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help dr
my kid is 3 1/2 yrs and very weak physically he dont eat much very little food and little

mahwish 2009-01-27
15   sorahamsha 9 years ago

bald inflamed scalp, PMS and poor circulation
I am a 36 year old black female. I have has tingling and crawling sensation in my scalp fo
pretyk 2009-01-29
no replies yet

Child Sleepwalking
My 6 year old son has begun sleepwalking. This has happened 3-4 times in the past 4 months
zingara 2008-12-24
3   zingara 9 years ago

Bumps or Knot in Quadriceps
Hi all, I have injured both knees in gym. There are lots of Bumps or knot in quadriceps m
vit_vivek 2009-01-28
2   vit_vivek 9 years ago

scalp folliculitis decalvan
hellow dear doctor, my name is tahir 24 male from pakistan.i have folliculitis decalvan fo
engr.tahir84 2009-01-28
no replies yet

penies enlargment
hello doctor this is aryan doctor my age is 21 and my penis are not growing when it erecti
aryan2011 2009-01-28
no replies yet

Apis Mellifica and itching
I have been using a homeopathic sublingual spray arthritis formula for the past week. For
naturegirl65 2009-01-28
no replies yet

small and flat breast
I need help for guide me about small and more or less flat breast...my husband wants to in
meherafrooze 2009-01-27
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

myopia right eye children
can You tell me a remedy for right eye children high myopia. 7 years old. thank you
luteda 2009-01-27
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

homeopathy practice in USA
HI everyone! i m a qualified homeopath from Mumbai, India with a BHMS degree Bachelor of
drmansijk 2009-01-27
no replies yet

I have three chalazions for more than 8 months. two chalazions in the right eye (lower lid
dalila 2009-01-27
no replies yet

vasomotor rhinitis
My 8y/o has nasal congestion during all times(day & night), worse at night, exacerbate
sandy8 2009-01-27
no replies yet

Homeopathy - Plants Database
I'm working on a database of the plant kingdom that allows you to extract remedy info
anacardium 2009-01-26
1   anacardium 9 years ago

Significance of dreams in Homeopathic prescribing
Ammon Mur,Hepur Sulph,and Merc sol patients dream of shooting.Boenninghausen's Therap
Zahid)2 2008-12-02
4   Zahid)2 9 years ago

period every 3 weeks
hi, i am 39 + 2 children getting my period every 3 weeks. birth control - i have a ring w
hooch 2009-01-27
2   hooch 9 years ago

Patient: Male Age: 23 Living on Mountains in -10c Basically from ground Area Study: Engin
marana 2009-01-26
9   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

PCO for the last 19 years
Hi, I am a 34 years old female living in Pakistan and suffering from PCO for almost 20 yea
fm100 2008-10-06
5   Dr Tahira 9 years ago

Urethra strictures
I request a response from Dr Deoshlok Sharma: I have been suffering from frequent urinati
MOHANSHARMA 2009-01-27
no replies yet

Sick toddler- please help (allergies?)
I have a 3 year old daughter and she is sick. Or maybe she has allergies? Two nights a
elyse 2009-01-26
10   John Stanton 9 years ago

Pollen allergy?
My 3 year old son is having a running nose for over 6 weeks. I believe it is some kind of

miszisz 2007-05-31
27   bgpal 9 years ago

Help for my son who is low!
Hello, suggestions please, my son is 7, he is a normal happy boy with a wide group of frie
Caren Ingold 2009-01-26
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

6 yr old boy with rash on cheeks
Hello. I have always received very good info from this site and i hope you can help me wi
amaraya 2007-06-08
7   mantra 9 years ago

Blood type diet
Hello, Recently i read one article about Blood type diet ... which says to intake food acc
tukun 2009-01-23
7   tukun 9 years ago

OCD and Gynecomastia
'Hello Sir, Sir Iam suffering from Gynecomastia since the age of around 14 years and O
Roomi786 2009-01-25
2   lola08 9 years ago

ear congestion/hearing loss -- suggestions?
greetings, forum & thanks for reading and any input! i had a bacteria infection in my
boosey 2008-12-18
1   ptrwgner 9 years ago

please inform
Some pharmacy provide ultra high potencies like MM and 10MM.one such pharmacy is celletech
gopal18 2009-01-21
1   gopal18 9 years ago

Urethral Stricture
Hello Doctor, I am 35 years old and I have Urethral Stricture problem last 7 years.I have
arvnth 2009-01-21
4   Zahid)2 9 years ago

I reside in Mexico. I picked up salmonella as confirmed by a blood test. The doctor gave
sterlingseas 2009-01-25
2   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Teeth grinding
Dear doctors, I am having a problem of Teeth grinding, while in the night sleep, my roomm
nadeem4u 2008-12-20
3   nadeem4u 9 years ago

idea abt Lichen planus
i request to all docters of this forum..do u have ideas of cure Lichen planus, and seborrh
isha_dr 2009-01-16
7   jainil2006 9 years ago

Blood Test in Homeo
I have heard that there is Germany made machine Homeo Doctors used for analyzing blood tes
arazas 2009-01-26
no replies yet

height problem
i need 2 inch height i am 24 age please help me the best homeopathic ways to get height wi
vjysan 2009-01-26
3   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

PKD and other symptoms
Dear friends, I am a 44 years, thinly built, weight 56kg, height 167 cm.medium frame, male
pramod bhardwaj 2009-01-04
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Scleroderma (Excessive Collagen Production)
Hi I need some advise on my problem condition. I have been diagonised with Partial Locali
rareproblem 2008-04-13
4   Hassan_05 9 years ago

Rectum, anus
Im suffering from the rectum, anus. Symptoms are: Itching, (the more I itch, the more I wa
lali3105 2009-01-13
8   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Hi, I am a 40 year old Indian Femaale. I have colitis. Currently on Pred. and Azulaf. Tr
tulsa 2009-01-25
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

weak pennis
dear doctor mehfooz u suggessted cydonia Q with olive oil for massage on pennis but cydoni
yaqeen 2009-01-25
3   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

body odor
i sweat alot, and my natural deoderants just don't work very well. I'd like to
elyse 2009-01-26
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Missed dose
Hello~ I am currently taking Sepia 1M every 4 days in the evening. I was supposed to take

wandasensation 2009-01-24
16   csprakash 9 years ago

Please Dr Sameer I need help with my 9 year old son.
Hi I'm a family doc that believes that my 9 yo son has some significant constitutiona
nneretin 2009-01-25
3   nneretin 9 years ago

Toddler tooth decay
My 3 year old daughter has 2 molars that started decaying about 1 year ago. I try to brus

elyse 2008-10-21
13   John Stanton 9 years ago

akshaymohl 2009-01-26
1   sorahamsha 9 years ago

urgent help - 4 year old fever
My 4 year old daughter (of weak constitution since birth( is suffering from high fever and

gajraaj 2009-01-25
21   John Stanton 9 years ago

Childhood immunizations-HELP
I do not vaccinate my daughter. I can't find a pediatrician who will support me. I
MadelinasMom 2009-01-24
5   John Stanton 9 years ago

please help chronic hives!!
Hello,I have been suffering with 'chronic urticaria' for almost 20 years. When I w
lola08 2009-01-23
2   lola08 9 years ago

Possible sprain, shoulder to elbow
My Dad was recently given a 30 lb. laptop to use for work. He drives a large truck and was
nicoleg 2009-01-14
6   John Stanton 9 years ago

Need help post-birth control!
Hello! I'm new to the forum and hoping someone may be able to help.. After 10 years
Buffy Monroe 2009-01-25
1   John Stanton 9 years ago

my 7 year old with excema.
Hi Dr Sameer, Just a follow up to my 7 yr old with excema. she took one dose of psorinum
nneretin 2009-01-25
no replies yet

Piles/Hemorrhoids and fissure
I have been suffering from Piles or External hemorrhoids and a fissure for about 3 years n
doabs 2009-01-24
3   doabs 9 years ago

Antidoting severe dis-similar aggravation
I need to antidote a severe dis-similar aggravation to repeated dosing of Peregrine Falcon
bamilton 2009-01-24
4   John Stanton 9 years ago

Severe heartburn,need help sameer
Hi sameer, I am 29 yrs old male.From last 7 days i have suffering from severe heartburn,ti
ddddd 2009-01-24
no replies yet

Recurring bladder infection
Two years ago, I had a severe bladder infection after taking strong antibiotics after a de
etereia 2007-12-02
7   manarh2002 9 years ago

7 year old with excema
my 7 year old daughter has excema for many years which is dry and itchy over her entire bo
nneretin 2009-01-21
8   Julibella 9 years ago

old ankle injury
Please can you give me advice on my ankle injury which took place about 1 year ago. Have
chinagirl 2009-01-24
4   isha_dr 9 years ago

"Lost" Remedy Characterstic of Daughter
While I was on this forum two weeks ago regarding my 7yo with dark 'brownish' unde
donnaj24 2009-01-24
1   John Stanton 9 years ago

PCOS problem
Hi. I have been suffering from PCOS since 2005. I used to be a happy person who was satisf
AnamikaInDubai 2009-01-18
9   Bernadettte 9 years ago

Baby girl is not gaining weight-HELP!
My daughter is 9 months old. She weighs 16 pounds and has since she was 7 months old. Sh
MadelinasMom 2009-01-24
4   isha_dr 9 years ago

Sexual Problem
Dear Dr.Sameer, I am 32years Married male, Height 5'10', Weight 90kg a shy person
remington78 2009-01-24
4   remington78 9 years ago

strained achilles tendons
Hallo. Three weeks ago i went for a gentle run, after warming up, and i damaged both my ac
jessemadge 2009-01-22
4   maheeru 9 years ago

Dr. Deoslok sharma, Pls respond for Grey beard !
Dear doctor, My age is about 31 years, from last 10 years i am eating food from outside o
ksreedhar123 2009-01-24
no replies yet

herpes simplex
Dear doctors, I felt some kind of small water based rash kind of thing on tip of the penn
ksreedhar123 2009-01-24
no replies yet

tabacum side effects
are there any side effects of tabacum 30c i took this medicine for 2 days thrice in a day
rahul6142 2009-01-23
1   John Stanton 9 years ago

hi doctors, i am a 27 year old married female and have been suffering for almost 12.5 year
152006 2009-01-22
2   152006 9 years ago

I'm a 29 year old woman I've been married for 7 years and I have no sex drive???
I've been married 7 years we have 4 boys 2 of them together.I love him with all my he
jen4jon 2009-01-22
5   PANKAJ VARMA 9 years ago

Use of stophanthus hispidus and aspedosperma q
My mother aged 74 has been prescribed the above liquids and is using this for the past 2-3
raman018 2009-01-22
3   raman018 9 years ago

I was diagnosed as having vitiligo. For the most part I get depress, feel tired, and over
kitty 2005-07-18
7   Dr. Shalini 9 years ago

sweaty hands feet... and anxiety?
I am a 18 year old average male with some memory problems. excessive sweaty hands and feet
bronte 2009-01-23
6   bronte 9 years ago

chronic yeast infection...please help!
I'm new here, and desperate for help. I've been dealing with chronic yeast issu
tolovemercy 2009-01-11
7   ToriT 9 years ago

Help FOR Treatment Of Muscular Distrophy
Hi, every one.I recently Joined the forum.I need help from homeopathic doctors to sustain

shah_1 2009-01-20
22   sorahamsha 9 years ago

Breathless ness
While going up the stairs my breathing gets very hard.and am short of breath for sometime.
hisam 2006-02-02
2   ashok.gupta26 9 years ago

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