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heroin addiction
are there any homeopathic therapies for someone trying to break a heroin addiction?
rudylk 2009-06-07
2   saritalove 8 years ago

dark circles around eyes
what is the best medicine to cure dark circles around the eyes.thanks
zak khan 2007-09-24
7   libra981 8 years ago

gallstone problem
I m suffering with gallstones, and my ct scan report suggest multiple calculi. I have star
sikander rafiq 2009-06-05
3   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Headache with Acne Medicine
Hi I am currently taking Acne Aid by Dr Bakshi company which contains berberis aquifolium
kmengi 2009-06-08
4   kmengi 8 years ago

One year kid having stomach infection!
hello, one year(12 mnths) kid having a stomach infection & loose motions(sometimes wa
amitymahajan 2009-06-08
4   kadwa 8 years ago

emission of prostatic fluid
sir i am 24 years old male. i have a problem from more than 3 years. whenever i talk to

arhan 2007-02-28
17   patient25 8 years ago

dear doc! I have chronic constipation since sometime now like two years now. Cannot pass s
kick kick 2009-06-07
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Chronic Egzima
1. Each symptom in as much detail as possible. For example, for a headache, describe the t
aman221178 2009-06-08
no replies yet

Att: Sameer if possible re: 6 mth old baby with GIT issues
I have a 6 month old boy who has had vomiting and relfux issues since birth. He did recei
joanna11 2009-05-28
7   Dubai2009 8 years ago

menstrual acne help!!!! and other acne...
hi, im 21 and have written on this board a few times. although i get menstrual acne and o
anixae 2009-06-08
5   anixae 8 years ago

Secretion Problem - Please Help
Secretion of hidden and dry prostatic fluid, which pollute the whole cloth. Nothing is vis
patient25 2009-06-08
no replies yet

licehen planus pigmentosa
Hi, Does anyone know a homeopathic cure for Lichen Planus? Thanks Z
zthinker2 2009-06-01
3   zthinker2 8 years ago

How to take a wet dose?
I have done an assesment in the Remedy Finder here and it looks like I should take Phospho
cicka 2009-06-07
2   cicka 8 years ago

LM and eczema
I am currently administering sulphur LM dosage to a toddler for eczema. As per LM norms, I
aske123 2009-06-07
5   aske123 8 years ago

Left incipient inguinal hernia with mild prostatomegaly
I am a 69- year old retired man living with my wife and a German Shepherd dog at Agra. I h
management_mantra 2009-05-26
5   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

Feral Dog and Fear Aggression
Greetings! I am writing to get some help with one of the dogs I adopted last year. He is
Janavere 2009-04-06
3   Janavere 8 years ago

Secretion of Prostatic Fluid
Secretion of Hidden and Dry Prostatic Fluid, which pollute the cloth. Nothing is visible b
patient25 2009-06-07
no replies yet

Too much in pain
Age 31 Female 1)I am suffering from back pain.Pain on the right side trvels down into the
Sam55 2009-06-07
1   kadwa 8 years ago

How to gain weight?
I am 5'8 and I weigh 120 lbs. Is there a vitamin/herb I can take to excite my hunger
mcgold 2009-06-07
no replies yet

Headache with stiffness in the neck
Hello I have headache with pain and stiffness in my neck with more intensity on the right
rajitha 2009-06-02
5   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

seeking advice in remedy
i have had two cesarian sections in a year time gap(2006&2007).since then i am having

reshanth 2009-05-30
15   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

Accident - Help Needed
Hello Doctors, My daughter met with an accident while driving home in a scooter. Her fore

pimathew 2009-05-18
18   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

my Height is 170 cms and weight is 75kg. My age is 20 years. I want to increase my height
Amit191989 2009-04-20
3   Amit191989 8 years ago

Is there a homoeoipathis remedy for alopecia? Many thanks
ahmedbayat 2009-06-07
1   ahmedbayat 8 years ago

selection of gender
i'm a poor guy cannot afford expensive way to select the gender of bay 1- what if
fam007 2009-06-07
1   kadwa 8 years ago

eczema since birth
Dear homeopaths, My niece, 6 months of age now , has eczema since birth , it aggravates ev
xpire2wice 2009-06-07
1   xpire2wice 8 years ago

My brother has stage 4 colon cancer. He is now undergoing chemo with avastin and other 3
cris99cris 2009-06-07
no replies yet

Dry Eyes
I have dry eyes for last 7 years and have been using SILICEA 30C, it was working but for l
Kohat 2009-05-29
9   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

help for chronic sinusitis
I am a 39 woman and have had chronic sinusitis for a numer of years. I have been tested an

shannonshannon 2009-05-02
30   vikas_grower 8 years ago

I need help. I am losing all my hiar and my mind.
My hair was perfect in 2005 and all my life until I took synthroid .75 for a thyroid probl
blownaway 2009-06-06
no replies yet

1yr old got tonsilitis.
My 1 yr old son got viral tonsilitis for the last 2 days. he has fever 103f , very restles
nikkikumar 2009-06-06
2   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 8 years ago

feline infectious peritonis (FIP)
I noticed a couple of others posted on this board about FIP. My parents rescued a small
holymama 2006-12-28
8   tassha 1 8 years ago

any treatment for ms
hi everyone here let me know is there any treatment for ms in homeopathic or allopathy. wh
neerajsharma 2009-06-06
no replies yet

eye irritation
since 10 months my sister in law getting eye irritation, redness of eye, severe itching, m
sridurga 2009-06-05
2   sridurga 8 years ago

lack of confidence
hello, i am 30 yrs old, and effected by lack of confidence extremely since childhood. for
waan123 2009-06-06
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Speech Cluttering disorder
Hello All, I am 29 yrs old male suffering from speech cluttering. I tend to speak very fa
kushneeraj 2009-06-02
3   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Dry Emission
Secreting/Oozing/Exuding/Calcining Discharge of Hidden/Unseen and Dry Semen, which pollute
patient25 2009-06-06
no replies yet

Remedy for backache and increasing breast size
hello. I am experiencing backache in my middle back down to lower back, got xray done its
awahid81 2009-06-04
5   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

Eczema Medicine Question
My 4 and half year old son has severe ezcema on his elbows and legs (calves). From this fo
nivank 2009-06-04
3   kadwa 8 years ago

low blood pressure
Please doctor, my mother has low blood pressure,she is about 40 year of age how can her bl
Paulinus 2009-06-04
2   Paulinus 8 years ago

Bacterial Vaginosis please help
HI I am a 33 years old and just got back the results from my annual check-up, I have BV, t
Lillypg 2009-05-14
3   priyanka sharma 8 years ago

Involuntary seminal leakage
Due to stress and anxiety, I started to masturbate once per day. I have started to feel s
mcgold 2009-06-06
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

practise homeopthy
sir, iam homeopathi medical student,from india i hav e somany doubt.about homeopathi pract
m.aditya 2009-06-01
4   kadwa 8 years ago

Bedwetting in the night
hi, I have a 17 years brother who has bedwetting problem since last more than 10 years.
imtiazahmedjesu 2009-05-27
5   kadwa 8 years ago

My mother 65 yrs., 5'3', retired,have severe pain at right knee (pain shifted fro

manasnandy 2009-01-10
20   manasnandy 8 years ago

Hidden Emission
Oozing/Exuding/Calcining discharge of Hidden/Unseen Semen, which pollute the cloth. Nothin
patient25 2009-06-05
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

recommend remedy please?
Wondering if anyone will recommend a remedy for a number of symptoms I have. I am a 39 ye
shannonshannon 2009-04-22
4   shannonshannon 8 years ago

suggestion for cataract required
hi, my mom is diagnosed with cataract, just beginning .No problems with reading, walking e
starshine 2009-06-04
5   starshine 8 years ago

poly neuropathy
About 9 or 10 years ago I started noticing numbness in my feet (particularly in the balls
hoot214 2007-01-27
4   digvijoy 8 years ago

My wife has been suffering from vertigo for the last 9 years. Doctors told that there is h
kumarvij1y 2009-06-03
4   digvijoy 8 years ago

Metformin with homeopathy medicines
Hello all, I have been diagnosed by PCOD and I am in homeopathy treatment for the same. M
Vasuvasu 2009-06-05
1   Vasuvasu 8 years ago

Light tan spots on 2 year-old
Hello. My 2 year-old son began developing very faint cafe au lait-colored spots on his bod
beepsandclicks 2009-06-05
1   anabanana 8 years ago

I need some help!
Hello. I'm 33, female, married for 4 years, educated. I started homeopathy 2 years ag
guinevere 2009-05-17
8   yb123456 8 years ago

thanks for your jelp on acid reflux
Dear Dr.Joe, Arnica started showing me good signs, I am feeling cured. I started using th
kumarkp 2009-06-05
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Hair Loss in the form of MPB
I have tried Arnica 30c in the Split dose as suggested by Joe for more than 3 months. Also
kiran405 2008-01-10
3   sampath11223 8 years ago

Hernia & Hydrocele
We found out that my 14 yr old son has right sided inguinal hernia (intestines push out to
suna711 2009-06-05
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

unexplained hair loss
My hair has been thinning for the past 7 years which started following the death of my fat
sgirl 2009-05-28
2   sgirl 8 years ago

Need help for my 5-yr-old niece
Hello doctors, can anyone help me help my niece Annie? She is 5 years old, and has suffer

Loobyloo35 2009-05-19
16   Loobyloo35 8 years ago

desperate.. .trying to calm down.. please dr.(s) help
I am a little desperate. From regular medicine.. I am looking for another option. I have a
flower176 2009-05-18
11   flower176 8 years ago

Remedy for a broken heart
The love of my life left me. We were together for almost two years. It's already mo
testing1 2009-06-04
2   testing1 8 years ago

newborn 7 weeks
I had a 6 weeks healthy, breastfed, newborn, when he started to have a stuffy nose and 37,
mandita 2009-06-03
1   faisal qureshi 8 years ago

Huntington's Disease
My step mother has suffered from Huntington's Disease for years and her symptoms are
TechDev1 2009-06-03
3   TechDev1 8 years ago

Choledochal cysts and Homeopathy ?
I'm wondering if Homeopathy can be used for this or just as support after surgery? W
HamishC 2009-06-04
no replies yet

liver heat
i have some problems from childhood,too much sweating from palms and feet with heat, and m
waulan 2008-06-09
3   libra981 8 years ago

green sticky stool
dear dr my daughter is 5 months old, since last one and half month she is having abdominal
reachsharad 2009-06-04
2   reachsharad 8 years ago

Taenia (Treatment)
Can any one tell the experience of treatment of taenia (tapeworm)by any method.
mazharmhm 2009-06-03
3   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Fear of loosing a relative
Hello! Sorry if I have a lot of mistakes in writing,but I'm a foreigner and that'
ewka3 2009-06-03
4   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Hi My father has had engorged varicose veins on his left leg (especially bad inner thigh
Tidalfire 2009-06-03
3   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

My name is lkjoshi and I am 45 years. I am having warts (soft) below the neck small in siz
lkjoshi 2009-06-03
6   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

i m very upset
hi! i've the problem of breast dwarfness. my wedding is fixed n its going to be in de
iridiscent 2009-04-19
10   mazharmhm 8 years ago

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