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Weight-loss and lyme
Hi I'm 37 5'3 and I weigh 210 pounds. I'm obese. I was first exposed to
Karlee 2016-10-22
11   Karlee last year

High creatinine with right side paralysis
Dear doc, plz help,My brother 47 age is diabetic since 20yrs. He had a brain infarque in S

happykaur1 2016-09-21
236   nisha301 last year

dear friends, I have a skin disease from my childhood. Please help me to know the name of this disease.
dear friends, I have a skin disease from my childhood. There is some very small chember on
pappa_1945 2016-10-23
no replies yet

Homeopathic Provings
In a nutshell to prove homeopathic dilutions a group of people is administered these dilut

Teupne 2016-10-20
21   Kamal1 last year

Sun/Heat/Exercise urticaria (??)
Hello. For about 8-9 months, after i had a very bad cold ( 1 week in bed ) i started to ha

avlcd 2016-09-25
29   Teupne last year

Mentally Retardation Case........
Hello, I am making this thread on behalf of my cousin who is almost 29 years old and faci
ansarishoaib 2016-10-23
no replies yet

chronic case of constipation
i am 29 yrs . i am suffering from constipation from my childhood...but now it has resulted
deepak9 2016-10-22
3   simone717 last year

Hi, My partial thyroid has been removed due to 3cms large benign nodule . I am currently o
Carsha1 2016-10-18
9   nisha301 last year

ulcerative colitis
I am suffering ulcerative colitis from one year Acute Weakness, Acute Diarrhea, Acute hear
john786 2016-10-20
3   anuj srivastava last year

Arsenicum Album following Hypericum?
Hello, I am under the guidance of a homeopath, but she is on vacation for a week and I ca
rileymeagan123 2016-10-21
3   rileymeagan123 last year

Please suggest remedies for depression with feelings of desiring pity or for others to fee
helpmeplease 2016-10-21
2   Teupne last year

I'm 45 y.o. Male. Indian national, living in the US. I'm writing today to reque
kk135824 2016-10-20
11   DrKulkarni last year

Cyclic aggravation
I am 77 year old male and all my symptoms aggravate in the morning, gradually subside by a
hpadda 2016-10-21
2   hpadda last year

Help with Lichen Planus
I have had LP on my ankles knees since 10yrs old. Any wound turned grayish and thick when

HelpwithLP 2016-10-16
24   HelpwithLP last year

Tooth/gum infection while pregnant
Six years ago, I had a root canal on a back molar. A permanent crown was placed on it but

maddie37 2016-10-05
13   DrKulkarni last year

Native American; Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma; Anxiety
Greetings, I am an established mental health professional with a private practice located
mindmovement 2016-10-19
7   simone717 last year

Good Homeopathy doctor in Chennai
Hi All, Can somebody suggest a good homeopathy doctor in chennai? One of my relatives need

aarush 2008-11-23
41   edialindia last year

Breast lump pain
I weaned my baby after over 2 yrs of breastfeeding in April . In June end I slept on my ri
Ajuquuerp 2016-08-24
6   mnaari last year

Murthy Sir: daughter wakes up with a headache
Sir my daughter aged 27 years often complains of headache in the morning which gradually g
Ruchira 2016-10-19
2   Ruchira last year

Constant Constipation in child age of 3
My son about to 3 years and having constipation regularly 1)Small round shape black stool

Vikas3 2016-09-27
33   Vikas3 last year

Chalazion in 4 & 2 y/o
My 2 daughters ages 4 & 2 have been suffering from chalazions. My 4 y/o had surgery w

2spanishgirls 2010-06-02
238   kadwa last year

Ear Fullness that never goes away.
Hi all, I am 26 years old, female and have been dealing with issues with my ears and thr

adamico 2016-10-06
13   adamico last year

Dilution equivalent
Question...if you are unable to find a dilution for a specific remedy, is it possible to s
cineruss 2016-10-19
1   simone717 last year

blocked right sinuses and eustachian Tube
I have almost no hearing in my right ear. It has been that way for the last 2 years. Doct
cineruss 2016-10-17
8   cineruss last year

Depression feeling empty
Hello I am sidra 33 with girls age 4 and 6 I looked through the forum I want to tell my s
Sidra2 2016-10-16
10   Mahfoozurrehman last year

Urethral Stricture , Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation
Dear Concerned, I am 30 years old male. I have premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunc
ledig 2016-10-18
1   Mahfoozurrehman last year

A.a my name is kashif 28 years old. I am Mbbs doctor and doing my postgraduation in medic
Kashif2 2016-10-19
2   DrKulkarni last year

Single Dose Cure for ChikunGunya
Dear friends, I have come across this information about a single dose cure for this menac

rajivprasad 2006-11-22
95   gavinimurthy last year

Back pain due to disc bulge
My son has disc prolapse I gave him Kali carbonicum 200 three times a single day as sugges

Ruchira 2016-09-26
33   Ruchira last year

mucous cyst
I have a cyst on the middle finger of my right hand just below the nail. It is particular
SJF1503 2016-10-18
3   gavinimurthy last year

homeopathy for good health
I have created a community -HOMEOPATHY FOR GOOD HEALTH on GOOGLE + for the benefit of mank
anuj srivastava 2016-10-18
3   anuj srivastava last year

silicea acting time
hi everyone. can anyone tell how long can silicea 1M work in the body ? I know it depends

pritam123 2016-10-17
13   pritam123 last year

Gluten sensitivity, lactose intolerance
Gluten sensitivity, lactose intolerance, bloating, indigestion, motion, dhirea, anxiety, n
Khaliq.rehmannpd 2016-05-19
2   libra18 last year

7 year old autistic very hyperactive kid
Wanted to seek opinion 1. Doesn't go to school, no speech, repeat words not clearly.
jaghom 2016-10-19
2   DrKulkarni last year

Concentration Problem
Hello Good evening. I am a 34 years, married male. Professionally I am a software engineer
Aurloaffia 2016-10-14
10   Aurloaffia last year

Recommended duration while using Mother Tinctures
What is the recommended duration while using Mother Tinctures ? Can Mother Tinctures be t
drakezyber 2016-10-18
1   gavinimurthy last year

Dr. Sameer, chronic psoriasis patient seeking help from you!
Hello Dr. Sameer, Iíve been reading your posts on abchomeopathy and I have developed trem

psoriasis1977 2009-03-19
158   gretchblair last year

Ignatia Amara
I know i am asking same thing again about earlier problem of anxiety and worry.As was pres

surajsh293 2016-10-16
16   surajsh293 last year

How to lose weight?
Dear Sir/Ma'am Male-42 Years, have been facing problem with weight,I feel my Abdomen
SHLOWKHA 2016-03-25
3   filza last year

Bad odors
Hello,I'm here because I need help in a serious way! I've been suffering from ba
gabriella 2005-11-25
10   divinci last year

Dr Nawas / Dr anju / any other please help me.... urgent
Im 18 nd having this eruption for past one year
Medicostudent 2016-10-18
1   gavinimurthy last year

Severe Dry skin.
Hi, I am forty years old. Right now I am suffering from severe dry skin issue. I take sho

Anil_Kumar 2010-03-15
22   Gifty last year

Dr Anju Srivastava pls attnd my case
http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/512375/1 Regards srinivas

srinivasest 2016-09-02
15   srinivasest last year

About dose of Anacardium
My son taking Anacardium 30 c for 5 months (first 4 months he took 3 drops once per week,
Down 2016-10-17
3   Down last year

I am suffering from PCOS and exposed to all the symptoms of it. I am trying to conceive an
Phekie 2016-10-17
1   DrKulkarni last year

TCM Melasma treatment is WORKING
Okay, so I have been battling terrible melasma on my upper lip (think 'dirt mustache&#
spycookies 2013-05-15
2   wholegreenandlean last year

Hungry all the time
I have always been a "good eater" - I can easily eat more than my husband! Lucki
kt808 2016-10-15
10   simone717 last year

Early satiety
Hello, I would like to ask for your help as at the moment I don't have enough money
juuso 2016-10-17
1   DrKulkarni last year

Catching Stomach virus from daughter
My daughter was vomiting, lethargic with no appetite for 48 hours. I am starting to feel n
Aingram44 2016-10-17
3   Aingram44 last year

Itchy red rash on chest
I've had a red (dis colored) rash in the middle of my breasts for the past 10 months.
camendt 2016-10-16
3   saqib9awaz last year

Chronic sinus infection
I have been struggling with sinus infections since June. I've been to the Dr. several

ooeemusic 2016-09-07
17   ooeemusic last year

urgent Pilonidal sinus
Hi I have had this pilonidal sinus for 2 years now.I now have 5 open sinuses and Im 20 yea
girlyflair 2016-10-17
1   DrKulkarni last year

#1- family depression, my uncle my cousin suicided, my one more cousin is in depression, f
prakash8888 2016-10-17
1   kadwa last year

Dr. Kadwa..High blood pressure, hand/palm gets bend and becomes stiff, excess fat and shooting pain in her hand and feet.
Hello Dr. Kadwa, Please suggest remedy for my wife, Aged 26 years, female, married with h

kolkata123 2016-05-16
15   kadwa last year

I am 28 years old married women..I have low amh of o.7...and low antral follicle count.and
Madhuri2488 2016-10-14
1   kadwa last year

Enlarged tonsils
Hi , Only managed to find Mercurius Iodatus Flavus 30x ( liquid form ) for my right tonsi
bichu10 2016-10-12
3   kadwa last year

Nose block except March April May months
Doctor, My nose is blocked most of the year, except March April and May. I think the cold
AnithaVinod 2016-10-17
1   gavinimurthy last year

Dr Kadwa Please Help with Upper Abdomen Gas
Sir, I am suffering from gas in the upper abdomen region for past few days. A month back

mayankgates 2016-09-14
15   kadwa last year

dr kadwa am i a lycopodium..
Hello sir.. age 32,looks younger than my age ,Small Face which makes me feel shame.. want
sick123 2016-09-20
12   kadwa last year

Height increase in 9 year old girl
My daughter is 9 year old. Her height is 123 cm. She looks short for her age. I have been
ruchia1000 2016-09-17
7   kadwa last year

C5 c6 disc buldge and 20 yrs old fractured elbow pain after push ups
Hi dr I really need help for my c5 c6 disc buldge from last three yrs and 20 Yrs old fract
sanjib31 2016-10-16
3   telescope last year

Eye Floaters
Hello I am 23yrs boy ....Due to an incidence(Weed bad trip) I develop Eye floaters...One b
Uiyuj 2016-10-16
2   akshaymohl last year

telescope sir urgent
can you take up my case as i am very impatient many doctors o this forum are neglecting me
aamir2312 2016-10-16
1   telescope last year

Finding a book
Can anyone recommend me a book as concise and specific as possible about homeopathic poten
Eneko77 2016-10-16
2   gavinimurthy last year

Mother of 4 month old and 3 year old and feeling irritable with little patience
Hi, I am the proud mother of a beautiful 4 month old and a beautiful 3 year old. Both are
Msbusche8 2016-10-16
2   gavinimurthy last year

son with sensitive stomach
my son who is almost 7 yrs old has a very sensitive stomach..and mostly when he has loose
mominisb 2016-10-16
2   DrKulkarni last year

how to get rid off clonazepam
i am taking now rablon dsr for acidity and citapure plus at night ,how do i withdraw from
Babai21 2016-10-16
2   simone717 last year

Paralysis, diabetics and renal issues
Hello doctors My mom aged 65 is suffering from above diseases, brief facts are LIFE IN G
Near2me 2016-08-31
3   DrKulkarni last year

Help with Skin ailments
Hi. I am a 50 year old male. When I was in college, I developed a skin problem below my kn
gjoshi123 2016-10-16
2   DrKulkarni last year

please Dr. Kadwa, Nawazkhan, Akshaymohl help not conceiving

human1 2016-08-22
26   human1 last year

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