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six month old daughter seborreic dermatitis
My daughter is a very pleasant 6 month old, but for the past few months she has had dermat

Dawnnoelle1045 2009-05-23
17   Dubai2009 8 years ago

Desire to have Sex
I am 47 year old and two year ago, I was given stephisagaria LM for poriasis by a doctor (
anil66in 2009-05-29
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Mentals for Physostigma?
I'm having some success using Physostigma 200c for stiff neck and stiff skull. Makes
HamishC 2009-05-29
no replies yet

for height
my age is on this september at 20.now i m 19haly yr old. my height now stopped.my height i
king1 2009-05-29
no replies yet

Natural cure for sleep apnea (?)
Hi there, I think my wife has sleep apnea, as she has some of the symptoms (at least I th
mmacdonald 2008-11-03
4   kadwa 8 years ago

Docs plz help
I am a 23 years old male who has a problem regarding bent in my penis. Earlier my penis wa
astrologer 2009-05-27
2   astrologer 8 years ago

Piles treatment
Sir last 4yrs i am suffering frm piles.i am gettig strong pain & itching after i went
dileepsreekumar 2009-05-19
6   dileepsreekumar 8 years ago

GERD - I am on an unknown medicine
Hello, I am 38 years old male from Mumbai, India. I have come to know about this website
anirban0704 2009-05-27
5   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

mammary tumor in cats
i recently took my cat to the vet and they diagnosed her with a mammary tumor and said onl
siameselover 2009-05-26
1   orian 8 years ago

Dry Eyes
I have dry eyes for last 7 years and have been using SILICEA 30C, it was working but for l
Kohat 2009-05-29
no replies yet

Hi Sameer, My teenage son has chronic eczema and wheezing - please assess
Dear Sameer, My son is 13 years old and has chronic wheezng and skin issues which include

longlong 2009-01-06
105   sameervermani 8 years ago

Kind Attn,Dr. Sameer:_Chronic Eczema for 30 yrs. help pleaseee!!
I am a 38yrs old male. I have a chronic disorder of skin disease, “Eczema'. I have suf
Sanjas 2009-05-28
no replies yet

can you please give suggestion for my problem
Dear doctor, I want to know of a suitable remedy to increase breast size. I read in some p
may m 2009-05-28
no replies yet

Can any doctro help me please
Dear Doctor, i am well educated 28 years old male. My Height is 5 feet 11 inches and my We
mastermind 2009-05-14
11   mastermind 8 years ago

Constitutional Type
I've been reading throught he constitutional remedies and I can see that at one time
anabanana 2009-05-27
4   faustian 8 years ago

Sore Throat
I have pain in my throat for last 30 days. Went to allopathic doctor, he prescribed me ant
patient121 2009-05-28
1   kadwa 8 years ago

For kadwa: Need Help With Anxiety
Hi kadwa You helped m a while back with a stomach problem i was having and then i decided
jasminex 2009-05-28
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Pain in Neck
Since last two days I am suffering neck pain and it is tough to move my head left and righ
imtiazahmedjesu 2009-05-26
3   kadwa 8 years ago

smelly nasal drainage post adenoid surgery
A friend of mine has a child with very smelly drainage from his nose. She describes the s
hollyfred2002 2009-05-27
2   hollyfred2002 8 years ago

Should Your Pet Rescue or Pet Shelter Advertise on the Internet?
What Pet Rescues and Shelters Face The pet breeding industry is thriving today and is one
jennismortal 2009-05-28
no replies yet

For Rheumatoid Arthritis
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis for last 10 months. My joints have been affected. But more tha

lindaperkins 2009-05-13
18   kadwa 8 years ago

Piles or Irritable Bowel Syndrome
I was a patient of Piles (Dry) not bleeding ones. I got it treated by allopathic medicines
vicky2005 2009-05-27
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Help with Menopause Please
Hi All I am enquiring about a remedy for my mum. She is currently going through the meno
shellnelliot 2009-05-27
3   kadwa 8 years ago

gas after meals
i am 42 years female. i have 2 teenage boys. I weigh 59 Kgs and I am 5 feet 2 inches. I am
class65 2009-05-28
1   kadwa 8 years ago

A Question about Constitutional Remedy
hi I just wanna ask someone here that if a person got cured with its constitutional reme
comsite 2009-05-28
no replies yet

Dear Doctor Mehfooz,Pls help me.
dear doctor, sir my problem is that i started masterbation form when i was only 13 years
alonealone 2009-05-26
2   alonealone 8 years ago

7 week old infant with severe nasal congestion
My baby is 7 week old male. He has had nasal congestion since 3rd week. It is increasing
sooner44 2009-03-28
7   sooner44 8 years ago

Who do different homeopaths have different techniques
Hi I went to a homeopath to get help for agoraphobia and avoidant personality disorder.
jasminex 2009-05-27
1   jasminex 8 years ago

Dr. Rishimba, Dr Joe, Dr.Sameer, Dr.Murthy, Dr. Rajeev Dear Doctors, I am suffering fro
vasantkhisty 2009-05-17
2   sbllhk 8 years ago

new here..!!!
Hello everyone.I am new here.My name is Allan Mandez.I have NEVER posted as much in a foru
allanmandez 2009-05-27
1   faisal qureshi 8 years ago

Doctors please help
Hi there, I have had 2 chalazions side by side (as per what my Ophthalmologist told me) f
whozshort 2009-05-27
2   kadwa 8 years ago

Hi, I underwent a c-sec. 6 months ago and on the cut now a small keloid type elevation is
arien 2009-05-27
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Irregular periods, PCOS
I am a 23 year old. I never knew to check on my periods and as I got older around the age
anoor17 2009-05-27
4   anoor17 8 years ago

genital warts , anemia and atopic dermatis
Hi doctor Niel, Thanks for your reply. The details you asked me are as follows: Age: 33 ,
sensitive 2009-05-27
no replies yet

Erection Problem
After comparing and matching all of my conditions, I have chosen following medicines for m
saiful9 2009-05-27
5   saiful9 8 years ago

allergies: food allergies
Hello, My son is 2.5 yr and has developed milk, egg white, wheat, lentils and banana alle
preetisj2001 2009-05-21
7   preetisj2001 8 years ago

pulmonary fibrosis
hello there, I am new to the forum.My question is regarding my dad he has been diagnosed w
sahar 2009-05-10
1   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

Can not exactly describe what happened to me !
I am 38, Male. Lives in USA. 240 LB. Couple of months ago I had a flu. I took some Bio Che
Sweet_Lemon 2009-05-19
6   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

Dear Doctor Please Help Me
I am 52 Years old.i suffered with pepit mal from 8 to 34 years.Later converted to grand ma
BVSUBBARAO 2009-05-27
1   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

Premature greying
Hi, I am a 28 year old female and have had grey hair for about 3 years now. I had about 2
smitha21 2009-05-25
1   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

please help
1.I am suffering from egzima problem 2.I was on homeopathy mediciene from the last year b
aryamonika 2009-05-27
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Phosphorus-- Behavior Problems
Hello, I have been medicating my 5 yr old son with 6C Phosphorus, 3 times a day. We have
jeanleemarquis 2009-05-27
2   jeanleemarquis 8 years ago

Chronic liver disease with portal hypertension (Enlaeged Liver & Spleen).
I have come across a cute patient, a small kid aged 3 Yrs. Require ur personalised attetio
znaeem51 2009-01-29
2   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

portal hypertension
My wife suffered from portal hypertension due to liver cirrhosis for a year and recently s
sanjeevbabu 2008-08-07
2   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

dna/rna remedy
Can these remedies cure a genetic disorder? Which potency should be used. Which dosage.
FSHD_2006 2009-03-28
3   kadwa 8 years ago

I know all Dr.s must be busy but please help.
Will ANY Dr. please point me in the right direction? I know you all are so busy but i have
Lynzi 2009-05-17
7   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

thyroid or diabetes or both
I am 37 years old. Lately, I noticed when I eat sweets and heavy meals I feel good. If the
lal_anar 2009-05-26
1   kadwa 8 years ago

side effects of homeopathic arnica
Can there be bad side effects to 2 doses (6 pellets/ dose) of 200c homeopathic arnica take
lbutler 2009-05-27
4   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

Attn. Maheeru
Further to your not getting confirmation emails, please reply to this thread insuring the
moderator 2009-05-26
3   moderator 8 years ago

insulin imbalance
Hello Everyone I have been diagnosed of suffering from insulin imbalance. I suffer from hy
kunjam 2009-05-24
3   kadwa 8 years ago

dr. sharma need help with lpr
Name: Mary Murphy Rodriguez Age: 51 Sex: Female Country: United States Climate: Hot and
MaryRod58 2009-05-27
no replies yet

help! swollen tonsils neck pain etc, drs say nothing wrong
Hi; everybody. I'm very glad to be part of this forum and hope you can help. For year
sharky 2006-10-02
5   mentalist 8 years ago

why the thyroid gland is not functioning - obesity and the rest of it
All sickness comes from stress, if the Thyroid gland is not working then you have a stress

Alexthink 2006-07-17
44   tomato 8 years ago

sinusitis -- dr sameer.
Dear Dr Sameer, Greetings of the season. I have been a victim of sinusitis from the past
ghaffar3 2009-05-26
no replies yet

Can Someone Please Help?
Hello Doctor & Everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me with potential trea
preetigarcha 2009-05-26
1   faisal qureshi 8 years ago

Any medicine or diet in homeo to become fat
Hello Dr. I'm a 22 year old girl. My height is 5'4'' and weight is 40
priyavamsi 2009-05-26
2   kadwa 8 years ago

Lymphedema & Hypothyroid
I have read the posts on here about lymphedema and not much advice has been given. Please
ontheprairie 2009-05-25
2   ontheprairie 8 years ago

Worry/Fear, would appreciate some advice
Hello, I am hoping that someone may be able to recommend a remedy that will help me. I am
seekingadvice 2009-05-25
3   Zahid)2 8 years ago

precum problem
Hello Dr. I have major PRECUM problem Whenever i think about sex or reading porn books o
raj359 2009-05-26
2   Zahid)2 8 years ago

Am with Albumin ++ please help
Dear Doctors, I have tested and repoted that am having ALBUMIN ++ in urine kindly do give
awniyya1 2009-05-26
1   kadwa 8 years ago

can i ask u my problem in urdu bcz i can`t explain my problem in english

knsa2004 2009-04-29
13   knsa2004 8 years ago

Dr. Sameer Ji, please help
Hello Dr. Sameer Ji, I am new to homeopathy but i have been told that this is the only tre
preetigarcha 2009-05-26
no replies yet

Does peppermint antidote Nux Vomica
Does peppermint antidote nux vomica as readily and easily as peppermint antidotes Nat Mur.
bamilton 2009-05-26
no replies yet

Hyper Thyroidism
Dear Doctors, I am 29 years old and suffering from hyperthyroidism since last 1 year when
Nikita09 2009-05-14
7   Nikita09 8 years ago

High stomach acid
Hi, I am a 30 year old male, unemployed, unmarried suffering from high stomach acid for t
dishwara 2009-05-17
9   kadwa 8 years ago

weight reduction
hi, i am mandira. weight 85kg. age 29yrs. want to lose weight very badly. can any Dr help
mandiradebnath 2009-05-19
4   mandiradebnath 8 years ago

Coma & rescue remedy
My father 64 has sugar & kidney failure on dialysis. last month he went to coma &
dishwara 2009-05-17
1   dishwara 8 years ago

hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness)
Can anyone suggest anything for my dauther in law. She is 12 weeks pregnant and very sick
worriedmum 2009-05-24
1   kadwa 8 years ago

a remedy needed
1)heat or hot weather, 2)hunger 3)rush 4)consolation(marked) brings or aggravates anger
hisam 2009-05-25
1   Zahid)2 8 years ago

Acne problem
Please help me.. I have an acne problem which developed about a year back and only got wor

jo1989 2009-01-01
37   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 8 years ago

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