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Can genetic/hereidtary diseases be prevented in the foetus/unborn baby?
I am currently pregnant with my first child. I am a very healthy woman and do not need any
ssvr2009 2009-01-12
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Seeking for Doctors advice
i'm 39yrs old weighing 220lbs. i went to the medlab and checked my blood chem. i need
Chetooku 2009-01-12
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Vulva Redness & Burning
Please help me. I have vulva redness and burning, especially after urination. It comes a
anynomous 2009-01-11
2   anynomous 9 years ago

Thread / Spider Veins
Hi, i was wondering if somebody could help.I am a female in my early twenties and have rec
minakins 2009-01-12
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Medication for Lymphtic
My daughter who is 7 months old now was operated when she was 7 weeks for lymphatic malfor
Yammi 2009-01-12
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Treatment for azoospermia
My age is around 32 years, i am suffering from azospermia i.e nil sperm counts in semen an
fahim 2009-01-10
2   fahim 9 years ago

lipoma growing
HI I m prashant from india, i am having lipoma in my body, a lot of there are on my arms,
prashant16 2009-01-12
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Dr. Joe is there any medicine to stop lipoma growth
I am a 29Yr old male. Suffereing from Lipoma from last 12 Years. But its very slow growing
suspramod 2006-08-01
5   prashant16 9 years ago

rapidly spreading painful lipomas/angiolipomas
Hello, I'm a 30 year old male. weighing 285 pounds. down from 375 pounds two years ag
adamhank 2007-04-23
12   prashant16 9 years ago

For those asking for homeopathic advice for children less than 5yrs
Hello, I see a lot of posts here from people asking for advice for their children, sometim
aske123 2009-01-04
1   maheeru 9 years ago

Address of Homeopathic doctors
Dear Csprakash, If you have pls give me the address of Dr Rajan Sankaran and Dr Jayesh Sha
rajesh s 2009-01-12
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Address Of Homeopaths
Dear csprakash, If you have pls give me the address of Dr Rajan Sankaran and Dr Jayesh Meh
rajesh s 2009-01-12
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Mercury Fillings
I am interested in having my old mercury fillings taken out. Is there anything I should d
ceeb2005 2009-01-12
1   csprakash 9 years ago

Pls Suggest me a good Homeopathic doctor.
Pls anybody suggest me some good homeopathic doctors in Mumbai(better if located in weste
rajesh s 2009-01-12
1   csprakash 9 years ago

for sadaqat
Muscular Dystrophy/Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy(DMD) From sadaqat on 2009-01-01 2 replies
sorahamsha 2009-01-12
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5 Yr Old Son with Bed-wetting, fatigue, cravings
My 5yo son is the second of 3 boys in our family. He has brown hair, brown eyes, light com
jmccmom 2009-01-09
2   jmccmom 9 years ago

insatiable appetite/diarrhea
Hi there, I'm looking for some ideas on the correct rememdy for my kitten. I am not
BeC30 2009-01-02
2   csprakash 9 years ago

8 yo with precocious puberty
I have an 8 (almost 9) yo daughter who is developing. I do not use soy, rarely does she ge
Amoma23 2008-12-29
4   csprakash 9 years ago

Doctors please help - Hypothyrodism
I am a married female aged 30 years, with one kid aged 4. Have been detected with HypoThyr
hypoindia 2008-11-08
1   sorahamsha 9 years ago

Baby is very sweaty.
My 9 months old baby sweat a lot during sleeping on his head .He sweat so much on his hea
nikkikumar 2009-01-12
1   drsajid 9 years ago

8 mo old first double ear infection
My son has a double ear infection. He has had discharge from his nose - mostly clear and t
mammato3 2009-01-02
3   csprakash 9 years ago

Is it drug allergy
Hello,i an suffering from bleeding pilesand i am on homeopathic treatment for the past 8 m
rajesh s 2009-01-04
1   csprakash 9 years ago

for parenchymatous nephritis
Can these two medicines given together in PARENCHYMATOUS NEPHRITIS ? APIS MELLIFICA 30
manveeen31f 2008-12-05
1   csprakash 9 years ago

glumerulo nephritis
This is 31 year old female. Serum Cretanine is 2.5 Normal range is (0.5-1.4) Only sympt
manveeen31f 2009-01-04
1   csprakash 9 years ago

Dr Sharma, please help me with this. Many Thanks
Dear Dr Sharma, first of all I take this occasion to thank you for all of your help (also
Taurus75 2009-01-11
2   csprakash 9 years ago

Need help please with Tonsilliths
Yes I have tonsilliths or atleast thats what the medical name is. Discusting... I've

tiredofencrytpedto 2008-01-13
15   errolmiranda 9 years ago

Re: Ruta 6 as brain tumour treatment
my mother is suffering fom primary cns lymphoma of brian on right side, she is 66years old
vj_bal 2009-01-11
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Prevention of Chickenpox
Hi, I am 35 years old and my wife is 16 weeks pregnant. My son was infected with chickenp
VS_LKO 2009-01-10
1   VS_LKO 9 years ago

Stress, Anixty
Age 27 Male Single Nature: Imaginative and ensitive Compassionate and kind Selfless and u
arazas 2009-01-11
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How can I take Nux Vomica in this condition?
How can I take Nux vomica in such symptoms. genitals; male; erections; frequent; genitals
image 2009-01-11
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athlete's foot
According to my astrological chart, as a Pisces I'm supposed to have foot problems.
suncrystal 2009-01-10
2   suncrystal 9 years ago

Severe anxiety, paranoia, etc. caused by antiviral drug. PLEASE HELP.
I started taking the drug Cytovene (ganciclovir) as a child (around age 10) for viral ence
milkmilk 2009-01-11
7   sorahamsha 9 years ago

HELP!!! stomach ulcer and mouth ulcers
I have had stomach ulcers for a long time and nothing seems to work for me, and recntly I
roberta 2009-01-11
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Crohns Disease
I have been suffering from this illness for most of my life, Cam you help please? Cheers,
carmwoman 2009-01-11
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I've been prescribed Aconite 30c for panick attacks. I read on the internet that Aco
Lisichka 2009-01-10
2   akshaymohl 9 years ago

help!!! please for my chicken
Hi, The problem is 580 layers (hen) of 1500 (placed in hall typed room) died suddenly wit
Shwe Wah 2009-01-10
1   csprakash 9 years ago

Complete Name
What is the complete name of China Q.? prompt reply will be highly appreciated.. thanks
image 2009-01-10
1   sameervermani 9 years ago

I have Posterior Uveitis. i have taken steroids but with no success. I would like advice
Yousef 2009-01-10
no replies yet

Help me to increase my height
Hi, my name is kumar, am from pakistan. My height is 5'4', but i want to raise my
Kumar54 2009-01-10
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penis size
Hi, i am 30 yrs old and next month i am going to marry. i have used to masturbate in pas
jay906 2009-01-10
4   csprakash 9 years ago

Cat with Urate Bladder Stone
Cat has a urate bladder stone. Peeing blood and peeing frequently. Suggestions on homeop
mpurchases 2009-01-09
1   orian 9 years ago

geographic tongue no fun for son
since age 5, now 11 yrs old worsening 1 yr+, sore patches over most of tonguerarely clears
searchingmum 2005-05-28
12   jakydyl 9 years ago

"sprained" ankle?
Buck, my significant other, wore a shrunken pair of wool socks for a couple of days and se
suncrystal 2009-01-10
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Acute Pancreatitis
I have had two cases of Acute Pancreatitis. Both times it was during a period when I was e
axil9 2009-01-09
2   axil9 9 years ago

keratin for hair loss
HELLO: I am new here this is my first post on this forum, I am searching for a homeo medic
a_mahi 2009-01-10
no replies yet

dear Dr. Deoshlock,sameervemani,pankaj pls help
Dear Sir, I had put in my symptoms on ABC forum but have till date not received any ans
pramod bhardwaj 2009-01-08
1   csprakash 9 years ago

Diastolic BP High
Today I was on the walk and stoped after walking around 3 KM to just check by BP. It was 1
prahman 2009-01-10
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Help needed urgently with name of medicine
My 2 year old has speech delay.We live in USA.We have a family homeopath doctor in India.
bhow123 2009-01-09
1   csprakash 9 years ago

Homeopathic medicines during pregnancy
About me: 1. Sleep pattern and details of any recurring dreams. Regular 8 9 hours of
ssvr2009 2009-01-07
3   maheeru 9 years ago

Experiance 2 share??
HI 2 all docs of this forum 2 all students,2 people whoz reading my e mail.. Do u have ex
fahadkhaan 2007-10-22
2   monali 9 years ago

Effusion in suprapatellar bursal
Hi All, I had joined gym. where i did cardio excersise and injured both my knee. MRI repo
vit_vivek 2009-01-09
3   Zahid)2 9 years ago

sensitivity to noise, acne, anxiety, grief, introversion
Hello, I am looking for some guidance on what remedy to choose for my symptoms. One sight

PDXgirl3 2008-10-27
102   sameervermani 9 years ago

stomach ache in the morning before school
My son who is 16 started getting stomach aches before school. He said that it goes away a
sindym 2009-01-08
2   sindym 9 years ago

Plzzz anyone help.........
I need help as one homeopathic practitionar diagnosed me of having dryness in mucous membr

amandeepsingh 2009-01-01
13   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Enlarged Tonsils
I am 51 yr old female who has had since childhood, one enlarged tonsil on my right side.
arthursmom 2009-01-09
2   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Weak Eyesight
Hi there! Please help me to get rid of my glasses. I tried my best to do so, but failed. I
Glassy99 2008-12-20
6   Zahid)2 9 years ago

How long to avoid toothpaste
I´m treating a chronic condition using homeopathy. I know that you should avoid pep
Lexi80a 2009-01-09
no replies yet

Calcium tabs for teeths..??
Hello Doc, Can you pls suggest me any calcium tabs, actually my doc(dental) told me to ta
amitymahajan 2009-01-09
2   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Food Allergy + Excema in Child Help !!!
Hi, My daughter aged 2 has exzema since 4 months of age and is quite severe. She has been
deepikama 2006-06-20
5   cudzoo 9 years ago

throat problem?
my throat has been dried and itching. what should i have to take?
farsi 2009-01-08
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

depressed anger, sexually very weak
From the past 10 years the problems begin as with general lack of confidence which further
wherrerr22 2008-12-15
11   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Remedy for Warts
I am suffering from Warts for about one year. These are, Cauliflower-like warts which itch
Abdur Rouf 2009-01-09
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

dog sudden blindness, incontinence
my australian terrier (20 pounds) is 5 years old, has suddenly gone blind (3 weeks ago. ve
jujujoint 2009-01-07
4   orian 9 years ago

green potty
My 1 mth old son is going green potty. Please advie me that what can i do/ Thanks
vatsi 2009-01-08
2   vatsi 9 years ago

Tooth sensitive to cold
I have one or two molars on my lower left side that have become extremely sensitive to col
levijean 2009-01-06
2   levijean 9 years ago

Hair fall problem
I have severe hair fall and the hair is turning grey in very rapid rate. Does sulphur can
aparnakol 2009-01-08
no replies yet

Please explain potencies
No one has been able to explain this for me. CM is supposed to be more potent than X. CM h
whitecrow82 2009-01-08
no replies yet

Hello I've had prostatorrhea and pain in the prostate for 6 months. I beleive this is
whitecrow82 2009-01-08
no replies yet

High sugar (396 ppbs), high triglycerides (750)
Dear friends, I am sure I have many, some may be doctors! Please advice / commiserate on a
debonair 2009-01-08
no replies yet

sirr plz help mee
respedted doctors, i m still waiting for response from ur side...... and i m deeply waitin
shyam kumar 2009-01-08
no replies yet

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