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fibromylgia remedy
I have been suffering from syptomes of fibromylgia for last five years. like I have immenc
amit_Kr 2009-11-26
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constant backpain
I have backpain since more than one year now,my stomach cant tolerate allopathic medicine
fikhatri 2009-11-26
1   rishimba 8 years ago

pilonidal pain/cyst please help
I've read the info on forums re curing pilonidal cysts:- I am totally new to homeopat
magenta 2009-11-25
5   kadwa 8 years ago

suffering from pcod please help
dear doctor, i have pcos for past 5 years due to some economic problems i cant able to go

chery 2009-11-07
21   chery 8 years ago

excessive saliva causing problems in communication
i am 25 years old & i am being witnessing excessive saliva build up in my mouth. because o
bajaj383 2009-11-24
6   bajaj383 8 years ago

Chronic eczema
Dr, I (female)am suffering from eczema since birth,last 42 yrs. Since 6mnths. i am taking
mogra 2009-11-26
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

enlarged adenoids and tonsils
Hi, My 7 y.o. (soon to be 8) daughter has been diagnosed with significantly enlarged ade
lgm123 2009-02-23
6   anamikagulati 8 years ago

overactive child
my daughter 7 has allways been headstrong,but recently she is becoming cheeky,she blows ra
sunnyj 2009-11-24
7   sunnyj 8 years ago

Infant crying a lot
hi my baby girl of 21 days crying since her birth and doctors said she is physically and m

patient123 2009-07-26
21   Aayan 8 years ago

feline bladder
hi again I forgot to mention she stopped hearing all together as if she went deaf. but doe
Forrusty 2009-11-26
no replies yet

feline bladder
hi need some insight on homeopathic remedies, my feline had urine problems a few weeks ago
Forrusty 2009-11-26
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cramp in lower abdomen
sir when i get up in the morning,my body does not behave in normal way ,like others . beca
raghav_tandon 2009-11-25
1   kadwa 8 years ago

acne on scalp
Its been now over 2 years...i keep getting this outbreak of acne more like ulcers filled w
mystic90 2009-11-25
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Hair loss, brittle hair
I am a 20 year old female, and my hair is thinning and very brittle. What can i take to st
antz7478 2009-11-23
9   kadwa 8 years ago

Anti Cellulite formula to Penetrate Skin and remove cellulite
Have you ever heard about cream which can actually penetrate into the skin and reduce cell
DrMaurcieCzarnaik 2009-11-26
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Drowsiness and Mental Exertion when Reading Book
HI I am a 36 yrs male computer professional and my profession demands excessive study.
kamran.cisco 2009-11-26
2   kamran.cisco 8 years ago

Female Hairloss - Please Help!
Hello, I am 29 years old and I've been suffering from hair loss for about 10 years n
mia1234 2009-11-25
1   Reva V 8 years ago

blighted ovum
Hello Doc ,Pl Help me .I am 36 years old and have no children ,married for 5 years.9 month
nikhat 2009-11-23
3   rishimba 8 years ago

[message deleted by shhaa on Thu, 25 Oct 2012 17:38:35 BST]
shhaa 2009-10-15
6   shhaa 8 years ago

headache & dizziness
Dear Doctors i have problem of headache with little dizziness and seen web (Jalay) front
triple www 2009-11-25
2   triple www 8 years ago

25 yrs old with pcos problem & no menses for 6 months plz help any homeopathic doc.
1.name ----------deepti neg ghaziabad------- 3. city--------ghaziabad------- 4.country----

dptkpr 2009-09-12
22   dptkpr 8 years ago

habit of chewing tobacco
I'm male 27 india chewing tobacco since last 4 to 5 year. I wan't to quit this
dinesh813 2009-11-25
no replies yet

Kidney Stones
I have a patient who has 8 Stones in his right Kidney. He was first diagnosed with stones

Joe De Livera 2005-05-17
71   Aayan 8 years ago

Schizophrenia - I need help of dr. rishimba,dr. smeear, murthy,kadwa, dr.Pankaj and other senior collegeues
Dear colleagues; Following is the case of my close relative. I need your help and guidance

Mahfoozurrehman 2009-11-23
16   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Legg clave perthes disease
hello doctor, my nephew farhat is 9 years old. doctor of USA said that he is suffering fro
farhat12 2009-11-25
4   farhat12 8 years ago

please tell the cure
Salaams, dear doc I am Muslim and age 27 from Pakistan, about to marry. This my first requ
brave 2009-11-23
2   libra981 8 years ago

recuring carbuncles
My father who is 78 years oil but very active is having problem of recuring carbuncle boil
2   SUBODH ROBINSON 8 years ago

cramp in lower abdomen
since 2 years i am having this problem ie i feel i am not normal . when i get up in the mo
raghav_tandon 2009-11-24
2   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Antral Gastiritis.
Dear Doctor, I m 27 yrs working in sales dept at mumbai, I am suffering frm antral Gastir
jigar69 2009-11-25
1   rishimba 8 years ago

cramp in lower abdomen
i even cannot take bath , i have lower abdominal and my testes retract
raghav_tandon 2009-11-24
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

colds and sore throat all yr round-terrible in winter
hi Doctor I am seeking help for my extremely frequent cold symptoms.I am very sensitiv
psant100 2009-11-25
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Dry cough morning after bathing
Dear Dr, My husband has been suffering from dry cough especially in the morning after a b
praya 2009-11-24
3   kadwa 8 years ago

What is the problem in hormonal Imbalance
I am 30yrs old. Married and have a daughter of 4 yrs old. It was a ceaserain. Suddenly fro
jaibangalore 2009-11-23
6   jaibangalore 8 years ago

3 mo old w/reflux, allergies, not growing well...lycopodium? help!
My 3 mo old son is not gaining well & I am on an extreme elimination diet because he vomit
reader 2009-11-23
2   reader 8 years ago

Neutering advice
What would one suggest for the pain and fast healing of my rescue dogs surgery today? TIA
Arnica7 2009-11-23
2   Arnica7 8 years ago

Pulsatilla 200C aggravation
Hi, I've just started taking Pulsatilla 200C for recurrent UTI's and I can'
Ally_asp 2009-11-24
3   Ally_asp 8 years ago

Severely need some help finding a remedy
I went cold turkey on a valium type of medication almost 10 weeks ago. What has occurred
qbsbrown 2009-11-24
2   qbsbrown 8 years ago

henna and remedies
Hi do you know if its okat to dye hair with henna whilst taking remedy,thanks.
sunnyj 2009-11-24
no replies yet

ovarian cyst
hi i have a dimer cyst in left ovary.everything else is ok.i am stressed in my new life as
pin12 2009-11-22
2   pin12 8 years ago

simply old age sexuall problem
age 45 plus even have sex desire less hard- ejaculates with 3-4 strokes inside the vagina
jameel404 2009-11-23
9   jameel404 8 years ago

Swollen vein on my lip - BIG!
About a year ago I suddenly got a purple lumpm on my lip - doc said it is a vein and must
shellbells 2009-11-23
2   shellbells 8 years ago

Sub Mucous fibrosis
i was having a habit of chewing gutkha from past three years, now i have stopped completly
faizahmed 2009-11-24
no replies yet

Enlarged Male Breast?Plz share ur Experiences!
Any one here who would like to share one's experiences treating enlarged breast in ma
Drsalman 2009-11-24
no replies yet

please help
what does it mean when a homeopath tells you: take santonine cm as a single dose. does it
rose1 2009-11-24
3   rose1 8 years ago

I've been ill for quite a while with very few answers. History of CFS. Recently, w
Prana 2009-11-24
no replies yet

Allergy to Pollen & Honey- Bees?
I had several yrs of allergy shots. When the serum was increased (as it would need to be)
triciah 2009-11-23
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Pls. help taking Selenium 200, Vanadium 200 & Zinc Met. 30 Daily
Taking Selenium 200, Vanadium 200 & Zinc Met. 30 daily for Erection problem and increase v
sandhar 2009-11-23
3   sandhar 8 years ago

Scar tissue after complete hysterectomy
Please tell me if laser, or frequency therapy could help rid scar tissue from my surgery.
triciah 2009-11-23
1   sajjadakram635 8 years ago

please tell the cure
Salaams, dear doc I am Muslim and age 27 from Pakistan, about to marry. This my first requ
brave 2009-11-23
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

An Individuals personal frequency
Just hoping to get some of the trusted homeopaths thoughts on this matter seeing as this c
Ryelink 2009-11-23
1   triciah 8 years ago

Need remedy for severe scalp psoriasis
My husband is on conventional antiviral therapy for Hep C. He will be done in Feb and will
samnbudsmom 2009-11-20
1   drpriyadarshini 8 years ago

Arthrities & High BP
Sir, I am 37 year old bachelor and suffering from Arthrities & High BP. I am under homeo
kartik21 2009-11-18
5   isha_dr 8 years ago

Plumbum for child suffering hippocampal sclerosis?
My daughter was born in 1999. She received all of her childhood vaccines, until 2 y.o. S
OpenMind 2009-11-23
no replies yet

tell me the cure please
Salaams, dear doc I am Muslim and age 27 from Pakistan, about to marry. This my first requ
brave 2009-11-23
no replies yet

Rectal bleeding
Greetings to All / Dr.Kadwa,I had GERD issues and I am lyme disease patient, I was success
88qa035 2009-11-23
no replies yet

sulfar30 and200 from
sulfar30 and200 From dear sir i took alfar 30 for 3 times and followed by 1m one time, bu
shaheenkhan 2009-11-22
1   kadwa 8 years ago

How to leave gutkha
please advice me any medicine to leave gutkha(tobbaco pan masala)
rs2309 2009-11-03
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Child,2 years,having pinworms.Remains uneasy due to itching.Can not take deep sleep,wakesu
mrbaig 2009-11-21
7   mrbaig 8 years ago

depression!!! urgent!
I think im going through depression for the 4 th time in my life..actually to be truthfull
Thaiba2000 2009-11-22
3   akshaymohl 8 years ago

General Weakness or Eye sight
Dear Dr. Mahfooz, i have problem of headache with little giddy and seen web (Jalay) front
triple www 2009-11-23
no replies yet

Pregnancy and swine flu
I have only just found out that I am pregnant and have begun to worry about the swine flu.
rania1403 2009-11-23
4   rania1403 8 years ago

Son's Sinus Problem- Help Needed
Hi All,My 10year old Son has picked up some sinus symptoms. His immune system is weak in

RandyTX 2005-01-03
68   jamessutton 8 years ago

cure for bad breath
I struggled with bad breath and a bad taste for twenty years. Jesus led me to Dr. Yehuda F
AnsweredPrayer 2009-11-23
no replies yet

pnd & sinusitis & white tongue & geographical tongue & bad breath
i have bad breath i consulted a doctor he told me, i have geographical tongue and sinusit
hari_2005h 2006-11-18
2   AnsweredPrayer 8 years ago

infertility, stressed out
1. Name: Tania, originally from north India 2. Age : 35 3. Sex : female 4. Married 5. weig
taniaindia13 2009-11-22
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Body hair
Hi, I'm 19year old male.I need help for my body hair.I got lot of hair on my chest
Blue sea 2009-11-22
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Missing periods and less periods
hi i am 28 yrs old. From last few months lenght of my periods decrease from 5 days to 2-3
ajitisewal 2009-11-23
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

vaginal discharge +weakness
27 years ,wheatish complexion,lean,weight 55 kgs. White thick vaginal discharge,weakness o
rupali_sawant 2009-11-23
2   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

parkinson discease
i ,59yrs,male,suffering tremour to my right hand and some weakness to my right leg for the
DEVADAS 2009-10-08
8   kadwa 8 years ago

depression and anxiety
All my life I have suffered from depressin and anxiety. For a few years I was on effexor w
djjd80 2009-11-23
1   kadwa 8 years ago

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