jacky 2008-07-04
4   sameervermani 9 years ago

dr please help
please see my topic down below title anxiety depression. dr mahfooz made some question
oliva 2008-07-05
no replies yet

In the afternoon around 3 pm, i got severe fever, with a very high chill, i want to wrap a
gumby 2008-07-03
4   gumby 9 years ago

Dear Doctors, Your advise please!
After the food when I attempt to sleep there will be some gas formationa and this gas exer
saipass 2008-07-03
1   girilal 9 years ago

Aconitum napellus
is this good for panic or anxiety attacks? my homeopath said take 30CH two globules when f
oliva 2008-07-04
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

calcaria phos 3x / 6x
My doctor prescribed me 2 doses (2 tablets per dose) of Cal.Phos 3x but here 6x is availab
Gemini2001 2008-07-04
2   Gemini2001 9 years ago

6 Months preg. with low Protein S
I am 6 months pregnant and was told today that I have a low proteing S count my count is 3
edithnarchie 2008-07-03
2   edithnarchie 9 years ago

80 years old dizzy walking and standing
My grandmother is 80 years old and is dizzy when she stands up or is walking. She has many
mgwaus 2008-07-04
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Social Anxiety
I am 37 years old and suffer badly from social anxiety and therefore avoid meetings, parti
mgwaus 2008-07-04
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Dr. Rishimba, returning patient, please help
My original topic is just below. Am I nuts or can homeopathy help? but I thought you mi
sajajo 2008-07-04
no replies yet

4 year old needs help - psychiological and physical
Sex: Male Age: 4 years Non identical twin Hair: Blond, fine Skin: normal to pail - very of
sajajo 2008-06-23
4   sajajo 9 years ago

Plz Help
Dr. Rishimba I have post following post one week ago but still no response. Plz Advise
mmnyb 2008-07-04
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

can you tell me about this?
oliva 2008-07-04
no replies yet

Ganglion Cyst
My mom is an artist and uses her right hand painting and gardening. She had developed a ga
travelgirl 2008-07-01
4   Dr Tahira 9 years ago

i don"t want surgery
I need a cure for appendicitis. It is really just an infection in the appendix as far as I
ruchis 2008-07-03
3   neerajvij625 9 years ago

Tissue salts
Read this interesting post on another forum. *********** Having had IBS for getting on f
gavinimurthy 2008-06-20
10   neerajvij625 9 years ago

suvadipdey 2008-07-02
7   neerajvij625 9 years ago

Are there any types of people for whom homeopathy doesn't work?
Also can one be too sensitive to homeopathy? That is, would a low dose potentially cause h
expectopatronum 2008-07-04
2   expectopatronum 9 years ago

chikungunya side effects still prevailing...............
Respected doctors, during the last august our family was infected by chikungunya,a
sarath 2008-07-02
3   gavinimurthy 9 years ago

paralytic weakness
i have anxiety and mild depression. i sometimes feel that my arms and legs have gone total
oliva 2008-07-04
no replies yet

i started anacardium 15 last night (2 glbules) and have a very very bitter taste in my mou
oliva 2008-07-02
2   oliva 9 years ago

Keloid Removal??
I have some nasty keloids on my stomach after using black salve to remove some questionabl
JustMe75 2008-07-03
1   JustMe75 9 years ago

formaldehyde poisoning
Have worked around fabric coated in formaldehyde for years....now cough and can't bre
amara 2008-07-03
no replies yet

Gay Feelings: Any Remedy?
any remedy for sexual perversion or gay feelings?

Doctor Humayun 2008-06-24
18   Doctor Humayun 9 years ago

phytolacca berry
can someone please tell me where to get phytolacca berry 30 in the USA,I have been searchi
Mozee 2005-06-16
8   looneyluna388 9 years ago

hpv without warts
hi to all i have just had the results from a biopsy, and i have hpv. i had a couple of wa
naturally 2008-07-03
1   naturally 9 years ago

About two months ago I was making a bowel movement when I suddenly felt a sharp pain in th
ruchis 2008-07-03
no replies yet

Anxiety and panic attack with HBP
Hello, I do need help with my problem. I have filled out the questionarie that you ask for
AnnaD 2008-06-12
4   AnnaD 9 years ago

sebaceous cysts
i have eight cysts on my head. three years ago i had one surgically removed and the hair s
PAMH45 2008-06-14
4   PAMH45 9 years ago

Infant Appetite
My son is 9 months old and he's still on breast feed. But now my breast milk is not s
rash0581 2008-07-02
3   MFUK1 9 years ago

Dr.sajjadakram635 Plz Help me
i was prevoiusly suffering from hemorrhoids but now i have a new problem that occured on
Paki1 2008-07-03
no replies yet

Dr Mahfoozurrehman Plz Help
Dear Doctor . i have been suffering from non-bleeding external hemorrhoids and fissures wh
Paki1 2008-05-09
8   Paki1 9 years ago

borderline insane help
i am tapering off klonopin after 5 years and hell has a new meaning does anyone know of an
jwalz120002002 2008-06-29
8   Zabela 9 years ago

Post Bypass Surgery
Dear doctors, I went thru bypass surgery in 1994 (53 years of age) ... However, my heart w
Amjad Faizi 2008-07-03
no replies yet

injured my back and knees
Hello, I was doing situps in the gym and holding 10 kg's in both hands with a wrong a
hammad76 2008-06-29
6   gavinimurthy 9 years ago

Sulphur or Sulfur confused
Hi Plz tell me that SULPHUR AND SULFUL are 2 different remedies or these are the names of
Denny 2008-07-02
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

3 problem Urine Kidney Stone Quick Ejaculation
Respected doctors i m suffering from urinne problem for many years If Some doctor can pre
MrPatient 2008-06-30
7   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Anxiety and some depression
Hi: I have a quick question for any available (online) homeopathic doctor. I am 36 years
PSK 72 2008-07-02
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

No desire for Sex and poor erections
My husband has no desire for sex even when we were courting (from 6 years ago)he was not
mgwaus 2008-07-02
2   mgwaus 9 years ago

Looking for a homeopathist Help...
Hi Is there somebody who could give me any email address of any good homeopathey doctor t
Denny 2008-07-02
no replies yet

Genital Warts
I have recently discovered some warts on my penis that have really shook me up. I'm l
needshelp 2008-07-02
2   needshelp 9 years ago

I'm 23 years old girl, having hypothyroidism. My weight is 72kg, height 165cm. i thin
dhivya 2008-06-29
3   faisal qureshi 9 years ago

Remedy for Eczema for 6-month old baby.
My son is 6-months old and he has eczema on his cheeks, neck and on folds all over his bod
prachia 2008-06-30
3   faisal qureshi 9 years ago

IBS in depth
Hi, I am suffering from IBS from last 7 years, my problem started after jaundice. I suffe
kumar.shakun 2008-06-25
12   kumar.shakun 9 years ago

chronic stomach pain
I have had chronic stomach pain for years - it started after being on nsaids for arthritis
meddy2 2008-07-01
2   meddy2 9 years ago

Ingrowing toe nail
I have a problem of ingrowing toe nail in the right toe. Earlier also in the same problem
ravi2 2008-07-02
no replies yet

Re : hair loss,danadruff,thin strands of hair
hello I have lot of dandruff due to this i have hair loss. my strads of hair have be
sanjananagesh 2008-05-11
9   sanjananagesh 9 years ago

Improper blood circulation
Hi, I was told that am suffering from Improper blood circulation due to anxierty issues.
renault 2008-07-02
1   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 9 years ago

Løosing hair with unmature grey
Hi im 30yrs old male and i noticed that since last 1yrs i m loosing my hair and premature
Imran_5457 2008-05-31
7   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 9 years ago

pregnant and having vaginal warts
Hi, I am 8 months pregnant and i developed warts on my vagina recently. two warts are hang
seemaa 2008-07-01
3   seemaa 9 years ago

Hello, Question for those who like to answer regarding antidoting. A remedy such as Nux V
thekind78 2008-07-02
1   gavinimurthy 9 years ago

i am having hedache and burning sensation under my eyes and laso the nsal blocking.I have
sunilldc 2008-07-01
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

Nodules at Right Hand
Hi, I have theee nodules at the right hand. Although all are small sizes and I don't
homeoenqu 2008-07-01
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

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