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Piles - Bleeding
I am having very bad problem of Piles - with bleeding continuously for many days, please h
abhisagi 2009-03-03
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Urgent! Does a childs vaccination intefere with a homeopathic remedy?
I was planning on giving my 2 year old Arnica today for a tooth injury she had, but rememb
rania1403 2009-03-03
5   rania1403 8 years ago

more relaxed at work
I have started a new job and i am very stressed.I have been advised to take phos 200c just
mike2305 2009-03-03
no replies yet

Do cigarette contain drugs?
Why is it hard to quit smoking, are cigarette sort of drugs? And can anyone tell me why sm
jemwat 2009-02-28
4   aurish 8 years ago

12 year old moody girl
Hi, Have what used to be a very sweet fun loving easy going girl . Then the homones starte

busymum 2009-02-25
19   John Stanton 8 years ago

Penis size solution
Hi Doctors. two weeks ago i purchased PITUITARY 200 and i am using it once a week for 5 dr
saqibz 2009-02-28
3   saqibz 8 years ago

Swollen esophagus GERD
Hi, today i have gone through Endoscopy, Ultrasound & few blood test. all blood test
aazmi 2009-03-02
1   aazmi 8 years ago

I am 29, I have hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed to have goiter around 15 years ago, I was
Haritha_thyroid 2009-02-28
8   gopal18 8 years ago

vision and size both decrease( of one eye)
22y female , married recently, vision of one eye decreased slowly,it may be in child hood
syedahmadnaqvi 2009-03-03
2   syedahmadnaqvi 8 years ago

One of my friend is having corn under the skin in armpit and legpit. It is not coming out
nitepal 2009-03-02
5   nitepal 8 years ago

Hyper Acidity
Hi I am 28 yrs old lady working in a MNC Company as HR Professional. Since 10 months i hav
mausam joshi 2009-01-29
8   vikas_grower 8 years ago

Acidity / IBS / Passing Gas
In June 2007 , i had hyperacidity. I was given Omeprazole and it went off. Then starting D
agoyal 2009-03-03
3   agoyal 8 years ago

Artery Leakage!
Hi, My Aunt (48 years old) is diagnosed to have three of her heart arteries leak. First th
sobar99 2009-03-03
no replies yet

Remedy for Headaches, Insomnia 1-3 am?
Please advise correct remedy and potency for following conditions: Insomnia 1-3 am, top o
yuanshen 2009-02-04
2   drsamirac 8 years ago

Extreme Hair Fall-Please Advise
I am 37 yrs old female, married with 3 children. I've been in Dubai for almost 8 yrs.
Tinytgroup 2009-02-16
1   drsamirac 8 years ago

Dr Sameer Plz help me.Its urgent
My husband has allergy from pollens, dust since he was 11 yrs old. now he is 28.Due to whi
Aishwarya Rai 2009-02-05
2   drsamirac 8 years ago

Dr Sameer & Dr Mahfooz plz take a look
Sex: male Age: 32 years old, Married Work : IT related Poor concentration : Studying so
nsguy 2009-02-11
2   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Crohns disease
Any remedy in homeopathy
MCKAUSHAL 2009-03-03
no replies yet

chemically damaged hair
i need advice on my hair. i'm trying everything.right know i'm washing my hair w
cgroverpitt 2009-03-03
no replies yet

dr samir
iam doing a research on hair fall.can all the doctors contribute their experience
drsamirac 2009-03-03
no replies yet

Dr.Sameer, need help with dust allergy symptoms
Dr.Sameer, My son is having severe dust allergy issues. 1. He is 15 years old, started hav
nananda 2009-02-05
3   vikas_grower 8 years ago

dr deoslok sharma waiting for ur reply
i ,this is mandeep from chandigarh ,my age is 26, weight is 63 and height 5'4. i am ta
mani83 2009-02-11
1   vikas_grower 8 years ago

im really in trouble low testosterone
Dr, im really at my wits end. my testosterone level is 39 & I
johnnyboy604 2008-12-15
3   Gary065 8 years ago

tooth is bent and elongated
i have a tooth that is bent backwards and is elongated from a fall. is there a remedy to
tomdreskin 2009-03-03
no replies yet

band or membrane around retina
i have a band or membrane around my retina. is there a remedy to remove band or membrane?
tomdreskin 2009-03-03
no replies yet

Tinnitus-for over 20 yrs
I have had tinnitus for over 20 years in both ears, a high pitched ringing sound. Althoug
spazzz114 2006-10-23
7   CHOCKERS 8 years ago

please DR Mahfoozurrehman
reply me doctor u have not replyed my question doctor please adive me dear i posted my pr

oazeemh 2009-02-22
15   oazeemh 8 years ago

Where are you DR.Zahid
Where are you Dr Zahid.Please reply my mails.I am waiting.
mrbaig 2009-03-02
no replies yet

Root Canal Problem
Hi, I had 2 root canals done to 2 molars around 2 yrs back.Last yr in april i had severe

reenadass 2009-03-01
13   reenadass 8 years ago

Chronic Constipation/IBS?
Thank you very much Dr.Deoshlok Sharma. I will order it today.
123oleg 2009-03-02
no replies yet

Unhealed boil and perhaps cellutitis
I have been dealing with an infection in my groin area for over 2 months now. History He
hmpathyisthefuture 2009-03-02
3   John Stanton 8 years ago

Schizoaffective Disorder A review
A brief review on Schizoaffective DisorderBy Dr. Prasenjit Ray B.H.M.S. (Cal.); P.G.T (Psy
homeo_psychiatrist 2006-07-13
9   ntuc1980 8 years ago

6 month old chalazion.
I am 23 year old female. I developed a chalazion 6 months ago on upper eyelid of my right
vibhadham 2009-03-02
1   vibhadham 8 years ago

for Dr. Sameer Virmani
I am a 23 year old girl with Chalazion on right upper eyelid for the last 6 months. No pai
vibhadham 2009-03-02
no replies yet

hyperaidity and constipation
HI, I HAVE SUPER AcIDITY,headech,and dryness in mouth ,with littel thrist, also i have p
getprize 2009-03-02
no replies yet

Many problems.
Dear Dr. Sharma, I am a male of 35 years. It's been years since i have this stomac
zibban 2009-03-01
9   zibban 8 years ago

Re:Chronic Constipation/ IBS?
Thank you for advice Dr. Deoshlock Sharma. However, when I looked up trombodine its recomm
123oleg 2009-03-02
1   deoshlok 8 years ago

Bach Flower Remedies to get rid of depression, anti-depressants, gloom, negativity
Bach Flower Remedies to get rid of depression, anti-depressants, gloom, negativity The fol
kadwa 2009-02-28
4   RKGupta 8 years ago

muscular or nerves deterioration !!!
Respected doctors, A friend of mine lives in Coimbatore. He came to know a family of four
kns_3 2009-03-01
1   deoshlok 8 years ago

weight loss
Any body can tell me how to lose weight without side effect? I m 30 year old male, and wo
dheerajmallick 2009-03-02
2   dheerajmallick 8 years ago

quitting effexor
I am on day 5 or six, Monday at 8am was the last time I took my effexor .75.I have been on
brrgrr 2009-03-01
2   deoshlok 8 years ago

Chronic Constipation/ IBS?
I am 36y/o 116 lb,in general healthy female. I've been suffering from chronic constip
123oleg 2009-03-01
1   deoshlok 8 years ago

leg & hip pain aggrevated by rest...
My niece is 43 and 84 kgs. She gets problem in the right leg (on the left side of the righ
kns_3 2009-03-01
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

What is the best way to find the constituional type.
Hi, I am interested in homeopathy to help me on a psychological level to feel more confid

Richardj 2009-02-24
13   Richardj 8 years ago

8 mo with severe silent reflux
My son has silent reflux which we have been dealing with since he was 2 days old. I have t

Melly76 2009-02-28
57   John Stanton 8 years ago

pemature ejaculation
hi, I have a premature ejaculation, i got advice in this forum to take acid phos 30 fo
rdikshit10 2009-03-01
1   syedahmadnaqvi 8 years ago

help me
1. Name yasir 2. Age 24 3. Sex male 4. Married/Unmarried unmarried 5. weight 80kg
mzur001 2009-02-27
4   syedahmadnaqvi 8 years ago

stiffness in pennis
dear doctor mehfooz as per ur advice i used acidumphosporicum 30 at least a month now no d
yaqeen 2009-02-28
2   syedahmadnaqvi 8 years ago

Sexual Performance Interruption
I am 50 male and having the following problems. This problems are interrupting my Sexual e

nitepal 2009-02-22
13   nitepal 8 years ago

advantage of homoeopathy
Advantages of Homeopathy= A large number of health conscious individuals choose homoeopat
sameerneeraj 2009-03-01
3   John Stanton 8 years ago

sameerneeraj 2009-03-01
3   John Stanton 8 years ago

Height growth for 24 year old
I am new to this forum. I am 24 years old and my height is 165cm. I would like to be 175 c
nitz2k 2009-02-27
3   nitz2k 8 years ago

Bach Flower Remedies - Part II
Please read the first paragraph of the first post in the following thread http://www.abch
kadwa 2009-03-01
no replies yet

hitus hernia with crohn disease
asca is positive 154.1 u against 30
MCKAUSHAL 2009-03-01
no replies yet

hypnotherapy in crohns disease
suffering from crohn's disease. will hypnotherapy help
MCKAUSHAL 2009-03-01
no replies yet

Crohn;s disease
suffering from crohn's disease. 50/female. abdomin pain
MCKAUSHAL 2009-03-01
no replies yet

Anxiety or mental issue? Don't know what it is.
hi, i'm new here and looking for something that may help me. over a couple of year
bluegirl 2009-03-01
4   Simonc 8 years ago

17 mo old with severe cough & runny nose
My 17 month old boy has had a cold for about a week now. It has come on very slow and is g

cali_mama 2009-02-28
33   drhomeo2003 8 years ago

i am very fair and got badly burned today as it was cloudy .is there a remedy or any othe
mollydalton 2007-06-17
5   paulanpepe 8 years ago

extreme sensitivity to cold
Help! Doctor give me antibiotics and anti allergy remedies that dont help. I have a number
Anette 2009-02-21
11   drhomeo2003 8 years ago

No sperms
Are there any homeopth remedies if you dont have no sperms at all.I v already done a biobs
Charmaine 2009-02-27
4   sarup 8 years ago

Help for anxiety
Hi there, I was wondering if someone could help me? I have just started taking Kali Phos f
Loobyloo35 2009-02-28
1   sarup 8 years ago

varicose veins in legs (limbs)
Dear Doctors, My mother is aged about 54 years, she is having varicose veins it seems. sh
ksreedhar123 2009-02-28
1   sarup 8 years ago

I am suffering from azoospermic and have undergone TESA. Few immotile sperms were identifi
vkatyma 2009-01-31
3   Simonc 8 years ago

Enlarged Adenoids - Trying to avoid surgery
Hi, Can someone help lead me to the correct remedy for our daughter. She has been diagno
donnaj24 2009-02-28
1   sameervermani 8 years ago

Reminder doses
How often should a reminder does be taken? Does it work toto prevent a recurrence while ta
artgirl 2009-02-28
no replies yet

What type of doctor could I see?
I am in recovery for Anorexia. I wanted to talk to someone about the physical effects duri
markslater88 2009-02-28
no replies yet

Dr Sameer Plz help- regarding hair growth
I am 22 yrs old male, 6 feet with heavy build. I have very less hair growth on my face. Ha
coolleo 2009-02-28
1   coolleo 8 years ago

acidity and gastrict
hi....my brother is suffering from acidity and gastrict problem is their any solution in h
karisma1982 2009-02-27
2   Simonc 8 years ago

Anger effects on heart
I am getting pain on left side of the chest which is travelling to left arm, heaviness of
marana 2009-02-16
5   sorahamsha 8 years ago

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